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Seminar on marriage property inheritance law held in Jiefang Road community of Xining

July 13, 2012 morning, Xining city Jiefang Road Street office community comity arrangements in accordance with the district’s social service activities, the community organized a marriage and property inheritance law, "lectures, invited the director of the District People’s court Liu more than 60 residents.

Liu, director of analysis of the current status of marriage and family, explain in detail the relationship of marriage and family should pay attention to the problems in the segmentation of the marital property in the divorce and the way to deal with the loan dispute, combined with the provisions of the relevant property in the new marriage law, how to correctly handle the family property from the aspects of legal succession, testamentary succession and legacy the heritage, processing and so on, to avoid family disputes, marriage and family make life more harmonious and stable. He stressed that strengthening the "marriage law" and "Inheritance Law" and other legal knowledge is necessary, not only to prevent the marriage disputes unstable factors, and the majority of church community residents to use legal weapons to protect their rights.

, welcomed by the residents of the masses, they have said the family related legal marriage, to learn, learn how to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests, how to handle the marital relationship, promote family harmony, together to create a better family circle.



Qinghai economy in action the waste tongue is shameful

February 4th in the afternoon, who lives in Xining Tongren Road, No. ten, Yan’s sister is busy cleaning the hall. How about the snake spring festival, sister smiled and said: "this year, our family who are striving family. Cd!"

asks why, sister talking: there is a saying, not good for small. Although this is a simple sentence, but the implication is a lot of. We also want to start from the side of the little things, in the end, will be able to make the side of the "small" and become "big"".

In the life of

Yan sister optimistic, enthusiastic and concerned about national affairs, she said, he learned from the Internet a year nationwide public funds spending reached 300 billion yuan, there are some people living a glamorous life, they spend money like water to waste food, what kind of situation? Look at the hotel swill bucket "rich" dishes, these people will have no sense of shame?

is Yan sister brushs glass kitchen stopped, to reporters about a little story she saw on the Internet: three Chinese dining in a British restaurant, checked out on the table, many debris, left, when they leave the table, the table is an old neighbor she found, reported to the police, three haven’t walked out of the door, two police stopped them, pointing to the table leftovers that you waste, a fine of 100 euros. Three think impassability, food money we paid, this is our private affairs. Police said that the meal is a social wealth, we should cherish, no one has the right to waste.

she said a little deep, think of our country there are so many poor people, some specific social groups, the waste of the tongue, is really worthy of their tongue, but I’m sorry their conscience ah. If only the satisfaction and the pursuit of appetite and forget the social responsibility, such a waste of food, not only "terrorist", but also a blatant crime". (author: Lan Xintian)



Xining 380 thousand rural workers into the city to find a job

at present, the rural surplus labor force in Xining is flowing to the city, and the scale is bigger and bigger. Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, the first 9 months of this year, the city’s rural workers in the job seekers accounted for the main body, a total of 380 thousand and 700 people, accounting for 95.97%. The registered urban unemployed for 14 thousand and 700 people, accounting for 3.71%; college graduates of 1 thousand and 300 people, accounting for 0.32%.

in 2013 the city continue to university employment of graduates, employment transfer of rural labor force, employment difficult personnel to serve as the focus, around the "people’s livelihood, promote employment center, governments at all levels and the relevant departments and mass organizations, mobilizing all social forces, jointly organized" employment assistance "" spring action "of private enterprises recruitment week" and other public employment and personnel services special activities, the first three quarters of the city’s total of 82 screenings held various job fairs, public employment service has achieved remarkable results. Before the three quarter, the number of job seekers registered 396 thousand and 700 people, 4 thousand and 500 people less than the previous year, a total of 4701 units of recruitment registration number 415 thousand and 900, an increase of 19 thousand and 200 over the previous year, recruitment registration number is higher than the number of registered job seekers.

According to

analysis, cause a large number of migrant workers migrant workers are: as the city’s rapid economic growth, increasing the demand for labor; with the rural reform of our city gradually, a large number of the flow of rural surplus labor to city, and the scale is becoming larger. Rapid development of private economy in our city, attracting a large number of migrant workers employment. (author: Xiao Yan)



Xining City Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation conscient

Recently, Xining agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation bureau held an enlarged meeting of the central group learning, learning to convey the national, provincial and the city chuangxianzhengyou conference spirit, and take practical action to implement the


recently, Xining agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation bureau held the enlarged meeting of the central group learning, learning to convey the national, provincial and the city chuangxianzhengyou conference spirit, and take practical action to implement the.

  is to continue to further promote chuangxianzhengyou activity. The successful experience of , a comprehensive summary of chuangxianzhengyou activities carried out since the formation of effective methods, combined with the grass-roots party organizations in the rectification and improvement of Jin bit upgrade, in order to promote the development of chuangxianzhengyou to normalization, long-term direction.

  two is a solid grasp of the current focus of work. should focus on the municipal government arrangements for the deployment of the work center, a solid grasp of key projects, agricultural services, "food basket" project, fake agricultural and livestock production and livestock product quality and safety supervision, modern agricultural science and technology demonstration park construction work, to promote the people’s satisfaction with the city of happiness and life city construction.

  three is the full realization of the annual objectives and tasks. carefully control the mission objectives set at the beginning, analyze the situation, identify gaps, enhance the sense of urgency and pressure, tense, tightly pegged to the goal, to finish the task, to ensure the full realization of the objectives and tasks throughout the year, with the development of excellent performance to meet the party’s eighteen big victory held.

  Four Party members and cadres should be based on their own pioneering and innovative. with the innovative spirit of the times, constantly enhance the positive momentum and vitality; to fully inclusive and equitable inclusive mind, and the boat, further strengthen unity to cohesion and centripetal force; to hold all the Houde pragmatic, quality, and further enhance the foot field initiative and win the heart.










Xining Nanshan Road Construction in the implementation of a transparent kitchen Street

The installation of electronic monitoring equipment in catering units, kitchen colddishes, disinfection, monitoring range can also be rotated 360 degrees to clear pockets in the yam can see, in order to allow people to eat more at ease, since this year, the installation work area of Xining city officially completed Nanshan Road 13 catering units, a total of 9 a video monitoring point, "after the implementation of the project, transparent kitchen staff through video surveillance and voice intercom system, correct the violations catering units less serious.  


Duan Xiangqing became a multimillionaire selling melon seeds

sometimes tired of carrying a briefcase to work a boring day, want to start your own business, but more often just think about it, no real action, sometimes think of to do so as not to regret, want to say today is a little girl named Duan Xiangqing entrepreneurial story, she resigned from the civil service the work, from the sale of seeds, a multimillionaire!

1986 was born in September, "young girl", formerly known as Duan Xiangqing, in 2007 graduated from the Shanghai Institute of tourism international hotel management, in 2011 into a prefecture level Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Shandong. In 2015, she resolutely resigned, gave up the identity of the civil service, alone came to the beautiful coastal city sunshine began micro business venture.


Building materials store so that the location of the business will be better

is a very important thing for any project, site selection. For building materials coating investors, operating the building materials paint shop has the advantage. But do not think that the building materials paint shop has the advantages of building materials paint shop, building materials paint shop can ignore the location of building materials paint shop. For building materials paint shop, the site of the building materials paint shop is still the key. That in the end how to choose the appropriate building materials building materials paint shop paint shop location of

first to select the address based on content management. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops are required to open in a large flow of people.

to building materials paint shop paint shop building materials selection test investor perspective, comparative test of ability building materials paint shop investors. The investors in the paint shop building materials to building materials paint store location, location analysis of paint shop building materials, building materials to analyze the paint shop address traffic and so on, comprehensive building materials paint shop address comprehensive analysis, we can to choose the suitable building materials building materials paint shop paint shop address.


These policies in 2017 have a great relationship with you in Hangzhou

in Hangzhou, 2017, the relevant government will make the following rectification, which will be closely related to the people of Hangzhou, what is it? Hope that the following text can bring you more help, you can let the people of Hangzhou feel that the Hangzhou government in the real thing to do, it is worth praising.

is the most direct beneficiaries of the public, is the West Metro 2017 will add 35 kilometers mileage, Metro Line 2 (NW) to the end of June opening of trial operation, the Metro Line 2 phase two project, the first phase project of line 4 (South) before the end of the external test operation.

, of course, other subway lines, will also continue to enter the state of Construction: Construction of Metro Line 4, line 5, line 6 and other two projects of nearly 134 kilometers; construction as soon as possible in line 3 and line 7, the three phase of the project; by the end of last year approved by the metro planning three in 1 2, 5, 6, 7 lines have been started, for example, the 1 line three and line 2 three, has been started, the rest did not start on earth this year also plans to speed up the construction process, Expo Center Station will be built at the end of March.

[Key words: fast road network]

Jiangnan Avenue upgrade

bridge four bridge tunnel

Hangzhou Expressway five horizontal vertical Expressway completion rate reached 67%, urban road network structure has been basically formed, the fast channel with the main city of Yuhang, Xiaoshan three, Xiasha Vice City has been basically established.

this year, Hangzhou will focus on the construction of Expressway in the peripheral zone, construction, construction of the expressway are above 37km, Wenyi Road Underpass project (Baochu road – Zijin Road), rainbow road Xiaoshan section (Xiaoshan – East Lake expressway, Qingnian Road community) (outside north extension line – Weng Century Avenue), Qiu Shi the extension of the North Expressway (Linping Avenue) (Beltway north line – Highway 09), all the way west (Zijingang interchange – Jing Long Avenue), Shandong Road (Gen Peng Bu interchange – East Lake Road), Jiangnan Road (bridge Qianjiang four bridge – Qianjiang).

more attention, such as the upgrading of Jiangnan Avenue, from Qianjiang four bridge – Qianjiang third tunnel.

in the tunnel to traffic lights about 7, 2-3 traffic lights, plus this year the airport expressway to the airport to optimize, is expected in the future can be achieved from the Qianjiang four bridge to the airport road without lights.

[Key words: berth]

"shaft" parking garage

of each city are recommended


What are the steps to start a business

many entrepreneurs want to have a day dream of wealth can be realized, the process of entrepreneurship is not easy, need to know the market to collect all kinds of information, more need to do a lot of things, there are steps, so that entrepreneurs entrepreneurship, what are the steps?

Overview of

1, the characteristics of customers as much as possible a detailed list will give you the payment to individual customers (such as age, gender, location, interest, income, lifestyle and so on; the company customers such as industry, company type, the company set up time, the total number of employees, annual income, which department is interested in them customer etc.).

2, list and describe the characteristics of your products and services and the benefits that can be brought to the customer (i.e., find a selling point).

3, listed in the first year you want to sell in what areas.

4, which competitors are listed in these areas,


5, the price of these competitors sold?

6, evaluate the cost you want to charge in a competitive situation.

7, from you evaluate why customers are willing to buy, rather than from competitors to buy? (that is what attracted you to the customer, product, price, service fast, friendly, Business Hours, quality and staff skills?)

8, list and briefly describe the trends in your market and industry. Knowing the trend will help you decide where to go and what trends are available, which can be obtained from recent industry journals (


9, the growth potential of the market?

10, what is your method to let your customers know you exist? (with direct mail advertising, yellow pages, etc.)

11, combined with market conditions, competitive levels, promotional policies and industry trends to assess the first year sales forecast.

12, a list of government permission or approval is a prerequisite for the implementation of your business idea.

13, a brief description of your production / development / procurement process.

14, a brief description of your value realization process (that is, how the customer to complete the order, how you receive payment)

15, evaluate your first year’s operating capacity. (how large is the size of the operation, the production / development / sales ceiling, whether the future growth has also been taken into account?)

16, list your potential suppliers and backup suppliers to ensure business continuity)

17, list the resources and costs you need to start a business (such as equipment, personnel, finance, office, technology, etc.)

18, decide which resources you need to purchase, lease >


Start home potato powder shop to pay attention to what matters

potato powder as a snack, since access to public has received a very high popularity, on the market is very hot, therefore, to open a shop business potato powder has become the choice of many people. However, if entrepreneurship shop, naturally there are more attention. So, start a home potato powder shop to pay attention to what matters?

one, carefully choose to join the brand

good start is half the success, I believe we all understand the truth of this sentence, so in the choice of potato powder to join the brand, a high-quality franchise brand is the basis for successful shop. As an entrepreneur, in choosing to join the brand must be carefully chosen, especially in the face of the fish in the market, but also to polish his eyes, choose a strength, guaranteed to join the brand, a good foundation for the later shop business lay.

two, to develop a reasonable investment plan

want to start, to make reasonable investment planning, investment planning can make effective use of funds, but also enable entrepreneurs to understand every sum of money are used in what place, make a focus on the details of the entrepreneurs, make reasonable investment planning, increase the success rate of entrepreneurship soil powder.

three, seriously study potato powder production technology

wanted to open a shop of potato powder, making method must first master the potato powder, especially in terms of taste, do the catering industry the most attention is the taste of food, even if the taste is not good, then the restaurant is absolutely not going to open the potato powder store is the same, there is no good product taste, is unable to keep coming back, go down for a long time, the final result can only be ended in failure. So entrepreneurs choose to open potato powder store, we must seriously study the production technology of potato powder products.

four, focusing on the management of knowledge learning and accumulation

potato powder shop after you want to focus on business management, entrepreneurs want to go on a long-term business to seriously study the management of knowledge, in the course of the shop should also focus on the accumulation of experience.

five, maintain a good attitude

operating potato powder shop, not only to be careful in the service, the face of the customer should have enough patience to maintain a good state of mind is very important, word of mouth and repeat customers is a little bit accumulated.

is now a lot of investors because the relevant considerations do not pay attention, resulting in shop business will always face to after various problems, therefore, if we want to venture capital, we should pay attention to the relevant considerations completely. So, if you >


Do you have the conditions to be a cosmetic agent

we all know that this line of cosmetics a lot of oil and water, so we are very concerned about the cosmetics agent project. Cosmetics agents also need certain conditions, not all people do cosmetic agent business. Do you have the conditions to become a cosmetic agent? Come and have a look.

1, make adequate preparations

2, see if there is a franchise

, look at this brand of cosmetics have a union shop, is not a chain mode. Brand Company headquarters has the ability to open up the market, which is an eye can see the most intuitive. In general, the Brand Company can carry out their own stores, the chain model can be successful, so it can be explained that the company has a certain strength. At the same time, you can also go to the store to conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis to see how the brand’s ability to be accepted by the market, take a look at the value of the brand agent.

3, investigate the comprehensive situation of the brand

4, brand quality

to open a cosmetics shop, we must first have these conditions, this is the basic conditions to become a cosmetic agent. Of course, want to do cosmetic agent business is booming, there is not enough light, but also need much effort in operating time.



Financial boost entrepreneurial innovation round new Ningbo people entrepreneurial dream

there are many people who want to live in order to dream, and everyone wants to find a city to settle down and live a happy life. In order to help the new Ningbo people round entrepreneurial dream, HP has brought preferential financial policies.

"in the bank’s help, I don’t have to worry about the lack of funds!" The day before, from Lishui to Tyrone bank Ningbo branch of the Ningbo old Chen Beilun business services satisfied.

10 years ago, old Chen started from the street stalls, slowly have their own store. Relying on the bank to provide him with 200 thousand yuan loan rolling development, now in Ningbo, Chen has a chain of supermarkets, the annual revenue reached $9 million. He has settled in Ningbo to buy a house to become rooted in Ningbo, the new Ningbo people".

"business financing difficult, difficult in the fables, even a good reputation, often afraid to loan bank. What we do is’ dare to lend ‘, see the character, not only assets." Tyrone bank Ningbo branch Inclusive Finance Department official said.

How to see

"character"? Tyrone bank has a "old way". From the heritage of 20 years of Mishina three, side to the association, fellow circle around, and then to the daily cash flow evaluation, after all, the entrepreneur is the "pragmatic" and "reputation".

right after graduation to work in Ningbo Jiangxi’s young Deng Jiahu has always had a dream, although he graduated in the treatment units is not low, but still decided to sea, and wife two people move back and forth on the water purifier business agent, expect to break a career in the Ningbo sea Amoy city. Start with just about 100000 yuan of funds still have gap, has not landed. Try holding the attitude, he came to Tyrone bank Ningbo branch. That need not mortgage, guarantee, he was overjoyed.

"two couples are undergraduates, not what bad hobby, do business plan. Moreover, the evaluation of neighbor fellow honest and reliable. Loans to him, our mind." Reception of the customer manager Deng said.

with 100 thousand yuan of pure credit loans, Deng set up a small agency scale. Although the first year, the company’s turnover has reached one million yuan. Now, Deng look forward to March 10th Tyrone bank Jiangdong Branch officially opened, after the nearby loan repayment.

it is understood that last year by the State Administration of Taxation, Jiangdong Wumao Jiangdong District Federation and Tyrone bank Ningbo branch jointly launched the "tax silver" project, also opened convenient ways for Small and micro businesses Yongcheng business: with the past tax records, you can get the bank lending. Recommended places


How to do promotion

how to promote sales, which is often a direct impact on the development of a store business. So, if you want to shop better performance, naturally also need to do a good job in sales promotion. And whether it is a grocery store, or a large supermarket, we are very careful promotion, in the severe economic situation is even more so. I think the promotion and promotion of goods need to change.

first, I will sell the flour, cooking oil, toilet paper and other goods sold at a low price. Because it is a necessity of life, every time this time, the store’s single product sales are very prosperous. This conforms to the principle of small profits but quick turnover.

secondly, I use the method of tie-in promotion, from time to time to change with the goods. For example, buy a cigarette to send a lighter or a pack of paper towels, buy a bottle of edible oil to send a bottle of mineral water, etc., although these small promotions seemingly humble, but can firmly grasp the customer’s heart.

third, for drinks or beverages of new goods, I will consult manufacturers salesman in the promotion, recommended these goods, they offer gifts. This will not only be able to get good results, you can also take this opportunity to understand the customer’s recognition of these new products, to facilitate the subsequent orders and sales.

how to carry out promotional work is more effective, this is a question of any one of the owners are thinking, and the above simple introduction to the three points, retail customers may wish to use as a reference. In short, the store business is good, in the current business market, but with the promotion has a very close relationship oh.


The first national college student entrepreneurship in the middle

college students in the entrepreneurial industry is a special group, they have passion, have a dream, dare to struggle, so many companies are willing to give innovative awareness and extraordinary practical ability to provide students with venture capital.

The first

it is reported that the contest is divided the actual appraisal and defense, final sales business projects in three areas, the organizer of the team planning and careful preparation, on-site competition atmosphere of intense, orderly, the team have come up with their own " Nirvana; " show their team to conduct three review Shandong Province, through on-site sales performance PK+.

for college students, entrepreneurship is the most vulnerable to the problems is the preparation for lack of funds, this time we should pay more attention to social news, may find the ongoing college students entrepreneurship contest, may receive unexpected support oh!


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Your actions may affect your employees’ emotions

many catering managers are unhappy about their employees, always tried various ways to regulate their own employees, make the best of the restaurant service, there are many managers want their employees every day is in high spirits, to various ways, but managers also should understand that only the subordinate respect, they will be full of passion.

your behavior may affect your employees’ emotions

many managers in the normal behavior is often unconsciously made the following mistakes.


, his work ablaze with anger

a lot of people have bad mood, the general staff will be more or less with their emotions, this will certainly affect the efficiency of the day’s work. As a manager, you have to control your emotions, your efficiency directly affects the efficiency of everyone.

2, you do everything

many restaurant management always for their subordinates all is not at ease, always intervention actions of employees, for employees with various dissatisfaction, a lot of things he would personally do so for employees to bring great restrictions, many employees will feel uncomfortable. In fact, as managers do not need this, managers should fully believe their employees, give them their own space, so that the food can be better development.

3, you don’t care about

many managers in the management will make such a mistake, is nothing. Managers should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each employee, so that they can make a better development. Now the company’s employees and before, and now employees are able to participate in the development of things, but also the need for superior trust, so as to better development.

4, turn a blind eye to the problem of employees

your staff is in a bad mood, certainly encountered problems in the work, but as a manager you don’t care for such problems, its development, it will definitely happen a lot of bad things, all the managers should take to solve the problem of employees. Let employees with a good mood to work

these errors are a lot of managers will make some mistakes, but did not realize that eventually produced a lot of problems, as managers to improve their management skills and level. Allow your team to work efficiently.


His roommate use cartons for chicken master in folk

there have been rumors that there are businesses with cardboard boxes to make stuffed buns to deceive customers, was eventually confirmed as false news. Recently, a folk master is really made from chicken cartons.

2016 reported in January 20th, a netizen said that really can not stand you have a chowhound roommate, always ate his things, so he thought of a Sunzhao, carton made a special "chicken", such as a roommate.

first cardboard size in advance cut two circles, and then use double-sided adhesive together. In order to really look like with a knife a little off the edge. Then soak into the sauce to make cardboard softening, with really like chicken wrapped in flour, finally will be thrown into the pan fried chicken false. The surface is true with crispy fried chicken is not any difference. And then add pepper and chili powder, which makes it look more realistic.

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Integrity management to win customers favor

what kind of business strategy for the operation of the store, which will have a great impact on the store’s operating results. For retail stores, the business is good or not, and cigarette sales will have a great relationship. After all, as the saying goes, "no smoking". Thus, cigarette sales in a store occupies a very important position. Cigarette is a leading department store, is the cornerstone of other commodities sales". Due to the huge profits of cigarette sales, many retail customers pay great attention to the store’s cigarette sales, but also make great efforts to learn the marketing skills of cigarettes.

, however, cigarette management seems to be simple, but there are many inherent rules and techniques. Facts have proved that mastered a certain amount of cigarette management skills, you can make cigarette sales to achieve a multiplier effect, so that cigarette sales to a new level. Do not attach importance to cigarette business skills, there will be sales, business is bleak predicament. Therefore, to learn the skills of cigarette management is the proper meaning of cigarette sales.

as a cigarette sales to households, from their own reasons, to find deficiencies, it is open-minded to peers and customers of the tobacco companies managers to consult, grasp the cigarette business skills, can put the cigarette business done, achieved good sales performance. So, in today’s increasingly fierce competition in the market, how to win the consumer in the cigarette retail, win the market, so that customers choose your shop to buy rather than other businesses? Xiao Bian introduced here, this is the integrity of the business, which will play a very important role in the management of the store.


image of the shop to rely on long-term accumulation, the customer said a store of "good" or "bad", is not a matter of impression, but his observation and knowledge of HP infiltration after a considerable period of time. So, the owner of the shop is and the reputation of the store’s merchandise is the image of the store, the sale of fake, private, non – "cigarette for personal gain is temporary interests in the consumer mind in mind a good reputation is the long-term interests.

therefore, I am very formal in terms of the purchase of cigarettes, all from the tobacco sector to purchase, will not be into the gift of cigarettes, reflux smoke, high imitation smoke, which is conducive to further establish the integrity of the image. I shop on the sale of the whole cigarette, I will leave a special mark on the cigarette, problems documented. Over time, these marks have become a symbol of consumer confidence in mind, but also a symbol of my shop integrity.

in cigarette business, I also do Friendliness is conducive to business success. customer convenience. Hospitality and personable, set up shop is an important part of the image and reputation. I often go out with old customers, take the initiative to ask for advice, ask them to advise me on my services. For new customers, I will take the initiative to introduce the cigarette brand, to create a sense of intimacy, to make friends with them, to establish a positive relationship of trust, and actively understand the customer’s purchase needs >


Children’s clothing should pay attention to what

runs its own stores, like good business, in fact, is not easy, on the contrary, a lot of things to pay attention to business, pay attention to many matters, today Xiaobian for you to bring children to pay attention to what? Related solutions

children joined to pay attention to what? Regular promotional activities

children joined to pay attention to what? Improve service charm

children joined to pay attention to what? The pursuit of commodity charm

The nature of children’s clothing consumption is

children joined to pay attention to what? Understanding employee

children joined to pay attention to what? Enhance the charm of the store



How to run a female shoe to learn to watch

women love shopping, shopping when the beautiful shoes are very interested, so a female shoe is a good idea to open a female shoe, the prospects are very good! So, how to run a female shoe? What are the female shoe business skills? Let’s take a look.

A, not too warm.

1, the customer suddenly stopped, said a certain style "love at first sight";

2, looking at a commodity, expressed interest;

3, look carefully at a pair of shoes, means to buy;

4, the customer is looking for labels and prices, meaning has been more interested in, want to know the brand and price;

5, looking at the product and looked around, may want to find a shopping guide to help;

6, take the initiative to ask questions, that need your help.

two, when customers try on, owners should pay attention to what things?

1, take the initiative to help customers shoes;

2, the first to wait for the customer to try to end the consolidation;

3, evaluate the effect of trying to be appropriate, can be slightly praised the words.



Wang Liping relies on a keen insight to seize opportunities

when many people lamented the development of the market is not good, but the owner can continue to grasp a variety of business opportunities. Owner Wang Liping, is a cheerful, enthusiastic young man, operating Shanghang County wholesale supermarket has been 11 years. The 33 year old boy always said to do business like a wolf, have a keen insight, "the wolf can insight into the food infested our shop to seize opportunities, to operate tobacco wolf freely, big embrace popularity and wealth."

highway business opportunities to grasp

Wang Liping’s shop is located near the intersection of high speed, in the highway construction, he immediately thought that this is a good opportunity, there will certainly be a lot of migrant workers. He used the brand match method, advance understanding of multi-channel brand characteristics and construction of the migrant workers in the cigarette smoking habits, and then refining the core value of "Septwolves" brand, the classification of the wolf taste and consumer tastes match.


will "Septwolves" tentacles extended to the migrant workers, expand consumer pack. In addition, he also made the ratio of food and workers, so that each worker can find the taste of home in the store. The workers to return home to visit relatives, Wang will send some small gifts to local, this warm and friendly shopping experience is to let his shop full of guests.

wedding business frequently about

Wang Liping’s father was a local teacher, in the local small prestige event often to consult him, ask what to prepare for it. In the shop after the upgrade, Wang Liping became famous in the local tobacco store, and the store varieties and his genuine goods at a fair price enthusiastic service, so he often undertakes wedding smoke. Wang Liping will be the wedding banquet consumers are divided into three types of consumer groups from high to low according to the price, classification and promotion: high class consumer promotion mainly "immortal", "immortal"; in the consumer promotion "Luxuries" and "wolf"; low class consumer promotion "red wolf" and "double happiness".

Wang Liping also used the opportunity to carry out the wedding banquet "wheel of fortune happiness" independent marketing activities to attract consumers to buy wedding cigarettes. Longyan fencer Wang Weifa is Caixi, he won the World Youth Fencing Championships Men’s team champion foil after Yijin return, Wang Liping seize the opportunity to carry out the celebration of "small Tong Xian" feast promotion, let his shop selling more than and 30 "small Tong xian".

tourism business opportunities recommend

"Wang, today, my wife came to a number of foreign relatives to visit the memorial hall for a while. To go back to see what kind of specialty back?" "How to point our Shanghang Caixi tour box? You can put two packs of cigarettes, a person to send a box of two, and the atmosphere, and good-looking, face……" Mao Zedong nine to Shanghang, three Caixi.