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Wang Yubo serve as a lasting blue sky for the people

July 8th, Xining mayor Wang Yubo chaired the air pollution comprehensive management leading group working conference. The meeting conveyed to learn the important instructions of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun on the comprehensive management of air pollution, informed the comprehensive management of air pollution on the first half results, criticized the management work in place of counties, parks, businesses, the next step of work requests. Wang Jianjun pointed out in the instructions: "the comprehensive management of air pollution is unyielding, also battle. Kenyinggutou, battle call to further unify their thinking, to further consolidate the power of the need for further iron fisted control, need further strict liability, is the only way to ensure that no relief, no rebound. After the start of a new round of pollution control campaign in the city, with the government’s play, as a cadre, for the people in exchange for a lasting blue sky."

since last year, the strong leadership of the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, the city under the cooperative effort, stable and better air quality in our city. The first half of the year, the excellent rate of air quality in our city increased by 28.2 percentage points compared with the same period last year, in the year of April 3, poor natural conditions, the air quality in our city in the capital city in Northwest China continuously ranked first. Wang Yubo pointed out that the practice of illustrating a hard truth: as long as the set ton output capacity determination to implement, work progress.

Wang Yubo requirements, a blue sky is not only livable, but also increase the sense of civic pride, to better develop the advantages of cohesion. Air pollution control work in our city heavy task, responsibility, can not relax at any time. The District, departments, parks to make continuous efforts to implement an important work requirements of the provincial government and the Secretary Wang Jianjun important instructions, tackling the problem, seize the key, continue to strengthen, improve and deepen governance. First, to advance the construction of ecological civilization to lead the work of the various areas. The coal dust pollution prevention and control in the first place, the full implementation of coal gas and coal market norms of governance work; continue to strengthen the dust pollution control measures is not slack, ensure road dust, construction site dust does not rebound; vigorously promote the gas control of industrial enterprises, ensure the enterprise stability discharge standards; the full implementation of vehicle control measures, effectively curb vehicle exhaust pollution. Two is to strengthen the government’s executive power as the fundamental, and then improve the understanding, measures to further strengthen the effectiveness of re consolidation, accountability and then follow up on the implementation of the work. Three is to improve the long-term mechanism as the starting point, strengthen the responsibility to implement, strengthen the management of the iron fist, reflecting strict from the real, to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution institutionalized, normalized.

the day of the meeting by the Municipal Committee, discipline committee secretary Ma Haiying presided over the vice mayor of the city of China, informed the relevant circumstances, the city leaders, such as Fan Guoqing, and so on, and then attended the meeting, attended by the president of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, as well as in the meeting of the leaders of the people’s Republic of China, such as the leaders of the people’s Republic of China, such as.



Novel creative ideas

what business can make money? Creative projects, will be able to make money! What good projects can be done in 13 years? New ideas and creative ideas and what? Please go into this problem together with Xiao bian!

said foreign piracy piracy is serious, in general, because of regional problems, in fact, there are many people will refer to various types of entrepreneurship from abroad, to do some modification for Chinese people, is a simple and creative entrepreneurship, it is important to note that this kind of tricky way we must pay attention to the different national conditions, not a good idea but lost in the The climate does not suit one. shortcomings. In addition, in one person’s idea, can not avoid a lot of plagiarism, can refer to the use of but not completely copy, if to create their own style, may wish to apply for a patent or trademark is, safeguard their creativity.


Innovation and entrepreneurship education will be held in Shaanxi University of Technology

is now a strong backing for college students, entrepreneurship for college students has brought a very good platform, college students more and more entrepreneurial benefits, the probability of success in business is also getting higher and higher.


for the implementation of the general office of the State Council, the Education Department of Shaanxi Province on innovation and entrepreneurship education implementation and promotion plan, to further raise awareness, strengthen and promote the reform and innovation of Shaanxi University of Technology entrepreneurship education, Shaanxi University of Technology held the afternoon of April 5, 2016, 2016 will promote the work of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Principal He Ning, deputy secretary of the school Party committee, vice president, Feng Xiaoming, attended the meeting, the relevant responsible person in charge of the teaching units and functional departments of more than 170 people attended the meeting of the people’s Republic of China in.


Small loans to entrepreneurs as a strong backing of the loan to the hope

in the perfect policy, Jiangxi city of Pingxiang province Xiangdong microfinance do is more and more simple, more and more fast, let more entrepreneurs feel convenient, there are more entrepreneurial dreams entrepreneurs to achieve through loans!

"for a few days, the loan was approved, microfinance really solved our small enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households financing problems." At present, Jiangxi city of Pingxiang province Xiangdong microfinance industry burgeoned, a trend which cannot be halted many, become a strong backing for entrepreneurs.




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How to bring surprises to customers

a store’s business in the end is good, and the customer is a very big relationship, so that if you want to make the shop business is hot, you need to take more strategies to retain customers. In today’s society, the competition is more and more intense, so how to retain customers? This is a difficult problem in sales.

in the eyes of customers, they believe that the store is to spend money to spend, since the consumption is to be satisfied with the service. Unless the experience provided by the sales activities has exceeded the standards of the customer, that is, the unexpected surprise, they will not remember which store.

so, now many stores in activities, many have joined the interactive process and diversified elements, the purpose is to let the customer experience to enjoy the excitement, surprise, remember the store, willing to visit again. The promotion process is no exception, there is no surprise there is no stimulation, there is no stimulation will not be satisfied, not satisfied with the means that there is no repeat. Sales process is the basic condition of a good product, but there is no surprise to the customer to bring the experience is a very important factor to usher in repeat customers.

customer is particularly important for sales impression, if you give the customer a surprise experience, in general, will also be customers; but if the other link errors, even if only a small problem, make the customer expectations down, even if other places are doing well, but there has been in the hearts of customers complain and dissatisfaction.

how can we bring surprises to customers? Sales activities, each customer to "stimulate" the definition is different, you may listen to the customer’s needs and ideas, and accordingly provide customer service, you can make them feel comfortable or surprise. When you will sell the product personally delivered to the hands of customers, and to explain it, but also make customers feel surprised. Invite customers to participate in the anniversary and promotional activities, will let customers feel a warm and happy atmosphere, to bring customers another beautiful feeling.

there are many ways to create surprises, there are practical, but also the spirit of the. For example, in the promotional activities can be put in a few small gifts, or gifts; cheap price or give customers a consumer experience is expected. The surprise although it looks very simple, but the effect is brought about by the obvious, surprise is not need to pay a lot of investment, therefore, as long as exceed customer expectations, even if only a small part, will let customers feel surprise or stimulation.

in the sales process, a simple price for customers to create surprises is not enough, far less than the value added to the product for customers to bring surprises to stimulate effective. For example, tell the customer that the product has other features, or a small gift


What are the conditions for joining three Tianjin dumplings

you may not have found, as your workers do not want their breakfast, is often the first choice of your buns, buns in Chinese times, development has been accompanied by the Chinese people have gone through thousands of years. It is said that during the Three Kingdoms Zhu Geliang invented a gourmet. The name of the steamed stuffed bun began in Song dynasty. Steamed species become diversified, soup, steamed buns, Baozi Stuffed with Creamy Custard, Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork…… Full of people’s lives. In recent years, the three Tianjin soup breakfast will slowly become meal products, sales also continue to rise, three Jin soup is a consumer brand reputation is very good, but also to join to join the brand, then join the brand need what conditions?

three Jin soup what to join? Conditions are as follows:

1, I have good health, be engaged in three Jin soup of confidence and enthusiasm;

2, recognized and accepted the development strategy of the three Tianjin dumplings, interested in venture investment;

3, provide legal identity, so that the three Tianjin soup headquarters to establish real files;

The operation of

4, implement and comply with the three Tianjin dumplings management system;

5, with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons;

6, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation;

7, have a certain market sensitivity, and can devote to the three Tianjin soup business;

8, to be able to independently invest all costs, and can bear certain operational risks.

if you want to join the three Tianjin dumplings, and meet the above conditions to join, please message in our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.


Korean Hot pot franchise business note

Korean Hot pot stores business is not easy, after all China local Hot pot enough strong, if the project product characteristics is not clear, it is difficult to win out of competition. If you have questions about the operation of such shops, Xiaobian compiled a few suggestions, hoping to help you find the right direction of development.

combined with the characteristics of the brand to the site, the location of the shop is more careful choice, we must pay attention to the surrounding traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units. Entrepreneurs who operate the shops, the flow is the money flow, do not be afraid of competition and selected in remote areas. In fact, the business district shops are more concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, but we should pay attention to the problem of dislocation.

business Korean franchise Hot pot, Hot pot taste must be good enough, so as to get more customers, but also often outside of leaflets showmanship, so as to ensure the stable rate of customer, to have dinner at the same time in the daily operation of the customer, not the same time, to enhance the rate of over Taiwan, must from welcome, meal, meal service, etc. to do better, reduce customer complaints and complaints, can improve performance.

Korean Hot pot stores operators must have their own advantages, such as product features, service advantage, environment and other aspects, only do a lot of detail work, enhance the brand competitiveness of the project, you can shop out, get more people’s attention, to further develop the business space.

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Telecom station across the board approach where can reasoning

starts at 7 a.m. on the morning of April 1, and the easy to travel and Travel outlets are not open in some areas of the. For the first time, received a notification, the domain name is not on the list of telecommunications, the company needs to provide detailed information and record information. After half a day, the network has been restored. This is in less than a month for the two time the case, the loss of business also don’t tell, can only swallow their teeth.

what’s going on? Why some areas not open? Because in some areas, the 80 port of our server was closed! The reservation is Yi did not comply with the rules? No! The record in 05 years ago is ready! Don’t say ICP, we have ICP that is why! Letter? Because Dongguan Telecom to check whether the vulgar information "on the grounds that the hows and whys of a matter multiple IP segments, across the board, there is no illegal information are all blocked! Not complain, also do not understand how our Internet managers why must use this method to deal with the problem. The problem, we call a service call to consult, or no answer, or say to notify the other leaders! Special treatment, but the network said too many people who request, processing is not over, was closed with thousands of machines, you have to wait for


carrying the fight against mobile Internet pornography, the banner, the Ministry of SY once again trampled on the dignity of network practitioners. This sentence is seen by the leadership, may be uncomfortable, but the fact is that. Before the Green Dam incident, the Ministry was a head of public opinion at the idea that green dam, a few support of public opinion is also considered to be public opinion; the final result is the Green Dam settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Through this incident, the Ministry suddenly found that the public is not good, but now it seems that T did not want to go deeper.

from the beginning of 2010 January, so the CN domain name will provide the company’s documents to prove otherwise! All stop parsing! The first two years of CNNIC to promote the CN domain name, with 1 yuan price (opened up 40 renewals is selling) CN domain name, even if it is a dog, you can also come to a Wangcai.Cn, does not require the audit data finally, to achieve a performance goal, is the world’s largest country China domain name domain name registrations. Now? CN not all individuals! Must be a company or other legal institutions! If your personal cn is to effectively, so only the transfer! And the domain name transfer has long been the domain name registrar fees, ranging from 100 yuan to more than a few thousand yuan.

so under remediation, a large number of outstanding personal sites disappear, many web hosting service providers are actively preparing for the flight (the server moved abroad), each network access providers are not easy headache. Domestic domain name can not be registered, we have chosen.Com. Chinese money away to such people, maybe others still smile.

webmaster network, I am not complaining, not complaining. Check Huang, check vulgar, we are very supportive. We only hope that the telecommunications sector, with a reasonable way to inventory, respect for the results of our work. One off thousands


To solve the last mile of O2O, is the POS machine

2014, O2O for the transformation of the traditional offline industry has gradually penetrated into the end of the business network, a large number of community stores, street food began to be really incorporated into the Internet system.

giants are working on it. Jingdong in the community Jingdong O2O try to hurry – this service is defined as "the most reliable Jingdong outside the community, users send" in early 9 to order at 8:30 in the evening, two hours to ensure goods delivery; public comment is hope that through cooperation with the ERP system of catering provider, to create "cloud restaurant", not only can complete the online booking. More important is the user consumer information and transaction information data, forming a closed loop O2O.

for this stage of the O2O industry, the biggest problem is that the Internet has spread at the user end, but online merchant side there is a huge gap in the neural network information is not complete at the end of the data, the O2O loop may lose.

"we thought for a long time, feel that the POS machine is likely to be transformed to complete this function." Li Yan said, micro wisdom panorama hope to use the Internet method to re invent POS.

micro wisdom panorama is currently providing service support for Jingdong fast. Single user information through the server, pushed to the terminal so that a similar machine POS, after confirming the orders, to have triple orders, one responsible for the goods inventory, one responsible for the co-ordination of price information, the other is the combination of user information and the amount of consumption. This enables mobile picking and information interaction, so as to enable Internet information and community stores open, the nearest pick, delivery, 2 hours to achieve the target.

in the past in the league system, the data network or the characteristics of the industrial age. All the data to a central point of exchange, this is a pyramid hierarchy mechanism, a clear focus, POS cannot exchange data between. This is obviously inefficient. The typical feature of the Internet era is the structure of the center, all POS should be turned from the end node. Between merchants and merchants can be exchanged between merchants and users is also interoperability. Merchants can exchange information through the business, so that businesses can cross marketing, sharing member data, mutual red envelopes, sharing data analysis. Such an electricity supplier companies and all use their APP businesses constitute a sub network. Different companies will produce different sub networks, so that the essence is to breed a new business data network, all of the businesses in theory, there is no omission to become a node of this commercial network."

In fact,

has also appeared in the Internet POS. Innovation company Poynt founder Osama Bedier has worked in Google and Paypal before, responsible for the development of Google wallet and Paypal payment. Now the entrepreneurial Poynt through the depth of customization Android, the formation of their own commercial version of OS, preloaded with open application market, businesses can find the mainstream market electricity supplier >


One week news review Google part of the service back to China Ma brush this year, the first double 1

The new progress of

1 certification loopholes: the official said Alipay will add a reminder to

recently, there are users in the micro-blog platform such as Alipay reflect the existence of a serious loophole in the real name authentication: users unknowingly, actually certified account is bound 5 strange sub account. Specific reference to Lei Feng news: new progress: the official said Alipay certification loopholes will add notification.

is due to internal staff leaked information and external hacker attacks led Alipay denied?.

for the associated account, Alipay staff said, will increase the notice related certification success reminder.

18:00 October 11th, Alipay administrative micro-blog released information that has been carried out on a Alipay certified account verification system, emergency according to the identity information leak as a risk assessment of possible abnormal Association certification account for the release of. However, due to the system may exist in the judgment of some of the few omissions, if individual users find themselves under the account or the presence of abnormal association, the customer service staff can help lift the associated account.

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response: personal information leakage caused by illegal account is bound  

2 I bought the food network to hold Baidu thigh financing of $two hundred million

news October 12th, I bought the food network has completed the C round of financing, financing amount of $200 million or more, led Party voted for the Taikang and Baidu etc.. At the same time, I bought net and Baidu, Taikang Life will start strategic cooperation.

why did I buy the Baidu thigh


it is understood that, at present, BAT is in the life circle around the new strategic layout, I bought the food network, but also from selling food to the "health" circle.

Baidu has a large data flow entrance, we have the products (services), so this strategic cooperation is complementary advantages of each one takes what he needs." I bought the food network is known as.

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3 Wang Hai: Jingdong occupation fake people suspected of bribery, Industrial and Commercial Bureau chief 0 yuan shopping