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The appearance of Baidu and the connotation of Baidu

Baidu has gone through 8 years and has been on the market for 3 years. Today I have a special understanding of "Baidu" and some Baidu related data reports, and have sorted out the impression of Baidu in different roles over the past few years. Have to admire, Baidu really has a gorgeous appearance, but at the same time feeling gradually blurred connotation.

in May 2000, Baidu for the first time for the portal site – Silicon Valley power search technology services, after the rapid occupation of the Chinese search engine market, has become the most important search technology provider. In August 2001, Baidu.com released the search engine Beta version, from the background to the public oriented independent technology providers to provide search services, and in the first Chinese PPC business model, October 22, 2001 officially released the Baidu search engine. read more

How to do a good job in sales of ice cream stores

ice cream stores need to do what promotions? Many franchisees of marketing skills, little, in fact there has a lot of learning. Want to do a good job promotion, then should learn the knowledge? Xiaobian finishing the relevant knowledge, I hope to help you, hurry to look at it.

despite dietary preferences a huge crowd, but in pursuit of a long-term market centripetal force, the ice cream shop promotion always will start in the regular time. In particular, after a period of more than 1 months of promotional activities, to shape the differences in the advantages of similar food stores, enhance customer loyalty to the ice cream shop, to ensure that customers to shop for long-term consumption. read more

Tea shop how to choose the right address

tea is Chinese since ancient times is very love, Chinese tea culture has a long history, in the Chinese tea demand is very big, want to open a tea store, we all know that a reasonable location is an important condition for the success of business. Therefore, the location of the store in the opening of the work has become a compulsory course for each franchisee, the following is a brief introduction of how to select the address of the tea store address:

first, the investigation and analysis of the traffic flow around the tea shop. Indeed, the passenger flow is a basic factor to determine the performance, understand and understand the passenger flow, passenger flow belongs to the market positioning, also is to get rid of those who can not become a real traffic consumer, is the primary factor to be considered when the location of stores. read more

Entrepreneurial experience of the founder of love gene, Xiamen University

response to the call of the country, and actively carry out entrepreneurship, has become a symbol of the times. A lot of people with lofty ideals have invested in the wave of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. Today and Xiaobian together to find out, after a 85 graduate students in the entrepreneurial experience of Xiamen University.

last week, is located in Xiamen, a well-known gene sequencing brand – love gene and the Ministry of finance directly under the venture capital institutions China Galaxy investment (000806, stock it) held a signing ceremony, officially opened the prelude to the A round of financing. After the current round of financing, born in 1986, the founder of love gene Wang Xiaobao net worth has exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming a veritable Gao Fushuai". read more

Datong County and township cadres condolences staff hail

9 7, Minister of the United Front Work Department County CPPCC Chairman Wang Jinfa, the Standing Committee of the county and Ma Yongzhen county agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and a line of 6 people, to the staff of treasure Township hail condolences and held a forum.

condolences to a group of hard work in the work of the staff on duty condolences, sent them to bed three sets of supplies for the four sets, the forum to learn more about their living conditions and working environment. And according to the request, a firm to work and do a good job of hail weather service, escort, escort for agricultural production. Two to carry out the maintenance of anti-aircraft guns in each operation, the timely registration of duty log, carry out regular ammunition storage inspection. Three strict operating procedures to ensure the safety of the operation. read more

Building Leisure corridor Xining Nanshan 42 green area will become a scenic spot

January 5th from Nanshan green headquarters office, from the beginning of this year, Xining will gradually put the annual Nanshan slope before the existing 42 green area construction has become a scenic spot, then 42 different characteristics, different functions and the scenic Forest Park, Huangshui Red Valley Ecological Leisure Park and other 6 scenic spots by the Nanshan 118 complement each other. Km road together, together to form a big Nanshan leisure corridor.

according to the current plan, the city will use 5 – 10 years, will be built into a large Nanshan green barriers to a good landscape, facilities, traffic is reasonable, beautiful scenery of the Nanshan scenic area. Green ecological barrier Nanshan project planning in the 6 major scenic spots, has been opened in the Huangshui Forest Park, Tibetan Plateau wild zoo, Pu Park, Pu Ning Ning friendly Zhizhu tower four spots, red valley ecological leisure park project construction of the main project will be fully launched this year, construction of nine eco tourism park in spring has been implemented by the East District government. read more

Yan Jinhai in Xining Haidong inspection guidance for environmental remediation and restoration of ve

is an important indicator to further promote the province’s first district ecological civilization construction, fully implement the provincial government decision to deploy and Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng spirit, June 27th, vice governor Yan Jinhai depth Xining, Haidong city regional environmental inspection guidance to focus on remediation and restoration of vegetation. He stressed that careful organization, strengthen regulation, and strive to create urban ecological landscape corridor. read more

Where does summer cold drink shop fit

summer is a variety of cold drinks sales season, despite the large demand, but also in the sale of the right position. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you that the summer cold store opened for good sales where to.

Suitable for

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! But the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason to make many friends away. However, the high rent shop usually can bring huge benefits. read more

A classic case of entrepreneurial start empty-handed bigwigs

in our life, there will be some start empty-handed entrepreneurs, start empty-handed for many entrepreneurs who, behind them there are some people who have succeeded, but behind the success of these men also have a lot of places worth learning.

in his open by selling newspapers to make money the white BMW car, the back carrying three computer, a University of Texas soon become the offbeat freshman, he realized that the computer will become the most important tool since twentieth Century,   has been; are facing a great opportunity. At that time, the computer industry including apple computer and IBM etc. all the major manufacturers have chosen to sell computer through DELL dealers, but Michael thought with the direct sales of the more efficient   provide value and better service for customers, and hopes to become a leader in this line. In 1984, Michael DELL dropped out of school and opened his own company in, an office of about 93 square meters, named  , DELL". read more

University City retail stores will fail

said business location, University City is regarded as a good location. However, even in such a bustling lot location, the same may not succeed, the same will usher in the failure of the shop. So, even in the University City to open a retail store, there may be failure oh. This does not, let the following Xiaobian to introduce this case.

economic recession in this year, many companies large layoffs. MS Wong is one of them. Fortunately, there can be little savings card over a period of time the unemployment light of heart from care. But it’s not the way to go. Ms. Huang moved the idea of entrepreneurship, home roasted ancestral craft, home business is very good. But the house is a brother and sister, she is not too good. So choose to open their own snack shop in Hefei University city. read more

Which join the project does not fly

now by way of joining the number of entrepreneurs is more and more investors, perhaps it is aware of this kind of entrepreneurial ideas, so that the entire venture capital market also has more and more business opportunities. Among these business opportunities, the number of projects is not too large. In our choice of business opportunities, naturally need to circumvent these projects. So, what projects do not fly?

, according to incomplete statistics, the entrepreneurial success rate is only 2%-3%, while the business failure rate as high as 70% or more, in the field of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, 100 percent off yuan per delivery, 300% of the profit space, sit at home and make millions of years…… This kind of gimmick to start looking for a project, It is often seen., beware of entrepreneurial trap, first, security experts warned that, without mature technology projects second, high return projects can not be trusted, third, the project investment is too small is a hoax. read more

Join the source Sentai synthetic oil accessible attractive profits

attractive profits to the choice of the project, how the source Sentai synthetic oil? In the market, not only has a high popularity, joining the source Sentai synthetic oil project, the choice of entrepreneurial success. How to join the source Sentai synthetic oil? Are you ready?

source Sentai synthetic oil and its products are a kind of environment-friendly liquid fuel to clean raw material for the new development of the foundation, the calorific value of adequate, safe and practical, stable combustion, less volatile. Compared with the traditional liquid fuel, the problems such as insufficient combustion, residual liquid residue, piercing eyes, eyes, oil and gas, etc.. The combustion temperature can reach 1100-1300 degrees, than conventional fuel, liquefied gas temperature higher than more than and 300 degrees, the cost savings of 1/3. read more

Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang how to join

Malatang is our mouth

Chuanchuan Xiang, in the catering industry in many clusters of incense to join in the project both six Chuanchuan Xiang sought after by people, just because of its origin there is a touching story…

Sichuan is Leshan Minjiang, Qingyi River and Dadu River confluence of Sanjiang. In Leshan, Sanjiang (called Jiazhou) together, was fierce, destroy three river wall, often caused the boat crash tragedy. Tang Kaiyuan, a monk Haitong mage sympathetic to the masses, trying to take advantage of the power of Dharma, to reduce the water potential, Yong Zhen Feng tao. He is all over the world, offering money carved buddha. His Buddha also moved the people along the river. Because many builders, in daily meals, also can not meet the demand. So the surrounding good cooking women have come to help. read more

Ali chief of staff Ceng Ming Uber no network effect but a platform economy

Uber is probably the fastest growing company ever. Founded six years, its market value has climbed to $62 billion 500 million. What’s more, the company has produced a huge social demonstration effect. For a time, the word Uber began to appear like Google semantic change, no longer refers to the company, but a kind of beyond tradition, a new business model – shared economy. "Uber in certain fields" has become a hot word in the whole society. No wonder, Uber model is widely sought after by investors entrepreneurs copy. read more

The public security organs have the right to view the micro-blog case, the circle of friends and oth

FA Fa [2016] No. 22

Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security,

issued the notice on the collection of criminal cases and the examination and approval of the determination of several issues of electronic data

of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Supreme People’s court, the people’s Procuratorate and the Public Security Bureau (bureau), the PLA military court and procuratorate, the higher people’s Court of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region production and Construction Corps Branch of the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, the people’s Procuratorate and the Public Security Bureau: read more

Chef cook good home platform announced the completion of 100 million yuan B round of financing

[Abstract] good chef APP in June 2014 on the line, in 2014 to get the capital of 5 million yuan Angel round of financing in the middle of the road, in 2015, in February, the sound speed of light to complete the A round of good chef investment of $5 million.


technology news (Le Tian) August 6th news, the chef cook announced the door platform has been completed 100 million yuan B round of financing, lead investor by Cowin, Lightspeed An Zhen with the cast, but could not confirm the specific amount of financing science and technology Tencent. read more

Network security risks everywhere hackers form a complete industrial chain

In July 25th, the largest information security company rising company released the "2007 on the first half of the computer virus Chinese mainland & Internet Security Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "rising security report"), the first half of this year, rising company intercepted a total of 133 thousand and 700 new viruses, increased 11.9% over the same period last year, especially for domestic users, or obviously "Chinese manufacturing" characteristics of the virus, the virus accounted for about 37% of the total. In the first half of this year, a total of about 35000000 computers have been infected by the virus, accounting for more than half of the number of online computers, mainland China has become the world’s most serious harm to computer viruses.
read more

Sharing allows consumers to order a few strokes marketing tactics

traditional concept that the user as long as the site on our site to stay longer, then the higher the conversion rate. In fact, this is an inaccurate view, when users stay in our site a piece of goods on time exceeds a threshold, the user may be hesitant to buy the product, the user may leave us for a long time. That is to say, the residence time of the user in the commodity page is inversely proportional to the conversion rate. As long as we care under the analysis of consumer psychology is to know the reason, consumers of the goods on our page longer residence time for our goods shilly-shally, easily affected by other factors, the conversion rate of naturally low. read more

How to do site optimization six Website Design

said content optimization program, here Nanjing SEO Iverson has its own understanding, I think, the content of the website is the core of all of our optimization work, whether it is your homepage, or column, or resources, or other means, are not as good as your site content well, only do users love reading the content is our long-term consideration. Following his experience shallowly.

a, the title of the content

, 1 novel, accurate and true: the content of the title and the title of the site, is our website face, clearly tell your readers about the central idea, slightly modified your title, be able to attract readers enough, but must be true. read more