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How to build and search engine friendly through the standard URL

Shanghai Longfeng flow produced in you better ranking pages, and these pages are ranked the premise is indexed by search engines.

some people may not understand these words, we should differentiate the URL and content, in the understanding of the above words, we first simply judge the search engine for repetitive content: search engine itself has a powerful database stored in the content has been captured, a judge whether the content is similar the best approach is to compare with the contents of the database to capture the contents, but by reading the "noble baby website quality guide", we find that this is a misunderstanding, to the contrary, this in the grab of technology feasibility contrast is not strong, because the content is too large. So URL analysis engine to capture search is of considerable importance, we want to make the search engine that we URL the corresponding content in the station is not repeated, the best approach is static URL, let the search engine that the website itself there are a lot of different content, for this >

Then the search engine

: a repetitive URL.

URL is a very important position in the process of Shanghai dragon, which is a basic problem of Shanghai dragon facing the ER, we in the past many articles are repeatedly referred to a point of view:

to crawl the page in the process of what happens to


please don’t ignore this point, to talk about the content you might imagine with the same. We assume that there are the following two URL


the two page generated content is the same, the former may be pseudo static, static pages may also be true, but it seems that the former is better than the latter. But that is not the case, the home page, the two URL format is easy to grab and included, most of the time we don’t have the reason? This dynamic introduction, in order to avoid the repetitive content possible. But the former this pattern as likely to produce a lot of topics, such as search engines may mistakenly think that this is just a SessionID in 888, can not be accurate judgments, the advantage of this model is not obvious.

we know that the online world more and more large, the content of the produce can be said to be almost inexhaustible, the limited resources of the search engine, they can do is as soon as possible to include new content, so that the new content in the network > is grasping a collection of content. The relationship between URL and search engine, give an example of the image, just like the relationship between your address with the courier, an accurate and easy to find the address, will greatly improve the delivery of the courier.

贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ /888 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/.Asp Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon id=888


Grassroots webmaster share Shanghai dragon record growth


was the first to do the chain first consideration is the love of Shanghai know, with products related to the love of Shanghai, try to answer plus links can make the landlord satisfaction is accepted, of course, this is likely to be temporary, because love in Shanghai know when your website there is a certain number of times it will automatically do not pass the audit, the next step is to through the webmaster forum to post, successively in the laggards, A5, 28 and other well-known forums, the second is in the blog writing and posting classified information network with Web links and the anchor text links, and high quality website links (you can buy or exchange), the need to do is to update the text at the beginning, is updated every 3 days later is updated once a week, on time more than 20 days a month is now 2 times the effect, here we may doubt why Now the effect is reduced? Here I will give you talk about the optimization of experienced rough

? According to the current become an expert? Shanghai dragon

site is Google promotion, the current Shanghai love weight, noble baby PR was 2, fell in love with the sea included more than 85%, more than 95% noble baby collection, each big search engine keywords are on the home page, the site is relatively 3 months can be considered a success, what are the deficiencies also please advice:

upload space immediately after the visit their website, the normal display, began to submit your site to various search engines, and then is the chain, add original content website



said that I believe we are very eager to know how to quickly become Shanghai Longfeng experts, many people may have seen the Shanghai dragon network introduced cheats like, say what I think are the master, forever just empty talk, we want to let oneself quickly become Shanghai Longfeng experts, we must go to practice, just like life as we are not out of the minds of the good, but from the details of their own experience, ADO, here I give you my simple Shanghai dragon about the growth experience, then in the analysis for the specific case now how do we do not like me into the blind walk less the machine

site is made of pure static pages, spent his spare time half a month finished, total page has 40 pages or so, basically frame no problem, there may be lack of content (you can visit the website), due to technical limitations do not set the site and robot.tex information, upload to space (Overseas space);



network development of Shanghai dragon has become the most popular topic, I believe many people talked about the Shanghai Dragon technology is full of mysterious curiosity, in fact, when you really understand Shanghai, you will find that the original you are a Shanghai Longfeng expert, then we know how to make their own cognition of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon




Is your WeChat public platform really ready

since the Tencent Inc launched WeChat in January 21, 2011, it has permeated every aspect of our lives with unprecedented speed and strength. It has greatly enriched the form of our communications. And WeChat public platform for the vast number of businesses to provide a good channel for display and communication. Now from multinational companies and government departments to the corner and small supermarkets have joined WeChat service platform, "sweep sweep me! Me!" this slogan can be seen everywhere, so the WeChat service platform really do? What the problems are?

one, business atmosphere can not be too thick. Since then WeChat platform business by businesses in operation, business information published, nature is the main purpose. Of course, the new listing promotion information can be made, but businesses must grasp the appropriate scale, must not be indiscriminate bombing. Blindly pursue the release of business information quantity results can only be counterproductive, after all, no one would like to see only advertising tv.

two, is the target audience positioning accurate?. Businesses need to carefully analyze their products or services to the target audience, their age, gender, cultural background and so on, after fully understanding the information, select the appropriate information, readers need to be pushed to them. For example, the business is a sports apparel brand agents, the target group is naturally young people, and if the WeChat platform often send some health knowledge, I think most of your readers should be loveless.

three doesn’t let WeChat platform become a one-way street". Many WeChat services platforms offer only one-way information push, which they think is rich in content and comprehensive. But when readers need to communicate with businesses, but not get any response, such a WeChat platform effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, even if the merchant does not have time, 24 hours online at any time to respond to readers’ exchanges, at least should also be given a regular reply, which is also a good opportunity for businesses and readers closer distance. In addition, you can select the appropriate keywords for some typical problems through technical means, and set up the corresponding automatic response function, which can effectively reduce the workload of the business.

four and more interactive activities to attract readers to participate. This is an era of big information explosion, the amount of information that the public is exposed to every day is unimaginable before, so it is very easy for people to be tired and numb to the information in front of them. So, WeChat platform is very necessary to regularly carry out some interactive activities to attract readers to participate, arouse their enthusiasm, let us play together, so as to increase the viscosity of the user, or your WeChat service number will soon be forgotten.

WeChat public service platform everyone is doing, but really do well is not too much, it is a new thing, we are still groping forward, I believe the road ahead will be more broad. The above is some of the author’s humble opinion, inappropriate, please correct me. This article from the Ghost system home, respect the author of labor achievements, please reprint the source, thank you.


The impact of domain name deletion or deactivation on network promotion

do SEO in a lot of people no matter how to optimize the site is not included, if there is such a problem urgently is of no use, may your site have a variety of reasons are not included in the search engine, which had the greatest impact domain was deleted, if your domain name is deleted after it is likely before information is included in the search engine, when your domain is deleted, search engines will not be included in the long time, if you will slowly disappear even in the search engine K was closed, so that the domain name is deleted it has a great influence on the optimization of SEO, and down infer why well before the domain name registered people say do not do, the possibility of a, this site has no use for the previous owner, so it is not in the renewal, if such a good point, you do not have SEO What effect?. The possibility of two, before the owner of the domain name using the domain name for SEO promotion, but there may be a violation of the treaty search engines are not included, so the previous owners of this domain is useless, so naturally death and automatically delete it, if you continue to do SEO, this is very troublesome, because the domain name has entered the search engine blacklist, but you still may be how to go to make up the possibility of? Three, domain name is deleted too long, the search engine has been too long without crawling in the domain name, so this time requires a lot of work to lure spider crawling to your site. The above three points most likely, so that the domain name was deleted has great influence on the optimization of the SEO, so that you do SEO webmaster, to the history of the domain name record detailed check before registering a domain name, if you are unfortunately registered this domain, how to optimize, I have some methods we can try. I hope you can help solve these problems.

1, the website was deleted soon after you registered the domain name

if at this time you registered the deleted domain, it wouldn’t be very troublesome, because the general search engine completely kicked out of the deleted site is about half a year, so if you deleted in domain name within half of registered SEO optimization will not be in trouble, to do is to pull a snapshot of progress. Let the website snapshot update as soon as possible to the day, so that the snapshot method generally have the following:

(1): write, soft soft Wen is the best way, because a high quality of soft Wen is the search engine the most love, so you write text to search after the higher weights in the engine of the website, the general schedule is closer to the snapshot by soft to do, so soft text is very snapshot method favorable.

(2), post: multiple posts can also pull the snapshot, but no time to find some high power important forum and Post Bar, general search engines will have their own Post Bar, so use the search engine to give you the platform to post is the best, because the search engine’s own product weight is very high then, to find some high weight forum posting, then pull snapshot is relatively fast, but.


Where to open a hot pot restaurant easy profit

since ancient times Chinese very love to eat spicy and delicious, eat Hot pot, and Hot pot can narrow the distance of everyone is feeling very good, the catalyst is the most favorite delicacy, Hot pot for a lot of people, especially in the winter Hot pot shops are operating a be in full swing, so how to Hot pot? Where is the shop more good?

first, the location of the selection and management of the location of the relevant. Fire high school low consumption of three, such as seafood hot pot, wild mushrooms, etc., the general price of more than $30 per person. Mid-range, such as La La hot pot and so on, per capita consumption price between 20-30 yuan. Low price in 20 yuan. You determine the grade and the corresponding pot will choose consumption goods, this level of target customers, generally to shop for the center, will walk to eat a radius of three hundred meters, the car was only at.

the main source of a shop is around, especially in the city of similar hot pot. The surrounding population is the basic elements of your shop security. You can first determine what kind of pot products, and then according to the characteristics of the pot and your ideas to choose the location, you can also determine the location and then locate the pot products, which are not contradictory. In short, do not commit to operating in the area of high-grade hot pot routine errors.

two, location and scale. No matter what position you in the shop, open large stores have to consider the guest, have very good business ideas, do the brand is difficult to make money. Therefore, according to the general shop by the surrounding environment should be proportional to the size of the store.

three, located in the small alley shop advantage. Hot pot with snacks, fast food, a gift shop is different, it pays attention to repeat, eat a long time, the peak dining at the dinner, but also have the main street parking, according to these characteristics Hot pot store location set is not located in downtown is the best, in the main street of the alley mouth is ideal. Where the rental price is much lower.

is where to open a hot pot shop is relatively easy to gain the key, but we can not guarantee that in accordance with the above will certainly be able to start a successful business! If you really want to do business, you can find a reliable project in the whole network, the headquarters of the whole support, do your most solid backing, so you are still hesitant what, no menace from the rear, come to contact us!

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Health wine market why investors are concerned

beverage industry has a higher Nuggets point, because the consumer’s recognition, the product has been the concern of people, forming their own advantages. The health care industry is more and more people’s attention, products get people’s attention.

With the increasingly frequent social interaction, the role of

as a tool of communication can never be replaced. The rise of consumer health awareness, low degree of alcohol, desalination, health is becoming increasingly apparent. From the broad sense, Chinese up to 150 billion of the liquor market, continues to decline, a large part of the sales decline caused by the market space, will be mainly in the high-end wine with the rapid rise of "health wine" is replaced.

health wine market in kill, accompanied by the health care market, trust crisis and disaster and the ups and downs, ups and downs. But compared with the liquor, wine, health wine seems to survive as the cracks of the rock strength is very tenacious, a grass, slightly trembling faintly drew out his green shoots. Investment in the wine industry, health wine to join the future is limitless.

health wine industry market with high investment value, because people drink in communication inevitably, so drink the health wine consumers desire, so we want to think of others.






兔,隔离器,和亚林加普、西澳大利亚和珀斯市南部约165英里都已经冲浪的传奇声誉。那里的海浪不一定是为微弱的心,因为这个YouTube视频显示。第六和第七是Playa Lagosta和普拉亚吉奥内,无论是在哥斯达黎加,近年来已经成为麦加


后共享MANUELA GONZALEZ PIPERmanugonpi于2017年3月16日在11:14am PDT



Sam Wills博士,一个爱好上网和研究人员来自悉尼大学,谁创建的列表解释了为什么他一直学习冲浪是最迅速成长。[我在寻找一个温暖而阳光明媚的好地方。我坐在摩洛哥的Taghazout,思维会安静,”他说。“飞在日落的沙漠我发现一切都是黑暗的,除了一点,点燃了…TAGHAZOUT。“当我到达时,我意识到,这个以前寂静的小渔村被冲浪者,所以我想知道它是否是在世界各地发生。”

后M R C O P E T R C C我分享marcopetracciphoto于2017年3月22日在5:17am PDT


这个手提箱从一个进行一个全尺寸的登机。图片:Fugu Luggage

手提箱,由Fugu Luggage,可以从手提箱的大小扩大到全尺寸的入住,这是方便那些喜欢买纪念品和节日






河豚是通过Kickstarter资助,现在可以在线。它的船舶大多数国家的价格从299美元开始。为扩大行李箱的想法来当发明家Isaac Atlas与他的妻子在什么尺寸的行李要在一次争吵。








19 year old boy was successful

many people want to start a business, rely on business to achieve self value, to change the situation, but many people only think of their conscience, not satisfied with the status quo, hard work of courage, but the 19 year old child, but on the road of entrepreneurship break one day!

he carefully crafted micro-blog Encyclopedia for embarrassment ", less than a year has been sitting on more than 60 fans, among a hundred micro-blog grassroots website. In addition, the micro-blog also brings his peers beyond wealth, received by the soft advertising, every month he fetched $20 thousand, enough to make him comfortable.

Operation mode:

+ bangdakuan chuanbangdai

staring at a site micro-blog grassroots list, after consideration, Zhao Cheng provides several enterprises micro-blog as a partner. "The micro-blog told me about, 20 to 400 thousand fans, the needs of enterprise development with micro-blog’s influence, I also need their fans, they soon reached a tacit understanding, I turned my hair, they also turn, which caused the attention of fans of each other." Zhao Cheng called "chuanbangdai".

"you play micro-blog, micro-blog in the play you. Micro-blog decorate your life, you decorate it


Print Sanjiang source theme seal carving creative activities held

February 12th, jointly organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial press and Publication Bureau, Provincial Federation of Sanjiang province and the source of the office, Xining City Federation of Xining, India society hosted a large public ecological creation "reflect the source of Sanjiang" theme of the carving creation activities held. This is the province of Sanjiang in 2006 after the first session of the United States and the United States, the theme of the seal carving creative activities, organized by the province’s large-scale theme of seal carving creative activities. The provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja wrote the title, and awards for the winners. Since the


New initiatives of urban and rural medical assistance

north of the city continued to increase financial livelihood investment, innovative urban and rural medical assistance new initiatives, so that the masses of the poor to enjoy the party’s largest Huimin policy.
is a total investment of 127 yuan, the implementation of the two serious illness relief to the rural medical assistance object region 421 City area. Investment of more than 12 yuan, in line with the conditions of the temporary relief of 67 urban and rural poor people to implement a temporary relief.