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Optimization of the keywords ranking why not stable

well, the word "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" has no difficulty? Just love Shanghai, love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 268000 (love Shanghai regularly clean junk pages, so great changes), PC (computer) index 58, mobile index 27, fell in love with the sea is 2 pages. The sea fell in love with the top 20 web sites, the shortest time site is 9 months.

website 1 shortcomings: user experience.

website 2 disadvantage: authoritative, it lacks most of the site.

today, most of the site is the original content, compared to those collected copy site advantage is much better, because the love of Shanghai, the original site is also paid more attention to.

No matter how long the word

for years and have been doing so, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai will certainly give the evaluation of love this site is very high, but also pay more attention to. Certainly than the new popular.

domain name 1:


time 2:

but sometimes to love Shanghai second page 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, most of them are in love in Shanghai before 2 pages, visible, my site belongs to the site 20 in the name of love Shanghai.

is up to do, we look at our own strengths and weaknesses.


The content of

everyone to love the sea search "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", see the rankings in the first few trouble, give me a minute, I just used the noble baby chrome and ie10 two version of 37.0.2062.120 browser were tested, "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" the words in Shanghai love home page eighth.

who are you? And what relationship? You do this for a few years? How many customer cases? You are not a good title, how could people believe you? Not just as simple as the rankings do go up.

like those domain names containing "Shanghai dragon" SJZ Shanghai "dragon" site, itself has certain advantages, because the good domain name will let you save a lot of manpower, time, weakness, this is the domain name advantage, so we must choose a good domain name before.

optimization ranking why not? I love for example, take their own site to push 1 push studio, one word is not stable, what word? That is "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", although the word is a regional word, but the competition is very fierce. So, I website ranking is not stable is normal.

so, if you want to play for, or >

Some sites do

this is all sites missing, how to enhance the user experience? Thought to the user’s perspective, your site can solve what your site to the customer? How to attract customers?



Running to improve the details of three new sites included speed to seize the multiplier

because human beings have a common problem is that the new government took office three fire, a new station will have a lot of energy to operate the site, so the content and the chain of new sites are soaring in a very short time, but this type of website construction boom is not enough to get love in search of Shanghai the engine is the focus of attention, if words are also negative attention, because for search engines, more want to see is the website operation for a long-term stable construction, rather than the frenzied days of construction, the next few days and there is no static approach, even if one day the chain growth rate the content of growth too fast, too much, it will be like Shanghai that is cheating, will be the site close to the black box in the longer time.


, a new online early not to install love Shanghai statistics

a new website successfully embodied a large number of many of the efforts, so many owners want their website once launched successfully, it can be the love of spiders in Shanghai included, and then hope to get a better ranking, in order to achieve profitability. But this idea if we do not pay attention to some skills, want to improve the site rankings and included speed is not a very simple thing, because some of the new site after just entering the Shanghai love field, Shanghai will enter into love box detailed observation, such as many defects of new station and the update speed of fruit the structure of the site, so the site to be released and get some ranking is very difficult.

two, website launch chain and content construction step by step

for a new website to avoid getting into this awkward situation? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as the focus on the three aspects of the details below you will find a new love Shanghai smoothly through the detection period, and received approval to increase the love Shanghai love Shanghai ranking is not a very difficult thing.

A new

webmasters on the line just on his website very high, wish every day through the love of Shanghai to look at how the website traffic statistics, but it is for those sites has been in operation for a period of time, is very appropriate, if a website is just on the line, so love Shanghai statistics will be installed backfire, because the installation process is to love the Shanghai statistical code embedded into the website, web spider through the code to extract traffic data on the site, and then back to the station to understand the statistics on the sea of love. If a new web site to install love Shanghai code, is a website is completely exposed in Shanghai love field, and a new station in terms of structure or from the contents of the original and the chain and forming quality can not be compared to the site, so in this case will appear to show the love of spiders in Shanghai your ugly, this is clearly not love spiders in Shanghai’s favor, not to mention the site included speed will increase.

So how to

three, do soft chain and quality chain

Early enthusiasm


Love Shanghai credit rating and V buddy, you’re going to do


: if you are a business owner, see competitors in the sex Shanghai Jingjia, and the people of the "V" level higher than you, you are to Shanghai dragon ER pressure to engage in the opponent’s Jingjia website or to give them sufficient resources to support, to make their sites also have the word "V" escort


Baidu now and get out of something new, buddies you noticed? Yes, credit rating and V certification, is seen not above 9998, not 998, as long as 600/, yes, you’re not wrong, really as long as 600 years. The cat thought this thing Baidu out is to search for a user to build trust, the credibility of certification in a certain extent, but also for users to shield the waste site, improve the user experience, so the cat said: the launch of the V credibility of certification, will gradually affect the love of Shanghai Jingjia website ranking and click rate, which leads to influence the weights of the website, so this is a chain reaction, Shanghai dragon ER you know, let us wait and see!


kitten that: medical and cosmetic plastic surgery industry if you have the qualification to apply for advice.

said: we often say that sex kitten in Shanghai Jingjia site before, in Shanghai love natural ranking advantage, this is Shanghai dragon ER who recognized the fact, then for Baidu, the credibility of certification is to better the user experience, so there is no natural ranking advantage? The cat believed that some this is certainly.

now the cat would say, if you are a business owner to decide whether to do Baidu new "V" certification? Here Kitty said several suggestions, for your reference, please don’t say good buddies you ha.

kitten think: the credibility of certification, is a standard website experience, some companies can hit out money credit rating, of course, this company is no nouveau riche to cat. So, the net recognized you, no matter how good you are, if you do not recognize you, do more things are useless, each one according to his lights, the kitten’s level is so high, nor what unique opinion, buddies don’t think I’m just nonsense.

from the beginning of 2014, the security alliance certification (including website certification), 360 certification, QQ computer housekeeper and so the basic realization of the business model, only 360, computer Butler is free. Security alliance Baidu also with the on-line reputation certification and dropped out of love on the stage in Shanghai. In fact, at the end of 2013 when the love of Shanghai jin>

three: for Baidu credit certification, the majority of net buddy or not? On their company’s website ranking would affect

two: if the enterprise website "V" certification to 2 to 3, so the enterprise website natural ranking is the advantage of


How to become bigger and stronger in local communities — on the success factors of Tianya


local communities become bigger and stronger — a brief account of the success factors of Tianya is founded in March 1, 1999 and was named as "the most humane community in China" by the end of the year". The division of the newly established small column, only the stock forum, Tianya Zatan, computer technology, the emotional world, Yi Wen notes (later renamed wuwennongmo), the news, sports, focusing on a teahouse (renamed leisure Books), tourism and leisure, Hainan development, mutual aid and other basic Tianya forum. A small local website, how within a year of gains of the large number of users of the heart, and how to become the world’s most influential Chinese community in twenty years? Specific feature set, section arrangement, team operation will not say, and from the background, idea, talent, topic four about the horizon why is the success, hope to provide some reference to the local community management.

background (timing) background: in 1999, only two million and one hundred thousand of domestic users, under the CN domain name registration is less than twenty thousand, WW in five thousand and three hundred on the site, support the Internet computer seven hundred and sixty thousand. China Internet is at the starting stage, "Internet information services management approach" has not yet implemented, the provisions on the management of the Internet began to establish China, national information security testing evaluation and Certification Center (CNISTEC) at the beginning of operation, the initial attempt China enrollment, China Merchants Bank China just carry out online banking services. Small background: the Internet environment is relaxed, the industry competition pressure is small, the quality of Internet users is not so high, and copy, paste, reprint is not very popular. The local forum that starts now obviously does not have this opportunity. Especially in this information explosion era, in the face of zhenjiamobian, homogenization, uneven in quality Internet information seriously, users had to produce visual fatigue, how to attract more visitors in the adverse environment, captured the hearts and minds of users? The variety of information, use of new media, this is a lot of local community managers will adopt the way. Not to eat the first cake, can gather a lot of fresh, interesting and practical materials, gathered strength with the idea of the cake division, do a little of their own cake, then this piece of cake to attract more customers and join the cake division. It is just set up this year’s well-being for the well-being of the region comprehensive services in the community, and the three line of the city, the pressure of competition, market prospects, but the Internet "Netcom world", a wide range of online shopping, the local community only supplements the trap, related to. Such as: real estate, shopping, tourism, information and other aspects, some special website does not involve or deep enough, the local community belongs to the waterside pavilion. It should be noted that the only contact with the market, not the investigation and analysis of the market can not; only close to the information, not actively seek information can not; only know who the target audience is, do not think what they like, what needs more. Internet groups generally have blindness, but individual users are thinking, you can use speculation blind users, but when users really put at the mercy of the fool, you can only fail >


I’m standing today

21 today, got up at 6, wash finished, open the computer, look at my station, wow, so many users, scared me, yesterday afternoon program is just pass up, never to do publicity, but this morning I saw the frightened me, why why are there so many registered members, I realized that I was in my QQ name changed to many of my friends do not believe, do not think so because in just 24 hours there are so many members to register.

it is true, my group of 20, basically all the webmaster and, usually in the group and we live together in peace together, something to help everyone, nothing to boast, so and the relationship are doing well, often a friend asked me to do what, recently station, before doing a few stations, but because the server failure died, so also feel shy say they have a station, I usually talk about it, you see my QQ name is very strange, so I registered, this is the popularity of the important station.

here, I would like to thank you for my support, as well as ADMIN5, in ADMIN5 mixed with N long, but has not had the opportunity to see King brother, thank ADMIN5 for our webmaster this show their platform, thank you.


Discussion on the pre work assignment of consumer websites

as a consumer website, the site is basically divided into offline and online two links. At first, the bones and flesh of the web were not enriched before. Personally, I think online accounts for 60%. The main work is divided into:

1. The technical framework of the website is constantly improving.

two, the content of the site is constantly filling, of course, the early stage is to rely on search engines to bring traffic. So the content is important. Content is basically divided into business details, the browser useful guidance information. Since it is a consumer Web site, the content must be able to really guide consumption. This kind of content is valuable.

three, community atmosphere construction. The community of consumer websites is a hub for dialogue between businesses and consumers. A community of websites can be very successful if they can really interact with consumers.

line 40% work focus:

most consumer websites initially talk to businesses about discounts. The ability to talk about a few hundred times in a short time, can not afford to talk about one hundred or two hundred.

then the discount is over. Many people make cards and then advertise them. But through this period of operation I found that this operation is very easy to cause the sneered worship a throw. Reason: the city’s consumer websites are increasing, and free cards are everywhere. How to ensure that people use you in many consumer cards, which is fundamental, has a direct impact on your card’s presentation rate. Thus affecting the website revenue. And it requires cost operation, manpower + money + time. The most valuable thing about website operation is time. If this model is really good, I don’t think everyone will discuss it too much.

I personally think that the initial website and business discounts are certain, but this discount and other discounts are not the same, the discount is the introduction, discount talks should be reflected in the interactive. In the community for businesses to open a column, in order to answer consumer queries, the contribution of consumers to give a lot of discount, so that it can stimulate. Of course, this operation is difficult, can achieve business and consumer interaction, the need for all aspects of processing. But this can save popularity. Since it is a consumer type of Web site, then it is necessary to have all walks of life have mastered, this is difficult. The real understanding of the industry is the business itself, and only the real dialogue between businesses and consumers can bring valuable information.

after your website has a certain popularity, the focus of the site will be transferred.

60% online, offline publicity to the site. Because if the site is only relying on search engines to bring traffic, then your website can not hesitate to say that you have been hijacked by search engines, one day you are abandoned, it is a terrible thing. Site should be to face the user, rather than face the search engine. Therefore, to conduct offline publicity of the website. There are many ways of promoting it. For example, the most common is organized activities, activities >


Your restaurant is also a two-dimensional code WeChat

with the development of the Internet, now more and more chat software, a lot of chat software to bring great convenience to our lives. WeChat exchange platform is a good example, as long as the sweep of the two-dimensional code will make it easy for you to find food. To establish a two-dimensional code belonging to your store bar.



Secret Internet part of the fire inside

With the increasing number of Internet services,

Internet industry, the growing demand for part-time jobs, more and more college students to join this part-time industry. Why the Internet industry so part-time? Next, the future of the Internet in the future part of the fire inside.

2014 for college students part-time industry, is fast for a year, and this year can be said to be very hot, we can understand the hot degree of this industry through such a series of financial data: March, part-time cat got millions of dollars level A round of financing; in April, 10 million by bluerun on deer the yuan angel investment; May, pocket also received tens of millions of part-time A round of financing…

"Internet plus part-time" time to become a new outlet of entrepreneurs and investors chase, I had a part-time business experience (but unfortunately failed), in this industry quite touched, in my opinion, part-time industry is hot, can be said to be natural, and the result of joint action.

A, industry has long standing and obvious

user pain pointsThe traditional way of

the above this kind of situation is real, and very common, in addition to low wages, the two sides did not sign any part-time labor agreements, students and businesses have no security, the whole process is completely in the "vacuum", safety has become a big problem, the payment of wages has become a lot of casual, plus a lot of experience "" cheater inside, leading industry become part-time students cheated, dragons and fishes jumbled together, is It is quite common for dove.


Open Indoor children’s playground in the town

rapid development of the township market, a lot of fresh projects in the town market development space is very large, so Township investors have been highly concerned about the market opportunities. Is it good to open an indoor amusement park in the town? Do you make money? Many consumers are very interested in this issue, look at the analysis together.

in recent years with the rapid development of economy China, national consumption capacity is more and more high, more and more people pay attention to and care for their children’s education, children’s indoor development trend in the investment market is getting better, especially in the rural areas a lot of people are willing to invest in the construction of children’s park. In the town to open an indoor children’s playground to make money, of course, to make money, especially in the villages and towns in such a special village.

We must grasp the core is a must see in places with many people open indoor children’s playground

there is engaged in national integration in the Township Township, a children’s indoor amusement park money? If so, in the township a indoor children’s amusement park home is more money, people in the enjoyment of the national policy at the same time, they are more willing to come up with their own money for children’s education. So we need to open an indoor children’s playground in the township, so much space for the development of what is wrong with it, just do it, return to nature is some.

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How to carry out promotional activities in the shop floor

different times, the store will be taken by way of operation will be different, and in the current era of entrepreneurship, promotion has become the way every shop will be used. The so-called promotion is the use of sales concessions to attract the attention of the guests, so that guests are affected by small profits, but also to the store to provide the possibility of other goods to be bought. This is a very common way of sales, many businesses will play promotional brand, in order to attract customers.

of course, for the promotion of the method if people miss the point, use the means of being It is quite common for, completely clear, will lose the original meaning into something too vulgar to be endured. Many people look at the "20 percent off, 10 percent off" brand and indifferent is the reason. Because discounts are sometimes invisible concessions, only the "fold", rather than the real thing or money.

moreover, for the guests, he did not know how much of the price before you bid for the water, the original price increase, and then discount to fold into the original price, which is the sale of all. Do not store than the mall brand monopoly, each brand of each section are set a good price, consumers can see very clearly, as long as the comparison in discount business, buy the lowest current can, by contrast, the stability of consumers for shop commodity prices do not have much confidence. As a result, in the face of store discount signs, it will not catch a cold.

lottery, how much to buy back the number of visible benefits of promotion, consumers have concerns. For the lottery, many businesses set prizes are unsalable goods or crudely made things, which allow consumers to heat only at first, later also feel boring, who will leave those little things not worth it?

and full fanquan more people spend means, like back over 100 yuan 30 yuan, as businesses are usually 99 yuan, 199 yuan the price of the goods, buy one from the one hundred point difference, buy two and from the two hundred point difference, in order to offer some the customer will pay, constantly imperceptibly. Such a natural way to make consumers feel very sad.

as a store in the floor, we need to put their own advantages placed on the guests can see the place, such as the following methods.


The so-called

434g64mn to really make people scared to it, there is a small shop dedicated to a shocking special, full of some 10 yuan, even 1 yuan there, and shop goods prices from 50 yuan, 60 yuan to 1000 yuan, 10 yuan less than the absolute people the expected price is much lower, solid is 925.