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10.25 love Shanghai earthquake on some speculation web site is down right


4. love Shanghai products chain implicated. Many people may have not to consider this problem, how to say my other sites use the same technique to optimize are no problem, but the love of Shanghai Post Bar chain of love Shanghai station was drop right, so it is probably because I love the Shanghai products do influence the hyperlink. Love Shanghai anti hyperlink algorithm if the implementation of the first to check it should be Shanghai love home products, so that a period of time in the recent don’t love Shanghai product links.

recently and we may discuss more is to love the latest news on Shanghai "love Shanghai – Ultra connection algorithm ‘, in the love of Shanghai the news just released second days have told me his love Shanghai station was drop right, unfortunately his small station is the main performance of this drop right is such that the website and website snapshot whose what changes is the keyword ranking all 100 to fall away. Why is there such a problem, what are we there resulting in improper operation site is down right? Here is the small series of some speculation that a web site is down right.


3. love Shanghai algorithm to update the injury site. I believe that many people know, love Shanghai often by some formal algorithm to update the web site optimization, for if this is the case, generally when the next update can be restored. So we don’t know whether the site is injured before the first not on the site for action to wait a week’s time to look at the site in decision making.

1. site outside the chain of high quality. Most of our website chain from the forum and blog, forum outside the chain is mostly webmaster forum, I think most people like me, such as A5,28tui etc.. The forum outside the chain of resources are used too much, not to mention what nature is outside the chain of high quality.

2. is probably to love Shanghai WWW domain name right down again. Because my site has been optimized with the domain name WWW, some time ago I think we all know that the love of Shanghai with the WWW domain name of a large area of K station, if it is for this reason that can be optimized without www domain name, the domain name of the first use of 301 weight transfer to take the domain name WWW.

above is the editor of their website according to the current operating practices and the website speculated several possible reasons to own the site was down the right, below small to do is according to different situation formulation method to restore the site. I send the latest information feedback to you hope right down to everyone in the recovery love Shanghai website can help you here.


Has your business plan been downloaded yetProfessional fee question and answer website Pearl financi

Ding Hong

records business plans for business information, often with confidential attributes. But in fact, they are not so confidential: in the Internet world, business plan leakage is quite common. What impact will this have on an enterprise,

for infringement, flash Tao said: "if the business plan of the content with the above conditions, human rights and the provisions of the confidentiality obligations of the corresponding words, once someone without permission to open communication, it will cause infringement."



this kind of business plan involves trade secrets? The public distribution will cause infringement? Guangzhou Beijing Yingke Law Firm senior partner flash Tao lawyer said, to determine whether the infringement, first look at the business plan the contents constitute a business secret.

, the San Francisco based company, formerly known as JustAnswer, will use the money to promote products around the world, expand the mobile sector, and increase staff. Pearl currently has about 300 employees, half of whom are full-time. They use the new capital to recruit the first employee was Eric · Erik Zech; Zeke’s first CFO, he will serve as Pearl.

Pearl just announced a $25 million A round of financing this summer, bringing the company’s total financing in 2003 to more than $50 million.

but the business plan for the "public lesson number one" for "entrepreneur’s first lesson"

Unlike competitors such as

flash interface, as long as the technical information or business information to satisfy the corresponding conditions can constitute trade secrets, "relevant information constitutes a trade secret must have a secret, practicability, security three conditions." Specifically, this requires that the relevant information is not known to the public; it can bring economic benefits and practicability to the obligee; the obligee has adopted confidentiality measures for the information.

indeed, anyone can find all kinds of business plan to share platform in Douding nets, sh419 library and other documents.

‘s professional toll quiz website, Pearl, has raised $25 million 700 thousand in B round of financing. It and the domestic sh419 know, know almost all the same, not only professional, but also charges, we have had before introduction.

before and after February 15th, when readers attention WeChat public "entrepreneur class" and "send keywords business plan", will be an article titled "85 A wheel, an angel round of financing business plan 2016 -2017 years" you download the sharing to a circle of friends, and will be cut for 2 hours figure sent to the dialog box, you can get the article mentioned 85 A wheel, an angel round of financing business plan download link.

According to

Pearl founder and CEO Andy ·, Kurtzig Andy, said they currently earn more than $100 million. Pearl users can ask doctors, lawyers, electricians, mechanics and other professionals on the site, but they have to pay a certain fee. The fees for each problem range from $15 to $80, depending on the complexity and professionalism of the problem. The company claims to have 10 thousand professionals in 700 professional areas to provide answers to its users.

Pearl: professional fee question and answer website


source: visual China

news reporter "interface, the main lesson for entrepreneurs" account "Guangzhou Jia Rui Education Consulting Co. Ltd., business consulting services including education, occupation skill training, corporate and shareholder named Ke Zhuohua.


China’s "Anti Unfair Competition Law" Tenth article stipulates: "the business secret refers to the technical information and business information which is known by the public, can bring economic benefits to the obligee, is of practical use and the right to take security measures."

, Pearl doesn’t make money by recommending clients to doctors or lawyers. Avvo. Kuzego said that as Pearl’s revenues come from the answer, they have the motivation to provide the best and fastest answers, without recommending users to professional agencies for in-depth consulting services. This is also different from other forms of Q & A websites such as Quora and Ask.

Tao told reporters


venture investment circles have raised considerable controversy.

Pearl URL: Pearl

interface reporter contacted Ke Zhuohua to ask about the business plan source for the WeChat public number, the first lesson for entrepreneurs. Ke Zhuohua replied: "these are all network public information, not our earliest."."


Confessions of a bitter Shanghai dragon Er (two)

404 error page

404 error page refers to an error page when the page is deleted or visitors enter the wrong column page or the content page. When users access to this page, we can make an interesting error page to prompt the user, you visit the page does not exist. For example, before a popular game "cat surrounded by nerves are often made of 404 page", which can reduce the user’s bounce rate to improve the user experience of search engine spiders are very friendly.


1, robots.txt


two days to see Lou song song website, are a few of the Shanghai dragon article quality is not very high, but some of the things is the title of the party, after seeing it almost didn’t get any valuable content. I am also a very basic Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, two years ago in the website submission Lou song song a "a bitter Shanghai Longfeng confessional", because of poor writing has not cast off again. But I would also like to express my understanding of Shanghai dragon, if the wrong or don’t feel any value, can I spray a message

! station map

Shanghai dragon basic optimization is the optimization techniques must be done before the site content, Shanghai dragon is not a pure editor, also need some technical skills, here is my report on the optimization of the underlying basis of the summary of Shanghai dragon.

, a Shanghai based Phoenix to optimize the underlying optimization

Robots file is an important document of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is this document search engine spiders visit a website should first visit, in this paper the webmaster can tell the search engine spiders which can grab, grab those are prohibited. In addition, our webmaster map can also be placed in the robots file, easy to search engine spiders to grab our web pages one by one.

first introduced their experiences, I began in 2010 and specializes in Shanghai Longfeng work. At that time, A5 28, is pushing the search outside every day I will go to the forum, but also outside the chain base. When do the optimization is relatively simple, keyword stuffing, a chain, a large number of Links, the title of the party, these look very stupid and violent methods are very market. But with the development of the search engine and the crowd for the content and value of critical, these methods do not work, really do help to improve the user experience is to change the direction of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

station map is divided into two kinds, one is the XML format map, this is all on the web page to create a directory, use the search engine to recognized language writing, convenient search engine recognition and capture, in order to improve the site included. Another is the HTML format, this is generally on the website of the column index will be sorted out the main directory website, secondary directory, convenient for users to view the contents of the site.



Increase the role of the chain on the site

            as individual owners are hoping their website can overnight flow can reach tens of thousands, for this purpose the webmaster to pay a lot of energy, time and effort invested in its website, made a lot of work. As a result, up in the morning, open the site traffic statistics system, and indeed found that traffic is still the original flow, there is no change. Baidu search or original collection of those information, no progress.

I according to some of my own experience, talk about some of their own practices, I hope you can help the webmaster. In addition to doing some necessary web site promotion, the most important as a personal website, I think it is still necessary to work hard to honestly do their own content of the site. Will receive the attention of search engine. How to make your site’s content? In fact, the personal data, do not pass the audit, and then review their every day dozens, hundreds of course content, remember to take the title to revise its own title, the content of the framework is to change, do not let the search engine to the feeling the same content, or in their own plus some of their own ideas in the content, it will allow the search engine to feel every time your website has its own content, rather than duplicate spam sites. So accumulate over time, slowly, your site traffic will naturally come up.

finished the work, don’t think that you still have time in Everything will be fine., outside the above chain, or search engine will think your site not what weight, the effect will be greatly reduced. Do the chain, but also pay attention to the quality of the chain. So how to increase the chain,


to increase the chain of methods:

1. find your friend’s Web site to help you add links to your site. One-way links to your site the best effect.

2. in Google and Baidu to query your site’s theme. Look at the reverse link in the first page of the website. The reverse link query a Web Query: link: website. Then contact these sites with you exchange links. Or pay for one-way links with their.

3. has been included in the blog search query station, each week to open a blog to your site and copy the contents of a to blog. Copy the contents to the site must have your site keyword content content in.

replicationIf you can write a

4.. Special feeds into some large sites. Let them add links to your site. One day two days. You enter your published title in Google and Baidu search. You can see a N site to reprint your website content. So called soft Wen wrote, it most Meng.

5. go to some large blog that has been indexed by the search engine for individual blog content. Give them comments below. Plus your site link.



Name one of the most guilty things I’ve ever done in the domain name space

I am Qiu Donghua, Qiu Donghua is me, my real name is this, 05 years on the domain space agency, I have been convinced that the sale of the real name system, because I have a reputation behavior can reflect the integrity of your attitude, just when the agent and everyone else, have a to realize the cognitive process, I also encountered black service providers, is to pay agency fees run away or low product quality, service and garbage, I remember when I first made a call the next network of agents,

cooperation smoothly!

during this period there was a customer when I buy a space to install the phpwind forum, there is often the memory access location is invalid "prompt, I think is the problem of space, this time I have contacted the next person to solve, but solve many times or mistakes, I I remember one night when I was out of work on the road, called up a client over what cannot access the forum said, then I immediately contact the server administrator, the final results is the next person accidentally put the customer to delete the database, let me talk to the customer to explain what the later, I also tell a client, admitting his mistake, should not be such a space agency sold to customers, customers at that time is also estimated in a fit of anger, and even the use of coarse language Rough language, now think about all can understand, after so many years, really feel is wrong, if you can contact that customer, must apologize to face to face, and even compensation, after all, the customer is not wrong,


now search for "Qiu Donghua" in Baidu, the first link is the customers in the network forum that I, Ie=gb2312& bs=%BD%F1%C3%F7%CD%F8%C2%E7& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%B3%F0%B6%AC%BB%AA& ct=0 I have to see, I have put this article customer of three years. As a lesson to his encouragement, is that you do something wrong, if the wrong will have to reflect, to listen to the views of others, and to be improved, I believe myself in IDC this road go farther! Three years, the number of my clients have already accumulated over 5000, annual sales of 100W so, I insisted on doing so, but so far, on their own is not good news, you can find on the Internet is that! That three years from has insisted Honesty is right, I’ll try to keep it up,

since the lessons, I rarely do too small space business agent, not to say that their products have much junk what, or think they have the ability to service, as everyone knows, now this chaos IDC market, adhere to the high-quality low price service businesses is less and less, because of the price and service has been very contradictory, so consider to do > agent


Why join the highly acclaimed Sirui 1000 meter

line in the Chinese snack industry is a very powerful snack brand, is a small food and beverage industry in the big. Catering to join the project selection noodle also join many investors in this small series of choice, we recommend a noodle well-known brand – "thousand Sirui" vermicelli. The "thousand Sirui" brand vermicelli belonging to a large Chinese fast-food chain enterprises – Ji’nan Giant Department of food. Thousands of Sirui to traditional bridge noodle primarily, together with the modern fast food delicacy sale, to create a leading fast food chain brand vermicelli.

1000 Sirui using standardized production, no chef, no smoke, can make beautiful tasty show, has become the fast food industry "join darling", created the store popular success.

1000 Sirui joined the highly acclaimed noodle why?

tip one: popular for centuries, millions of gold and silver

vitality: a hundred years of history, has a strong vitality

popularity:: rise in the folk, spread in the folk, won the public love.

uniqueness: the rich national customs of Yunnan, give people a kind of enjoyment.

secret two, secret recipe, people want to eat


features: 1000 Sirui vermicelli bridge noodle taste with hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant. Health, nutrition, good taste, won the majority of consumer recognition.

sweet: sweet without you, warm milk

acid: acid but not cool, eat refreshing

fresh: fresh and not thick, authentic

: salty and salty unabated, Maotai rich

light: light but not thin, vegetables and sweet

spicy: fortunately not strong, hemp and not dry

three, Sirui thousand secret vermicelli, four reasons to required:

1, avoid the use of the brand! Free of design and construction fees! Free market margin!

2, general catering profits are not less than 50%, thousands of Sirui profits generally between 50%-65% bridge.

3, a thousand Sirui contract is valid for three years. During the active period of the contract, after the expiration of the contract and then do not charge any additional fees, after the signing of the event, the annual need to pay management fees.


What are the advantages of investing in health porridge

Rice porridge is what we usually sense like porridge, steamed stuffed bun Steamed Buns has become an indispensable part of life Chinese, today Xiaobian to recommend is a relatively good porridge to join the brand – Kang Kee good porridge road.

Kang good porridge Road Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 into the food and beverage industry, has been in Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Kunming and other places in various types of restaurants, restaurants, star hotel. By learning and understanding for many years in the catering industry, founded in 2000, "Kang Kee good porridge road in Kunming, the Guangdong area of old beautiful porridge, nourishing stew, exquisite snacks such as health food into Kunming, and Cantonese restaurant fast tekan remember good porridge road to join to create deep color. To serve the people’s livelihood, green health new series of Chinese fast food.

Kang good porridge road has been to follow the good life good neighbors good taste business philosophy, adhering to the purpose of the people close to the people, adhere to the public to provide health and health, convenient and fast food. The reasonable way of eating health food and health maintenance base, "Kang Kee good porridge road with you to create a wonderfull life, do your good neighbors, good taste for your food, people love the restaurant next door.

What is the advantage of

investment to record good porridge road?

advantage one: the market risk is small – let you have success

"Kang Kee good porridge road" to delicate and beautiful products, reasonable product structure, accurate market positioning, won the favor of target customers. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people advocate green food, pay attention to nutrition and healthy diet. Good porridge road conform to the trend of the times, to "nutrition health, delicious fashion" as the theme of consumption, won a larger market space. At the same time, good porridge road to 200 square meters of stores as the standard store, small investment, greatly reducing the investment risk!

advantage two: exclusive formula, unique flavor, let your market competition invincible hand

"Kang Kee good porridge road" to Hong Kong and Macao porridge, snacks, snacks based products. Through the reasonable ratio of industrial processing and seasoning production procedures, can achieve completely standardized product core condiment company through homegrown approach to ensure the uniqueness of the ingredients, so as to improve the single core competitiveness in the market management. The company according to the needs of consumers, the 10 series more than 100 kinds of products from the appliance to taste, have carried out comprehensive integration from the quality of raw materials, product sales structure and developed more than and 20 kinds of flavor type, fully meet the wide choice of consumers. Its unique taste, flavor of the compound so that the store in the same dining market has absolute competitive advantage >


Monkey year to teach you how to do business management hot pot

year of the monkey, in the new year, Xiao Bian to bring you a gift! Teach you how to start a business, change your destiny. We know that the catering industry has a lot of room for development, has always been able to bring a lot of investors to bring more surprises, then open a hot pot restaurant, do you know how to manage a hot pot restaurant? Let Xiaobian to introduce the following.

quantitative management method, is through the study of the relationship between the number of object management, follow the provisions of the amount of   management method based on the relationship between the number of restaurants; business activities, in order to make as little as possible inputs, to achieve effective results as much as possible, not only have the qualitative and quantitative requirements must have analysis, whether the quality standards, or the use of funds, materials management, personnel organization, should have a number of standard.

management method, control method is actually on the person’s need, motivation and behavior. It is through the study of the staff’s thoughts, emotions, hobbies, aspirations, needs, and social relations and to guide, to give the necessary satisfaction, to achieve the desired objectives.

system management method, method is to control the restaurant business activities through the development and implementation of the system.

form management method is a method to store the most commonly used management Hot pot is the most critical, is produced by the design of form and transfer process, a method to control the business activities of the restaurant. The key of form management is to design a set of scientific and perfect form system.

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Transgender girlfriends girlfriends into a true love point praise

a woman after the British girlfriends girlfriends girlfriends, despite the fact that two people were opposed to the family with the opposition, but eventually got the understanding, and now they are full of hope for the future.

JamieRaines is a student at University of Essex in the United Kingdom, but also the Reds on youtube. Jamie was a girl, at the age of four, she suddenly realized that he is not a boy?

in the next time, she has been plagued by the trouble. She didn’t care about it, and thought that the idea would disappear when she reached puberty. So, at the age of 18, he began receiving testosterone therapy. This treatment will allow JamieRaines to appear in the body of male hormones, changing his voice and body. For example, grow a beard. He made a decision – to change his daily photos are recorded, so that everyone can see the process of their transformation, so he became the network reds.

He is going to record only a year when

however the degeneration process today say the key is not Jamie, this guy, in addition, there is a very legendary experience, he has a girlfriend, the girlfriend was supposed to be her bestie.

things to say to his high school, he met ShaabaLotun, he is now the girlfriend in high school at that time. At the time of the first meeting, Shaaba in fact, he did not have much good impression, when the only common point is that everyone likes photography. So they later became a classmate in a photography class, they see each other every day, slowly familiar, and finally became a girlfriend.

When the


Coffee shop location should pay attention to what

coffee is a favorite drink of many friends, if you want to open a coffee shop, then how the site is very important. Xiao Bian on the site for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can help shop.

coffee as one of the world’s top ten profiteering industry, how to choose a coffee shop? Consumer demand, want to seize a huge performance, but how to invest in a coffee shop to meet the needs of different consumers, to open up the investment direction of the coffee industry, then select the project after what to do? Should make full preparations for the site.

coffee franchisees want to choose a good location, many people shop location location should pay attention to the distribution of the same brand shop of " the enemy can " coffee stores, what location? And investors in the site should have a comparative idea, look at the more suitable for their own.

coffee shop how to choose? In the site investigation details, coffee shop coffee shops around the passenger flow analysis to accurately, and traffic is a basic factor to determine the coffee franchisee of future performance, understand the traffic, and understand the consumer positioning passenger nearby, in order to ensure their own business advantage.

coffee shop around the traffic conditions are better, and now a one-way street, prohibit the passage of vehicles in the street, the location of these factors should be considered in the impression that the coffee shop how to choose? In the formal start of the rental shop. Leasing costs is not only a huge investment in the early stage, but also a direct impact on the development of the latter.

is about more than coffee stores location matters needing attention, hope this to a lot of attention, only a good choice of address, so you can easily open their own way to get rich, want to open a coffee shop, come to understand!

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