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Six points on the construction of the station group

four points, the construction of website

old domain name those who have been through or are still included in Shanghai love love Shanghai included, must have a reverse link and weight. YAHOO link, at least there should be the reverse link from the home page, if you encounter the same industry that is better.

station group construction is necessary for the novice webmaster no contacts and money, we come from the homepage of the chain mostly rely on Links to achieve, but the number of our master can do Links is quite limited, this time on the need to set up our resources to do the master station one-way links or find other sites do cross links. Station group in the search engine appears to be cheating, although the search engine for the station, there is no perfect measures, but the station group construction still carefully, the author summed up the five points station group construction, for the novice webmaster reference.

stations should be based on the keywords you do depends on the difficulty, is generally not less than three, if the keyword is not difficult also can be one to two. Don’t get too many stations, so the limited time and energy, and to the joint K.

three points. The choice of the template.

is the name of the site, to be unique, not simple words, generally 4-6 words is enough. The content updated daily 2 article pseudo original article is enough for

points, select the

The number of

does not need to spend energy to decorate the chain, only need to rely on the existing PR advantage to find Links. Do you Links best blog. Outside the chain of each other’s best is the less the better. It is not relevant, but must be a blog. Links must register the way to contact each other, so that problems can be timely treatment.

template selection is very important, have the ability to do your template, do not have the ability to be able to buy a template. Don’t use a free template, between each station group template cannot be the same. Energy Limited webmaster recommended blog program do stand group, two articles every day to a very relaxed and happy.

stations and our main station in the same space, this is a disadvantage for the establishment of the station group, the search engine is based on the same IP to determine whether you are using the station group of cheating, so it is suggested to be placed in the two stations and the main station to a different one. IP points to no more than two of the resource station.

six points,

we do station group’s purpose is to gather the weight in a short period of time, and love Shanghai for the new domain name credit take at least 3 months. So we must choose an old weight domain in the choice of the domain name, the domain name generally choose pr3.

two points, the number of sites

domain name

five points, the construction of the chain

spaceWe do not recommend


Shanghai Longfeng novice to learn to guard against the chain trap

today is the topic of many of my friends have seen a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but still talk about it, talk about Shanghai Longfeng novice to do outside the chain. Shanghai Longfeng work foreign chain is an important part of the chain good can enhance the role of large websites, especially one-way links, which also produces a variety of chain trap. If outside the chain into a trap, do not work, may also do marry clothes for others, their work is in vain not to fall down is good, others accounted for a great deal. Most of the chain trap is the use of some of the more subtle means tricks on the source code, so that the link is not a substantive role for your website, but the page can be seen on this link, some new friends not based often will see a link you think this place can do outside the chain, in fact not exactly (in the Cong blog to see him less for some take this so-called master bluff is abhorrent), following a brief introduction about the chain common pitfalls.

2, JavaScript script. This is a very common chain trap, often found in Links. Due to the weight of Links is relatively high, so some people will play tricks on the Links part, using JavaScript script input, so that you can see the link on the page, but the search spider is not to understand the JavaScript script, nature is ignored, thus the formation of a one-way links to your website to the other site. The script is very simple, as long as you are in the source code of the Links see not plain anchor text links, but as < scripttype=" text/javascript" src=" xxx.js" > < /script>, and then use the FF browser like chrome or click on the JS script (see links into the future, document.write may the more.

1, nofollow. This is a chain of common pitfalls, there are two ways, one is the HTML document in the meta part of the statement, as said the document do not need to grab the link, but this approach is not used by many people, because most of the content on the page is the need to capture the use this way only some special page; the other is declared in the anchor property, such as < a href=" xxx.html" rel=" nofollow" >, said don’t grab this link to the page, this kind of flexibility, can batch for the specific position of the link specified, so is the most commonly used methods, common in the blog, sometimes there are people doing this in the hands and feet Links.


Situation grasp the ranking signs timely optimization effect is better

what time is most suitable for the web site, as a webmaster, do you know? Have to say 24 hours of continuous updating is optimal, but not many grassroots can do it. In addition to any update? Generally speaking, in the website update as early as 6 points to 9 points, is the best time to update. Of course it is only that person several years of experience, around 9 general search engine spiders put more time. But the thing is not absolute, in ensuring an updated usage, the spider can also be fixed time and keep at home is not a bad idea. There are 3 pieces of the original can be released if every day, nor will the accumulation point out at the same time. The optimization effect of optimal, can be released gradually, makes the search engine used to check for updates to crawl.

as a webmaster, used to see the website log that you need to know. Not only can see whether the site was malicious attacks and intrusion, we can also see the search index rule engine, and the website appeared in what kind of situation, which can be displayed at a glance. Similar to the author in the domain name before the blog, do not know the domain name have been built, but after the operation, we found 404 errors through the log, hundreds of times a day. Is this, if not in time, what will be the result? A lot of 404 without treatment, light weight to get down right even K station. View the site log, of course, not only these. The content included some useless, they can easily see through the log, and shielding, beneficial to the website optimization. Such as: a small icon in the template, which is not included in N? So for such a high repeat content, should not end shield, may be one of the factors affecting site.

content is included more and more effective? Some webmaster only see included quantity, not quality. However, for example, an article addresses xxxx贵族宝贝/news.asp>

: select the

: three page address format included

two: Web log can not be ignored

daily update time

what is the Shanghai dragon optimization search engine optimization rules of homeopathy?. However, in the actual operation, how many people timely for search engine optimization rules? Most of the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is just "legalistic" doing the right thing, and steady optimization. But what is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? 42 dial the optimization effect of Jack, is the essence of Shanghai dragon er. In the shortest time, to achieve the best effect of the ranking of Shanghai dragon Er is the qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon. How to achieve this goal? That binary search engine rankings, grasp the signs, timely optimization effect is better, or make further efforts to achieve a multiplier effect. No drift, site in the development process in the short term will not top-notch, and if the long run may inevitably make ends meet, then The loss outweighs the gain..


The medical website how to coordinate the relationship between the Shanghai dragon and the user expe

has been observed for a period of time the flow is smaller, the number of advisory also have some more, but found.

Shanghai dragon The

medical websites are doing to have a doctor needs people to see, is to bring direct benefits, not just to see a spider. Some of the webmaster very care hospital included in the site, site traffic and the keywords ranking, as everyone knows, a good user experience, is the verification of medical website quality standards, can bring the hospital consultation quantity is the ultimate goal.

in Guiyang Shengji Andrological Hospital ( as an example, at the beginning of the construction site is now less than 5 months, but has experienced four times of revision! The first time, with particular emphasis on Shanghai Longfeng, site for on-line acquisition has good 2K article, article title, keywords, content of keywords the density, are doing very well, the page design is not very good, is to imitate a large health portal, the original idea is to get through a lot of content with long tail words, so the traffic there, a website online, the result is indeed to be expected. This piece of medical industry, people are aware of the fierce competition, needless to say, love Shanghai promotion costs on the way. But in a period of observation after the website traffic is indeed to around IP1000 daily, but the amount of consulting really exasperating, but there are many traffic sources in other provinces, the regional hospital service is strong, unless you are a very famous big hospital, the patient will have not quit thousands of miles came to the remote medical treatment, if it is a large hospital that is not necessary so hard to engage in what Shanghai longfeng. All the crap, then locate the target group in Guizhou, keywords are also around the Guizhou andrology hospital to carry out, has been ranked first in the class is in Guizhou; disease treatment such as * * * *.

to solve the problem of more traffic problems, and it is more important to obtain high quality analysis of traffic problems, or bring huge invalid flow will cause the burden of the website.

user experience (UE) to solve the problem is transformed into the problem how to make it runs through a series of process needs to see a doctor who finally completed the online consultation, including web page design to coordinate, collocation is reasonable, content to have value, let the patient as soon as possible consultation, even if there is no sick people to pay attention to, want to check.

a lot of medical website articles often love in the article often insert meaningless title or keyword, such as Shanghai dragon I think there is some help, but for the user experience, is undoubtedly a big mistake.

always stand in the angle of visitors, stand in the customer’s shoes, told the visitors want the most information in the most direct and effective, if successful. Medical network marketing, I always think, UE+SE (user experience optimization + Search Marketing) combination is the inevitable trend of hospital marketing.


Before the station is not included to expand the two level domain is dug the grave site

two level domain name included, if your site is not included, so the whole weight of the website is a kind of transfer, we should have the website weight is concentrated in the primary site, but your two level domain name has not been included, the master search engine, this time will cause the spider crawling ignore the master directly crawling two level domain, through space log analysis, if you find it, then there are only two ways: 1, increase the chain input intensity, whether through the chain to make a full range of spider web 2, to strengthen the quality accreditation; master the content, whether it is the content of the web site there is a problem. If you master by these methods has not been recognized as love Shanghai, I tell you, you have two choices:

Internet domain name price has been very stable, generally registered a COM domain name prices between 50-60 yuan, which is affordable for several webmaster want to do, but there is a part of the webmaster heart sky is very wide, want to do a dozens of hundreds of different sites, and more of the site spend more costs to include domain name, host and so on. Among them, can be said to do 10 websites need to spend at least 1000 yuan, which for individual owners is a big expense, so have part of the webmaster playing two level domain attention.

After the

master is not included, two level domain name has been included is a satire on the master, to know the two level domain name is just a part of the web site, why the search engine included your two level domain name is not included in your master, from a positive point of view this is why search engines do not recognize you. The master, from the side view is the main content you do well, you can imagine that even the two domain names are recognized by search engines, and your master has not been recognized this is not what is ironic, but after the two level domain name included, if your host is not included, so want to make the master station is included in the search engine may be a bit difficult, love Shanghai spider has to grab your site many times, but is not included, so if your two level domain name was collected, the master has not been received Recorded, so the author suggest you give up the domain name, started a new life.

this part of the webmaster approach is to start a separate domain name, directory in the virtual host, classification of submission, to build web sites is not actually wrong with this method, but some webmaster do not know the domain name included principle, are often the two level domain name included, while the main domain name website has not been in love in Shanghai such a long time on the recognition, two level domain name will not have a good ranking, which is a waste of time, in the face of this situation I told you: is the grave to expand the two level domain before the station is not included here, with the talk.

1, give up the master domain name, the Lord will jump to the two level domain, by this method can guarantee the site of the two domain long-term indexed by search engines or the master has not included, the next time is.


Individual website stationmaster says to die not

More than 70%

network is personal station, believe that the success of personal site is not much, the Internet is full of uncertainty and the carrier at a loss, then the individual station to how to make your own website to avoid risks, not lose the direction to adapt to network and social actual demand and refused to die

?The cause of death at

personal site:

1. content can not keep up, the point is not brilliant, and content reorganization is not a person can easily complete, need to broaden the knowledge and new personality to participate.

2. capital chain is not perfect, develop their own resource limitations, out of Web site to see the value of the site and the direction of the bottleneck to the speed of innovation of existing resources to use or use the speed to catch up with the bright younger generation to learn.

3. webmaster personal nature decided, most of the webmaster hold the flow of dreams are search engines, search flow, happy site development will be proud, but lost the search site into an empty shell.


4. architecture and profit model, because most of them are only monks, can only read the pieces. Replication and model innovation can not play the most incisive, but also hinder the development of the site, and thus fall into their own set of thinking circle.

5. state of mind, this is a very heavy, general Webmaster Station in early will clear their direction, but in the late period of encounter, traffic and user response to shake even from the creative to ordinary, or directly off the site. Persistence has become a big problem.

Several ways of dying at

individual stations:

1. die in silence, drilling update dead end, ask for perfection and do not seek a character and value. Innovation has not kept pace, technology is missing, business strategy is absent.

2. in the struggle in the curtain call, technology can not keep up the pace of thinking, there are preliminary operational strategy, but the lack of stability, tossing themselves and Internet users, in the sad demise.

3. search engine spike, this easy to explain, user loyalty and the value of the site can not be established from the beginning, lost the stickiness of the site. Search engine spike became the final road of return.

4. transformation lose value, the site to a certain extent, encountered bottlenecks, can not afford to rush to launch new features and projects, leading to pushing across the original site, and then lose value.

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After graduation from a primary school career journey

was envious of successful people when they were young; they had enough time to control their money, and they were free to spend money when they wanted to or when they needed it. They have too many mysteries to be admired and respected. After I came out to work, I felt that everything was too far away from me. The gap between dream and reality was too great. I lost my former dream and had to go back to the reality of life.

clearly remember that I have 95 years of study, our hometown is a famous national poor county, everywhere is a mountain, home is a staple of potatoes and corn, the 97 years of junior high school graduation, I have to face the problem of early school tuition. After leaving school, I eased the financial pressure on my family, so that I could go to school at the age of 10, and I was on the road to work.

my father asked a friend to find me a job. He said he was working, but he didn’t have any salary. He was an apprentice and learned how to fill the car. Just to work what I do not understand, master told me to do what? I have been living in the countryside, no TV, so the TV at home in the master, then the most popular TV series is "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain", I am tempted to take advantage of the master is not at home when I was in watch TV, then the master did not say me, but after a period of time the master spoke to me and said: "your father told you to learn your skill, you do it every day Oh, so sorry mom and dad." From that after I did not watch TV, to seriously study the repairing technology.

not long after, a village neighbors to find me, said a few days ago my brother on the way home from school drown, then heard the news when you cry, I very love my brother, 86 years of the tiger, at the age of 4 in his home play. My father is a carpenter, get in the house for others, the axe accidentally fell from the sky fell in her brother’s face, his face scratched 4 inches deep, not the head injury and bones, we felt so lucky, if you drop on the head when his brother may be dead. Often hear people say "will escape from death in a great catastrophe to come", we also report that hope, so the opportunity to study for my brother, but 96 years or drown.

is a blessing, not a curse. It’s a disaster. But I have no intention of working. I go home and cry with my mother for half a month. But in the end, we have to accept the unfortunate fact. In July of the same year, my aunt’s husband died, my mother died in December, a year in the home killed 3 relatives, the world does not know why you do this to me? What can we do, in addition to bear or endure, ordinary people may not understand at this time our family in the feeling of the heart, in addition to pain or pain. The new year soon, the greater misfortune slowly closer to me, my mom and dad to divorce, father to Guangdong to go to work in Shantou, the mother didn’t know to what place, leaving me alone at home to celebrate the new year, the year I was 16 years old.

says poor people


How not to hurt the foot shop

guests in the shop after the consumer has the feeling of injury, the impression of the store is also very poor, so how to get the store sure? How to attract repeat customers, so that the store to get a better operation? So, if a store wants to get a good long-term operation, naturally need to do not hurt the customer". So, how do not hurt foot shop?

first: about effect. As the operator foot store, there must be a clear understanding of the foot store is not the hospital, even if the hospital did not dare to boldly cure. For the effect of customer attention, pedicure division should combine professional knowledge to give the correct guidance. For example, for some guests lumbocrural pain, can tell the customer, and these problems is not a day for two days, the same is not a short time can be resolved, so the health care project is not low, the price is not cheap, but if the long-term insist, will be from quantitative to qualitative change, the compared with certain do not, there is a big difference.

Second kinds of

: About pedicure accident. This is a lot of foot store most headaches, occasionally a store will make trouble. General to the foot of the guests, in the body is more or less of a problem, some of which customer’s problem is more serious, the physical condition is relatively weak, sometimes a little attention will be a problem, so the foot store should pay attention to reflexologist technical training, the introduction of new projects in the foot must examine carefully we must ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. If the division is not professional clearance, coincidentally, the problem is more serious physical problems, the consequences can be imagined. But in case of this accident, the foot shop must go as soon as possible, is in the shortest possible time, in order to avoid New problems crop up unexpectedly.

third: on the forced sale. Whether it is the formulation of performance tasks or store reflexologist daily sales, which is a very important point, is to sell before the customers to do the analysis: physical problems, key demand, economic capacity, consumption characteristics and so on, and according to the customer can afford, given purchase suggestions, only in this way, the sale will be targeted instead of letting the customer feel reflexologist were forced to sell in.

fourth: over marketing. Due to the fierce competition in the market, many foot shops can only continue to change the pattern by relying on patterns to attract customers to the store and generate turnover. Model does need, but too far. Guests experience more, it will become more and more smart, the more engaged in activities is less than the store. Therefore, there must be time for customers to recuperate, spend some thought keep off, do a guest, guests keep well, customers do well, no matter what the other foot store mode, are very difficult to poach your guests, you can make the activity when the guests are not particularly resistant.

in fact, these problems, I am afraid that many foot shops have been encountered in the course of the operation >


The dilemma of traditional corporate Internet transformation leader

become a leader, not their own advantages and characteristics can be? No matter what the industry leader in the market, there will be some of their core business as a major source of profit.

and the core interests of these lucrative, often is the focus of today is the impact of Internet companies. Although traditional companies will be layers of security, but there will still be obvious weaknesses, which is the dilemma of the leader".

"big", generally the advantage, even a part of core competitiveness. But nothing in the world is absolute. In the competition of the flash turn maneuvers, "big" the disadvantage will emerge. This is mainly manifested in the face of the opponent’s attack, the leader of the big tend to bring a significant constraint on their behavior.