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I’m standing today

21 today, got up at 6, wash finished, open the computer, look at my station, wow, so many users, scared me, yesterday afternoon program is just pass up, never to do publicity, but this morning I saw the frightened me, why why are there so many registered members, I realized that I was in my QQ name changed to IDCpj.cn many of my friends do not believe, do not think so because in just 24 hours there are so many members to register.

it is true, my group of 20, basically all the webmaster and, usually in the group and we live together in peace together, something to help everyone, nothing to boast, so and the relationship are doing well, often a friend asked me to do what, recently station, before doing a few stations, but because the server failure died, so also feel shy say they have a station, I usually talk about it, you see my QQ name is very strange, so I registered, this is the popularity of the important station. read more

Discussion on the pre work assignment of consumer websites

as a consumer website, the site is basically divided into offline and online two links. At first, the bones and flesh of the web were not enriched before. Personally, I think online accounts for 60%. The main work is divided into:

1. The technical framework of the website is constantly improving.

two, the content of the site is constantly filling, of course, the early stage is to rely on search engines to bring traffic. So the content is important. Content is basically divided into business details, the browser useful guidance information. Since it is a consumer Web site, the content must be able to really guide consumption. This kind of content is valuable. read more

Secret Internet part of the fire inside

With the increasing number of Internet services,

Internet industry, the growing demand for part-time jobs, more and more college students to join this part-time industry. Why the Internet industry so part-time? Next, the future of the Internet in the future part of the fire inside.

2014 for college students part-time industry, is fast for a year, and this year can be said to be very hot, we can understand the hot degree of this industry through such a series of financial data: March, part-time cat got millions of dollars level A round of financing; in April, 10 million by bluerun on deer the yuan angel investment; May, pocket also received tens of millions of part-time A round of financing… read more

Open Indoor children’s playground in the town

rapid development of the township market, a lot of fresh projects in the town market development space is very large, so Township investors have been highly concerned about the market opportunities. Is it good to open an indoor amusement park in the town? Do you make money? Many consumers are very interested in this issue, look at the analysis together.

in recent years with the rapid development of economy China, national consumption capacity is more and more high, more and more people pay attention to and care for their children’s education, children’s indoor development trend in the investment market is getting better, especially in the rural areas a lot of people are willing to invest in the construction of children’s park. In the town to open an indoor children’s playground to make money, of course, to make money, especially in the villages and towns in such a special village. read more

How to carry out promotional activities in the shop floor

different times, the store will be taken by way of operation will be different, and in the current era of entrepreneurship, promotion has become the way every shop will be used. The so-called promotion is the use of sales concessions to attract the attention of the guests, so that guests are affected by small profits, but also to the store to provide the possibility of other goods to be bought. This is a very common way of sales, many businesses will play promotional brand, in order to attract customers. read more

The four point is to teach you how to make creative promotions

we have not thought about some of the store business is very good, some people’s business is indeed very bleak phenomenon, which is why? May be because the way of promotion is very good, and now, more and more promotional tricks, but only in line with the needs of the customer’s psychology and the way it may receive good results. Promotion is reasonable or not directly related to the effectiveness of the promotion of good or bad, in the development of promotional policies, we must first target customer market survey, so as to be more conducive to success. Here are some tips on how to make creative promotions: read more

Chinese Internet entrepreneurs conference was born dark horse Tencent training camp

2014 China Internet entrepreneurs conference held today at the Beijing International Convention Center, the general assembly to build a mobile entrepreneurial ecosystem as the theme, to explore the status quo and future of mobile entrepreneurship ecosystem. At the meeting, Tencent announced that it has reached a partnership with the entrepreneur magazine, will set up a dark horse Tencent special training camp, together to provide entrepreneurial guidance for Internet entrepreneurs.

The general manager of Tencent read more

New year’s day so far Xining 2100 traffic accidents were private ease the processing pressure

March 19th, Xining city traffic accident fast claims service center, from January 1st to March 17th this year, Xining City, a total of 2100 traffic accident by a driver private, which greatly eased the pressure of traffic accident in our city.

it is understood that the city traffic accident fast claims service center since its inception in July 1st last year, received a total of 7296 property loss of traffic accident cases, which in January this year received a total of 722 cases, 811 received in February March 1st to 17 accepted 567 cases. According to the introduction, the main causes of traffic accidents, the vehicle is not required to make the line, speeding, illegal lane change, illegal U-turn. A minor traffic accident, the parties should be in ensuring the safety of the situation, quickly moved to the vehicle where traffic conditions (without warning), consultation (without treatment by accident), negotiations to resolve the issue of compensation. City traffic accident fast claims service center director Lu Fengjiang told reporters, with the growth of the vehicle, the city minor traffic accidents has been increasing, more and more drivers after a minor accident should be moved to the roadside vehicle self negotiation, to avoid the traffic jam phenomenon. Lu Fengjiang said that if the vehicle minor traffic accident, the driver does not immediately move the vehicle to affect the flow of traffic, the traffic police department will be fined 200 yuan on both sides of the accident driver, and a total of 3 points. read more

North of the city to carry out environmental education activities

in order to further improve the environmental awareness and moral level of the whole society, laws and regulations and the focus of environmental protection publicity, north of the city area with the construction of ecological civilization as the goal, to build livable district as the carrier, to raise public awareness of the environment as the focus, to carry out the national environmental publicity and education activities. First, focus on building ecological civilization, sharing Green North theme. To promote the environmental protection laws and regulations and the environmental protection center, vigorously promote green consumption, green lifestyle, improve public awareness of the environment and participate in environmental protection consciousness. Actively promote the construction of ecological civilization, promote the harmony between man and nature, and promote the rapid, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development. Two is to carry out various forms of environmental protection volunteer activities. Organization of environmental protection volunteers into the community, campus, attractions and other public places to promote environmental protection, to eliminate white pollution, forests and beautify the city, low carbon energy saving environmental protection practice, organized the "green creative (Design) competition", "environmental protection Zhishijingda" and other activities. Three is to actively carry out environmental protection supervision. The act of destroying the environment in a timely manner to stop and give reasonable solutions and recommendations, on the website set up exposure platform for pollution areas, rivers and destruction of the environment and other acts of exposure, the implementation of public oversight. read more

Xining Evening News 4 fund-raising activities to raise donations of more than 100 thousand yuan

April 10th, Xining evening news and Xining volunteers group and the United Provinces of the Red Cross sponsored the arid region, we act together "large-scale fund-raising activities held in the central square, this is the Xining evening news joint Red Cross fourth fund-raising activities sponsored, before and after the 4 fundraisers to raise money for a total of more than 100 thousand yuan in goods.

Xining evening news and the Xining volunteer group launched "love in arid areas, since we act together" large-scale fund-raising activities, respectively in the central square and sunning Plaza held a total of 4 large donations, sale of tens of thousands of "Xining evening news". The activities of the summer love relay group, Xining bus group home, Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai national volunteers volunteer university volunteers in Jiangsu, Peixian, Xining middle school and the general public and enterprises enthusiastic support, in April 10th, from the North Shaanxi "flower" player Fang Xiaofei also came to the scene for the masses to sing and charity donations 200 yuan. In addition, some colleges and universities in our province and the community singers also went to the scene to charity, to raise money for the areas of condensed more power. In several activities, volunteers to charity "Xining Evening News" the scene is moving, whether in sunny or windy weather, they are at the stage of moving love relay, with their workers, are the major college students, and students. read more

101 wisdom cloud teaching system

now, with the development of globalization and the Internet, modern people have broken the traditional teaching mode, the Internet is to help teachers and students in the real environment to help people interact effectively. Today, the development momentum of 101 wisdom cloud teaching system is very good, won the hearts of consumers and entrepreneurs.

101 distance education network to join

2016 in April 10th, Chongzhou City Bureau of education led by Chongqing middle school experimental school, Chongzhou middle school and Shu River source city high school school principals and teachers, participated in the ninth primary and secondary school education and classroom practice wisdom turnover seminar 101 Distance Education Network Education Institute, Hunan Province jointly organized the "middle school". read more

Novice operating water purifier to understand what common sense

novice to do business, because of a lot of common sense do not understand, leading to business operations have been greatly affected, for the further development of the business is also very unfavorable. Therefore, if the novice wants to run a successful business, it is necessary to learn more common sense. So, if the novice operating water purifier to understand what common sense?

in recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and health awareness of environmental protection, water purifier industry has entered the fast lane of development. It also attracted a large number of investors to join them, but they just saw the water purifier market prospects, but do not understand the local market. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the following five points, the business will not detour. read more

Missmilk yogurt project market prospects for the development of good

delicious yogurt, in our lives, has always been very important to the existence of. Missmilk yogurt? The quality of yogurt, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very potential brand to join the project. Join missmilk yogurt project, has been very hot to join the project!

yogurt food rich consumer life, but also for the health of consumers has brought a lot of protection, so that consumers enjoy the tip of the tongue, the market demand is very large. Missmilk yogurt family for many years to provide consumers with more delicious and nutritious yogurt food, in the market by numerous consumers trust and support, the market prospect is very broad. read more

School week to open a tea shop operating details

almost all schools have a circle of tea shop figure, this kind of shop has been welcomed by students, franchisees also make money keep. If you want to open a tea shop in the school week, then how to operate is the best? If you have not thought about this issue before, you can look at the small series finishing analysis.

first, not too close to the school, about fifty meters, can not be too far, in particular, can not cross the fork. Because it is too close, the students just out of school, but also did not expect to buy something to eat, or want to buy, too many people, the teacher is still around, teachers are not elementary education spending; and is too far away, the parents may have been picked up the home swiftly. Fifty meters, the largest number of people, the car is difficult to walk, all students sitting in the car, they will want to buy good, and parents feel anyway also go out, let the children go to buy a cup of tea to drink, or buy some snacks to eat is also very good. read more

The world’s ten major leather brand rankings

for fur loved by people all over the world are the same, so let the world fur market has a lot of brands. So, in the world, what brand of leather is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret world ten big leather brand rankings, so that we can make a better reference to consumers.

world ten big leather brand ranking NO.1, snow leopard, snow leopard Zhejiang clothing Limited company is a well-known domestic enterprises was founded in the beginning of reform and opening up has a long history, is located in the "China leather capital" in Haining. Our company is a large enterprise specializing in the production of leather, the company has snow leopard snow leopard dress, unique design style and quality of the production process is the "Snow Leopard" in the area has become a well-known brand maker known to every family. read more

Zhang Jiakun Tencent big portal + small portal strategy behind

Tencent portal + small portal strategy behind

Dacheng network: morning laugh, business worries, Huaxi silence

Zhang Jiakun / text

Tencent portal + small portal strategy until now, has successfully launched the great Yu net, Xi’an net, large Tencent into three local portal. Before the introduction of the local portal I did not experience, I as a large network of direct audience, so I really experienced the spread of the network into a large effect. The strategy of Tencent are what brought to local portals, media and audience? Here we are from his all levels of analysis (I on network is very familiar with, so here’s to Dacheng network as a case to analyze). read more