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How to eat food in the steamed stuffed bun

mainly engaged in high food steamed buns, dumplings and other breakfast package, regular breakfast, first established in Anhui city of Hefei Province, at the beginning only a dozen square meters of small shops, has now developed into a franchise brand, the local brand awareness is very high.

food in the high bun? Food in the steamed stuffed bun will be wrong?

In the high

food delicious steamed stuffed bun? Food in high bun founder Mr. Gao Yifeng in the process of operating Baozipu, production process of painstaking research from the flour buns, selection, and face, hair and skin rolling, to buy ingredients, mixing, spent three years and finally solved the frozen steamed stuffed bun the packages are steamed taste different package problems, and therefore won the national patent.

food in the steamed stuffed bun? Was it good? The steamed stuffed bun to join the project, food joined in high bun, consider the product’s health and safety, from material selection, production and distribution, strict selection of all aspects of the partners, and designated by the food research institutions to integrate existing products depth development and full range, which completely reaches the standard application of quality and standardization.

delicious good business opportunities, investment in high food stores steamed bun, allowing you to easily enjoy the rich breakfast market! How high in food / delicious steamed stuffed bun? Food joined in high bun, you do not have too much of the cost of investment, you do not store size requirements, solve the traditional problem of a cook, please restaurant service personnel the price of raw materials, and affordable, is your ideal choice for investment.


Workers earn cash

if you are a nine to five office workers, but also full of entrepreneurial passion, then what is the best way for your investment? Acting a product is believed to be a very good choice, do not take up the time, but also allows you to achieve your entrepreneurial dream!

traditionally. Relevant economists do not give an accurate definition of product agents, but in the industry, generally believe that as long as the transaction through the third party products and services can be called product agents.

After the



Zhang Xiangdong Ali shares 540 million cash injection is not all

    September 29th afternoon, the Alibaba announced the 540 million strategic investment Chinese network (hereinafter referred to as the nets) news, CEO said today in an Sina network technology connection, although Alibaba will obtain all 85% of the shares, but 540 million yuan of cash is not directly into the network.

Alibaba announced yesterday will pay 540 million yuan in cash, the two get Internet infrastructure service provider network in China operating Chinese equity, which is listed on the Alibaba since the single largest foreign investment.

Zhang Xiangdong

of sina said before the nets and Alibaba started talks for several months, the final amount is 540 million yuan, including comprehensive third party opinion, many factors. However, Zhang Xiangdong is not willing to comment on whether this value is reasonable.

of CLSA analysts believe that this transaction valuation is not high; study reports, Citigroup also pointed out that 10 times of acquisition of Alibaba China million net valuation is only equivalent to the price earnings ratio, while the first half of the China million net net profit rose 20-30%.

"This money is actually

is not in the company," said Zhang Xiangdong of the Alibaba 540 million funds are paid to the shareholders of the original network, and use this method to obtain the status of holding.

data show that the Alibaba and million net customers distribution great regional differences. The advantages of regional nets mainly concentrated in the north, East and North Southern China, which is the traditional advantages of regional network, accounting for the proportion of customers all over 1/3, and the traditional advantages of regional Alibaba is the Jiangsu and Zhejiang coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong etc..

this information research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences China Secretary Jiang Qiping said that a Alibaba of the strategic investment nets of important significance lies in the complementary can achieve both customers and products.

, an Internet analyst is hoping Advisory President Lv Bowang also believes that the low overlap rate of both customers, means that there are more cross selling opportunities, and provide access to the Internet network of small enterprises for Alibaba, greatly shorten the time of training and education of Alibaba.

"we do want to have a lot of synergy," said Zhang Xiangdong Alibaba and nets of cooperation will have a synergistic effect on customers, products and services, regional etc.. Zhang Xiangdong said that in the future there will be backing Alibaba, Wan hope that the future will have greater development.

in the long run, the direction of e-commerce enterprises in different directions, the boundaries between each other will become increasingly blurred. As the B2B platform’s Alibaba, and as IDC and enterprise management service providers, e-commerce website software providers have entered a different field of network, electronic commerce.

has pointed out that the Alibaba to expand their traditional strengths in the field at the same time, has been in the construction site +>


Holland sentenced Samsung violated Apple’s patents Galaxy products sales



technology news (He Ying) November 29th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, a Holland Court on Wednesday to make Apple’s decision, order banning the sale of certain models of the Samsung Galaxy tablet computer and smart mobile phone, the reason is a violation of Apple’s patent.

this ban applies to the old Samsung Android products, these products are used by the touch screen to drag the picture album, Apple has got a patent for this method. The court said that these products, including 2.2.1 and above versions of Galaxy devices, these devices did not use the updated flash blue (blue) flash technology.

Samsung and apple have been competing for technology related to the mobile market. So far, neither side has emerged as a clear winner. Apple has won a big victory in the United States, a judge ruled that Samsung violated Apple’s patents and ordered Samsung to pay $1 billion 50 million in damages. But Apple has lost a number of lawsuits against Samsung and other Android makers in foreign markets, and faces several lawsuits and appeals.

last month, a court in Holland ruled that Samsung did not violate the patent held by apple, which is associated with the mobile software in the pinch and zoom (pinch-to-zoom) features. This feature allows users to use two fingers to zoom in or out of the display screen, is the central component of today’s mobile operating system.

Holland court ruled today that if Samsung violated this judgment you need to pay 100 thousand euros per day to apple. Samsung also has to disclose the amount of profit it has received since the invasion of Apple’s patents in June 2011, and the court will then determine the percentage of profits that Samsung should pay to apple.


Product Hunt this site has only 1 employees melt $6 million

[Abstract]Product Hunt is similar to the app store recommendation, the biggest feature is to recommend new and interesting new APP.


technology news (Han Yimin) in mid September, the APP Product Hunt website recommend sharing the famous Silicon Valley venture capital Andreessen Horowitz company (hereinafter referred to as "A16Z") brought A $6 million round of financing investment, but this time from its got $1 million seed round of investment after January.

two months easily get two financing Product Hunt and application store recommended maximum function is similar, APP recommend new interesting for users. This page is extremely simple, new applications according to the number of votes in descending order, click on the application name can jump to the APP web site, registered users can vote and comment on these applications, application developers will also be invited to come to communicate with other people.

the daily attention best new APP ranking website not only within two months easily received two investment and has become one of the developers, media people and many investors will go to the Silicon Valley in New York. The reason can be quickly recognized that, Product Hunt application store to select and recommend a large number of applications, and the development of its recommendation mechanism can effectively ensure the fairness of information screening.

professional selection + public recommendation

in the Product Hunt before the new APP to rapidly improve the visibility in addition to good products, most still need a period of time hard operation and promotion, may also need a little luck by celebrities use and spread, and then enter the vision of more people.

Product Hunt is the best of the new APP extension provides a more convenient channel, because Product Hunt is a number of investors, developers are concerned, if the new APP can appear in the Product Hunt, it means that it has appeared in the eyes of many investors. This is undoubtedly a shortcut.

to be present in the Product Hunt information flow need to go through the following processes.

first, it needs to be recommended by professionals. In Product Hunt all users, only 2% of people have recommended qualifications, they by professional investors, founder, designers, Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover also designed the invitation mechanism to attract more professionals to recommend.

is recommended by professionals, APP will be presented in the Product Hunt information flow, if it can attract enough votes, it will be ranked the most popular new APP top. Developers can communicate with users on the site, to accept a variety of questions.

< >


No less than 20 sea Amoy class domain name Jupiter re acquisition

renamed China ( February 13th hearing, when people are still discussing the acquisition of a series of "hedgehog" domain name do you want to name animal gangster Jupiter when contracting, Jupiter has also acquired the domain name Diepin, plus its now hold the hands of the and the "Yang" domain name. Xiao Bian can not help but think that this is also a contract for the sea Amoy Amoy domain name rhythm ah.


: Yang, a domain name Larry, Yangyang sheep and Yang Yang meaning can be understood as the Spring Festival this year, in addition to the mascot "Yangyang", which is a simple easy to remember Diepin the domain name, the domain name is because of the "ocean" of Italy, is considered suitable to build nowadays hot sea Amoy website. Previously, the price of $125 thousand was used to build a platform for cross-border electricity supplier.

according to Jupiter revealed that with its previously acquired "foreign Amoy", "ocean beauty", "Yang melon" and "beach", "sea help build a global shopping platform for the same domain, the hands have no less than 20 by sea Amoy domain.

spell domain name in the stack, Jupiter before the acquisition of, the hands have held "grasshopper", "a lot of" and "pig" many fold spell domain name.


Internet thinking is to establish the rules of the game

write Internet thinking is the need for some courage. The word was countless people, countless articles written in the last year, including Lei, Zhou Hongyi such a big figure, a time fame. But by the end of the year, the word seems to be into the eighteen floor of hell, became a "fudge" synonymous. So, no matter what I write, will be half of the people call.

to tell you the truth, just started when I heard of the Internet thinking, I really don’t get. What focus, extreme, reputation, what the user experience, fast, free and fast iteration, which are on, but why is the thinking of the Internet? Is the Internet era before these is not important? For those who say that the Internet thinking is a big flicker, the world is not what the Internet thinking article. I think it is in the limelight and deliberately naysayers, advise everyone for this kind of article do not seriously.

. So far, cut to the chase. First, I think the Internet must be the existence of thinking, and has been used by many companies and achieved success. Second, the Internet thinking is not new, it inherits with the system thinking, just because of the age of the Internet, a large number of Internet Co to use this kind of thinking has achieved commercial success, so a new name "Internet thinking". Third, Internet Co does not necessarily have Internet thinking, non Internet Co is not necessarily no Internet thinking, which has nothing to do with the industry in which they are engaged, only related to the mode of thinking.

Avenue interlinked. Human civilization is more and more developed, more and more disciplines, the emergence of more and more theory, but many of the logic behind the theory is in fact common. Let’s look at some examples –

: Lao Tzu believes that the best inaction rule is inaction. The emperor ordered more, less free national strength, the less prosperous. And the emperor to do less, to the people to freedom, the more developed the economy, the stronger the national strength.

: market economy market economy is essentially the relationship between supply and demand by the "invisible hand" to the allocation of social resources is a kind of economy, it doesn’t need an omniscient and omnipotent central government to allocate resources, but many rational people from their own interests to take action will finally make the most efficient allocation of resources.

control theory: Kevin · Kelly put forward the famous "out of control" theory, he proved the existence of the phenomenon of out of control by computer science, biology, evolution, robotics, astronomy and other fields for example.

what is the common logic behind these theories?. I searched the Internet for a while, the definition of the system of thinking did not make me satisfied, I still can use my words to explain to you. What is the system we have learned in the middle school biology textbooks, a forest is an ecosystem, rabbits eat grass, fox eat rabbits, fox died into humus absorbed by grass, which is a system. >


WeChat paid by Red Raiders Alipay

Securities Times reporter Cai Kai


with "red envelopes" function in a short time quickly became popular, a WeChat Alipay wallet payment users to catch up with the rumors stirred the payment market, although rumors have exaggerated, but strong offensive WeChat use social attribute advantage "counter attack" Alipay has caused great concern in the market.

grab red card tied to bind customers

Monday night, WeChat began to spread a message, said that with the recently launched didi taxi and new year red envelopes, WeChat users to bind bank card has more than 100 million Alipay wallet. The message also mentioned that the WeChat team expects the number of users will double after the spring festival. However, the rumors will soon be clarified. Yesterday, WeChat red development director Tencent caifutong director Wu Yi said: "this (rumors break 100 million) to pass too exaggerated, WeChat is just a small red house products during the Spring Festival, WeChat payment is still young, there are many places need to improve."

reporter then asked WeChat to pay the actual number of users, get the response is not the latest data can be disclosed". WeChat online payment function in August 5th last year, opened 100 days later (November 20th or so) has the market news that its number of users has reached 20 million, has been in the past 2 months, the latest data into the third party payment industry focus.

WeChat and Alipay wallet payment were Tencent and Alipay launched mobile phone mobile payment terminal products. In order to "induce" WeChat users to bind bank card as payment users, since the start of the year, Tencent has launched several promotional activities: first launched in January 10th, Didi taxi fare reduction activities, then the evening of January 15th CAITONG on-line test run, but the key is that the new version of WeChat launched in January 25th with "red envelopes" the function, setting off a burst of red hot".

"I get more than and 50 red envelopes from 27 days to 28 days, mostly from WeChat " group; rob " the largest is 200 yuan, at least 2 cents." Yesterday, a Shanghai banking analyst told reporters, I have sent out more than and 10."

in two days, WeChat’s "red hot" showing a diffusion force amazing, WeChat paid for counter attack competitors Alipay’s "Red Raiders" begin to display talents. Wu Yi said, red favored function has three main reasons: one is the Spring Festival approaching, users have the psychological needs of the red; two is WeChat’s emphasis on interpersonal relationship and social attributes; three is "the design of grab red process increase the entertainment, increase participation.

The reporter found that WeChat

, the principle of "red envelopes" can guide new customers to card, the typical application scenario is: the user choose red number and the total amount of payment, and then distributed to the WeChat group WeChat group members through payment, click envelopes can be randomly assigned amount, which compared one to a "Red Faction, stronger participation. Final guest


Personal web site looking for marketing blue ocean

      recently, the small website frequently appear new Internet Legend – Express network was acquired by ZCOM against Google under the support of thunder, cruel dispatch net hand Tencent as its "life search" channel, and storm released text link advertising claims to start the commercialization strategy.

      many people are asking, in the end how much the Internet economy still start empty-handed real money to get the chance?

      CNNIC recently released survey results show that in 2006 the number of personal sites reached 240 thousand, an increase of more than in the year of 2005, highlighting the popularity of the Web2.0 era of the Internet gold rush. Recently, the Internet association of communication and development center director Hu Yanping has revealed that the source of personal income last year, a serious decline in the source, generally facing a shortage of funds and market development challenges.

      at present, the development of personal website is facing three major difficulties. It is a single profit model, most are filled with MMS, video downloads, advertising alliance, will flow out to contribute their meager return in exchange for Internet and wireless big hands. The second is the lack of content, to create a large number of new content attractive, only everywhere and copied, resulting in many websites are deja vu garbage station. The third is the promotion problem, in order to make the individual website from 000 station siege, get more traffic, people were exhausted from the technique, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) to pop, Alexa, rogue plug-ins, pornography and illegal keyword ranking cheating etc..

      website promotion war is not only the fierce competition between millions of webmaster resources and technology, and also because the destruction of opportunistic network rules and even regulations, and was related to pressure regulators. Alexa to clean up some of the sites to make up some of the efforts to enhance the ranking zero, and in recent years, the state of the fight against cyber pornography, SP industry in full swing, become the winter of countless personal sites. In the fierce competition in the industry and the increasingly stringent external regulation of the network environment, many webmaster will worry: my website can live long?

      for personal web site, the cost structure is clear: server, personnel costs, promotion costs. The expenditure is the eternal theme of enterprises, but also the personal website must face the topic. The first two basic cost is rigid, it is difficult to change, and then a promotion cost, not only determines the income (income will more effectively promote), and decide the costs, so many personal websites effort is spent on it.

      the most popular way to promote a personal website is SEO, this "search lead >


P2P industry or inflection point the number of new platforms in June the number of issues platform

2015 has quietly past half, after two years of rapid growth in the P2P net loan industry in mid 2015 showed a new feature in June. Under the dual accumulation of time and business, the number of monthly problem platform for the first time more than the number of new platforms.

data show that the same as in 2015 of June, the number of new issue platform to accelerate to 92, compared to the previous year, an increase of up to 67% in May. At the same time, the number of problem platform is more than the number of new platforms up to 11.

any data behind the changes have reason to follow, do not rule out this is the first sign of the industry inflection point." A P2P industry veteran on the first Financial Daily reporters said.

, another industry source said, on the one hand, from the industry’s cumulative risk, the old platform has been given a certain degree of trust, has 2~3 years of industry management experience slowly began to expose the risks, platform is no longer new patent platform. On the other hand, has been recognized by the venture capital investors in the operation of the platform under the pressure of the times have changed the cracks".

first access to financing problems

zero one financial data report, launched in May 2013 to help loan said the stock market and regional and other factors, the online business dragged down the company’s restructuring, liquidation gradually since June 12th this year released no longer borrowing targets, and complete transformation. At this point, the distance from the platform on-line for 2 years.

this, zero one financial, a researcher said that the loan can help have completed A round of financing, which is the first to obtain financing platform problems.

June 2015, P2P net loan industry nationwide new on-line platform for 81, following the Spring Festival in 2015, after the impact of the holiday effect, once again lower. Previously, the monthly number of new platforms are more than 100.

data show that as of June 30, 2015, the platform reached a total of 2796 (including only on the cable business platform), which has a normal operation of 2021. Affected by a variety of reasons, the growth rate of the platform has been slowing trend.

in addition, there have been problems in the platform for further observation platform case can be found, the new characteristics of the two is referred to as the "industry phenomenon" has been highlighted, one hand has been in the industry to two to three years, was seen to be "experience" platform gradually exposed the problem. On the other hand, as for loan, financing platform has come under the "altar" market by the wind and rain test.

launched in August 8, 2013 Meiguan letter was due to poor management, limiting withdrawals, and announced in June 15, 2015, said the person in charge of the platform by Zhou Qi’s father took over, the group company contracted debts, and suspend the release of standard loan on the same day, only 800 thousand turnover target platform. "After the announcement to be deleted, and in June 20th the normal standard." A P2P industry person