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How to choose the right cabinet to join the project

market, there are a lot of cabinet stores, this kind of store business prospects, select the brand project, will occupy more business advantages, how to choose the right brand project? This is the franchisee need to think about the problem. Xiao Bian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help you find the right brand.


joined the project in your choice of kitchen, should first collect more interested in your project, and then discuss several projects with the headquarters. Fully understand the headquarters of the operating strength and business philosophy. In the course of the goods than three, investors should focus on how successful the probability of success after joining the high, rather than the sum of the total investment amount.

in the face of these cabinets to join the project, do not blindly, we must do a good job in the market analysis, from all aspects of comparison. Join the mode and conditions of the franchisee are generally similar, but it is the "small differences", such as the price of gold to join the headquarters of payment, delivery, will is an important factor affecting the operating profit after joining.

for no entrepreneurial experience, the cabinet to join the headquarters of the training is very important, a good store training for future store experience has a very direct relationship. After a preliminary agreement between the investor and the franchisee, the franchisee will provide a series of pre opening training courses.

cabinet franchise business and the selected brand project has a great relationship. So join in the choice of brand stage can not relax. You must be careful and thorough. To be able to analyze the results of their own. Is the above advice helpful? Come and experience it!

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American girl Catherine Cook ad annual income of $10 million

a lot of times, maybe you can hardly imagine, some little girl, will become such a successful entrepreneur. The website is popular among the young people in the United States, and the advertising revenue is $10 million.


2005 years, 15 year old Cook and 16 year old brother Dave transferred to New Jersey, Skillman, Montgomerie high school and senior high school students respectively. Came to a strange new environment, siblings are not very familiar with the same grade friends, had to find a souvenir book to meet the students in the class. At this point, they will have an idea, why not put up their own photos on the Internet, and then upload their favorite music, extra-curricular interest and resume?

2005 />


2016 entrepreneurial projects

always has good day for business and on the let small build up the family fortunes, also want to start to do business impulse, I believe many people like me more or less thought of doing business with it, even if not to do business, and would like to know some things about entrepreneurship, for example, what are the business of good projects, small today Xiaobian take you to see what a good start this year!


Several big profits to make money industry secret

in today’s society, the ultimate goal of many people to entrepreneurship are actually making money to gain wealth, but there is no entrepreneurial direction and often will choose a lot of people in the business, in fact, in the society in which there are a lot of very profitable projects and businesses can choose, let’s take a look at.

1 real estate industry   real estate sector is the largest inflow of funds. The era of huge profits in real estate does not end, outdoor advertising real estate is the city skyline, a variety of rich list, real estate tycoons has occupied half of the country. In the hot seller’s market, the price of the house just by the developer’s mood, 10 thousand today, tomorrow may be sold to 10 thousand and 2. The listed companies in Xiamen, more than 1/3 enterprises / real estate. In many places, the country’s macro-control policies have not been eliminated, the local government has long been ready to, busy to give developers preferential deregulation, to purchase subsidies, which also shows the importance of real estate in local finance.

2 tobacco industry   if the industry does not make money, the state has long banned citizens from smoking, ha ha. Do not you see, big profits every year is the tobacco enterprise, from Hongta to Shanghai tobacco group, from the "double happiness" to "Septwolves", have made a great contribution to the national tax revenue, although each pack of cigarettes are written above: "smoking is harmful to health". There are about 3 smokers in china. 500 million   (which is equivalent to the total population of many countries), an average of one per person per day, can bring about 1/3 of China’s fiscal revenue. The treatment of workers in the tobacco industry has jumped to NO. 01, even the town of tobacco workstation also let many people like a flock of ducks.

3   in the financial industry; the loan had make people know that interest rates so high ah, it is hard to avoid making money! Due to the monopoly of the financial industry, the financial industry directly led to huge profits. This is not surprising, as long as we look at the bank deposit interest margin. The one-year deposit rate is 3. 5, while the loan interest rate is 6. 56, there is a profit, the profit of 87%, four state-owned bank profits doubled each year, and a number of small and medium-sized bank loans is more than 1 points of interest, in a blink of an earned 200% profit. The insurance industry is also a financial windfall, they can pull in the policy of what can be promised, which was a bit naive, when they have a total of ten thousand reasons to refuse.

4 perfume industry   beauty of the heart, there are people, perfume is quite a market. The perfume is in recent years many people especially young girls a consumer favorite, Valentine’s day, birthday, expression love all cannot do without a bottle of perfume recommended


Zhuge fish join details

now the fish in the food industry has been regarded as a set of delicious and health in a delicious food items. Of course, consumers like, investors will favor. Fish, fresh fish with vegetables and spices with homemade secret grilled, think people are unable to hide greeds. Zhuge fish in this fish as the main products, other products, halogen, perfume, fish cuisine boutique series by delicious grilled fish, with elegant environment, Zhuge fish always attract a large number of consumers are attracted to. In addition Zhuge fish for the franchisee to provide a variety of stores, you can choose the most suitable join types according to their actual situation.

learn the details to join

Zhuge fish

Zhuge fish join conditions:

– passion for fish business, is willing to actively invest Zhuge fish cause.

– Zhuge fish identity management idea, obey the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, law-abiding, standardized operation.


has the good faith business reputation, self-motivated, dedication, creativity and entrepreneurship.

– to maintain the Zhuge fish enterprise brand image.

– willing to participate in the headquarters of systematic training and reasonable suggestions for the Department to accept.

Zhuge fish join process:

– telephone consultation, website, fax.

have a clear intention to cooperate, field visits to the company headquarters, with the interview.

– set the letter of intent.

– signed a cooperation contract.


cooperation franchisee to pay franchise fees and other expenses, the entry into force of the seal.

– marketing training, technical training.


store location, store decoration.

the procedures required for business.


company staff recruitment and technical management personnel in place, training, logistics and distribution, the stagnation point guidance.

– Official business.

Zhuge fish join advantage:

1, brand advantage


YAHOO said its only response Icahn plan will be sold to Microsoft YAHOO

According to

CNET website reported on June 4th, YAHOO chairman Roy Bostock in late June 4th by Carle said in a letter to Icahn, Icahn don’t fully understand the current situation, and all his plan is to sell YAHOO to Microsoft.

Bostock said in the letter: "your letter is a serious misjudgment recently on Microsoft and YAHOO in a series of events. It is clear that the lack of a credible plan for YAHOO’s future in your letter is only a repeat of YAHOO’s ability to sell itself to Microsoft."

after Icahn in an e-mail denouncing YAHOO CEO Yang Zhiyuan hinder Microsoft acquisition of YAHOO, and YAHOO to give up a staff leave the subsidy program. The plan would increase the cost of Microsoft’s acquisition of YAHOO, and sources said the plan is one of the differences between Microsoft and YAHOO.


A 3 and a half years website lawsuit lost to event

at the end of 2006, Nanjing Hanzhoung Gate Street, Auchan supermarket upstairs a "Xicihutong" sale price, because of the same name and "Xicihutong website", the real estate has just appeared, won the attention of people. But the site is not happy, accusing the development of the famous brand, and set out to fight. One is the real estate, a website, a long-running trademark dispute two originally irrelevant "Xici". Recently, the lawsuit ended in triumph.


property named "Xici"

"Xicihutong" real estate is located in Hanzhoung street, Auchan supermarket upstairs, project a total of only three floors, one of the smallest apartment layout is only 19 square meters, the main city of Nanjing has created a record of the smallest apartment layout. In 2006 the project has just appeared, big names have attracted people’s hot.

Nanjing most users know that "Xicihutong website is a comprehensive community website has a large number of users in Nanjing. At first, it was thought that the property and the site is a family, but was unanimously denied by both sides. The website accused said, "Xicihutong website was founded in early 1998, and this property is obvious in near the famous".

real estate agents Nanjing Real Estate Investment Consultants Limited (hereinafter referred to as synchronous company) general manager of history just recalled, when "Xici" this name never violated the interests of the website. "This project is Xianfang, as a result of the transformation in the apartment layout design re positioning, to create fine decoration of large-sized apartment apartment, the three layer of every floor is long and narrow, a bit like alley, so they think of the name of the xicihutong."

The history of

just said, just began to think of the name, also have concerns with the website name whether tort, but consider this case in accordance with the project location, and has previously consulted legal advisers, lawyers say "Xicihutong website scope does not include real estate, real estate will not use this name tort.

sued for patent infringement by the wall

"Xici" after the opening of sales, but then came the lawsuit. "Xici" website reported to the Nanjing intermediate people’s court to stop the infringement and claim 300 thousand yuan, in October 16, 2007, the Nanjing intermediate people’s court accepted the case.


website on the grounds that the real estate aspects without authorization to use the name of foreign promotion, sales, is in a "Xici" brand awareness and brand effect of the ride, to seek illegitimate interests, infringement of trademark rights on the website.

In the

case, the website has been the "West Temple" and "Xici" registered as a trademark, the main business scope is the network, are not involved in real estate. The site that one of the most important reason is: "property infringement Xicihutong" has become a well-known trademark "as everyone knows".

"if it is a well-known trademark, then the scope of protection is relatively wide, even in other areas, other people can not just make"


TV150 store to promote the first phase of the shop to promote primary knowledge

Moderator: I am honored to serve as the host of this lecture, I simply say the following venue discipline:

in heaven during the teacher lectures, no one is allowed to speak, but not a spam advertising behavior, once discovered, light shielding heavy T this group to speak.

this lecture organizers: TV150

tutorial by TV150 founder Song Jianming (screen name: original, shop promotion God helps those who help themselves) learning to, colleagues if you want to reprint or live in other parts of the lecture, please indicate the copyright information, thank you.

this lecture by: push a forum and blue peak fire team sponsored

the lecture is very pleased to be invited to push a founder: members jianglikun teacher and blue peak fire Peng Yuan teacher, and the space honest teacher, Peng Hongwei teacher, thank the teachers taking the time to support on the lecture.

below please a few teachers and everyone say hello. Several teachers engaged in network promotion for many years, has a wealth of marketing experience, we have encountered in the future of the promotion of difficult problems can be pushed or a blue peak fire several consulting. OK, please do the following to maximize the current chat window, and then maintain a comfortable posture, with the fastest speed into the state. The following time to the teacher, everyone applauded the teacher. Please make a cup of tea, to maintain a comfortable posture and maximize the window into the learning state dousou spirit.

I believe that everyone has to

I know that my name: Song Jianming, screen name: God helps those who help themselves three years engaged in network industry, and personal blog address: want to know more about I can look at.

today our topic is: how novice shop promotion, I hope in the lecture you do not just talk, so as not to affect other people’s ideas in class, if you have questions you can answer questions to the forum area, I will answer. Address:, we ask now, may we all know the word network promotion, here I will not do more to explain, people here are a lot of friends want to learn some things just contact shop promotion for this one, don’t know where to start, a lot of knowledge is also a known half also, there are a lot of people often see on the promotion of articles on the Internet, but the feeling is when you really want to go to the theory, practice and do not know how to do.

because each one of our friends here now know the knowledge level is different, the net time is different, so I cannot write a tutorial for all the people, is the so-called, one million people to call, Guo Degang said, when you love a kind of art, there are always people who abuse "


Copy, where We live in a world of Meng Meng Da

introduction: I was very curious and asked a young man of our marketing, you feel so cool to write the title? Do you know what he said? He looked a bit sorry to say, I don’t know why, hands on the keyboard, it it it it, those words will come out.

one day in 2013, I was on a business trip to read the plum blossom network of today’s mail, the headlines of the day’s headlines at the beginning of the three words impressively,… ".

I cannot read completely on the spot be frightened and change color! Ah, even if there are typos, also won’t get it so wrong? When I was no longer responsible for the daily management of the plum network, but still can not help but to be responsible for the plum network stella.

of course, I am also a very curious person, so Baidu a little " I stay " I instantly understand. But at that time, Baidu Encyclopedia has not included " I stay " this entry, the editor of our really avant-garde.

later, our news headlines have " ", " tall; he abandoned treatment, " " Li " ", " love does not feel tired;, anyway I also look tired, lazy, so we are accustomed to.

today, if you take " " or " is capricious; also drunk " WeChat search public number search will find to Sogou, overwhelming results, mostly contributed by the number of public enterprises of the title of the article. Copy, this post has fallen completely!

I was very curious and asked a young man of our marketing, you feel so cool to write the title? Do you know what he said? He looked a bit sorry to say, I don’t know why, hands on the keyboard, it it it it, those words will come out.

I can’t think of the atmosphere in the end when it began to form, in fact, when I enter the line, there is absolutely no scene. I remember vaguely that " is the initiator of evil; pornographic and violent " (according to Baidu research, it is popular in 2008).

now, look at the market department, not to mention the " the high-end atmosphere on the grade " copy, even ordinary original copy are increasingly rare, regardless of everyone, no matter what, we all live in a " Meng Da " the world.

is no doubt the main social media, since 2008, social media is the core of the birth and spread of the network buzzwords. But the question is why the enterprise marketers also add fuel to the flames, because the cut is also constantly chaotic " social marketing "!!

I think of the guy I was blushing. Isn’t it, he’s a >


Five ways to promote blog

a lot of blog friends may be in trouble for one thing, how to make your blog can be seen more users, more than a few visitors, to some comments. If the light on the blog site to edit your blog on the home page, but it is very difficult, after all, so many users, often by the editors would is more familiar with the blogger, they can take the easy way, save time, and the quality is guaranteed, so for the grass-roots Bo the more, the article is difficult to be found no echo.

so we bloggers should learn how to promote, so users are active to our blog, see the article, let you hard every day to write down ideas not wasted. Today to provide you with my summary of the five major ways to promote the blog, but also to communicate with everyone.

, QQ group promotion method

this method is believed to be a lot of bloggers are used, but the effect is not very ideal, which shows that there is no real use of this method. First of all, QQ group promotion method is a time-consuming method needs long time in the QQ group and Q have a good relationship, if blunt the Bowen title and link their hair up, and then let the people go to the top of your article, I believe there is little point in. Therefore, it is very important to have a good relationship with the active groups, and to implement different social strategies according to different groups. Secondly, it is necessary to work hard in the title, we must let the user resonate in the group, do not look at the title of only a few words, but a good summary, there will be a very important role.

two, message return method

this method seems simple, but in fact there are many skills. Some bloggers do not look at each other’s friends on the article began to boast about a good article, then ask for a return visit, doing so is a waste of effort. We must carefully when using this method, carefully read each other’s blog, clarify their own point of view, let them feel that you are really feeling, even if you do not leave what "welcome back" words, other bloggers would like to see your article. This will not only bring traffic, but also to get the chance to comment will be greatly improved, because you are in the heart of communication with each other.

three, circle promotion method

circle promotion method a lot of old bloggers are not unfamiliar, many people have joined in many circles, but you have to do your research in Canada when the circle, the circle of active users how, this circle is not suitable for your article published in this circle is not carefully review and comment not in order to gloss it over. Circle of people are not necessarily more, too many words are likely to soon be flooded your article. Be sure to do a good relationship with the circle of the Lord, which is very helpful for your article recommendation. There is a very important thing is that your article must be original, the original article of the popularity of the article is reproduced than.

four, micro-blog promotion method