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Xining City Health Bureau will enable the implementation of network office system paperless office

Qiang Wei in the province of secretary of provincial Party committee propaganda and ideological work conference pointed out: "in today’s information society, not the Internet, do not attach importance to the network construction, will not use the network’s leadership, can not be regarded as a modern leadership." At the same time, he stressed: to be good at using the network as an important platform to guide and promote the work of the network is the leader and the masses to establish the most frequent contact, the most convenient green channel".  
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List of failures of these ten errors easily lead to business failure

as entrepreneurs, we not only to the pursuit of success, we have to focus on failure, lessons learned from failure, in order to go more long-term. When you think seriously about failure, you will find that it is neither inevitable nor worth bragging. Here, we made a list of failures, you can provide early warning that these ten errors easily lead to business failure.

1.  universal technology. If they use this method, has been doomed to fail before then in the start, actually this kind of idea is the greatest sin of entrepreneurship. The founders of the company will invest a few years to develop their own technology, they would like to develop their own things, but also feel that other people will like their own technology. But this is not the case, for the customer, it is not what technology can do, but technology can not do anything. Many solutions to help customers, sales are very good, but the technology can not do this. read more

Henan Unicom receives special gifts from employees

gift is one of the blessings that we all receive in our daily lives. The so-called "ceremony light affection heavy" gift is not the size of the precious. So, Henan Unicom employees from the special gift is a gift?

5 month 17 days, the world telecommunication day, China China Unicom (600050, shares) Henan branch (hereinafter referred to as Henan Unicom) received a special gift from employees "– Henan Unicom a number of employees of the company recently implemented the" outsourcing "expressed dissatisfaction with the work. read more

Guangzhou farmer old man opened a clothing store into a multimillionaire

in the country continue to support policies to encourage entrepreneurship environment, more and more people have devoted themselves to the wave of entrepreneurship, migrant workers have now It is often seen. their culture level, although may not be high, but their successful experience is worthy of our learning.

18 years ago, he came to Guangzhou, first in a medium-sized clothing factory workers, after a year in a village in Guangzhou Baiyun District, which opened a small clothing factory, specialized processing plant to undertake sewing, join button and a simple cutting work for large clothing. A year later, he came home from the recruitment of more than and 10 employees, the factory will be upgraded to specifically for the small clothing boss cut clothing. Later, he moved to Guangzhou to join the clothing factory of Shahe clothing market nearby. The first few years of entrepreneurship, he basically only slept five or six hours a day, three meals a day is busy also no guarantee, but hard work pays off, old income up more gradually. Even open clothing processing plant, the annual income of nearly reached tens of thousands of large, this is not a small figure in the last century in 90s. Later, he built houses in the home, the first batch of rich peasants become home. Later, he built a house in town, realized from farmers to urban "upgrade", a time with people envy. read more

Webmaster nets daily broadcast Facebook measurement of new technology companies push Web standard

1, Facebook hand in hand, retailers want to test the button

Beijing time on October 9th morning news, Facebook is testing a feature that allows users to create a social network "wish list" (wishlists), used Home Furnishing, clothing and other retail products, the company is expected to eventually enter the field of electronic commerce foundation.

Facebook said that the company is working with 7 retailers to test this new feature: simply click on the "want" (want) button, you can mark the desired product image. "People want to interact with these collections and share with friends what they are interested in. People can go in and buy these products." Facebook said in a statement. read more

Soft Wen marketing news skills

now, a lot of people are through the release of soft way to network marketing, as the mainstream of marketing, in the end how to master the skills of news marketing

1, writing: write soft Wen 2 points

(1). Contents: the so-called soft soft marketing, is creating an easy for the public to accept the advertising effect, its advantage is that unlike previous hard advertising as straightforward, but indirect covers to promote content, starting from the public’s heart, make people unconsciously deep in the reach of marketing objective. read more

How to add Google backlinks

      as a blog, or as a web site, the RP value is very important, is directly related to your site in the minds of the position, and most closely is the site for the relationship between RP and the reverse link, the number of backlinks, determines the quality of your the value of RP. You can use http://indexed.webmasterhome.cn/ to query the number of backlinks in search engines.

      this blog has been established for a month or so, the value of RP today to 1, are included in major search engines: read more

How to make your site updated every day by Baidu


every day from dawn to dusk, you have not thought about what you wrote several people watching, Baidu spider is not every day included update your article? Look at Baidu quickly on the article you wrote yesterday, today, Baidu is not included to have more readers to see if? Ha ha! You ever wrote the article, Baidu is not included, but only dozens of people watching, don’t you feel tired? Don’t feel paid no return


here are some of the methods I am using, I hope to help you.

: you want Baidu spider coming to your site first of course your content rich do taste a little, how can be called "rich flavor" read more

Soft Wen promotion to soft value is truth

recently in the tracking of a B2C site promotion, especially the promotion of soft parts. Have the following feelings:

marketing soft writing promotion to get better results, is not necessarily the article how soft, soft how clever, but the article itself is of great value to the user.

today’s Internet users more and more smart, no matter how clever soft Wen planning, are difficult to get, if only to focus on the soft Wen "planning", thinking of how to use the information from the past user advertising, rather than how to embody the "value", the result will inevitably lead to resentment users, writers write soft Wen estimation many such composition, feel very hurt, very fall, while he wrote, feel special. read more

2010 Taobao can lead the trend of the times

Taobao online shopping has become the hearts of many users online shopping center. As Asia’s largest online retail base Taobao, the most concern is the interests of consumers. As we all know, in the past year, Taobao has a lot of things. Take the ‘inferior wireless network card’, this kind of thing makes a lot of people are afraid to go home shopping Taobao, Taobao has made the first payment for the victims of the system.

in order to safeguard the interests of consumers, taobao.com in 2010 to launch a new heart policy, and as the 2010 taobao.com consumer, but also out of 100 million funds as consumers Xianhengpeifu fund, as long as you in taobao.com shopping online home purchase and sell fake goods, in consultation with the case, can be obtained in advance the payment of funds in taobao.com. And Taobao set up a 24 hour uninterrupted Rights Center for consumers, we can get help anytime, anywhere Taobao. From this point of view, the current trend in the current interests, ranked first in the hearts of Taobao is still the majority of our consumers. read more

How to create a complete network marketing plan

a website construction steps:

1 website construction.

2 keyword positioning.

3 Analysis of key words after the competition.

4 new sites in all frames transmitted to the server before modification is completed, do not modify the.

5 will be coming to the server, not submitted to the search engine, wait for natural included.

6 every day to do some necessary updates, there is no need to emphasize the original.

After the submission of

7 new sites or natural collection, began to update the original or false original articles every day. read more

Staging shopping platform for college students in College – shopping backing, diversion of purchasin

more than eleven temperature is not over, just when we hesitate to chop hand, twelve with enthusiasm and full of discount Pumianerlai, let the small owners hands itch again. In the face of one after another shopping spree, college students have what kind of attitude? Therefore, renren.com launched the "students – consumer behavior survey, statistics show: 50% students prepare for next twelve, per capita consumption is expected in the range of 200-400 yuan, while the consumption of college students is more diverse, nearly 40% of students choose students staging shopping platform join twelve. read more