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A classic case of entrepreneurial start empty-handed bigwigs

in our life, there will be some start empty-handed entrepreneurs, start empty-handed for many entrepreneurs who, behind them there are some people who have succeeded, but behind the success of these men also have a lot of places worth learning.

in his open by selling newspapers to make money the white BMW car, the back carrying three computer, a University of Texas soon become the offbeat freshman, he realized that the computer will become the most important tool since twentieth Century,   has been; are facing a great opportunity. At that time, the computer industry including apple computer and IBM etc. all the major manufacturers have chosen to sell computer through DELL dealers, but Michael thought with the direct sales of the more efficient   provide value and better service for customers, and hopes to become a leader in this line. In 1984, Michael DELL dropped out of school and opened his own company in, an office of about 93 square meters, named  , DELL".

has been listed on the NASDAQ Shanda first published financial statements, the second day, Chen Tianqiao shares held by market capitalization reached about 11. 100 million U.S. dollars ($9 billion), more than NetEase founder Ding Lei, becoming the new richest man in china. Just 5 years time, his wealth soared 18000 times



University City retail stores will fail

said business location, University City is regarded as a good location. However, even in such a bustling lot location, the same may not succeed, the same will usher in the failure of the shop. So, even in the University City to open a retail store, there may be failure oh. This does not, let the following Xiaobian to introduce this case.

economic recession in this year, many companies large layoffs. MS Wong is one of them. Fortunately, there can be little savings card over a period of time the unemployment light of heart from care. But it’s not the way to go. Ms. Huang moved the idea of entrepreneurship, home roasted ancestral craft, home business is very good. But the house is a brother and sister, she is not too good. So choose to open their own snack shop in Hefei University city.

of the University of Hefei City, 8 universities around ordinarily buy what do not lose money. Ms. Wong quickly in college town to a store. Decoration, purchase, buy equipment. Big walnut peanut seeds and their modulation of roasted fried seasoning even for a lifetime old father also said roasted. In this way, Ms. Wong’s store opened.

opened three days before the first day of ninety percent off second days seventy percent off days third half off. Instead of making a lot of money. But Ms. Wong is very happy, after all, a lot of guests every day, as long as the guests recognize the taste after the fear of making money?

days slowly in the past, Ms. Wong can earn hundreds of dollars a day. Very happy in my heart, which is much higher than the wages. A month later。 Pay a rent hydropower 20000, there are still 1000! Their living expenses are not enough, but also the next month! Adhere to the six months later, Ms. Wong spent savings. Finally see reality give up.

why in 8 universities around the University City to open a snack bar will lose money?

first, site selection, Ms. Wong’s location is very good, a lot of University City traffic. Are the target population, but she did not take into account competitors, University City snack bar has 6, the franchise has a brand appeal of the 4, two old brands of snack bar done for many years, there are snacks street. Disperse many passengers. And the rent is high.

second, purchase, and home purchase channels, but the home is the local purchase their own car to pick it up, Ms. Wong in Hefei, freight transportation is also a small amount of money. And not to pick the goods, often by unscrupulous businessmen doping.

third, a single commodity, commodity, taking students as the target group, only roasted seeds and nuts, products are too single, and lose a lot of potential customers.

only by all ideas, and the formation of the outside view, in fact, for career development will have a recommendation


Which join the project does not fly

now by way of joining the number of entrepreneurs is more and more investors, perhaps it is aware of this kind of entrepreneurial ideas, so that the entire venture capital market also has more and more business opportunities. Among these business opportunities, the number of projects is not too large. In our choice of business opportunities, naturally need to circumvent these projects. So, what projects do not fly?

, according to incomplete statistics, the entrepreneurial success rate is only 2%-3%, while the business failure rate as high as 70% or more, in the field of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, 100 percent off yuan per delivery, 300% of the profit space, sit at home and make millions of years…… This kind of gimmick to start looking for a project, It is often seen., beware of entrepreneurial trap, first, security experts warned that, without mature technology projects second, high return projects can not be trusted, third, the project investment is too small is a hoax.

trap 1: technology immature venture project unsecured

typical projects: drug cultivation, nano invisible pen, music whistle sugar, cultural moon cake

under the guise of high-tech, but actually selling cabbage type of goods, which is described as the current market is filled with a lot of technical content of entrepreneurial projects. In fact, the project is to process, the original draped technology coat, replaced with new technology technology name image, by some entrepreneurs.

is more popular than the previous recycled plastics project, claiming that the need to add some common items, you can produce recycled plastics, compared with the previous technical cost reduced by 50%. But in fact, insiders pointed out that the so-called new technologies early in the last century in 80s has already appeared and was later eliminated, because the additive in the production process, easy to plug the injection molding machine, injection molding machine after some investors confirmed that blocking phenomenon is always prone to the project technology.

there are also a number of planting projects, in particular, need to remind farmers to pay attention to friends. With Cordyceps sinensis as an example, it is claimed that the planting soil is not divided, North and south is suitable, everyone can grow. But in fact, this technology is still in the experimental stage, is not yet mature. The only successful cultivation of Cordyceps, Cordyceps a similar thing.

launched these entrepreneurial projects mainly in order to cheat equipment fees, training fees, fees and other information technology, deceive layman. So for some investors in daily life is not the industry, must be to find a specialist familiar the situation before investing, this kind of industries including agriculture, education, environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, household appliances, wall art, cosmetics etc..

trap 2: high return items not credible



Join the source Sentai synthetic oil accessible attractive profits

attractive profits to the choice of the project, how the source Sentai synthetic oil? In the market, not only has a high popularity, joining the source Sentai synthetic oil project, the choice of entrepreneurial success. How to join the source Sentai synthetic oil? Are you ready?

source Sentai synthetic oil and its products are a kind of environment-friendly liquid fuel to clean raw material for the new development of the foundation, the calorific value of adequate, safe and practical, stable combustion, less volatile. Compared with the traditional liquid fuel, the problems such as insufficient combustion, residual liquid residue, piercing eyes, eyes, oil and gas, etc.. The combustion temperature can reach 1100-1300 degrees, than conventional fuel, liquefied gas temperature higher than more than and 300 degrees, the cost savings of 1/3.

source Sentai synthetic oil products through the national quality inspection departments, and through the use of pilot promotion, its technical performance and safety indicators meet the requirements of domestic fuel, is an ideal green fuel, liquefied gas can completely replace the kitchen. Can solve the daily civilian family kitchen cooking, heating water, bathing, heating and other aspects of equipment, widely used in hotels, restaurants, school canteens, food stalls, stall, hospital canteen, villas, clubs, enterprises, units, can be said to have to the kitchen and heating equipment can be used.

now, health and environmental protection has always been our best choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the source Sentai synthetic oil project, a simple way to join, join the project advantage. Don’t you still heart? Hurry up!


Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang how to join

Malatang is our mouth

Chuanchuan Xiang, in the catering industry in many clusters of incense to join in the project both six Chuanchuan Xiang sought after by people, just because of its origin there is a touching story…

Sichuan is Leshan Minjiang, Qingyi River and Dadu River confluence of Sanjiang. In Leshan, Sanjiang (called Jiazhou) together, was fierce, destroy three river wall, often caused the boat crash tragedy. Tang Kaiyuan, a monk Haitong mage sympathetic to the masses, trying to take advantage of the power of Dharma, to reduce the water potential, Yong Zhen Feng tao. He is all over the world, offering money carved buddha. His Buddha also moved the people along the river. Because many builders, in daily meals, also can not meet the demand. So the surrounding good cooking women have come to help.

In order to facilitate the operation of

in the cliff Mason food, a natural six refers to the old lady, for the convenience of call call she put the vegetables and meat prod six woman dressed in a pan, cooked, and then sent to the mountains, let people use chopsticks to eat the delicious delicious meals. Sometimes she has to transfer a good seasoning small pan put on the cliff, hot food to eat craftsmen.

Sixth aunt do

string dishes spicy delicious, with the scent of a man Xiangpiao, everyone, as for chef to sixth aunt. Sixth aunt year after year, regardless of the wind snow and rain, always can see both six teeter back. Sixth aunt with bamboo delicacy inspire sentient beings, accompany sentient beings, until the completion of Yong Zhen Sanjiang buddha.

people in memory of six woman, will follow her vegetable with bamboo strung, eating hot, eat and talk, on this road, communicate feelings. This * * dining way evolution to today, has become today’s Chengdu near Leshan popular sixth aunt Chuanchuan xiang.

Sixth aunt

later Mr. Yang Lin, in the mining and inheritance of Sichuan cultural essence of the mission, in studying ancestral secret recipe on the basis of combining the modern eating habits and health requirements, as well as traditional Malatang ancient recipe essence, visit teacher, consult a Chinese medicine experts, bold innovation, unique advantages the motherland medicine, a unique configuration of both six bottom material and dry dish sixth aunt formula, named "sixth aunt". "Six woman" officially registered trademark. In September 2007, six Shiva catering Co. Ltd. was established, "sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang was born.

Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang

so how to join? Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang joining process:

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project site visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.


Ali chief of staff Ceng Ming Uber no network effect but a platform economy

Uber is probably the fastest growing company ever. Founded six years, its market value has climbed to $62 billion 500 million. What’s more, the company has produced a huge social demonstration effect. For a time, the word Uber began to appear like Google semantic change, no longer refers to the company, but a kind of beyond tradition, a new business model – shared economy. "Uber in certain fields" has become a hot word in the whole society. No wonder, Uber model is widely sought after by investors entrepreneurs copy.


layman watch, experts see road. More profound understanding of the reasons for the success of Uber, the challenges may face, the factors that must be considered when copying, for many entrepreneurs, investors significant.

model of intelligent business success

Uber in the shared economic success, we are very familiar with. But the success of this shared economic model, in fact, is built on the basis of data intelligence. There are a lot of good ideas to share innovation, difficult, because of the lack of breakthroughs in this area, can not create enough value.

Uber transforms a traditional industry into an intelligent business based on data and algorithms. Due to the popularity of mobile Internet (intelligent mobile phone becomes extremely cheap, real-time map service GPS is accurate enough), the location information of passengers and drivers can be real-time online; and the cloud computing and artificial intelligence / machine learning development, makes the real-time matching massive passengers and vehicles (drivers) possible. Only this one, both passengers and drivers enjoy efficient and convenient, far more than the traditional taxi industry.

addition, Uber also introduced a market mechanism to change the original pricing system. Peak price increases, leading passengers to express their needs in different ways of bidding, thus breaking the rigidity of traditional pricing. This is a typical way to solve social problems in a market-oriented way.

continues to reduce the waiting time of passengers (through most of the city’s average waiting time of less than 4 minutes) by continuously improving the intelligent matching algorithm Uber. By improving the utilization rate of vehicles, drivers in the maintenance of income at the same time, to reduce the price, to further expand the number of passengers, so as to attract more drivers to join, the formation of a rapid development of a positive feedback loop. This can also be seen from the composition of the staff of Uber. Engineers account for more than half of employees, and there is a very luxurious algorithm team.

at the same time, in the United States, most of the traditional taxi in the supply of a serious shortage of the city (often subject to license restrictions), the result of high prices. On the other hand, it is a high car ownership, serious social resources idle. Uber allows ordinary people and private cars can provide taxi service, led the development of the shared economy.

more than the sum of several, that is, Uber created a huge business value, and reduce the waste of social resources. >


The public security organs have the right to view the micro-blog case, the circle of friends and oth

FA Fa [2016] No. 22

Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security,

issued the notice on the collection of criminal cases and the examination and approval of the determination of several issues of electronic data

of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Supreme People’s court, the people’s Procuratorate and the Public Security Bureau (bureau), the PLA military court and procuratorate, the higher people’s Court of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region production and Construction Corps Branch of the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, the people’s Procuratorate and the Public Security Bureau:

is the standard of electronic data collection and extraction of examination and judgment, improve the quality of handling a criminal case, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry formulated the "Regulations on the handling of several problems in criminal cases were collected to extract and review the electronic data". Are hereby issued to you, please earnestly implement. The problems in the implementation, please timely are reported to the Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security.

Supreme People’s Court Supreme People’s Procuratorate

Ministry of public security

September 9, 2016

Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security,

regulations on the collection and examination of electronic data for criminal cases

is the standard of electronic data collection and extraction of examination and judgment, improve the quality of criminal cases handled according to the provisions of the relevant laws of People’s Republic of China, "criminal procedural law", combined with judicial practice, the enactment of this provision.

a, the general provisions of

the first electronic data is formed in the course of the case, in the form of digital storage, processing, transmission, to prove the facts of the case data.

electronic data include, but are not limited to, the following information, electronic documents:

(1) website, blog, micro blog, circle of friends, Post Bar, SkyDrive and other network platform release information;

(two) SMS messaging, e-mail, instant messaging, communications group, such as network application services communication information;

(three) user registration information, identity authentication information, electronic transaction records, communications records, log logs and other information;

(four) documents, pictures, audio and video, digital certificates, computer programs and other electronic documents.

in the form of digital records of the testimony of witnesses, statements of victims and criminal suspects, defendants confession and justification and other evidence, does not belong to electronic data. Where it is necessary, the relevant provisions of the collection, extraction, transfer, review, may refer to the application of these provisions.

second the investigation organ shall comply with the statutory procedures, follow the relevant technical standards, comprehensive, objective and timely collection, extraction of electronic data; the people’s Procuratorate, the people’s court shall focus on authenticity, legitimacy and relevance judgement of electronic data. < >


Chef cook good home platform announced the completion of 100 million yuan B round of financing

[Abstract] good chef APP in June 2014 on the line, in 2014 to get the capital of 5 million yuan Angel round of financing in the middle of the road, in 2015, in February, the sound speed of light to complete the A round of good chef investment of $5 million.


technology news (Le Tian) August 6th news, the chef cook announced the door platform has been completed 100 million yuan B round of financing, lead investor by Cowin, Lightspeed An Zhen with the cast, but could not confirm the specific amount of financing science and technology Tencent.

good chef APP on June 2014 on the line, in 2014 to get the capital of 5 million yuan Angel round of financing in 2015, in the light of the year in February to complete the vibration of the good cook A round of $5 million investment in.

according to chef CEO Xu Zhiyan introduced: B round of financing in the last month has been completed, the Finance Companies will be used to expand the size of the market, and this year will be opened dozens of second tier city, the service standard in the expansion of the line will continue to continue, more products, more personalized packages to meet the needs of consumers demand.

: according to Xu Zhiyan introduced a good cook himself first defined as a service company, do is service and quality, and then is a Internet Co, is combined with the Internet way to quantify the traditional service.

said a good cook, cook for the next step will come up with a large number of subsidies to encourage talented chefs, and ultimately to hard work, continue to enhance the overall service chef.


Network security risks everywhere hackers form a complete industrial chain

In July 25th, the largest information security company rising company released the "2007 on the first half of the computer virus Chinese mainland & Internet Security Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "rising security report"), the first half of this year, rising company intercepted a total of 133 thousand and 700 new viruses, increased 11.9% over the same period last year, especially for domestic users, or obviously "Chinese manufacturing" characteristics of the virus, the virus accounted for about 37% of the total. In the first half of this year, a total of about 35000000 computers have been infected by the virus, accounting for more than half of the number of online computers, mainland China has become the world’s most serious harm to computer viruses.

"rising security report" that the reasons for this situation, one is the domestic Internet software and applications there are lots of safety problems, the lack of effective safety protection measures, provide a lot of opportunities for hackers and computer virus; two, in order to obtain economic benefits, the domestic hackers / virus makers group and the industrial operation, batch production of computer virus. In view of this, the report from a comprehensive perspective on the current security of the Internet and hacker / virus industry chain. At present, the domestic Internet is very fragile, in addition to a large number of vulnerabilities in operating system and Web program, software and Internet based almost all applications have become the target of the virus, the network application software and virus attacks on its own at the same time, also become the user’s computer virus invasion into the channel, especially the payment platform, and community associated network software and applications, including instant communication software, download software, online games, e-mail, online banking and so on, and web pages, forums, search engine has become an important way to spread the virus.

"rising security report" pointed out that similar behavior in recent years, many commercial companies hire programmers to write and computer viruses have the rogue software, in the whole society to denounce and rising security efforts, most of the commercial manufacturing company no longer rogue


Sharing allows consumers to order a few strokes marketing tactics

traditional concept that the user as long as the site on our site to stay longer, then the higher the conversion rate. In fact, this is an inaccurate view, when users stay in our site a piece of goods on time exceeds a threshold, the user may be hesitant to buy the product, the user may leave us for a long time. That is to say, the residence time of the user in the commodity page is inversely proportional to the conversion rate. As long as we care under the analysis of consumer psychology is to know the reason, consumers of the goods on our page longer residence time for our goods shilly-shally, easily affected by other factors, the conversion rate of naturally low.

as a marketing staff, we need to think of ways to reduce the consumer’s psychological concerns, so that consumers decide to buy a single faster. For this, the author thinks that the best effect is through some psychological suggestion. And there are a lot of psychological quick decision making tactics, the following author to share their views.

shortage implies

shortage implies that our consumers have not passed this village, this will have a great impact on our consumer decisions. A simple example: when we talk on the phone with someone, there are other calls, this is to choose to answer incoming calls will most of our circumstances, even if we know the call may not now call this phone is more important, content than before wonderful, but we will pick up, because we cannot predict if not by what might be lost, this kind of psychology will directly affect our decision.

most people are afraid of losing that will have more psychological than the stimulus force, you lobbying for someone to do something, tell him not to do this thing. What is this thing will lose what would be more persuasive. So the lack of a clear hint to stimulate consumers to buy a single purchase has a great role.



are often used in some occasions with negotiations, before the negotiations, both sides will begin to put a pair of conflicting momentum, and then through concessions to get a level recognized by everyone. Obviously the retreat in the negotiations is very effective, we apply it to the marketing is also very effective. We can also see that in the marketing strategy of the price of a commodity may be launched when the price might be higher than the market price, and when asked by consumers, to let consumers on sale mode, so that consumers feel that the price was cheap, consumers will purchase orders. But in fact, the price of goods did not make much concessions.

retreat strategy can bring influence may be beyond our imagination, of course, the situation is relatively wide, we can be in the commodity description >