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Wang Guosheng in Xining to inspect and guide the work of green hills

8 31, 2009, Secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Guosheng to Xining, North and south of the mountains to inspect and guide the work of greening. Wang Guosheng pointed out that the north and south of Xining greening work is a work in the contemporary, Lee in the cause of the millennium. According to the major requirements of the General Secretary Xi "and promoting the ecological and environmental protection", with "13th Five-Year" plan, continue to carry forward the spirit of perseverance, hard work, and unswervingly promote the south mountain afforestation project, continue to build the plateau landscape garden city, the construction of the beautiful livable Xining. read more

Changsha to increase the integrity of civilized traffic information into the construction of social

to carry out the construction of civilization in Changsha, so that all motor vehicle owners, with a file of their own, is conducive to better management. Civilized traffic information from the social credit system construction. The driver of the civilization credit rating will integrate the classification by the traffic control department to the community publicity, query.

it is understood that the "measures" for the management of all Hunan motor vehicle drivers, all motor vehicles, motor vehicle management; motor vehicle driving license personnel in Hunan province occurred civilized traffic dishonest behavior of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) also applies to owners and drivers. read more

Do you have the qualifications of the purchase of Fuzhou 27 home buyers suffered double limit

prices in the market is hot for all of us to see, in the face of rising house prices, in the face of serious inflation, the relevant local governments have also taken positive measures. Fuzhou to restart the purchase of credit limit ", let a woman be caught off guard the public. In September this year, she set the Cangshan real estate, Binhai ·, orange in a commercial housing, paid a deposit, the first payment, a total of 270 thousand yuan. But because houses still have not signed a contract unresolved charge. Do you still have the qualifications to buy a house? And 27 buyers encounter "double limit". read more

2012 Christmas business unlimited! What can your Taobao store sell to make the most money

2012 Christmas business unlimited! What can your Taobao store sell to make the most money? Christmas is also a festival for young people to express their feelings, thus beautiful women will be hot. Xiaobian remind the majority of owners, waiting for the money stock up now! At the same time, Xiao Bian also provides several abnormal popular selling women’s clothing, for your reference.

single waist skirt coat Plush Christmas stocking


version is great, tailoring stereo, waist slim design, and below the waist is 360 degrees skirt stereo clipping. The upper part of the body, the effect is amazing, even seemingly a very respected cut skirt. It is a magical modified body, light body will become invincible, graceful swaying, slender slim figure collocation to ostrich hair, the aura is completely lost to some of the stars drop…… To celebrate the Christmas Kawai sweater sell fire design of stitching loose striped sweater, warm texture, feel comfortable, smooth, perfect quality. Striped sweater, in the long section of Shanghai with color stripe design, the whole person looks thin and tall, with striped knit stitching design charming, loose style, romantic sense of leisure. Hook flower sweet sleeve + stripe casual style, very sexy charm, full of charming romantic sense…… The hottest hot dress before Christmas! read more

Only Strawberry network data to return the next day notice

dear affiliate member:

strawberry network data return from December 7th the next day (Friday – Sunday’s data to return next Monday).

! Strawberry net free shipping

! Strawberry net shopping full of 3 or more, can get an additional 5% discount

! Strawberry net long term customer, special discount will be your second orders to start automatic calculation. Second orders, 1% additional discount; third orders, 2% additional discount; fourth orders, 3% additional discount; fifth orders, 4% additional discount; sixth to nine orders, 5% additional discount of tenth to nineteen orders, 7.5% additional discounts. By twentieth orders, 10% extra discount work. read more

Hongkong is the latest Asian floor price of 960 thousand yuan per square metre of Luxury Apartments

, according to media reports, Hongkong is the latest Asian floor, a double Luxury Apartments priced at 960 thousand yuan per square meter, a new record.

according to the residential property sales information network, located in Henderson real estate development in the 39 conduit Road, 46 floor, block A, per square foot more than HK $100 thousand sold, broke the Asian record.

It is reported that the duplex

, Luxury Apartments, a total area of 5732 square feet (about 515.88 square meters), with a 1754 square feet (about 157.86 square meters) of the roof, the total price of HK $594 million 760 thousand, or $103 thousand and 800 per square foot (about 960 thousand yuan / square meters). read more

Tianjin Binhai New Area explosion has caused 17 deaths

social safety accidents often cause great casualties and property losses, at the same time, usually have to beware of some social security incidents occurred, together with the large explosion is at midnight in Tianjin Binhai New Area wharf.

12, about 23:20, the international logistics center of Tianjin port area Ruihai company belongs to dangerous goods warehouse (private enterprises) explosion. Preliminary verification by the relevant units, the accident has caused 17 people were killed, 32 critically injured, the hospital was treated for observation and treatment of 283. 2 explosions occurred in the process of fire, resulting in some of the field personnel trapped, is still in full swing. Relevant person in charge has been controlled. read more

Semi finished products of fresh electricity supplier model A new force suddenly rises. you ready

A big reason

is that young people are not willing to buy cooking ingredients, cleaning and other preparatory work is very troublesome, and is not doing a little worry about food hygiene problems, is in such a tangle of semi-finished products of fresh electricity market A new force suddenly rises. Do not have to prepare for your own good ingredients to do the finished product, so that cooking is a simple thing.

fresh electricity supplier in the field of competition by four to one of the reasons is that many in the field of pain. From the production, circulation, logistics and distribution to the pot cooking, as long as it can solve any of the segments of the pain points, are likely to open up a new vertical market. For young white-collar workers, starting from the dinner scene, Ge can find the entrepreneurial inspiration, founded a recipe based food ordering, booking new flavor website. read more

The old chess website Lianzhong visit the capital market opening that break

[Abstract] Lianzhong today opened at HK $3.53, higher than the offer price fell 16.94%, turnover of HK $21 million 780 thousand.


technology news (Le Tian) June 30th news, the old chess Lianzhong website (06899-HK) today in the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed on the main board, shall be opened to break, opened at HK $3.53, higher than the offer price fell 16.94%, turnover of HK $21 million 780 thousand.

Lianzhong bidding price of HK $4.25. At present, Lianzhong stock price of HK $3.83, still higher than the offer price fell to HK $0.42, down to 9.88%. read more

Content marketing in the content of the two words in the end what is the meaning

content marketing is a familiar and unfamiliar concept, familiar because it can often see this concept, strange because many people do not know how to define it. Among them, the content of the two words is the most intriguing, but also the most people can not eat. Get to know the contents of marketing "content" in two words, you will not put the concept of content marketing as "the most familiar stranger".

content marketing content, it is simply a valuable content. Right, so I am pit daddy six words. Do not worry, the following will continue to break down these six words. read more

MIIT filing system is now a large number of loopholes in the domain name is deprived of the right to

recently, many customers reflect, just registered domain name can not go to the Ministry of industry website for the record, the reason is repeated submission. Due to the Ministry of filing application is fully developed, there are a small number of domain names to the domain name of the failure to give up until the expiration of the record, and then there will be more than registration phenomenon. But recently the situation has become more and more high probability, had to be suspect.

in order to find out the whole story, the author collected dozens of new applications and no record of the domain name, to the Ministry of filing website. I was surprised to find that these are all malicious domain name record, theme unit name: " do not put their own domain name when the domain name ", belongs to the provinces of Tibet, and a registered information hangs below the scores of a domain name, and is similar to the domain name, such as: aaa1.com, aaa2.com, aaa3.com. One that really is exhaustive, he has enough poison. I don’t have to spend 1 cents, estimated to develop a robot software, can limit the exhaustive submission of the domain name for the record, and so on, can not be estimated after the registration of the domain name record. read more

Dong Yingqun small and medium site owners profit will exceed 100 thousand

big game "hemp ball game alliance product meeting in March 12th was held in Holiday Inn Pudong Hotel, many domestic small and medium-sized site station to participate in the event, sharing website operation experience. Rushed network chief architect Dr. Dong Yingqun also published for the development of domestic small web views at the meeting, that "the birth of hemp ball game alliance" and "new generation alliance", will provide new opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized webmaster. read more

B2B platform keyword optimization five Raiders

released by the B2B platform information related keywords optimization of our industry, in order to get the station and station search engine better rankings attract customers click, promote business opportunities, believe that this is a lot of B2B network marketing methods commonly used. Recently, there are several industry friends in WeChat consulting to related problems, how to get better search engine rankings in the B2B platform to release the product page? Why has continued to publish the consultation is very few, there is no substantive business? I gave a few friends to do a specific guidance, has achieved remarkable results, and some friends did not have time to reply, there is a similar confusion including friends, today I come to this paper, keyword technique optimization of the B2B platform to do a comprehensive share, hope to be able to help you: read more

WeChat to read… A Book… However, Shuabing still too hard

Abstract: WeChat reading officially released yesterday, the first time to experience the titanium media reporter looks very beautiful products. WeChat read incoming is not "wolf", also does not lead the industry reshuffle, but is a born with a golden spoon "two rich generation" game player only, although no possessions inherited strong horse, but still have to maintain business basics from the start of the not vague.

now time is August 27th at 23:29 pm on the first day of school, in the WeChat ranking, I with 17 minutes of reading time in 36 friends ranked sixth, ranked first in the distance 43 minutes only 26 minute gap, if all sprint, the summit is expected to. However, I was not the kind of rivalry with people in the WeChat sports list, in the way of wind power runaway. read more

Life service platform for mobile end of the dead a review of the information

text / Claire, since the media alliance WeMedia alliance members, WeChat public number: Claire’s Internet circle

users can see the mobile terminal information can be a key to dial, which is not provided by the PC function. The mobile Internet service platform to give life too much convenience, information closer to the user, release the source image upload more convenient, more abundant, voice media intervention, the mobile Internet is indeed a great chance of life service platform.

Classification information website read more

Make big! Before July 1st to buy 360 Badilong children watch send electric toothbrush

from the summer vacation is getting closer and closer, ready to take the children out of the travel parents do not forget the security issues. The country’s largest children’s watch brand 360 Badilong ongoing summer travel lefantian, also did not give the child to wear children watch parents immediately on the 360 mall, electric toothbrush and send activities only to June 30th 24


360 Badilong children watch as children watch industry big boss, its major products are the industry’s boutique. All 5 children watch as Badiron’s first feature, for example, children watch original operating system 360 OS for Wear, partner Badiron true artificial intelligence, multiple safety protection function six fusion positioning based on (safety area, key alarm, Bluetooth antilose, real-time dynamic positioning), audio noise reduction technology to provide ultra clear call the quality and so on. So high-end new products as long as 699 yuan, more than the same price of children’s watches too much. read more

Taobao thousands of Japanese purchasing shop due to earthquake suspension


reporter entered Japan shopping on taobao.com, to search related sellers of 5553 people, including 1801 sellers is located in Japan, which has many shops hang out a notice to suspend delivery, rough statistics has more than 1000.

most of these shops to buy Japanese cosmetics, milk powder, daily necessities and other commodities. Many sellers said that the earthquake caused a serious impact on Japan’s purchasing, because of travel difficulties, traffic congestion, shop will be hungry soon". read more