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101 wisdom cloud teaching system

now, with the development of globalization and the Internet, modern people have broken the traditional teaching mode, the Internet is to help teachers and students in the real environment to help people interact effectively. Today, the development momentum of 101 wisdom cloud teaching system is very good, won the hearts of consumers and entrepreneurs.

101 distance education network to join

2016 in April 10th, Chongzhou City Bureau of education led by Chongqing middle school experimental school, Chongzhou middle school and Shu River source city high school school principals and teachers, participated in the ninth primary and secondary school education and classroom practice wisdom turnover seminar 101 Distance Education Network Education Institute, Hunan Province jointly organized the "middle school".

Chongzhou City Board of education, the relevant leaders believe that information technology is a way to make the vast majority of students can enjoy high-quality, inclusive education. Local education authorities should seize the opportunity to actively promote the pilot application, information teaching work, to create a new mode of education is more simple, more happy and more fair for students.

since 2014, the introduction of the Chongzhou Municipal Bureau of education, to Chongqing Experimental School, Chongzhou middle school, Chongqing river source middle school campus and Sichuan city middle school as the core to build a pilot, to the "efficient interaction" for the purpose of teaching platform. After more than a year of hard work, Chongzhou information technology reform has achieved initial results, the teachers’ teaching ideas and methods have changed, students have gradually improved the ability of self-learning, academic performance is also significantly improved. Chongzhou, the initial success of information technology teaching, and the Sichuan news network, today, Chongzhou and other media coverage.

as a front-line teacher, Chongzhou river source secondary school teacher Yuan Dinghui is not only a 101 class of information technology class math teacher, but also a class of children’s father. His teachers and parents in the interpretation of the two roles, use the "101 wisdom teaching system" in the process, as a teacher, through the "learning plan guidance, group cooperation" teaching mode, cultivating students’ interest and creativity; as parents, "101 parents camp" time can be observed children’s learning behavior, save time and worry.

teachers and students use the 101 wisdom cloud teaching system interactive activities. Before class, the teacher use the "lesson" function, testing case and selection before class, release problems and collection of problems to the students through the "101 cloud classroom"; students use the system independent preview, sort the problem and proposes the question. In the class, Yuan teachers to develop a variety of learning activities. Ten minutes before class, on duty to report the class exposure preview knowledge by the teacher a weak point, "my number, each class a show micro class video, share the" 101 parents "camps, help parents understand their children in the classroom, students’ confidence.

at the same time, through the teacher cloth >


Play clown magic Fuzhou guy to venture by creativity

once said there are three hundred and sixty lines, in fact now industry development has already generated many derivatives industry branches, all sorts of strange things you never heard. This provides a unique opportunity for many entrepreneurs, with small business took the entrepreneurial stage.

can become hundreds of magic   for the celebration of a warm-up to

2013, they set up the clown team, mainly for the wedding, birthday and other entertainment, but also often participate in real estate opening celebration, the store opened warm field etc.. After several years of efforts, they have learned hundreds of magic, in Fuzhou to win the praise of many customers. In Fuzhou, a full-time job of this line is not more than 3, an activity can receive a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars reward." Chen said that by the end of the season, the most busy time can receive more than and 20 two days. These single distribution in Minqing, Fuqing, Changle and other places, there are other provinces. "The full-time entertainment show, in Fuzhou people do not, some people look down on, but I think in the job I love to play and make money, nothing bad."

"business, income several times higher than the factory workers, members of our team are" stunt ", the wedding planning magic has taken a lot of young people of all ages." Chen said that they play is creative and novelty, low cost, but the market demand is big, promising. "Now," 80 "" 90 "married love life love feast is new in order to be different, the elderly lively, happy, and magic show for celebration of elegance."


Novice operating water purifier to understand what common sense

novice to do business, because of a lot of common sense do not understand, leading to business operations have been greatly affected, for the further development of the business is also very unfavorable. Therefore, if the novice wants to run a successful business, it is necessary to learn more common sense. So, if the novice operating water purifier to understand what common sense?

in recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and health awareness of environmental protection, water purifier industry has entered the fast lane of development. It also attracted a large number of investors to join them, but they just saw the water purifier market prospects, but do not understand the local market. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the following five points, the business will not detour.

first point: investigate the local population structure, consumer awareness, purchasing power. Whether the local water purifier products are accepted, the best, most accept good, very few people accept that it is prudent to enter, not to say that you can not enter, can only say that the market is a difficult thing to open. If there is no one to accept, it shows that this place has not installed a water purifier, blank market, to use the strategy to develop.

second points: look at the local water purifier brand is not much, the market there is no capacity. Understand the store sales, the best is when consumers go to the communication with the clerk, see how to store personnel. If you answer fluent words, indicating the potential consumers is still quite much, ask a few more different store clerk to reflect the problem.

third: ask some strange people, the water purifier view, stranger language tends to be more true, and even can be used in the form of leaflets to the market investigation, the company water purifier dealer identity, this information accuracy will be higher.

fourth: bright degree observation machine, bright and clean degree is relatively good promotion personnel to product a high degree of concern, the traffic is good, if the water purifier surface slightly outdated, so traffic is not very good, the promotion personnel not to earn money, the cleaning machine is a model to deal with attitude.

fifth points: to understand the local water quality, is partial hard or dirty or excessive water pollutants, which kind of water purifier is more appropriate.

although in today’s era, people are more and more high acceptance of water purification products, but does not mean that the acceptance of such business will be able to get better development. So, I know that these methods are not operating water purifier in the end? Really suitable for your sales of water purifier is basically suitable for solving the local water pollution water purifier. If the local market is OK, you can try to do, do you want to do, can not give up easily. Although everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as the intention to do will be rewarded.


Missmilk yogurt project market prospects for the development of good

delicious yogurt, in our lives, has always been very important to the existence of. Missmilk yogurt? The quality of yogurt, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very potential brand to join the project. Join missmilk yogurt project, has been very hot to join the project!

yogurt food rich consumer life, but also for the health of consumers has brought a lot of protection, so that consumers enjoy the tip of the tongue, the market demand is very large. Missmilk yogurt family for many years to provide consumers with more delicious and nutritious yogurt food, in the market by numerous consumers trust and support, the market prospect is very broad.

missmilk yogurt family has a huge brand advantage, and in the market has been developed over the years, by virtue of their rich products, and products are tasty and healthy, has won numerous customer support and trust. Have a strong R & D team at Missmilk headquarters, they can according to the change of the seasons, developed different yogurt products for consumers throughout the year there are new products listed, very accord with modern consumer’s life philosophy.

missmilk yogurt join make money?

missmilk yogurt family brand’s product line is very rich, I believe that the various needs of consumers can be very good to meet. Not only that, the reason to choose Missmilk or missmilk, because yogurt family has transparent kitchen, still insist to do now is to sell marketing, protect the consumer’s right to know the production of delicacy, so we will be more assured to buy Missmilk yogurt, to win consumer trust and praise more.

In fact,

choose to join the missmilk yogurt, open their own brand stores, is a very wise choice. Brand project, join more reliable! So, what are you hesitating about?


School week to open a tea shop operating details

almost all schools have a circle of tea shop figure, this kind of shop has been welcomed by students, franchisees also make money keep. If you want to open a tea shop in the school week, then how to operate is the best? If you have not thought about this issue before, you can look at the small series finishing analysis.

first, not too close to the school, about fifty meters, can not be too far, in particular, can not cross the fork. Because it is too close, the students just out of school, but also did not expect to buy something to eat, or want to buy, too many people, the teacher is still around, teachers are not elementary education spending; and is too far away, the parents may have been picked up the home swiftly. Fifty meters, the largest number of people, the car is difficult to walk, all students sitting in the car, they will want to buy good, and parents feel anyway also go out, let the children go to buy a cup of tea to drink, or buy some snacks to eat is also very good.

second, health is the first. You can not eat things (of course, taste is also very important), but we must look at reassuring, good health in the next effort, never lose. Such as walls, I spend a lot of money (details of the price will be listed in the future), the wall paste wallpaper, looks very good

third, the production process of milk tea can not let students see, or can not be fully seen, we must maintain a certain sense of mystery, or after a period of time, students will lose a strong interest. In addition, the drinking machine, sealing machine, can not be placed in a conspicuous place, because the production process will inevitably have a bubble and other things that seem uncomfortable. Among them, there will be many parents will ask you about the pigment, raw materials, shelf life and other places, you must think about how to answer.

fourth, the students love the ride, so you must form a bustling scene. Primary school students, especially the kindergarten pupils, many are attracted to the other kids come in, they will buy in the process of the other kids show: "Xiaoming, I want to buy tea to drink, do not you buy?". How do you say that Xiao Ming will be reflected in the beginning I did not attach importance to this problem, each time the students are coming from school, I will do twenty or thirty cups, so that when school is selling fast. Later, I found the problem, I just put more like strawberries, chocolate taste every kind of do sell one or two, so this time the school from half hours to about fifty minutes, but selling than before

fifth, elementary school students like small gifts and other things, not how much money, be sure to engage in such activities. Such as the 61 children’s day, I write a poster: those who drink more than ten cups full, a small gift is a gift a gift! Although notebook, pen, fan and other worthless little things, but many students will to get these small gifts, drink ten cups full, twenty cups of effort, even if the parents understand recommended milk


The world’s ten major leather brand rankings

for fur loved by people all over the world are the same, so let the world fur market has a lot of brands. So, in the world, what brand of leather is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret world ten big leather brand rankings, so that we can make a better reference to consumers.

world ten big leather brand ranking NO.1, snow leopard, snow leopard Zhejiang clothing Limited company is a well-known domestic enterprises was founded in the beginning of reform and opening up has a long history, is located in the "China leather capital" in Haining. Our company is a large enterprise specializing in the production of leather, the company has snow leopard snow leopard dress, unique design style and quality of the production process is the "Snow Leopard" in the area has become a well-known brand maker known to every family.

world ten big leather brand rankings, Mmonu NO.2, located in Chinese leather of Zhejiang Province, Haining City, founded in July 1993, is a set of sofa, sofa, leather, leather, edible oil and import and export trade in one of the large enterprise group under the 9 manufacturing enterprises and 2 import export company. With an annual output of 1 million 500 thousand pieces of leather sofa, sofa covers 80 million square feet, 3 million 500 thousand sets, 200 thousand pieces of leather, 100 thousand tons of edible vegetable oil.


world leather ten brand list, Chuang-tzu NO.3, Beijing industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a set of leather clothing development, design, production and sales as one of the enterprises. The company is building a total of 19000 square meters, more than 500 employees, more than 40 professional clothing designers and technicians.

world ten big leather brand ranking NO.4, Xi’an Chanel Clothing Co. Ltd. is located in the southern suburbs of Xi’an cultural center, is a design, production factories, hospitals, schools, service industry and other enterprises logo clothing professional company. The company was founded in more than and 10 years, for the enterprise more than 10000 businesses design, making the customers throughout the country.

world ten big leather brand ranking NO.5, Jeni Xuan poetry is a clothing brand by the famous designer Wang Jing Chinese registered in Hongkong and established in 2005, in order to develop and standardize the Chinese mainland Jeni Xuan poetry LOGO market, the establishment of mainland companies operating in Zhejiang Wenzhou.

world ten big leather brand rankings, NO.6 Miss sixty is from Italy cowboy fashion brand, but not all women favorite clothing brand, is the perfect sexy pointer of many young women dream of the mind, said Miss sixty, will think of the curves of the female provoke fire, long legs, hip, waist high quality, jeans and a set of single product accessories.


Zhang Jiakun Tencent big portal + small portal strategy behind

Tencent portal + small portal strategy behind

Dacheng network: morning laugh, business worries, Huaxi silence

Zhang Jiakun / text

Tencent portal + small portal strategy until now, has successfully launched the great Yu net, Xi’an net, large Tencent into three local portal. Before the introduction of the local portal I did not experience, I as a large network of direct audience, so I really experienced the spread of the network into a large effect. The strategy of Tencent are what brought to local portals, media and audience? Here we are from his all levels of analysis (I on network is very familiar with, so here’s to Dacheng network as a case to analyze).

first: we analyze its sources of information

as a portal his source of information is very important, Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen as far as possible access to local interviews in Chengdu to obtain information, there is no need to spend so much cost. He only needs to make use of his advantage of audience and brand value to local portal, where traditional media joined under the flag of Everfount offers free information, can be said to the network headquarters less than 3 editors can complete all of Chengdu Tencent users Dacheng network information needs in Tencent.

in the long term observation found in Tianfuzaobao with net work more closely, many reporters interview directly can appear on the online. The Chengdu business daily, Huaxi Dushi Bao and other information are reproduced, and some are from Sichuan online (Sichuan daily group portal). Here we only talk about the main sources of information, other small information sources do not study. Therefore, several major traditional media for information security, you can make a big portal Tencent + portal strategy to achieve success.

secondly: we analyze his information audience

QQ wide audience without controversy, can be said that 98% of Internet users have QQ. This broad audience of people with their own brand value can directly attract local traditional media in Chengdu to join the media partners. Give me the most real feeling is when we start to work QQ, soon Tencent news window will pop up automatically in a few seconds, a panoramic view of news and information network, but also all is hot, eye-catching information. Here’s a bit of my personal experience: I didn’t pay too much attention to the news, especially the local news. But the news is also happening in our side of the news, I think 75% of the Internet users in Chengdu will be attracted by the news window and click into the. Therefore, his audience will not have to doubt, and the click rate is particularly high.

third: why do some of the traditional media in Chengdu have a positive reaction to


this time we talked about the competition, we mentioned earlier Tianfuzaobao positive response, Chengdu daily response in general, WCC and Tencent to engage in the WCC title of the community.

why Tianfuzaobao positive



Hackers hijack the server to steal Internet users account was sentenced

several computer hackers hijack DNS server, users will visit the site to site to steal the wrong virus, Internet game account resale profit. Recently, Ma Zhisong and other 6 defendants were sentenced to Jiangsu, Wuxi District Court of First Instance sentenced to four years to one year imprisonment.

November 19, 2007, the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment received a report: the 5 to 19 day period, parts of the country’s Internet users to visit the city of Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. Mini homepage, is located in Wuxi City, pointing to the virus server, causing millions of Internet users, the computer virus infection, the Tencent Inc was forced to stop the web services, causing significant economic losses. Police immediately carry out the investigation, in December of the same year, arrested 6 suspects in Sichuan Chengdu, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang, Heilongjiang and other places were dongning.

Jiangsu Provincial Department of public security information network security supervision department in the computer hard disk used by Ma Zhisong et al. After the examination, the end of September 2007 to mid November, the gang used to hijack programs compiled in Chengdu city of Shanghai, Chongqing, Yangzhou and so on more than 10 city a total of 27 sets of domain name server hijacking attack, took the opportunity to steal online game account.

court that the 6 defendants in violation of state regulations, interfere with the functions of the computer information system, resulting in the computer information system can not run normally, the consequences are serious, have constituted the crime of destroying computer information system.

  Editor: recently many websites have been black, or hanging horse, many are also this kind of situation, I hope the hacker can see this as soon as possible, reined in, or you lose not only the youth, it is home to your parents’ expectations, and the future road.


Are closed Internet product model selection manual notice

        following the "day" after the game is completed, seal a will launch the latest masterpiece "Internet Product Model Selection Handbook", by stationmaster net (serial starting).

      "Internet Product Model Selection Handbook" readers focus: investment of 50 thousand yuan to 1 million yuan owners or investors on the Internet, as in the manual operation network business will reference books. At the same time, the manual provides a reference for the grassroots business transformation, according to their own experience, expertise in the implementation of the transformation, in order to be able to provide professional services for these operators, investors.

        why is the Internet product model selection?

        Du Bao pointed out: every day a large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs on the network, the dream of pursuing the network, but also expect to profit from. But for a long time, the network business model is dazzling, most of the business model is only in long fatigue, unable to profit in the state. A large number of small operators and investors with a dream, because the selection is not clear, into the network scam with broken halberds defeat, that ended in defeat, or still trudged. The capital adequacy of the operators and investors, but also often failed to invest, countless funds are consumed in the fundamental useless link. The famous strategist, business thinking home station letter of this manual will solve this problem.

      why is the Internet product model selection?
      with 1 million of the following funds to operate the Internet, simply can not call it a business model, it is not appropriate to operate those lengthy and complicated business model, resulting in their deeper and deeper. Then, 1 million of the money should go to those new, simple, independent Internet products, detailed guidance in this manual on the issue, and the key link for the operators and investors, only the most clear, the most direct part, other do not, can not lose. This manual is by far the first and only a guide for small and medium network operators and investors to enter the network.

      for other small grassroots website site for
      the birth of product selection guide, also means the need for some professional services and matching, such as website architecture design services, SEO services, content and website to promote entry services, grassroots webmaster should rich experience and expertise, on their own have to keep pace with the times, the need to provide appropriate service for managers and investors, also get rid of some of their own development.    


Drain the Sina micro-blog all free resources — micro-blog practical tools (on)

to do his work well, must first sharpen his playing micro-blog, too. After the opening of micro-blog, whether personal or administrative micro-blog, micro-blog micro-blog will take a grassroots entertainment, a good name, give it a position, then you can open the micro-blog trip. The process of playing micro-blog, I summed up as follows: learn to play to learn to play. Familiarity with micro-blog tools have even It differs from man to man., did not eat pork, haven’t seen a pig run? Whether you are micro-blog full-time maintenance personnel, or the ordinary micro-blog users, these applications mentioned below, you must use one or one or two. Because of the relationship between the length and layout of the page, the advantages and disadvantages of the tools listed in a word on behalf of the past, in the next three articles, I will give you a detailed description of how to dig their value.

Part 1: content generation.

cannot do without the micro-blog content + map + link three part, even if a micro-blog has millions of fans, but the long-term not update or not good content, fans is certainly less, its essence is: the content is everything. This is why the Reds micro-blog also has many fans in segments.

content is a necessary condition for the survival of micro-blog, if you can not find a good micro-blog text content, but also in urgent need of micro-blog content library and skin time machine



these two applications must be the best choice. The contents of their library classification clear, and micro-blog keyword search function, and each figure are even with good, you can choose to send a mouse. Good pictures can often make the spread of micro-blog effort, Pippi provides a map selection function independently, let micro-blog content more color.



scripts" is the third party website, it is presented on the site by Sina micro-blog micro-blog grab popular content. This site is a good place to see micro-blog hot, strange things.

actually, Sina micro-blog comes with a powerful content library, which is its search function.


Sina micro-blog search provides a popular forwarding, comments and other content micro-blog (although many popular forwarding are advertising, but there are still some use value). Especially the keyword search, what content search keywords, found out the results of the appropriate hot change (to encourage original, but the time it can be used), and then sent to their micro-blog often have unexpected results, that always works for me in the busy hour.

now is the era of pictures, good pictures can often make micro-blog communication to achieve a multiplier effect.