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Repair drainage network production lane was closed

November 29th, some people reflect the production of vehicles can not pass lane, driving home is very inconvenient. Reporters rushed to the scene learned that this section of the road is not because of the drainage pipe network due to the aging of the damaged, resulting in the surrounding area of drainage blocked, in order to speed up the progress of the rescue of the road construction was closed. In the afternoon, when reporters rushed to the scene, the drainage company repair personnel are on the road excavation. It is understood that the evening of November 26th, the production of real estate residential property jinzuo Xiang found that the drainage system within the district there is a problem, not only do not drain but to overflow, the basement is stinking sewage. They want to drain blocked dredge linked to the drainage company, water company staff to the scene, after repeated dredging did not succeed, at the end of the drainage of underground pipe network in the investigation, found that due to the drainage network is broken, leading to poor drainage. According to the on-site repair personnel, maintenance of drainage pipelines must be carried out on the road excavation, but the road is not the original production lane wide, the other side of a parked car, the construction team can not be carried out, in order to avoid the road collapsed, causing unnecessary damage to vehicles and pedestrians, construction personnel while outwardly pumping water, to ease the pressure of drainage near the side of the scene of the enclosure. Until November 29th, the traffic police department will clean up the scene after the vehicle, the construction team began to repair work. It is reported that the main reason for the destruction of the road drainage pipe network due to aging, the need to repair the drainage network is about 300 meters. Drainage company staff said the repair process in the section of the road traffic will be affected, repair teams will work overtime, as soon as possible to restore the normal passage of the road vehicles.   read more


CPPCC members to help poor students dream

The university is about school, poor students families are for tuition to worry about, in order to help them realize the dream into the campus, the morning of September 2nd, vice president Fan Xingliang and a member of the CPPCC Qinghai Zhongxia new building materials Co. Ltd. chairman Ni Borong with sincere love to see Dong Xia Zhen Dun Zi Cun Datong yuan this year admitted to the University Gu Wan one family, and sent 8000 yuan grants.


Xining City North District 42 enterprises to accept employment inspection

reporter from the north area of human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that the day before, the north area of the 2011 Annual labor inspection within the jurisdiction of the 42 catering, entertainment, processing and other enterprises, found that some staff mobility of catering enterprises, Small and micro businesses, labor contract rate is low, labor supervision departments issued a deadline rectification notice on 16 problems of the employment unit.
it is understood that the day before, the north area of human resources and Social Security Bureau focus on examination of the employers to sign labor contracts with the workers to participate in social insurance, the minimum wage standard implementation and employment registration system is perfect. The inspection, labor inspectors found perfect employment registration system in many enterprises, but individual catering enterprises and workers labor contract rate is low, there is also not to part of employees required to pay social insurance. The north area of human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor supervision office director Zhao said that the labor demand and the garden hotel is seasonal, and practitioners of greater mobility, so that the employer is not required, and employment for more than 1 months of employee labor contracts. Most of these employees are migrant workers in labor units, labor’s insurance awareness is poor, and even in the workers to understand the situation, some workers believe that the insured person, also need to pay insurance premiums in accordance with the regulations, thus reducing their income, so not willing to allow enterprises to handle the insurance formalities for them. (author: Rong Lijun) read more


Restaurant business mistakes

restaurant business is a lot of friends want to engage in the industry, because the restaurant industry profits. Because of the special attributes of catering, catering for intangible has certain advantages, so now more and more investors fancy food market, but in the end how to restaurant, this is everybody in concern, Xiaobian to introduce some misunderstanding of the operation.

1, seize the opportunity, missed opportunity

investment restaurant must seize the opportunity, after the village did not shop. Have a friend in a station at a cheap price to rent a nearly two hundred square meters of the restaurant, a lobby lounge four, Chinese fast food with casserole, very suitable for passenger dining, business is good. A year after she changed the chef, tastes changed, the customer is less. The friend is unknown, afraid of losing money, blindly transfer the restaurant, another rented a small restaurant. The restaurant business, soon casserole Daxing, he wanted to be a big fight, but due to the small shop, a small horse drawn carts. Look at the station can not be the restaurant management is very prosperous, regret. read more


Liu Yiguo hot pot

today this is a Hot pot to recommend project called Liu Hot pot pot, we see clearly, this is not often said that Liu hand Hot pot, but another famous Hot pot brand, let us join by members of the Liu Yiguo Liu Yiguo Hot pot shop how you ask.

Liu pot restaurant management company, established in 2004, a few years in the general manager under the leadership of Mr. Wei Chengjiang, created in R & D, marketing, management and its derivative projects as one of the national professional catering chain enterprises. The company’s main business, "Liu Yiguo Ba Ba head" brand. Headquarters has more than and 130 employees, construction, technical staff of more than and 40 people. Formed a marketing, research and development, construction, technology, human resources training and other integrated service system. At present, the company has a sound management system and corporate culture, the formation of a win-win situation of management, culture and construction. At the same time stores throughout black, Kyrgyzstan, Liaoning, Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Beijing and other provinces and cities. read more


Platinum has joined the success of the lighting business worry free

choose a good lighting to join the project, open a shop belonging to their own lights, is a very good choice. Platinum still lighting? High quality projects, the best way to choose the business, joined the platinum is still lighting project, is a very wise choice!

is the brand of platinum lighting should not be underestimated, the company has many years in R & D and sales of lighting operation experience, according to the market demand is not only the introduction of new products, so that you can find their own favorite one to every guest, strong adaptability to different styles and style of the myriads of changes. read more


To pay attention to what matters like before

Compared to the

and shop business, a street vendor has too many advantages, do not need to choose a professional shop, business is more flexible, want to change the business address can change, because of this, many people are beginning to put stall business. However, want to start their own business starting from the stall, in fact, there are a lot of knowledge, the more more attention. So, need to pay attention to those matters before the stall?

, select the appropriate stall location:

first depends on where you are, near the school? In the industrial zone? In the bustling commercial street, we should pay attention to observe what is the people, what they are interested in. read more


2014 what project to join a small series for you to introduce

entrepreneurship is now a lot of people, especially young people’s choice. So, 2014 to join what project? What is the most profitable? If you have such a question, then follow the small series together to find out the latest business opportunities in 2014!

2014   project to join what good books and magazines; />

2014   to join what project; />

2014 joined what project   mobile phone emergency charger

the product size, appearance and lipstick. Due to the charging power supply for 1.5 volt five batteries, can boost circuit this product unique internal settings, the voltage of 1.5 volts to 5.7 volts, can meet the mobile phone emergency charging use. read more


How to choose the right cabinet to join the project

market, there are a lot of cabinet stores, this kind of store business prospects, select the brand project, will occupy more business advantages, how to choose the right brand project? This is the franchisee need to think about the problem. Xiao Bian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help you find the right brand.


joined the project in your choice of kitchen, should first collect more interested in your project, and then discuss several projects with the headquarters. Fully understand the headquarters of the operating strength and business philosophy. In the course of the goods than three, investors should focus on how successful the probability of success after joining the high, rather than the sum of the total investment amount. read more


American girl Catherine Cook ad annual income of $10 million

a lot of times, maybe you can hardly imagine, some little girl, will become such a successful entrepreneur. The website is popular among the young people in the United States, and the advertising revenue is $10 million.


2005 years, 15 year old Cook and 16 year old brother Dave transferred to New Jersey, Skillman, Montgomerie high school and senior high school students respectively. Came to a strange new environment, siblings are not very familiar with the same grade friends, had to find a souvenir book to meet the students in the class. At this point, they will have an idea, why not put up their own photos on the Internet, and then upload their favorite music, extra-curricular interest and resume?

2005 />

read more


2016 entrepreneurial projects

always has good day for business and on the let small build up the family fortunes, also want to start to do business impulse, I believe many people like me more or less thought of doing business with it, even if not to do business, and would like to know some things about entrepreneurship, for example, what are the business of good projects, small today Xiaobian take you to see what a good start this year!

read more


Several big profits to make money industry secret

in today’s society, the ultimate goal of many people to entrepreneurship are actually making money to gain wealth, but there is no entrepreneurial direction and often will choose a lot of people in the business, in fact, in the society in which there are a lot of very profitable projects and businesses can choose, let’s take a look at.

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Zhuge fish join details

now the fish in the food industry has been regarded as a set of delicious and health in a delicious food items. Of course, consumers like, investors will favor. Fish, fresh fish with vegetables and spices with homemade secret grilled, think people are unable to hide greeds. Zhuge fish in this fish as the main products, other products, halogen, perfume, fish cuisine boutique series by delicious grilled fish, with elegant environment, Zhuge fish always attract a large number of consumers are attracted to. In addition Zhuge fish for the franchisee to provide a variety of stores, you can choose the most suitable join types according to their actual situation. read more


YAHOO said its only response Icahn plan will be sold to Microsoft YAHOO

According to

CNET website reported on June 4th, YAHOO chairman Roy Bostock in late June 4th by Carle said in a letter to Icahn, Icahn don’t fully understand the current situation, and all his plan is to sell YAHOO to Microsoft.

Bostock said in the letter: "your letter is a serious misjudgment recently on Microsoft and YAHOO in a series of events. It is clear that the lack of a credible plan for YAHOO’s future in your letter is only a repeat of YAHOO’s ability to sell itself to Microsoft." read more


A 3 and a half years website lawsuit lost to event

at the end of 2006, Nanjing Hanzhoung Gate Street, Auchan supermarket upstairs a "Xicihutong" sale price, because of the same name and "Xicihutong website", the real estate has just appeared, won the attention of people. But the site is not happy, accusing the development of the famous brand, and set out to fight. One is the real estate, a website, a long-running trademark dispute two originally irrelevant "Xici". Recently, the lawsuit ended in triumph.


property named "Xici" read more


TV150 store to promote the first phase of the shop to promote primary knowledge

Moderator: I am honored to serve as the host of this lecture, I simply say the following venue discipline:

in heaven during the teacher lectures, no one is allowed to speak, but not a spam advertising behavior, once discovered, light shielding heavy T this group to speak.

this lecture organizers: TV150

tutorial by TV150 founder Song Jianming (screen name: original, shop promotion God helps those who help themselves) learning to, colleagues if you want to reprint or live in other parts of the lecture, please indicate the copyright information, thank you. read more


Copy, where We live in a world of Meng Meng Da

introduction: I was very curious and asked a young man of our marketing, you feel so cool to write the title? Do you know what he said? He looked a bit sorry to say, I don’t know why, hands on the keyboard, it it it it, those words will come out.

one day in 2013, I was on a business trip to read the plum blossom network of today’s mail, the headlines of the day’s headlines at the beginning of the three words impressively,… ".

I cannot read completely on the spot be frightened and change color! Ah, even if there are typos, also won’t get it so wrong? When I was no longer responsible for the daily management of the plum network, but still can not help but to be responsible for the plum network stella. read more


Five ways to promote blog

a lot of blog friends may be in trouble for one thing, how to make your blog can be seen more users, more than a few visitors, to some comments. If the light on the blog site to edit your blog on the home page, but it is very difficult, after all, so many users, often by the editors would is more familiar with the blogger, they can take the easy way, save time, and the quality is guaranteed, so for the grass-roots Bo the more, the article is difficult to be found no echo.

so we bloggers should learn how to promote, so users are active to our blog, see the article, let you hard every day to write down ideas not wasted. Today to provide you with my summary of the five major ways to promote the blog, but also to communicate with everyone. read more