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The construction of the chain of social resource

two, CMS

has a very good effect in a few years ago, as a result, some webmaster, others will copy the template, add your own website and link, and for other owners to use.

look, love Shanghai’s search results, there is also a growing number of micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝 website ranking, and included the amount of the long tail word ranking is also very impressive. So where is the chain construction, not only very high quality, but also get considerable traffic sources.

analysis: there are many CMS systems free on the Internet, many websites especially personal website or some enterprise site, is to use the CMS system available, such as Dede, shopex, WordPress, ECSHOP, as the program is open source, the construction site is very convenient, as long as the corresponding template can be set.

chain construction has been the site optimization personnel, every day will do. So, what are the effective method for the construction of the chain, the chain can establish a stable and secure. Today, following the 10 swine Q chain construction method described above, then 5, I hope all of you how to do outside the chain, there is a little inspiration.

however, in mid April in MADCon, Shanghai, Lee love said, relying on free chain template to obtain, in effect slowly lose. Of course, if it is by invitation website webmaster manufacture template, one-way links added by the active site, if the site is similar to the theme, or the number of Q pigs still think of these links, the quality is quite high.

these social media, communication objects are to their friends and family, around the people around. For example, everyone in the online, on which a romantic novel good-looking, then Q literature stands on the reader, recommend a few, similar to ordinary female emperor’s wife, poisonous and handsome husband is a high school student, and other users, to enter the station after reading literature, also feel very good in their circle, many times Q pig station repeated literature recommendation, or web link address, which can be considered to be a very good recommendation.


familiar with the CMS system of the webmaster, can make different style template free for other owners to use, the only requirement is that adding template producers on the website of the Links. This template, add Links way for the chain.

analysis: here there are relatively well-known Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, renren贵族宝贝 Douban network such as social media, love Shanghai optimization guide, on how to obtain a ranking pointed out that the determinants which website can ranking in front, is recommended.




, a social media website

template system

analysis: the strength of the network.


Talk about several factors affect website ranking in Shanghai harem in love

third, the site facilities as concubines beauty, if itself is not beauty, even if you have the brains, another patron, the emperor don’t look you in the eye one eye is useless. It means that your content is good, then the chain lineup huge, the hardware does not pass, in vain. Do not believe you when a few times, estimates will be directly love Shanghai "emperor" to pull into the blacklist. So, you want to rank well, we must find a good server.

This article from the

second, PinFei Sheng pet unabated must have the help of foreign aid, the website is no exception. At this time, the site requires the construction of the chain. The chain is also as can be imagined importance for a web site. Want to wait for love Shanghai "emperor" favor, these backer is needed. The chain is the most important, but also of many, the highest weight is Links. The second is the anchor text link, then the picture link and so on. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng company to optimize the website optimization, mainly through the form of the chain. For example, the same type of sites to exchange links in order to improve the overall weight of the site, in the forum, published an article in the blog, is a chain of construction.

(Shenzhen private detective 贵族宝贝huanya007贵族宝贝), welcome to.

first, the quality of the rankings is not temporary but long, like imperial concubines Sheng a pet is useless, want to spoil the failure to see the full efforts and means. Our website is on the site of high quality, high quality, love Shanghai included, with the construction of the chain is not stable, not good to ranking. From the beginning of the website code, procedures, site structure, keyword, page description to the website content and user experience should be carefully in earnest. Are how to reflect? Website code description of redundant code less, which is reflected in the website loading speed. The content of the website related degree is high, all pages are tightly around the site theme, reflected in the content of continuous high, the site of the internal links. Keywords rational layout, reflected in the title, keywords, description, ALT property and so on. And the most important customer experience, customer experience, involves more than one level, such as art, plate collocation etc.. Reflect on the flow is high, PV.

although I contact this website industry is not long, but this time, the operation of the site also has a dozen, though not much, but the face is quite wide, is the first enterprise to his local portal station, LongFeng Railway Station and Shanghai etc.. As the site grew, he himself was growing gradually, but also worked out some laws, domestic station mainly rely on the love of Shanghai’s ranking, then today Shenzhen private to talk about our influence in Shanghai station love "emperor" harem in a ranking of several factors.

finally to remind everybody is love Shanghai the "emperor" of the mind constantly changing, we only follow his preferences to do, to get better ranking.


How to optimize a US exclusive website template

Several other

in our production site in every site has a template, many webmaster do stand when it is not in the website just looking for a dream template installed you do, so that we solve the problem of template? I tell you that this approach is wrong, website optimization the template is very important for a website, we need to find a professional person to do a template template, many details and layout problems we must grasp and put in a template, here to share some template optimization techniques.

note: whether to take care of the long tail keywords ranking first, making sketches. Second, little pictures (we should be integrated into the CSS interception of a picture). In third, the number of chain list is reasonable, we are arranged within the chain of reason. Fourth, the size of the font, we have to consider our customers also refer to our competitors font. Fifth, the template text, we need to do more to streamline the better principle.

2. sketch notes

template can reflect the importance of our content layout, the most important content in a timely manner to show customers, determines the recognition and grab our web images, the overall layout template also determines our entire layout of the site, and our website content filling and directory layout strategy, these are reflected in the template a.

< 2> template directory: we want our > and competition.

3. the

sketch template The details of the

, a template in the optimization of theThe


in the process of drafting we must constantly ask ourselves, this place why we put our forum, to meet customer demand for the premise of designing section, we directly to user needs to verify whether this forum can exist.

< 1> page template: 1.logo place, why do we want to explain what the benefits of our logo is able to click on the. The 2. page section placed we must fully in accordance with the needs of most customers are placed, and the important problems are solved directly on the home page or demand.

1. competitor analysis

two, the common template optimization considerations

in making sketches before we must carry on the data collection: we want to rival data were collected, including competitors do good and bad, our competitors page opening speed, compression and processing to clear our page size and call picture number and JS number to see them JS code to streamline and merge, pictures, we have to do better than the opponent, at the same time we also analysis placement and chain layout, directory placement of competitors is reasonable, we do optimization.


Responsibility allows websites to advance in the wind and rain

do stand and stocks, from the psychological point of view is very similar. Remember the day of opening stocks, because the stock price rise but also did not sell ecstasy, cash to the restaurant to make friends with congenial persons "zhumenjiurouchou"; the next day, the stock fell sharply, the heart is also the pain cut their meat, really do not want to eat". Until now, the price of the stocks have stimulated not my enthusiasm, really sit see cloud out feeling.

do stand also has a period of history, in retrospect, and the stock market mentality is extremely similar. When I first stood up on the Internet, than picking up a 1W dollars also excited, search engine is not included, I will tell all the people who can tell, every update, modify, hard work, the mood also changes with the site traffic and Chaoqichaola, therefore also had great sorrow too. The only idea in mind is how I can get more traffic, regardless of the quality. After a period of time, especially after we made the Yunnan city online line, the mentality is even more peaceful. This site was formerly a classified information network, traffic information update friends in general, is not very good, we get together to discuss something Yunnan network, the overall feeling of Yunnan network development lags behind other provinces and cities, to Yunnan or to Yunnan netizens leave regret and inconvenience, to get all the garbage station we feel some boring, think about their own struggle in this industry, what should be for the Yunnan

network development?

echoed, several friends have the same feeling. So, start planning positioning and direction of the site to a series of problems, we decided to focus on the development of segments of the industry and the interactive community vertical connection, construct an urban lifestyle portal website in our hard work in the forward step by step. Start early is quite hard, basically completed the work of several people a person, a lot of physical overdraft, a lot of time, have to give up the idea, but the thought of mind, think of you to give up your job to do this site, support each other, slowly recovered.

and the stock market actually caught, up feeling like the site is now increasingly popular. Sometimes some of the data is not updated, I want to sleep, but think if someone to your web site, no new thing is wasting people’s time and trust of others is irresponsible, and he becomes more of a sense of responsibility.

said, "our website is hard on the way forward, in the wind and rain, we encourage each other and spur on, and always feel that there is a force pushing us forward.". Now, is a kind of responsibility in pushing us, than the station, refuse to do more hard, but the station is personal, closing and opening are just what a wrong thought in passing and now, Yunnan city network actually think is not an individual problem. Internet users come in the need for and trust in our website. They feel they have what they need on the web, and they think we can provide them with information, so here we are,


go to >


Sina editor in chief left, Sohu finance micro potential facing thousands of temptation, financial ve

comprehensive financial portal now than ever before, Sina chief editor Chen Tong quit as a symbol of the portal era past, Sohu recently shouted to privatization, because of the long-term "undervalued", the financial channel "under the banner of the natural skin does not exist maojiangyanfu", known as the "Chinese largest financial portal website" the early in 2013 announced the establishment of financial information based on the Internet financial channel, has become one of the layout of Internet banking financial websites, another listed as the first domestic financial website Oriental wealth is actively seeking transformation, frequently layout of the financial sector, even the slogan changed to "committed to the establishment of a one-stop financial services do the largest brokerage platform". It is the proactive financial portal into Internet banking, not agree on "internal and external financial portal industry suffered the embarrassment of the ceiling to survive".

and the financial vertical site has shown a different picture, such as the first "real-time news" model of the Wall Street informative website every month in China, 100-200 million unique users; ten gold data is known as "faster than the news news" synchronous global financial financial information website, a monthly 400-500 million unique users by the NetEase; the former executive deputy editor Fang Sanwen founded the stock investment community snowball has completed C round of financing, the current number of active users is stable at 700 thousand – 1 million…… And so on a win, this really confirms the old saying: "the old say" vertical portal All flowers bloom together. Why is that,


can’t stop the trend, vertical sites show new life

discussion before we first define the vertical, this is the target user’s vertical, such as gold ten data service to people is the professional exchange operator and the requirement of the real-time financial news depth group; two is the industry vertical, such as Huitong network is a professional foreign exchange platform. The rise of financial vertical site a source in the content industry high quality requirements, the number of required, partly because the industry is trading near, or have an impact on asset prices, or associated with the market price, the commercial space is huge, but more is not stop the trend.

1, entrance effect loss, large and complete platform is no longer attractive

all four major portals, including the portal flow has stabilized or even a decline in attitude is an indisputable fact, the Internet to find information from the portal page in the era has become the past, the views of more than PC from the WAP end to end mobile phone, a number of news client downloads into the billion Club portal the focus will shift to the mobile terminal entrance at the same time, the effect is also gradually weakened.

this is Baidu, 360 search engines such as the interception of portal flow path, because the content of network media is vertical site content, conveying to the portal and vertical portal site content delivery to the search engine, search engine in the information flow in the front, they play a more powerful role for entrance, gather information and content the distribution, the most direct example.


Shop name also need civilized language

if you want to attract the public eye, the owners in the shop named, will follow what kind of principle? I am afraid that many shopkeepers are following the principle of innovation, the more innovative, the more attractive, but I do not know, a lot of the name of the shop is really unacceptable to the public. Nowadays, a number of business shop owner, when the shop opened business, to their own shop listing, keen to play a strange or vulgar name, in order to attract customers. For example, some food names is vulgar and indecent, what bandit pig skull shop, restaurant, snack bar and Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce devil cripple pig noodle shop, all kinds of name, its style is low, too vulgar to be endured curry favour by claptrap.

one day, my friend invited me to a called "wangbaochang hotel restaurant". I looked at the name asked a friend: "this is the name of the restaurant owner wangbaochang?" The friend replied: "no, the restaurant owner was surnamed Wang, he felt the hotel a long name, more attractive."

I think it’s a little weird. This is a long term, is a product before the liberation of the old society, is to work for the Japanese puppet official, has been condemned by the people, today, in the era of reform and opening up, there were people as signs of shops, to attract business, is really strange, puzzling. Do you think it will be a good business?

yes, the shop owner to his shop to hang a good sign, a novel and eye-catching name, it is a good way to attract business, but the name should pay attention to elegance and civilization, which embodies a kind of humanistic spirit and affinity. Like some shop owner to his shop name is very elegant, warm, with a cultural heritage. Such as restaurants, supermarkets, Huimin heart pharmacies, businesses and people of conscience parity cooks headed hotel. The name is refined and civilized, it is warm, people have a feeling like home to guests!

different countries, different cultures will be different, but for our country, if you can follow the culture, the name of the shop can be civilized words will be more popular. After all, China is a country with a history of thousands of years of civilization, but also a socialist country with Chinese characteristics. Now, the whole nation is, with Xi Jinping as the general secretary under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, for the construction of a highly civilized, prosperous, rich and beautiful. Chinese struggle, as every one of us should be the national standard terminology, civilized language, with their beautiful words and deeds, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the China dream "due diligence!


Rich two luxury wedding ceremony Sichuan rare luxury wedding

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Panzhihua University, the third generation of youth college students entrepreneurship plan competiti

may be in order to encourage college students to start their own business, perhaps in order to select a more outstanding entrepreneurial projects, in short, under the current entrepreneurial tide, a variety of entrepreneurship contest is held. The Panzhihua University Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held on the day before, attractive numerous student entrepreneurs.

5 on the afternoon of 12 may, the Panzhihua University, the third "Youth" college students entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in the auditorium. President Huang Shuanghua, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Li Shangzhi, vice president Shi Weifu, Party members, Panzhihua City Commercial Bank, the Secretary of the board of directors Shi Lei, the Department of scientific research, recruit students department, responsible person (Committee), two college students work and the person in charge of Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Panzhihua University teachers and students to watch the game.

PPT, the project team by the respondent, multi angle full explanation of the development direction of entrepreneurial projects and prospects, showing the "Internet plus", integration, diversification of service innovation pattern, brought a wonderful visual feast for everyone. Through the new media vote, the production of 300 tons of high-quality titanium alloy ball powder, 4000 tons of titanium alloy, the project won the first prize.

Huang Shuanghua speech. He stressed that only with basic knowledge, strong sense of innovation, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, is in line with social needs, welcomed by the enterprise talent. He hoped that the students cherish the opportunity to exercise in school, study hard, to lay a good foundation; cherish and create school innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities, help their development; emphasis on cooperation, adhere to the win-win situation, make innovation leader, social leader.

It is reported that

, the tournament is divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in three stages, 34 teams selected from 104 teams in the qualifications has been "a business plan competition into the Provincial Youth College, one of the best 10 teams for the final.

as a very strict correlation finals, to enter the finals, are enough to let us know the advantages of such an entrepreneurial project. Of course, with the start of the entrepreneurial finals, the development of entrepreneurship for the Panzhihua University will naturally have a greater role in promoting.

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Senior entrepreneurs on entrepreneurial beginners words

novice entrepreneurs will inevitably grasp the mind, he needs to learn more entrepreneurial experience to new entrepreneurs. There are senior entrepreneurs to entrepreneurial beginners letter, the wisdom of entrepreneurship is very rich, for the novice entrepreneurs will have a very big help. Entrepreneurs who have proposed to plan to be able to read.

counter intuitive

A lot of things in your business and

professional knowledge

second counter intuitive: entrepreneurs know whether a large number of entrepreneurial knowledge is not important. Whether a company is successful or not has nothing to do with whether the founders are experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Success depends only on whether or not you become an expert in the area of the user and solve the problem. Zuckerberg was not successful because he was an entrepreneur, he succeeded because he did a good job of understanding his customers.

instead, my brain will alarm sounded, because no experience of entrepreneurs, often make another mistake is: according to the steps of entrepreneurship. They made up some specious