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These policies in 2017 have a great relationship with you in Hangzhou

in Hangzhou, 2017, the relevant government will make the following rectification, which will be closely related to the people of Hangzhou, what is it? Hope that the following text can bring you more help, you can let the people of Hangzhou feel that the Hangzhou government in the real thing to do, it is worth praising.

is the most direct beneficiaries of the public, is the West Metro 2017 will add 35 kilometers mileage, Metro Line 2 (NW) to the end of June opening of trial operation, the Metro Line 2 phase two project, the first phase project of line 4 (South) before the end of the external test operation. read more

What are the steps to start a business

many entrepreneurs want to have a day dream of wealth can be realized, the process of entrepreneurship is not easy, need to know the market to collect all kinds of information, more need to do a lot of things, there are steps, so that entrepreneurs entrepreneurship, what are the steps?

Overview of

1, the characteristics of customers as much as possible a detailed list will give you the payment to individual customers (such as age, gender, location, interest, income, lifestyle and so on; the company customers such as industry, company type, the company set up time, the total number of employees, annual income, which department is interested in them customer etc.). read more

Start home potato powder shop to pay attention to what matters

potato powder as a snack, since access to public has received a very high popularity, on the market is very hot, therefore, to open a shop business potato powder has become the choice of many people. However, if entrepreneurship shop, naturally there are more attention. So, start a home potato powder shop to pay attention to what matters?

one, carefully choose to join the brand

good start is half the success, I believe we all understand the truth of this sentence, so in the choice of potato powder to join the brand, a high-quality franchise brand is the basis for successful shop. As an entrepreneur, in choosing to join the brand must be carefully chosen, especially in the face of the fish in the market, but also to polish his eyes, choose a strength, guaranteed to join the brand, a good foundation for the later shop business lay. read more

Financial boost entrepreneurial innovation round new Ningbo people entrepreneurial dream

there are many people who want to live in order to dream, and everyone wants to find a city to settle down and live a happy life. In order to help the new Ningbo people round entrepreneurial dream, HP has brought preferential financial policies.

"in the bank’s help, I don’t have to worry about the lack of funds!" The day before, from Lishui to Tyrone bank Ningbo branch of the Ningbo old Chen Beilun business services satisfied.

10 years ago, old Chen started from the street stalls, slowly have their own store. Relying on the bank to provide him with 200 thousand yuan loan rolling development, now in Ningbo, Chen has a chain of supermarkets, the annual revenue reached $9 million. He has settled in Ningbo to buy a house to become rooted in Ningbo, the new Ningbo people". read more

How to do promotion

how to promote sales, which is often a direct impact on the development of a store business. So, if you want to shop better performance, naturally also need to do a good job in sales promotion. And whether it is a grocery store, or a large supermarket, we are very careful promotion, in the severe economic situation is even more so. I think the promotion and promotion of goods need to change.

first, I will sell the flour, cooking oil, toilet paper and other goods sold at a low price. Because it is a necessity of life, every time this time, the store’s single product sales are very prosperous. This conforms to the principle of small profits but quick turnover. read more

Your actions may affect your employees’ emotions

many catering managers are unhappy about their employees, always tried various ways to regulate their own employees, make the best of the restaurant service, there are many managers want their employees every day is in high spirits, to various ways, but managers also should understand that only the subordinate respect, they will be full of passion.

your behavior may affect your employees’ emotions

many managers in the normal behavior is often unconsciously made the following mistakes.

1 read more

His roommate use cartons for chicken master in folk

there have been rumors that there are businesses with cardboard boxes to make stuffed buns to deceive customers, was eventually confirmed as false news. Recently, a folk master is really made from chicken cartons.

2016 reported in January 20th, a netizen said that really can not stand you have a chowhound roommate, always ate his things, so he thought of a Sunzhao, carton made a special "chicken", such as a roommate.

first cardboard size in advance cut two circles, and then use double-sided adhesive together. In order to really look like with a knife a little off the edge. Then soak into the sauce to make cardboard softening, with really like chicken wrapped in flour, finally will be thrown into the pan fried chicken false. The surface is true with crispy fried chicken is not any difference. And then add pepper and chili powder, which makes it look more realistic. read more

Integrity management to win customers favor

what kind of business strategy for the operation of the store, which will have a great impact on the store’s operating results. For retail stores, the business is good or not, and cigarette sales will have a great relationship. After all, as the saying goes, "no smoking". Thus, cigarette sales in a store occupies a very important position. Cigarette is a leading department store, is the cornerstone of other commodities sales". Due to the huge profits of cigarette sales, many retail customers pay great attention to the store’s cigarette sales, but also make great efforts to learn the marketing skills of cigarettes. read more

Wang Liping relies on a keen insight to seize opportunities

when many people lamented the development of the market is not good, but the owner can continue to grasp a variety of business opportunities. Owner Wang Liping, is a cheerful, enthusiastic young man, operating Shanghang County wholesale supermarket has been 11 years. The 33 year old boy always said to do business like a wolf, have a keen insight, "the wolf can insight into the food infested our shop to seize opportunities, to operate tobacco wolf freely, big embrace popularity and wealth." read more

How to eat food in the steamed stuffed bun

mainly engaged in high food steamed buns, dumplings and other breakfast package, regular breakfast, first established in Anhui city of Hefei Province, at the beginning only a dozen square meters of small shops, has now developed into a franchise brand, the local brand awareness is very high.

food in the high bun? Food in the steamed stuffed bun will be wrong?

In the high

food delicious steamed stuffed bun? Food in high bun founder Mr. Gao Yifeng in the process of operating Baozipu, production process of painstaking research from the flour buns, selection, and face, hair and skin rolling, to buy ingredients, mixing, spent three years and finally solved the frozen steamed stuffed bun the packages are steamed taste different package problems, and therefore won the national patent. read more

Workers earn cash

if you are a nine to five office workers, but also full of entrepreneurial passion, then what is the best way for your investment? Acting a product is believed to be a very good choice, do not take up the time, but also allows you to achieve your entrepreneurial dream!

traditionally. Relevant economists do not give an accurate definition of product agents, but in the industry, generally believe that as long as the transaction through the third party products and services can be called product agents. read more

Zhang Xiangdong Ali shares 540 million cash injection is not all

    September 29th afternoon, the Alibaba announced the 540 million strategic investment Chinese network (hereinafter referred to as the nets) news, CEO said today in an Sina network technology connection, although Alibaba will obtain all 85% of the shares, but 540 million yuan of cash is not directly into the network.

Alibaba announced yesterday will pay 540 million yuan in cash, the two get Internet infrastructure service provider network in China operating Chinese equity, which is listed on the Alibaba since the single largest foreign investment. read more

Holland sentenced Samsung violated Apple’s patents Galaxy products sales


technology news (He Ying) November 29th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, a Holland Court on Wednesday to make Apple’s decision, order banning the sale of certain models of the Samsung Galaxy tablet computer and smart mobile phone, the reason is a violation of Apple’s patent.

this ban applies to the old Samsung Android products, these products are used by the touch screen to drag the picture album, Apple has got a patent for this method. The court said that these products, including 2.2.1 and above versions of Galaxy devices, these devices did not use the updated flash blue (blue) flash technology. read more

Product Hunt this site has only 1 employees melt $6 million

[Abstract]Product Hunt is similar to the app store recommendation, the biggest feature is to recommend new and interesting new APP.


technology news (Han Yimin) in mid September, the APP Product Hunt website recommend sharing the famous Silicon Valley venture capital Andreessen Horowitz company (hereinafter referred to as "A16Z") brought A $6 million round of financing investment, but this time from its got $1 million seed round of investment after January.

two months easily get two financing Product Hunt and application store recommended maximum function is similar, APP recommend new interesting for users. This page is extremely simple, new applications according to the number of votes in descending order, click on the application name can jump to the APP web site, registered users can vote and comment on these applications, application developers will also be invited to come to communicate with other people. read more