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What kind of person is suitable for business

on the employment and Entrepreneurship of these two choices, Xiao Bian believes that different people for different options, some people are born to start a business, while others are suitable for doing nine to five work. So, what kind of people suitable for business? Here are some of the information may give you the answer.

made the management or has successful experience is preferred: the Lord will join the screening of franchisees, need management skills so as to shop, managers have the advantage; their career success, do other things the success rate will be relatively high, a lot of experience can learn from.

strong sense of service priority: what kind of people suitable for business? In the field of franchising, retail and service oriented enterprises, the owner has affinity, service awareness, is to keep the store open for a long time.

joined the regional situation thorough person priority: some franchise brands only open regional alliance, which requires franchisees to recognize their own status: are you familiar with the local situation, whether to have a thorough understanding of this format, whether both management and sales ability, whether there is a market information collection ability.

what kind of person is suitable for business? People who do management priority, a strong sense of service priority, the situation and their own understanding of the situation is preferred. These three types of people are more suitable for business, if you are one of them, may wish to start the business!


Taobao shop name can grasp what skills

who knows, if the store can have a suitable name for the operation of the store will have a very important influence. However, although many people know the importance of the shop name, but how it is still a problem. In fact, if you can master the relevant skills, the name can also be very easy. Not only how the store, Taobao shops can also be so natural. So, Taobao shop name can grasp what skills?

avoid using numbers and letters

letters and numbers to hard to remember than Chinese characters, who intend to do business with foreigners say.

Taobao shop name taboo

Taobao shop name taboo people can not touch the mind, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not too sensible, name should be easy to read, easy to remember. Catchy, don’t use the partial words, strange words, words are the best way to promote their own name. Think, if the customer wants to recommend your shop, but because you do not know the name but had to say to others: "you go to buy that what to shop, there clothes", "that what" who look.

long term operating

For example,

, a clothing based, compatible with bags and children’s toys store, according to the general approach, take the name of the fashion house, such as priority. However, if you do not open the store is the ultimate goal, in a certain period of time to set up a Taobao shop. Now the name must think for the future development, unless you want to try again in a few years. At the same time, business process in the future, to meet the needs of the new situation, can not say that there is no change management of other commodities, the combination of these factors, we need to take a neutral name, with regional characteristics and can lead others to pay attention.

can reflect your strengths

online shopping reputation is the most important. If your Taobao store credit is high. It is reflected in the name of. For example, contain "100% praise" in the name of "crown seller" etc..

can be seen through the name of the main product


name must be consistent with the management of goods, to be able to reflect the operating characteristics of the stores, consumers easily identify shops operating range, and have the desire to buy. The name is related to your store is likely to check others. Users of Taobao search, most input what you want, for example: Men’s and women’s wear and other key, if your name contains such keywords, so that others can be searched.

for example "fashion"


Open dessert stores need to master skills

many people like to eat dessert, it is the food of all ages. In the market, its demand is quite large. For entrepreneurs, choose to open a dessert store, the market outlook is good, no problem to make money, the key is to know how to operate, know how to operate, so as to realize their dreams as soon as possible. So, how to open dessert store? In this regard, Xiao Bian made an analysis, want to know, then come and see it!

customer positioning

many people will mistakenly believe that women prefer sweets than men, in fact, this is not necessarily, in fact, the taste of the preferences and asexual points, many men also like dessert. Many young women in order to maintain a slim figure (or in order to lose weight), often do not want to eat sweets, so I would like to open a good dessert shop do not only pay attention to female customers, to do the public business is the last word.

price variety

dessert is a popular price, better price, so that everyone can accept, each bowl sweet about the price of a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, add egg cakes, pastries, decide by the customer. In business varieties not Tandaqiuquan, if you are a person both the employer and employees, the management of seven or eight varieties will keep you busy.

business strategy

dessert price is cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. Food and beverage industry should pay attention to the taste of customers, to attract repeat customers is a better way to have their own special flavor. If there aren’t many desserts poor taste, just don’t fall, Gu Xiaoli, so as not to sell bad signs, because the cost of dessert is limited, do not lose the greater.


for a small dessert shop, the opening must have some equipment, tables, chairs, bowls, spoons, kitchen utensils, raw materials, disinfection bowl, etc.. Limited capital entrepreneurs can act as their own, or let relatives to help, a battle together.

mentioned above are the elements of the shop, and now we are not basically understand ah? Dessert shop how to open? In the shop, he must do a good job related to the preparatory work, laying the foundation for the smooth shop. In addition to the above mentioned, but also have to pay attention to the details of the grasp. In peacetime, they have to accumulate more knowledge, rich experience, to ensure that more and more prosperous business.

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Chain stores need to pay attention to what matters

a lot of people will join the chain to achieve the form of entrepreneurship, which is mainly due to the simple operation of this way, reducing the risk, improve the probability of success. But when you join, we must pay attention to the following major issues, which is the premise of success, will solve the problems of your business.

matters: choose to join the industry

Item two:

franchising business, the business people who want to save, can not find the venture’s troubles, is indeed a shortcut to success. According to a survey, the Japanese retail industry has 80% independent shop first year up to fifth years to put up the shutters, only 8%; and stores the first year closing only 20%, 77% of the chain store can live up to fifth years, this survey proves that "join than their own business cost." But these data is not to say that after joining the one hundred percent must be successful.

competitive chain brand as the development of a better future, join the requirements of natural high. But we must understand that the more stringent conditions to join the brand often have a more complete join the system as well as a more powerful financial resources and strength, but the ability to ensure that franchisees profit. Because of this, the more the credibility of the chain enterprises, select the more stringent checks when joining.

franchise is not so simple, through continuous accumulation and practice, proves that if you want to successfully operate a chain store, then you have to master the above two note, this is your guarantee of success, open your real business trip.


Hamburg stores attract popularity three tips

is now very competitive in all walks of life, do not have to compete in Hamburg business. In the presence of a large number of franchise stores in the market environment, entrepreneurs how to attract popularity? Three tips to share with you to help Burger Shop business is more prosperous.

, a hamburger stores tips on how to attract popularity? With the high cost price is of concern to most people, regardless of anything, good price, will be welcomed by the people of Hamburg, industry is the same, but don’t spend a lot of money to enjoy the service, is very simple, very cheap, but the ultra comfortable super delicious enjoyment, this is the need to just to be able to do, the price the temptation is great, any a hamburger to join, if the high price tag to gather popularity, there will be a queue, the effect of earnings.


Mr joined the brand – business volume

French rolls snacks in our Chinese catering market occupies an important position in investment. Mr. volume is China’s catering market authentic French pretzel products, Chinese Nutrition authentic French style and China consumers by combining the Mr. volume of French rolls quickly became the young men and women’s fashion snacks. Investors have come to visit the headquarters to join the wind.

mr. roll rolls the French fresh vegetables and meat quality by scientific collocation into rolls of products, make a small burritos gathered all kinds of nutrition. Chinese always pay attention to health and diet, raising the five colored red, Yangxin food, green food and yellow food, nourishing spleen, nourishing white food, black nourishing food. Mr. Mexico is not only a roll, rolls French onion Beef Roulade, Orlean chicken roll, ham egg rolls, and iron iron skewers, vegetables, snacks, delicious hamburgers, French nutrition soup, salad cream, French main meal, meet different tastes, meet the nutritional needs per day.

mr volume join brand introduction:

mr. volume has ultra-low threshold to join, abandon the restrictions cumbersome and costly franchise franchise fee, business shop only 5 square meters to 10 square meters. The joining fee is 16800 yuan, the potential store is 11 square meters to 20 square meters, the franchise fee is 25800 yuan, more than 21 square meters belongs to our platinum store, join fee is 34800 yuan, while the fee including the technology transfer fees, training fees, all distribution, operational guidance during the training fee, accommodation, advertising fees, so overall, join the Mr. volume investment is little French rolls, so the back is also very fast, and the lucrative.

mr. volume French business scope is not limited. The store, big and small, both in store operations can also be used to form a mobile business dining car. The taste of the customer did not say bad. Mr. roll rolls French go to where the French flavor is brought to let customers without going abroad to experience French style



Ten brand list waist stool – net

because the baby in our country’s attention, so that our baby supplies market is more and more broad, the product is more and more rich. In short, every parent wants to give the baby the best things, the use of baby straps and waist stool is not. But in the face of the market is not poor baby straps, waist stool brand, how to choose the best brand? Small series to introduce the waist stool ten brands list, and these brands represent the top of the waist stool industry, it is worth to buy and use.

waist stool ten brands list NO.1: Mommy Ya Ni

baby products brand, founded in 2008, the mummy YANNY maternal and child supplies its humanization, professional attitude to the main R & D and production of baby holding waist stool, toddler, anti lost belt, mummy bag and other products, products are exported to Europe and the United States, baby saving, good safety. Backrest with mesh design, breathable, four seasons, with zipper pull head, large insert buckle, silica gel mat. Favored by the majority of mothers.

ten brand list waist stool NO.2: three infant waist stool

is very welcomed by the users, the appearance of fashion, exquisite packaging materials; soft and comfortable, the baby sitting is not easy to heat and long prickly heat. Baby is very light to go out. Three baby waist all used stool materials are first-class materials, such as buckle design for high strength, flexible, especially to rupture at low temperature. The belt felt exports to South Korea to ensure high quality blankets, used repeatedly has good adhesion; using high-quality nylon zipper, ensure that repeated use does not appear to wear; use the waist stool in the sponge material, all pure material sponge, without any whitening agent and talcum powder, environmental protection and water washing is not easy deformation, different inferior sponge is easy to break and deformation.

waist stool ten brands list NO.3: hug bear

got the reputation of "hug bear waist waist stool", leader of high quality material from the design process of South Korea and selected Germany, Italy and other countries, make the texture and taste never absent. The latest products "portable" series developed by the Korean design team holds young attitude, the use of a large number of artificial polymer formed by the combination of Korean flower Yao fabric, texture light, like a deep hug feather light without the burden. Just the right to exercise the wind on the creative design of the sense of fashion, walking in the delicate and playful, gorgeous and minimalist, showing elegance and leisure dynamic, to the world declared a light luxury comfortable fashion attitude.

waist stool ten brands list NO.4: good child multifunctional straps

good children multifunctional strap attention to detail design, head protection, backplane humanization, according to ergonomics, fusion of fashion elements, rigorous design, excellent workmanship strict in demands make your baby more comfortable, more assured, mom >


Huangyuan County, the second Chinese mother festival and the fourth queen mother of King’s hometown

The morning of August 19, 2012, sponsored by the Chinese folklore society, the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, the provincial women’s Federation, China Women Entrepreneurs Association, Kunlun Province Institute of folklore, cultural studies, the provincial women’s handicrafts Association, SMG Bureau, Huangyuan County People’s Government hosted the Provincial Committee Propaganda Department, province hall, culture and news publishing the provincial propaganda office, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Federation and the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Literary Federation and other units CO "entered the home, the memory of the Chinese mother" as the theme of the second session of the Chinese mother and the fourth queen mother of King’s hometown ceremony opening ceremony held in the mysterious implication of Huangyuan county were home ditch

2012 in the morning of August 19th, sponsored by the China folklore society, the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, the provincial women’s Federation, China Women Entrepreneurs Association, Kunlun Province Institute of folklore, cultural studies, the provincial women’s handicrafts Association, SMG Bureau, Huangyuan County People’s Government, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Department of culture and information publishing the provincial propaganda office, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Federation and the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Literary Federation and other units CO "entered the home, the memory of the Chinese mother" as the theme of the second session of the Chinese mother and the fourth queen mother of King’s hometown ceremony opening ceremony was held in Huangyuan county were full of mysterious charm Jia gou. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Bao Yizhi, the provincial women’s Federation Chairman Zhang Li, mayor Wang Yubo and other leaders of the Municipal People’s government and the Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia experts, celebrities, provincial departments responsible for the four district of Xining City, the six county, two county leaders and county of Huangyuan four sub class members attended the ceremony.

the opening ceremony, Huangyuan county Party Secretary Cai Chengyong, the provincial women’s Federation Chairman Zhang Li, Chinese Folklore Society vice president Liu Delong, Taiwan Municipal Federation of New Taipei City, consultant of Chinese Taoist Culture Group Chairman Wu Guanghui and other leaders and guests on behalf of speech successively. In Qinghai and Sanjiang source pharmaceutical limited company chairman, the 38 red banner pacesetter Zasina Gio, 2008 Chinese ten economic person of the year, female Qinghai Jason group general manager Feng Quanzhong ten outstanding women award cup create love. Bao Yizhi, vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee announced the beginning of the mother mother ceremony. Subsequently, the actors from the provincial theater for the audience to perform the "mother of the earth," the real dance, so that the audience on the scene, feel the beauty of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in the period of the queen mother of the west. Ceremony of worship ceremony by the Qinghai province Institute of Social Studie president, vice president, Chinese Folklore Society of Qinghai folk society president Zhao Zongfu presided over the relevant leaders and guests presented flowers, Shanghai Open University Institute, traditional cultural studies scholars Bao Pengshan Christine read the funeral oration, ceremony on drums and mighty loud salute gaocheng.

activity attracted thousands of people around and inside and outside the province, many tourists visit the ceremony, the scene audience looked solemn, dignified, expression of the majority of tourists to China mother’s honor and reverence. The high grade and high specifications of the mother of King ceremony, aims to cherish the memory of Huaxia West Queen Mother, mother to carry forward the Chinese culture, advocate safe, respect your mother, mother, filial piety good;


FIRST film 21, carrying all the fine curtain

in the ninth session of the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival approaching, Chen Jianbin’s directorial debut "a spoon" as the opening film festival, the opening day will be shown at Xining Film Festival in July 21st, stellar studios. And this is also a spoon since the Golden Horse Award after the first public screening.
"a spoon" is about Northwest farmers pull note help "spoon" to find his family’s story, and completed the examination of social reality and human conscience in the process, this is the middle pull note stubborn kind, social and moral contradictions, also the belief of torture. When it comes to creative power, director Chen Jianbin said that the film has been derived from their own film dream. "In 1999 I wrote his first play, but has not finished, until the discovery of Hu Xuewen’s" run the Moonlight ", which contains over the years I want to express something, so there is my first movie". Chen Jianbin uses a method of almost pious text processing, with the image of the language to effectively and directly explain the original author’s social perspective, and the integration of the creators of their own scrutiny, the industry’s reputation is high. The Four Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan in the fifty-first stunning, won the nomination of the five, and eventually won the best actor and best new director award.
in the film during the exhibition, many participating youth director will together with the audience to see the film, they are in large part is also the debut director, have similar experiences and creative director Chen Jianbin, many excellent films, but also because of financial, distribution channels and fierce market competition and other reasons to go on screen. With the opening of the film to determine the distance from the ninth Xining FIRST youth film show the pace of the main activities are getting closer. A youth carnival on the plateau, is about to strike.


Xining North District medical aid object heart happy to be discharged at the expense of their own pa

September 17th, Wu Zhong Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining City, the low Yang Wengui carefully took 5000 yuan to raise money to pay the hospital time-consuming dabuzi hospital, but was told the doctor, do not need to pay fees threshold, so optimistic about the disease, when discharged only needs to pay the expense of drugs required for it. Don’t worry about the rest of the money.

Yang Wengui asked the doctor that his original information and the north area of other low households, "three persons" "Five Guarantees" and "severe disabilities", has already been entered North area of medical aid target database. The rescue object database is a medical aid system of North District Civil Affairs Bureau to dabuzi North District Hospital. When the object of medical assistance with valid documents (identity cards, ginseng guarantee, residence booklet, low assurance, disability certificates, etc.) for hospital procedures, the hospital’s database will automatically show their rescue category. Then, according to the hospital spent on medical assistance assistance category object categories according to the rescue medical expenses settlement, medical aid in the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance reimbursement at the same time, once again enjoy the home medical assistance, discharge settlement, pay only part of the amount of personal expense after medical assistance. The Civil Aid also do not rely on medical assistance with the aid of hospital documents centralized relief, directly by the designated medical institutions to advance, and then by the civil affairs departments and medical institutions regularly settlement relief fund. These procedures can be handled immediately in the hospital window, from the application to get relief, less than a day, it is called one-stop service.

according to the north of the District Civil Affairs Bureau responsible person, at present, the North District Civil Affairs Bureau has been in the second people’s Hospital of Xining city (Bridge Hospital), Third People’s Hospital of Xining city (Xigang hospital), five hospitals in North District Hospital, Baoziwan town hospitals, twenty health centers established in town medical assistance database those who meet the conditions of medical assistance, medical assistance and medical treatment expenses when the object in the designated hospitals, by the designated medical institutions to advance, and then by the District Civil Affairs Department and the hospital two regular settlement. The cost of hospitalization assistance in accordance with the maximum limit of 30000 yuan per person per year for relief. (author: Wu Yachun)