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Some views on shlf1314, Adsense, KDo Taobao half moon income 80 experience summary


the answer is: No, cheating is

answer: cheat and invalid click!

first blog, I use Sina’s blog, the main use of single product promotion. In fact, the blog is also a single product promotion tips. Blogging is a place for journaling. Don’t think simple advertising will buy. You have to think in reverse thinking, you will like a full advertising blog, and also relish to see, and go to buy it? Maybe there will be, not many.



the only reason: you broke shlf1314’s interests, or you couldn’t benefit googel, and advertisers complained,

will do regular K, the answer will also be: invalid click too much,


what is invalid click, that is, can not give advertisers the interests of the click,

! !

is under 50% K probability, because this is real data, it can also bring effects to advertising!

to be a good Taobao, diligence is a must. Do not always want to do a blog, hanging advertising, find a code, do a web site, change a PID, you can wait at home to get a commission. That’s daydreaming. Maybe lucky people occasionally make a deal, and then act like a fool. And for what is the difference? Want to become a good Taobao customer: industrious, hard, hard, learning is a must. Muddleheaded wrote these. Hope to inspire everyone.

third level: true traffic points, but violations click, such as import traffic that is, pop-up to their own Adsense station

! ? !

on the Adsense K number of research! Account related issues: Online circulation is to change IP, personal experience is as long as the Qing cookies basically not associated

! !

has been a Taobao customer for half a month. Half a month to pay, but also return. In fact, as long as you work hard and try to learn more from your forefathers, you will surely reap something.

second level: software mutual point, found dead, this is actually similar to the first point, but expanded,

, shlf1314, Adsense, why K, your number?

shlf1314 how to distinguish between invalid click: first, the above invalid click, and there is no knowing, after all, I’m not a Adsense engineer,

key issues

below, I’ll tell you about my experience, I hope to help the novice. My Taobao promotion mainly depends on blogs and websites:

so I’m using the guided shopping method. I usually write a blog first, and then I can do a single product promotion according to the products involved in the blog. My blog address is:, we can go to see, refer to. Besides, website promotion, do Taobao customers, not put in less capital, always want to empty handed white wolf, perhaps there are successful predecessors, but most of them are failed. So I registered the domain name first, bought the space, has made a Taobao navigation station.


my website address is: signpost shopping navigation. All the links on the site are my one by one to fill it up, the store is also a through the mother of Ali’s background to find a higher commission crown shop. A lot of people’s website is a look at the others early code just replace PID in a hurry to upload, do not go to see a promotion when the code has expired? The shop is still there? You go to see your promotion is not connected or alimama domain? Now the promotion is in taobao domain. Are you always complaining about new people who don’t have any income? Have you ever thought about these issues,

the first level: own points, found dead! This can not bring benefits to advertisers, of course, can not bring benefits to shlf1314!

cheats all K,

what’s the reason that destroys shlf1314’s interests?

experience is in my martial arts network Ali www.aliwushu.cnGG account was K after, and I hope to help our friends!


Do some suggestions English Wangzhuan noviceSEO can make a lot of money, too Conductor financing $20

Besmertnik SEO: love enterprise search engine advertising and display advertising effect is good, but the price is relatively expensive, to social media marketing play effect is not necessarily better than advertising, while the SEO price is cheap and can attract many consumers. When there is a use of SEO when the same type of enterprises, other enterprises must also not resigned to playing second fiddle to choose Seo. Thus, SEO for enterprises, the temptation is very large, how can not "love"?".


reported. This service has not only been adopted by the fast growing small enterprises, but also joined the ranks of SEO in order to maintain their own market position.

speaking of English Wangzhuan, we had to say about the basic knowledge of English, personal feeling we should spend a little time to be familiar with the commonly used words, familiar to what extent? Those companies commonly used terms you should be able to understand, not what words to shlf1314, not say no, but invisible. You waste your time.


SEO added: SEO Search, Engine knowledge Optimization, search engine optimization, the main work is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine the rankings, so as to improve the site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website final technology.

Conductor currently serves customers such as FedEx, FedEx, best buy, BestBuy, SIEMENS, GE and others. Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik said that because of the large demand for enterprise search engine optimization, last year’s business revenue grew by 300%.

effort is needed, but not to do is toil, when appropriate, I suggest you play money, learn to use the capital strength to learn, packaging, marketing, look at those awesome characters, who complete their operation right? If this is the case, shlf1314 AdWords is no longer necessary the.


many people always think of cheating, I think you still do not focus on it as well, it is to make money, earn a lot of money but also There are plenty of people who become big money, you need to pay a lot of people, the same is to pay, why don’t you take a regular network to make such as a simple? English blog, do some regular sales? "Soldiers raided" there is a saying I think very well, "said the history of zero and schurrle since hard, what do not, what is the original, I forget, is this meaning.

there is the idea of making money, thinking, determine the way out, this I still believe. Don’t say that shlf1314 English Wangzhuan high keywords, this is very bad, really, don’t you think selling links? Have you ever thought about paying not to mention the other comments?.

I’m also an English speaking station. I’m not a master. Talk about some of my suggestions.

foreign Wangzhuan anterior where I do not say, is also a small apprentice, it can be said that any one has a very good development, such as the SkyDrive download this thing, one day, dozens of hundreds of dollars in. For example, the English high keywords, so there are a lot of people also earn less, not herd. What others can earn is not always yours.

domestic SEO industry is still in a fragmented state, a lot of individuals and fragmented studio led, rarely professional companies. This could be a chance,

TechCrunch, search engine optimization company Conductor announced today that it would complete the C round of financing negotiations and receive a $20 million investment,

learning process, we try to shlf1314 it, don’t ask some fool is a look at the problem, I see the problem you want to laugh, think master will look at how? Have more time to look at the forum that the authority of the essence, not nothing hanging in the group chat how small, Xifeng how empty, a few se, I think it has no meaning. Especially for se diagrams, I don’t mean I’m elegant. It’s a physiological requirement, but you don’t always have to talk about it on the subject. It’s nothing to do with forcing or forcing. Some things are very real, but we have to pretend or pretend to be false, otherwise there is no difference between animals and animals,


this article was written by money126, A5 starter. >

this technology means not advertising, but through the site’s own regulation, so that the search engine more "love" it. Through SEO, the enterprise website not only can first appear in the eyes of consumers, for consumers to find to find their own enterprises, and play the role of brand promotion, can also reduce the marketing cost to a certain extent.


Website design analysis draw line diagram, easy to ignore several things


through the observation work and summary, I found a lot of new interaction designers and product, drawing a line in the diagram will ignore some important content, important problems and lead to visual designer communication cost increased, rework increased, decreased work efficiency, design quality. In order to solve these problems, on the one hand, we need to strengthen communication; on the other hand, we need to consider the design of wireframe in the visual angle, so as to make our cooperation more tacit.

so how to do it? Here are some of my work experience, I hope to help you.

one, expressing

by contrastBefore

, I drew wireframe diagrams so that the layout relationships between the module elements could be clearly demonstrated. Then I’ll tell the vision what the priority relationship is between these modules or elements. The trouble is, when the interface elements are very complicated, it is difficult to remember one vision, this time on the need to repeatedly communicate vision in this process is very painful, often is to have a big head but there are still errors.


now, I’ll draw the wireframe:


After adding

to the contrast, the important relationship between the interface elements is more intuitive, and we no longer need to run to the visual: "this is the most important of those N modules, and that’s next."…… Visual efficiency has also been greatly improved.

but it’s important to note that dark colors don’t mean more than light colors, depending on the contrast between the colors. For example, the following picture:


, "all categories of goods" is very important, and the light color used on the dark blocks is to highlight it and make it easier to notice. But visual designers may mistake that light represents less important, and this must be communicated well in advance.

before modification:




two, do not use screenshots and colors

many product personnel in order to be able to more clearly express ideas, and put together a variety of competing products screenshot, to form a page. This way is not standard, and secondly, visual designers also have some interference. In addition, it is not advisable to use color on the online block diagram, which can also cause unnecessary interference to visual designers. If there is really some idea about the design, you can tell the visual designer what kind of atmosphere and what effect should be achieved instead of


Share some ways to deal with cyber cheats

Two days before

, 1 met a liar, the cause is this: he bought my program, let me help the installation and debugging, do not pack after the service fee is 50 yuan, the Taobao deal, we sell program is to help others to do well, give him finished directly after the station, but in the chat in the process of feeling of the people is also very good, he will not let me teach him from distance, then I want to teach people, will help him get up in the remote QQ. As we all know, QQ distance is relatively slow, I am also very patient with half a day to help him. Finally, he asked, can you name, I can say, and tell him how changed after setting, and then he changed the domain name. In the evening, when he had finished all, he pulled my QQ black and asked for a refund on Taobao. That’s why I didn’t provide service. I thought, "why is this man a liar and a little suspicious?". Finally, how he is not back, but I got angry, because the 50 pieces of money does not matter, but I spent half a day to teach him, not necessarily a grateful heart, in turn the pig so heartless people make unfounded countercharges, must not let him go. Before doing sales skills learning website sales. ( when they encountered a liar, so there is a little experience, is not afraid, and about his search for his together available information (which is really a stupid liar, Taobao transaction, buyers can find information all about him, home address, telephone, mobile phone what), so I A5 out to expose fraud to cheat issued stickers, detailed chats and events (thank you webmaster friends posted the top, attention) describe out, we are very angry, he taught a technique, in turn return kindness with ingratitude evil for good. Good is the Baidu second days included in this post, it is like a liar in the online business to pull off the assembly line, estimated his QQ was a liar search out the post, lost a lot of customers, he let me know, I do not delete, delete, Taobao there is also no confirmation, no way at last he still beat me, darling confirmed.

this event although they have not been crooks succeed, but to see every day there are a lot of friends was cheated, estimated to be in the majority of things crooks succeed, so in order to reduce the more friends to be fooled by fraud, put the share in some small way I summarize to you, what a good prevention skills can say the thread. Well, don’t talk nonsense, go back to business.

meets the cheater should do step:

1. calm down. Encounter a liar, do not worry, we must calm down, the more urgent, the more chaotic, especially Taobao trading what, do not be liar threat (say to you bad what). Cool looking for all information on the liar, QQ number, website, check the domain name registration information, Baidu search all information on the liar, the more you collect the better.

2. posting. The best place to post is A5, behind the times, and Baidu in the front


Promotion of small and medium sized enterprises website and network camp sales experience

          when it comes to the development of enterprise websites, business owners feel a lot of emotion. Especially small and medium enterprises of enterprise website increasingly disappointed: " thought huataijiaqian, then there will be snow on the enterprise website orders, did not think the enterprise website does not bring business, but has accumulated a variety of increasingly high cost and a lot of annoying spam! " corporate website is the enterprise; the main as chicken ribs, tasteless gesture.

excessive pursuit of flashy, casually open a corporate website, blowing on the face of up to 30 seconds of animated advertising, testing the popularity of broadband in the area where visitors. Many business owners believe that the website is the enterprise personalized display stage, so I hope to do a magnificent home. But users visit the enterprise web site to view enterprise information and seek business opportunities. Put on a no commercial significance in web advertisement animation, in 0.1 seconds will be closed to visitors, even if the site contains a very high gold content of the information is in vain. Many enterprise websites drive out potential customers in the so-called " beautiful " home page.

causes this kind of phenomenon deeper reason comes from the station company, they in order to obtain the short-term benefit, blindly meets the customer the surface demand, excessively pursues the sensory stimulation. And most of the business owners for the network marketing and the lack of in-depth understanding, over time, resulting in enterprise websites more and more flashy, visitors do not want to visit the situation.

information folding, trouble finding,

usually, enterprise website will set up a " profile; " " ", " dynamic enterprises; products and services, " " " contact us; so many different channels, then this is not enough full enterprise information assigned to these isolated channels in. Clicking on one of the channels reveals that there are only a few lines or a few pictures left in each channel. To some extent, the corporate website is equivalent to the " of the enterprise; the resume " and the visitor is the demanding HR supervisor. Imagine a supervisor to read your more than 20 page resume, but each page is only 10 words, will react to the enterprise website?, each potential customers are exposed to daily business information may be as many as hundreds, if in your business site, not a minute let him find the need the information is likely to turn off the page. As a result, the potential customers who spend a lot of promotion fees quietly leave the corporate Web pages.

lacks interaction and is unable to communicate with

many websites claim to have interactive functions. Two years ago, I tried to leave a message to several enterprise websites, but I haven’t received their reply yet. I don’t know


Just graduated college students regrets SEO, along the way is not easy

it has been 6 years, access to the internet. It’s hard to lose too much lately, SEO. 2009 graduates, jumped out of the thatched cottage, looking back to the past! In the early years of the university to help others modified a QQ code website made the first RMB. Later, self-study, plus efforts to gradually promote the development of the network direction. Do not less than 20, the size of all, all the way through the work pressure, worry about personal gains and losses, the feelings of the storm!

recently worked at a company, mainly responsible for website promotion. Try various ways to improve the website, down-to-earth, for the sake of the company, a month to the company’s new station PR value of 0 liters to 3. Baidu originally only included the home page, now has reached thousands of, ALAX ranking promoted several W. Admit that SEO is not a master, but not a beginner. More than 10 of their standing, ranking every day in the promotion of these days, a thing happened to me too much, my friend and I did ASP flowers website, the company is also operating e-commerce flower website. BOSS found my own website of flowers yesterday and was ready to sue me for infringement. Here, I don’t want to say anything more. Will it snow in June?.

A, company website: China boutique flower network


B, their website: China discount flower network


for the above site, we do technical analysis:

A website uses PHP+MS-SQL development, website picture and content, Internet resource is shared,

B website uses ASP+ACC development, website picture and content, Internet resource is shared,

website art, two concepts, we can first see Kazakhstan, you know, I do not understand how the matter?

question 1, is it work in the flower industry website, you can not do the same industry Web site?

answer: now I’m on probation with the company. I haven’t signed any confidentiality contracts with the company.

question 2, did I steal the company’s website source code for private use?

answer: Heaven and earth conscience, I am a just debut college students, this copyright law, how much should be clear. Illegal things, I dare not do it, any expert to analyze my website, and you can not pull the edge.

question 3, will you take away the old client of the company,


answer: I have been working in the company for so long that customer service systems rarely log in because of the techniques I do. So there’s no contact at all. QQ customer service account password, how can you take away your old customers?. QQ every day is their own, the company’s QQ what I do not know.

4, is not stolen by the server and the domain name ?


Ten tips on improving your site

in fact, the improvement of the site is not a time-consuming thing, do not need too much cost input, there will not be a lot of technical difficulties, only a little common sense to consider, and then determined to implement it. And the website after improving the affinity effect is incomparable, the following is to improve the site of ten suggestions:

first, attract search engine

ensures that websites attract search engines. An affinity user site is also a web site for search engines. Add text description and title in a large number of pictures, text navigation bar instead of pictures or Java language menu, avoid frame structure, Flash or any interfere with the search engine spiders index encoding, each page and add the title element identification guide page content matching, the target keywords and search terms for dispersed in the web site. The search engine to search, your site can get good rankings and included into the good directory, if necessary, should ask professional script help write the advertisement text, not only taking into account the readability of the script will do. These are good ways to attract search engines.

second, layout should be reasonable,

should follow common sense practices on the design layout of each page of the web site, so that every page is designed reasonably and the layout is in harmony. That is to say, the same page uses a uniform color, logo, coordinated navigation bar, title and footer, and the link features are consistent. This helps the affinity viewer, and does not confuse them with the web site, thereby losing interest in continued browsing.

third, add sitemap

regardless of your site size, you should add a detailed text format, the station map, each link in the map should be every page to the site, each page with the best content. The advantage of adding maps to the station is that you don’t have to link each page to your home page. Just make sure you have these links on the map inside the station. Maps in the station not only allow visitors to find some special information from your site, but also a good food for spider crawlers, which makes it easy to index the search engines to every page on the site.

fourth, to establish a reasonable navigation structure

When designing a web navigation menu for

, use a reasonable title and link description. For example, web design services are more intuitive than Internet services. Use Cookie Crumbs to indicate the location of the site where the browser is located. Just like at the top of some sites and search portals, tell the browser what category or web page you’ve already browsed, leading the browser to understand the path of the entire site. You can use the Call-to-Action link mode to guide the viewer to view the next page or take the next step, such as clicking here, making a reservation, adding the page to the tag, or looking at the directory.

fifth, periodic check error >


The appearance of Baidu and the connotation of Baidu

Baidu has gone through 8 years and has been on the market for 3 years. Today I have a special understanding of "Baidu" and some Baidu related data reports, and have sorted out the impression of Baidu in different roles over the past few years. Have to admire, Baidu really has a gorgeous appearance, but at the same time feeling gradually blurred connotation.

in May 2000, Baidu for the first time for the portal site – Silicon Valley power search technology services, after the rapid occupation of the Chinese search engine market, has become the most important search technology provider. In August 2001, released the search engine Beta version, from the background to the public oriented independent technology providers to provide search services, and in the first Chinese PPC business model, October 22, 2001 officially released the Baidu search engine.

in August 5, 2005, Baidu listed on Nasdaq, becoming the most prominent listed company in the global capital market in 2005.

until today, Baidu’s market share and earnings have to say that Baidu’s success is largely about timing and marketing strategies. Baidu’s early black proxy strategy, and even the agency’s computer Baidu as a home page, had to make people admire. Baidu’s viral marketing has been impressive so far, and it can be said that Baidu has opened up a new world with two ways of combining elegance and vulgarity. Google and YAHOO, by contrast, seem a bit of a gentleman. "A hooligan can do martial arts, and nobody can stop it.". MP3 image search and "body art" and copyright search, very good to meet the conditions of Chinese and XX website by netizens after hunger. It can be said that Baidu’s timing and the grasp of the Chinese market are beyond the reach of other search companies.

in recent years, Baidu has been increasingly questioned by the industry, after the agent "black eat black" after bidding advertising serious sacrifice user experience, lack of communication, and a large number of intervention search results. The only thing Baidu has not lost is a large number of low-level users and helpless customers, while partners, peers, personal owners and other relations are getting worse.

and Baidu’s mission reads "


Baidu’s mission: to get people the most convenient access to information, to find the requested

Baidu’s responsibility: to make the world more effective and make people more fair,

Baidu’s character: simple, dependent on

from Baidu’s financial report, in a short period of time, the capital market will not have too much of a crisis for Baidu, because the earnings report or a lot of shareholders satisfaction. However, due to the influence of the capital market, Baidu continued to expand on the basis of the original, whether horizontal or vertical. Baidu’s product line began to stretch longer and longer, and Baidu Japan was born with proof. Baidu’s competitors are also growing, but a losing Baidu is afraid of a crisis, whether it’s capital markets or strategic decisions or macro factors. Because Baidu has been unable to take China as an excuse.


How to do a good job in sales of ice cream stores

ice cream stores need to do what promotions? Many franchisees of marketing skills, little, in fact there has a lot of learning. Want to do a good job promotion, then should learn the knowledge? Xiaobian finishing the relevant knowledge, I hope to help you, hurry to look at it.

despite dietary preferences a huge crowd, but in pursuit of a long-term market centripetal force, the ice cream shop promotion always will start in the regular time. In particular, after a period of more than 1 months of promotional activities, to shape the differences in the advantages of similar food stores, enhance customer loyalty to the ice cream shop, to ensure that customers to shop for long-term consumption.

accompanied by short-term promotional activities, to increase the number of visitors to the ice cream shop through the limited time and specific activities, is expected to reach the sales target. In order to survive in the market for a long time in the market, after a long period of promotional activities and a good image of the stability of the image will often continue after the event, in order to maintain the shape of the market has been centripetal force and cohesion.

and with the season, month, date, season, weather, temperature, and other factors to act after the short-term promotion of mobilizing customers freshness, stimulate awareness of the market to a certain extent reengineering, to further stabilize the ice cream shop has been formed market resources.

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Tea shop how to choose the right address

tea is Chinese since ancient times is very love, Chinese tea culture has a long history, in the Chinese tea demand is very big, want to open a tea store, we all know that a reasonable location is an important condition for the success of business. Therefore, the location of the store in the opening of the work has become a compulsory course for each franchisee, the following is a brief introduction of how to select the address of the tea store address:

first, the investigation and analysis of the traffic flow around the tea shop. Indeed, the passenger flow is a basic factor to determine the performance, understand and understand the passenger flow, passenger flow belongs to the market positioning, also is to get rid of those who can not become a real traffic consumer, is the primary factor to be considered when the location of stores.

second, the analysis of the business environment. Business environment is the surrounding commercial facilities and the corresponding facilities, such as hotels, Executive Hotel, teahouse, etc.. Modern business is more and more inclined to one-stop shopping mode of consumption, and the management of the surrounding environment is able to bring a large number of potential customers.

will open its stores such as tea in the hotel restaurant near the hotel business is a place to live, most of them do not take tea, ready to buy; and for visiting friends and relatives, get some Juxiang spring tea gift is elegant and decent. And the hotel will have tea "guest to tea" is the traditional etiquette Chinese, hotel group opened a Juxiang spring tea shop, is more worth it.

third, the cost of the cost of tea store stores, selected the ideal geographical location, it is necessary to formally start the rental shop. This can be to choose a appropriate price for successful business days after the store is very important, not only in the pre leasing costs is a huge investment, it will affect the operating costs of each month, higher monthly rent for operators will also be a psychological burden.

based on these problems, the rental store, some measures should be taken to control the cost: collected information, compare, in order to make the most reasonable choice; secondly, to the location with a long-term vision, usually the mature development of district property prices are quite high, while those in the development, can often find the store has the potential economic regions, signed a long-term lease contract in this case and the owners are quite favorable for the long-term development of the franchisee itself.

fourth: join the tea shops around the analysis of competition, but competition is not necessarily the unfavorable factors, competition in the market share at the same time, also make the market scale, the scale effect can enhance the visibility, to bring more consumers, if in a business, business competitors and their dislocation, the competition is not a real factors, on the other hand, it should be considered to make a conclusion. For example, poly auspicious spring recommend