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How to deal with the website about web site optimization process snapshot stagnation

: the first space suck. From yesterday afternoon to now, the speed of the open web site has been very slow, bloggers use is free hosting, free hosting fan phenomenon is there, the website does not open, the user can not access the site, when the spider to update the site can not access the site, it would give you a web site what new flow, your site what update it does not know, so snapshot of stagnation is quite normal. So the website in a line, the webmaster should find a good host for your web site, can save money on top of this, the most basic independent IP, free trial period, stable server, good customer service service is to want some, bloggers are now ready for foreign GoDaddy host, in it the Chinese website (贵族宝贝godaddy.idcspy贵族宝贝) that can provide SSL certificate for the electricity supplier site trial.

second: the suck. Website update frequency is usually in the morning update, the spider on the site of the update frequency also have certain habits, but did not update the article in yesterday morning, the update can not according to the original frequency, of course this article love Shanghai is searched but did not put into the database. It is possible that the original is not high enough, the spider web site can not find what they want, so not included is normal, but this space and suck, website open speed slow also has a relationship, may the spider didn’t come at all sites. So stationmaster people often say content is king, the webmaster can not ignore the content in the website optimization status. If it is because of the suck, snapshot of stagnation, the owners will update the high quality articles, attract spiders to crawl sites, as to how to attract the spider, previously also wrote "on new sites to lure spider web". To write high quality content is not very difficult, sharing website traffic sources, users come to your website to see what, for the user to write something is really high quality.

is also love Shanghai big update day last night, an act of love in Shanghai, let the webmaster glum, blogger sites are not exempt, keyword ranking dropped, no more snapshot snapshot overnight stop, we have to think of ways to solve the problem, find the problem, bloggers on their Kedeng blog analysis of the reason.

third: the chain suck. Love Shanghai big update, prior to update, the webmaster should seize the time to make the high quality of the chain, the blogger was very busy those days, nor to do outside the chain of high quality and stability, just also delivered a few soft, although the soft effect is good, but now the Internet is not good and soft to be reproduced, links disappear so the soft effect Not the least trace was found., what, who also don’t know. Do the chain is basically in the forum, but the forum outside the chain is very unstable, update time, outside the chain of a few hundreds, the quality of love in Shanghai on the site outside the chain is very important, reducing the chain >


The importance of Shanghai bread crumbs navigation dragon optimization

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

user experience

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attackedTopic: Learning >


Keywords to optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

3 and bread crumbs, "this kind of words can take home" into the site name, should pay attention to details. Breadcrumb navigation in Shanghai Longfeng although not the most important, but also has its role as Shanghai dragon is the detail, Shanghai dragon the key lies in the details, the details determine success or failure.

2, breadcrumb navigation links and others, to use the words, do not use pictures or JS.

4, noble baby has a breadcrumb will integrate into the search results, so the optimal name breadcrumb navigation at every level, try to use keywords, can achieve the effect of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

2, reflects the hierarchy of website, can help users quickly learn and understand the content of the website and the organization of.

website right down topics:

1, allowing users to understand the current location, and the location of the current page in the website of.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

1, for a web site, construction of internal links is very important. So the breadcrumb navigation should display the site hierarchy, rather than browsing history. In addition to the level, breadcrumb navigation may also show the attribute tag.

breadcrumb navigation (BreadcrumbNavigation) this concept from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel " " allusions as Hansel and Gretel through the forest, accidentally lost, but they found along the way through the place all over the bread crumbs, let these bread crumbs to help them find the way home. So, breadcrumb navigation function is told the visitors in the website of their current position, purpose is to help you trace antecedents and how to return. So it should be a linear method of navigation. That is we often see the home page column page > > the content page, try to put the bread crumbs navigation level control in four layers. The reasonable construction of the directory structure allows users to find their location whenever and wherever possible and can ensure the weight of each column after the classification is not too dispersed. The 3 layer is the directory structure of the browsing experience needed.


3, provides a quick return on every level entrance, convenient operation.

special chain optimization:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

breadcrumb navigation role:

breadcrumb navigation:



EBay foreign trade station in China, began betaGrowing troubles category Pin website this si



Liu Pingyang thinks, at present many domestic Pin website concentrates in what he says first and third kinds inside. "Because the second is not so close to the money as the first, nor the third as associated with the original business."."

technology news news June 21st, eBay in China foreign trade website has officially begun public test. According to the introduction, this new platform to provide online services for international sellers and buyers of Chinese.

Chinese Pinterest, you live a few months? Similar to group purchase websites to follow the trend of Groupon, from 2010 onwards, similar to the Pinterest structure of the layout of the site began to appear in the China market, the domestic Pinterest website for a time to more than 50. And the business model is also highly concentrated in the electricity supplier shopping guide, display advertising in two categories.

this is a rush to get together, business model homogenization, and finally by the big Internet platform to dominate the world, clean up the battlefield industry, like Liu Pingyang is certainly not to group purchase? Is the decline of the group purchase compared to "Pin", he said, the market has not fully tap: "now I think Pinterest product service is still relatively small population. In fact, at home, the challenge for everyone is that you need to find out how to make a product and service to more people to use more." Then, each kind of Pin website, in the appearance and pattern of homogenization at first glance, how to find their own position and they seek to live?? is currently showing much commercial value

in addition to start-up companies, large electricity providers or SNS companies are doing Pin communities. In April 2012, Taobao launched the class Pinterest community stubborn rabbit. Previously, Taobao has launched wow, love shopping, sh419 have ah, get $50 million investment, launched the O2O products, Philharmonic live, happy network launched the "happy collection", Renren launched the "exploration.""……

, according to Liu Pingyang’s classification, tiger sniffing each category to find a more influential two to sort out, to see how they find themselves. In this process, some of the findings are: 1, they did not jump off the electricity supplier shopping guide and display advertising business in the direction of big, just under seek differentiation and segmentation; 2, women are still the main Pin website users; 3, the electricity supplier shopping guide websites are more interested to the mobile terminal should be used, the interest graph class the site is limited to the flow and screen size >

, Liu Pingyang, founder of petal network, divided his colleagues into three genres: "I divide these websites into three categories.". A kind of beautiful, mogujie, shopping guide website; the second kind is similar to the petals of the interest map of the site; the third is to borrow waterfall flow form of the site, but do their own original thing."

A new page in /> beta
Sina In an interview with


at the end of last year, eBay and TOM set up a joint venture company TOM eBay, the main domestic C2C trading service, then eBay began brewing, the main foreign trade service.

Pinterest has encountered bottlenecks, Pin can chengdaqi

in the already open test page, you can see in addition to the basic function of cross-border transaction authentication, customer service center, and PayPal payment, and foreign trade university for Chinese users "".


Grassroots from the growth of WeChat, learn from the growth of its brand

, a mobile chat software that sends voice, text messages, video, pictures and text over the Internet to support multiple crowds, is correct. Tencent defines WeChat as such. As a software that has been up for only two years, its growth can be said to be amazing, and it should be said. 400 million of the users are not only the embodiment of WeChat’s function, but also the appeal of the brand. Open WeChat quotes applicable to the crowd, fun, human, social and other personalized labels abound, and as a platform with a large number of traffic, WeChat will naturally be favored by marketing personnel. Especially in the micro-blog activity level drops today, WeChat’s existence obviously has one kind of substitution tendency.

but like I said before, the use of WeChat’s success is definitely not the Tencent for their users, can be said that no Tencent mass of users, WeChat is still likely to succeed, just cycle may be longer, from another angle, search failure should permit the number of users is not benevolent. So, what are the aspects of WeChat’s growth?.

is the first WeChat marketing strategic layout is very reasonable, because only from the aspects of communication, obviously Fetion advantage, if starting from the LBS social function, Unfamiliar Street started to go than WeChat, but if you really want to engage in social networking, WeChat brand strategy can not be presented, and Tencent have so much QQ users really do social difficult to bring them together. WeChat can not be used alone, involving these two aspects, but from friends, contacts, micro-blog, sharing information and other levels of development, the layout of the brand is divided into 4 more obvious points.

global, first from a perspective of WeChat communications products as long as do their own communication function can be, but careful friends will find that WeChat is a marketing tool, is not to say that WeChat has a huge user can be used to do marketing, unfamiliar street user group itself is not small however, it will not be able to do the marketing, because WeChat in the overall view to further, may be a kind of enterprise culture connotation, at least in the micro channel friends circle, the public platform to set the bar is no longer a simple communication software.

is a WeChat brand oriented second points, because from the angle of Tencent, to do a similar to the products of others have no need to continue to expand the market, so we must firmly grasp the user’s habits, let the feelings of their own products, such as WeChat in brand marketing the "friends" label on description, because the Tencent itself is relying on the QQ started, since the definition of brand has been ingrained, so WeChat can use this to continue the development of friends, we will focus on the communication ported to the mobile platform, and this connection oriented ability is best reflected in the WeChat brand value.

system, brand publicity and related strategic development should be promoted, compacted, protected, updated and retreated, and it is a ratio


Reverse O2O case analysis regression Offline can bring gospel for offline

, Offline, To, Online, can you bring good news for offline companies?

some people say that O2O (Online To Offline) is a "pit father" concept, but all the queries can not stop us from continuing to explore it. Recently, Taobao, Tencent, WeChat, public comment are planning their own sites, in addition, many start-up companies began doing this from the end of the merchant. According to their restaurants, shops and shopping malls, want to solve the problem that O2O in the corner, to store the line equipped with hardware, and then flow from the line into the line — yes, their practice is to return to Offline.

, we might as well call them the Offline To Online model. Compared with other offline industries, the informatization of catering and retail industry is more advanced. After the baptism of group buying hurricane, it is likely to breed a series of new patterns. What are the real needs of these stores, and are they more willing to try new segments of IT? Will hardware and solutions be sold together, and will it be possible to make offline businesses more willing to accept

?Another key to the topic of

is "people."". This is a group of Online entrepreneurs, how to quickly become a real Offline mode expert, maybe group buying has let them learn the lesson, but they still need to accept unprecedented challenges.

Catering: take care of reservation, reservation, customer management,

case: customers like clouds and crashing, OpenTable,


The starting point of these

business looks fine, but they walk in catering customers have unmet needs point, but also the logical extension of management: diners booking information, even can do online ordering, direct online payment; then orders and restaurant customers in the CRM software interface, or time, for diners do a reminder after consumption, automatically enter the customer; information management system.

, such start-ups, generally provide ancillary hardware for customers. For example, the original 24 coupons COO, Peng Lei’s founder of "customers like clouds", the main push "hardware and software, flat system architecture", including tablet PCs, network box or other equipment. American company BuzzTable App is developed for a problem, diners they have two App can also make real-time alerts, customers management App for employees, it provides SaaS platform for the restaurant with a fee.

also has a successful attempt, the listed company OpenTable is an online meal ordering platform, the site can be directly in the restaurant reservations, but also can quickly learn a certain period of time if there is a position long before can have accurate information so that the position of the. Of course, this is related to the degree of IT in American catering enterprises.

retail: enter >


Forget, forget the Baidu search engine to make a stand

this topic, estimates there are a lot of people oppose, not the search engine how do we live? Website how development? In fact, you misunderstood me, I told you to stand to block search engines, you don’t have to learn TAOBAO, because we have the strength of a small station. But we can forget the search engines, forget about it, and never even SITE.

some people ask, forget about the search engine, where the website traffic? Income where? I ask you, but make a lot of money, in addition to the search engine itself, there are a few stops is to make search through our website? The purpose is to make money, there are many channels, electronic business is a way to make money online is really, but there are many webmaster is to begin with the aspects of planning, many owners are stuck in I make a stand, and then put on GG, Baidu alliance, and then worked hard to earn that money flow, milk powder, especially do not feel tired? The garbage station friend, actually I sympathize with these friends, hard ah, but also Baidu’s face is not easy.

forget the search engine, not ask you to lose him, but to ignore him and ignore him. If you are today Baidu K your stand and marjie words, that you do not fit the station, you do stand is not viable. We should focus on how to make money, although normally flow only income this truth seems to be normal, don’t forget, when you stand on the real search, not far from death.

I took my own station as examples, I stand is very small, only a forum, domain name, station for more than 2 years, IP 2000-3000, and more time to Baidu included 1W, GG and ALIMAMA also put, you see that, I like the broken station are not earning money, ah, can not earn a lot of money, I earn money for small, selling text link income a few hundred, do GG received a few blocks, ALIMAMA received a few hair, looks less of it, ha ha, but enough to raise a station, of course, the truth is money alliance search for, careful friends will find, I also sell something, in fact, these things is the only source of income. IP less does not mean that there is no money, hundreds of IP, the income of the W station, some are not rely on search, test the quality of the site and content, as well as users need things. So that your station is valuable, not what the so-called weight, PR what, users will not see these.

to tell you the truth, forget the search is not easy, but we have to do this, I am in favor of figure wangdage said "fast, accurate and relentless" money making ideas on the network to make money by the day after tomorrow, today, the market has changed, so some money to earn. You see, if you’re waiting for a search to help you make money, do you think you’re making a lot of money,


, finally, say "I >"


How about 10000 catering to join

venture to join the selection of the project, if you are a super powerful investors, then join the brand must be able to match your atmosphere. What kind of food and beverage project is good, must be through the baptism of the history of the river brand, in order to have a strong market competitiveness. With the development of enterprises to join the 10000 catering for more than ten years, the development trend of China well versed in the catering industry, to understand what is the better way to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Wanke catering to join provide different support for the success of the project is choosing a project you. In many brands of 10000 catering to join in several very successful cases to entrepreneurs share.

The secret of

‘s 10000 catering to join the exclusive memory rinse to bake the success of creative collocation and trends. First of all, the exclusive memory rinse to bake this project is according to the 2016 tide and custom delicacy food, and 10000 catering to provide the most advanced equipment –3D scene generator as the exclusive memory of this brand, enough to attract the attention of consumers. In addition to the promotion and development of the project, put forward the line of 10000 catering to join the mode of thinking, namely Internet plus mode of thinking as a guide, online marketing and offline business combination, to join the investment provides in-depth mining potential customers, improve convenience and safety, with the last meal service. Wanke catering to join have senior brand management team to follow up entrepreneurial projects, a comprehensive consideration of factors combined with the market competition situation, industry development prospects, people’s consumption demands, make the brand franchisees lasting risk-free profit.

actually can be seen, 10000 catering franchise is the most important product development technology, has been based on the current trend and development of different products. Wanke catering franchise invite well-known delicacy master Lv Changhai, contemporary culinary Dean Liu Qiusheng as a technical consultant, more authoritative food researchers continue to follow up, to provide all kinds of delicacy brand high standard class state, under the technical guidance. Wanke catering franchise also launched many nutritious brands, such as space capsule fish. With green natural ecological quality management mechanism to control the quality of the product, and the creation of space capsule barbecue, room astronauts, magical dining table and other advanced equipment, with higher food cooking technology as a support.


project today’s achievements, all cannot do without the support of thousands of restaurants joined behind, at present, many entrepreneurs choose Wanke catering to join, is to choose success, hope oneself can get paid real returns. Wanke catering franchise stick with delicacy, Chinese moved to help entrepreneurs realize the dream of philosophy, and take practical action to support the franchisee. All the achievements are due to the passengers catering to join your accomplishments, perhaps in here.


Teach you to open hot pot store location method

want to open a hot pot of hot pot, entrepreneurs have to carefully choose the brand. Then, entrepreneurs have paid special attention to a point, is to understand the location method, choose a good location for their Hot pot. Here to teach you to open a hot pot store location method, with the small series to see it.

1, location of the regional factors

in the site, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, which is the premise of the site. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors.

2, hot pot shop location principle

first to determine the service object. To combine the location of the hot pot restaurant, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grade, in determining the variety of hot pot.

3, to implement the principle of proximity

means to facilitate transportation, convenient, easy access. Located in or near the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, the road is smooth, easy access to customers;

4, to the environment in place

external environment to form a climate, hot pot restaurants to other food and beverage to operate, such as catering street, hot pot city, etc., while promoting their own comprehensive support, combined with a variety of business, the formation of economies of scale.

5, to predict the profits of science

before the opening, in order to combine a variety of factors, for a certain period of sales and gross margin analysis, forecasting earnings and benefits.

6, hot pot shop location and layout

to determine the location of the principle, in the implementation of the following points: select the concentration of commercial outlets, population gathering, convenient places, specific location, peer gathering, special port. Layout should also consider the following ideas: diffusion, aggregation, competition, multi sectoral coordination.

want to get good development in the hot pot industry, you need to choose a good brand. Not only that, you have to understand the hot pot store location method. Understand these, You’ll see. choose what shop, store popularity will be good, the store will Everfount profit.


What are the four major barriers to female entrepreneurship

is now no longer a rare female entrepreneurs, active in the market for women in a few, and many have achieved amazing results. Women have a taboo, to avoid four points is necessary, then what are these four points?

case playback:

in the Vin view, she quit business is a natural thing, 5 years ago in a consulting work she is the industry veteran. Thus, since that human, material and financial resources have been equipped with the Vin last month, the boss submitted a letter of resignation, rented an office, recruited two people, printed on a business card ready to go.

two taboo is not familiar with the policy environment and related information

case playback:


What is the technique of network marketing in 2012

for the development of information now, I believe we have some preliminary understanding, in the minds of the people now, the network marketing has long been within the scope of marketing.

user psychology

keyword analysis

points of transaction

secondly should grasp the characteristics of network marketing:

(1) across time and space. The ultimate goal of marketing is to occupy the market share, because the Internet has more than time constraints and space constraints for information exchange, thus making it possible to break away from time and space to achieve the transaction.

in the preliminary understanding of concepts and techniques of network marketing, you still need to prove the practice, in order to promote your real success.

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