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The medical website how to coordinate the relationship between the Shanghai dragon and the user expe

has been observed for a period of time the flow is smaller, the number of advisory also have some more, but found.

Shanghai dragon The

medical websites are doing to have a doctor needs people to see, is to bring direct benefits, not just to see a spider. Some of the webmaster very care hospital included in the site, site traffic and the keywords ranking, as everyone knows, a good user experience, is the verification of medical website quality standards, can bring the hospital consultation quantity is the ultimate goal. read more

Before the station is not included to expand the two level domain is dug the grave site

two level domain name included, if your site is not included, so the whole weight of the website is a kind of transfer, we should have the website weight is concentrated in the primary site, but your two level domain name has not been included, the master search engine, this time will cause the spider crawling ignore the master directly crawling two level domain, through space log analysis, if you find it, then there are only two ways: 1, increase the chain input intensity, whether through the chain to make a full range of spider web 2, to strengthen the quality accreditation; master the content, whether it is the content of the web site there is a problem. If you master by these methods has not been recognized as love Shanghai, I tell you, you have two choices: read more

Individual website stationmaster says to die not

More than 70%

network is personal station, believe that the success of personal site is not much, the Internet is full of uncertainty and the carrier at a loss, then the individual station to how to make your own website to avoid risks, not lose the direction to adapt to network and social actual demand and refused to die

?The cause of death at

personal site:

1. content can not keep up, the point is not brilliant, and content reorganization is not a person can easily complete, need to broaden the knowledge and new personality to participate. read more

After graduation from a primary school career journey

was envious of successful people when they were young; they had enough time to control their money, and they were free to spend money when they wanted to or when they needed it. They have too many mysteries to be admired and respected. After I came out to work, I felt that everything was too far away from me. The gap between dream and reality was too great. I lost my former dream and had to go back to the reality of life.

clearly remember that I have 95 years of study, our hometown is a famous national poor county, everywhere is a mountain, home is a staple of potatoes and corn, the 97 years of junior high school graduation, I have to face the problem of early school tuition. After leaving school, I eased the financial pressure on my family, so that I could go to school at the age of 10, and I was on the road to work. read more

How not to hurt the foot shop

guests in the shop after the consumer has the feeling of injury, the impression of the store is also very poor, so how to get the store sure? How to attract repeat customers, so that the store to get a better operation? So, if a store wants to get a good long-term operation, naturally need to do not hurt the customer". So, how do not hurt foot shop?

first: about effect. As the operator foot store, there must be a clear understanding of the foot store is not the hospital, even if the hospital did not dare to boldly cure. For the effect of customer attention, pedicure division should combine professional knowledge to give the correct guidance. For example, for some guests lumbocrural pain, can tell the customer, and these problems is not a day for two days, the same is not a short time can be resolved, so the health care project is not low, the price is not cheap, but if the long-term insist, will be from quantitative to qualitative change, the compared with certain do not, there is a big difference. read more

The dilemma of traditional corporate Internet transformation leader

become a leader, not their own advantages and characteristics can be? No matter what the industry leader in the market, there will be some of their core business as a major source of profit.

and the core interests of these lucrative, often is the focus of today is the impact of Internet companies. Although traditional companies will be layers of security, but there will still be obvious weaknesses, which is the dilemma of the leader".

"big", generally the advantage, even a part of core competitiveness. But nothing in the world is absolute. In the competition of the flash turn maneuvers, "big" the disadvantage will emerge. This is mainly manifested in the face of the opponent’s attack, the leader of the big tend to bring a significant constraint on their behavior.

read more

How to open a jade jewelry

today, jade jewelry is a fashion darling, people spent in jade jewelry for money. Jade jewelry industry market is booming. Now on the market a variety of jade jewelry store is also more and more. Investors to open a jade jewelry store, how can we grasp the arteries of the industry? Many have just stepped into the jade jewelry industry entrepreneurs are concerned about this type of problem, the Chinese chain network today, I came to explain the operation of the investment novice.

to run a successful jade jewelry stores need to understand what content, how to quickly sell the product? In fact, do a good job of selling a good grasp, of course, the consumer psychology. Experience is the largest demand for jade jewelry this special service product expectations. Whether in the store or online shopping, this experience is accompanied by consumer decision-making process. Whether it is pre-sale, or after sale, consumers should always be satisfied. read more

To go drink at the top of – flow

whether we are busy, or in our leisure life, we can have a drink, let us into a better relax. So, the choice of entrepreneurial drinks to join the project, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Successful venture, a trusted choice, you are still hesitant what?

consumers are now pursuing the taste buds on the enjoyment of a taste of the drink is very popular with the public, and now the beverage market in the development of more and more quickly, many people have seen the business opportunities. Join a drink shop is also a business opportunity. read more

Guy open shop business day break million

business has now become a choice for many people, at the same time in such a network era, there are a lot of people have begun to complete their own business objectives through the network as a platform, then let’s look at such an extraordinary network of entrepreneurs.

see Yin Feilei, he was wearing a white shirt and slacks, affinity elegant, confident young breath. His "Feilei dry cargo · shop" entrepreneurial dream college students since January 2013, opened at the end, after 1 and a half years from now accumulated reputation has reached 4 crown, sold more than 3 thousand single monthly average dry cargo from north to south, the daily sales break million yuan. read more

To open a snack shop – how much money probably need a

what is a snack? This small thought should be good to snacks, snacks and of course there is also a great feature is the ability to spot. Usually a snack is a food that is eaten outside the time of three meals a day. Under normal circumstances, in addition to three meals a day, people’s lives are known as dinner food, the rest will be called snacks. Snacks, with the time to eat with respect to the kind of unrelated, such as the general southerners as pasta snacks, but it is the staple food of the northerners. Snacks can be divided into three categories, the original product snacks, processed snacks and processed snacks. Now consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, and eat delicious snacks is a very popular choice, so the market is very impressive, the shop is also a good choice, then the snack shop to join read more

City Commission for Discipline Inspection held a clean culture into the project, into the scenic spo

for the further implementation of the thirteen Party Congress and the Municipal City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the thirteen plenary session of the two on the basis of the spirit, further promote clean government culture into organs, into the community, into the countryside, into the enterprise, into the schools, families, and actively explore carry out the culture into the project, into the area, in the hospital, into the mall "six plus four" education mode in Xining. In April 22nd, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection held a clean government culture into the project, into the area, in the hospital, into the mall work coordination meeting, the district (county), Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant units, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection leaders in charge sent discipline work committee and other units attended the meeting, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, deputy director of the Supervision Bureau with meng-hongfang made a speech at the meeting. Put forward specific requirements to create
  read more

Repair drainage network production lane was closed

November 29th, some people reflect the production of vehicles can not pass lane, driving home is very inconvenient. Reporters rushed to the scene learned that this section of the road is not because of the drainage pipe network due to the aging of the damaged, resulting in the surrounding area of drainage blocked, in order to speed up the progress of the rescue of the road construction was closed. In the afternoon, when reporters rushed to the scene, the drainage company repair personnel are on the road excavation. It is understood that the evening of November 26th, the production of real estate residential property jinzuo Xiang found that the drainage system within the district there is a problem, not only do not drain but to overflow, the basement is stinking sewage. They want to drain blocked dredge linked to the drainage company, water company staff to the scene, after repeated dredging did not succeed, at the end of the drainage of underground pipe network in the investigation, found that due to the drainage network is broken, leading to poor drainage. According to the on-site repair personnel, maintenance of drainage pipelines must be carried out on the road excavation, but the road is not the original production lane wide, the other side of a parked car, the construction team can not be carried out, in order to avoid the road collapsed, causing unnecessary damage to vehicles and pedestrians, construction personnel while outwardly pumping water, to ease the pressure of drainage near the side of the scene of the enclosure. Until November 29th, the traffic police department will clean up the scene after the vehicle, the construction team began to repair work. It is reported that the main reason for the destruction of the road drainage pipe network due to aging, the need to repair the drainage network is about 300 meters. Drainage company staff said the repair process in the section of the road traffic will be affected, repair teams will work overtime, as soon as possible to restore the normal passage of the road vehicles.   read more

CPPCC members to help poor students dream

The university is about school, poor students families are for tuition to worry about, in order to help them realize the dream into the campus, the morning of September 2nd, vice president Fan Xingliang and a member of the CPPCC Qinghai Zhongxia new building materials Co. Ltd. chairman Ni Borong with sincere love to see Dong Xia Zhen Dun Zi Cun Datong yuan this year admitted to the University Gu Wan one family, and sent 8000 yuan grants.

Xining City North District 42 enterprises to accept employment inspection

reporter from the north area of human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that the day before, the north area of the 2011 Annual labor inspection within the jurisdiction of the 42 catering, entertainment, processing and other enterprises, found that some staff mobility of catering enterprises, Small and micro businesses, labor contract rate is low, labor supervision departments issued a deadline rectification notice on 16 problems of the employment unit.
it is understood that the day before, the north area of human resources and Social Security Bureau focus on examination of the employers to sign labor contracts with the workers to participate in social insurance, the minimum wage standard implementation and employment registration system is perfect. The inspection, labor inspectors found perfect employment registration system in many enterprises, but individual catering enterprises and workers labor contract rate is low, there is also not to part of employees required to pay social insurance. The north area of human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor supervision office director Zhao said that the labor demand and the garden hotel is seasonal, and practitioners of greater mobility, so that the employer is not required, and employment for more than 1 months of employee labor contracts. Most of these employees are migrant workers in labor units, labor’s insurance awareness is poor, and even in the workers to understand the situation, some workers believe that the insured person, also need to pay insurance premiums in accordance with the regulations, thus reducing their income, so not willing to allow enterprises to handle the insurance formalities for them. (author: Rong Lijun) read more

Restaurant business mistakes

restaurant business is a lot of friends want to engage in the industry, because the restaurant industry profits. Because of the special attributes of catering, catering for intangible has certain advantages, so now more and more investors fancy food market, but in the end how to restaurant, this is everybody in concern, Xiaobian to introduce some misunderstanding of the operation.

1, seize the opportunity, missed opportunity

investment restaurant must seize the opportunity, after the village did not shop. Have a friend in a station at a cheap price to rent a nearly two hundred square meters of the restaurant, a lobby lounge four, Chinese fast food with casserole, very suitable for passenger dining, business is good. A year after she changed the chef, tastes changed, the customer is less. The friend is unknown, afraid of losing money, blindly transfer the restaurant, another rented a small restaurant. The restaurant business, soon casserole Daxing, he wanted to be a big fight, but due to the small shop, a small horse drawn carts. Look at the station can not be the restaurant management is very prosperous, regret. read more

Liu Yiguo hot pot

today this is a Hot pot to recommend project called Liu Hot pot pot, we see clearly, this is not often said that Liu hand Hot pot, but another famous Hot pot brand, let us join by members of the Liu Yiguo Liu Yiguo Hot pot shop how you ask.

Liu pot restaurant management company, established in 2004, a few years in the general manager under the leadership of Mr. Wei Chengjiang, created in R & D, marketing, management and its derivative projects as one of the national professional catering chain enterprises. The company’s main business, "Liu Yiguo Ba Ba head" brand. Headquarters has more than and 130 employees, construction, technical staff of more than and 40 people. Formed a marketing, research and development, construction, technology, human resources training and other integrated service system. At present, the company has a sound management system and corporate culture, the formation of a win-win situation of management, culture and construction. At the same time stores throughout black, Kyrgyzstan, Liaoning, Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Beijing and other provinces and cities. read more

Platinum has joined the success of the lighting business worry free

choose a good lighting to join the project, open a shop belonging to their own lights, is a very good choice. Platinum still lighting? High quality projects, the best way to choose the business, joined the platinum is still lighting project, is a very wise choice!

is the brand of platinum lighting should not be underestimated, the company has many years in R & D and sales of lighting operation experience, according to the market demand is not only the introduction of new products, so that you can find their own favorite one to every guest, strong adaptability to different styles and style of the myriads of changes. read more

To pay attention to what matters like before

Compared to the

and shop business, a street vendor has too many advantages, do not need to choose a professional shop, business is more flexible, want to change the business address can change, because of this, many people are beginning to put stall business. However, want to start their own business starting from the stall, in fact, there are a lot of knowledge, the more more attention. So, need to pay attention to those matters before the stall?

, select the appropriate stall location:

first depends on where you are, near the school? In the industrial zone? In the bustling commercial street, we should pay attention to observe what is the people, what they are interested in. read more