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Top ten brands list

despite the popularity of mobile phones, many families are no longer a phone, however, for the phone this product, I believe we will not be unfamiliar. In short, the call is one of the common means of communication, so the use of the telephone is very common, which telephone brand good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands list.

phone ten brands list NO.1, BBK


Communication Technology Co. Ltd., telephone ten brands, one of BBK’s three subsidiaries, the market share of domestic telephone industry leading brand, R & D, production and sales in one company, mainly engaged in mobile phones, digital cordless phones, cordless telephones, cordless telephone, smart phone and other kinds of communication products the enterprise

phone ten brands list NO.2, set Yi Jia Gigaset

Gigaset communications equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Gigaset Gigaset, telephone ten brands, SIEMENS phones worldwide officially renamed Gigaset, the world famous cordless phone brand, SIEMENS inherited 160 years of excellence, the famous German phone manufacturing enterprises /p>

phone ten brands list NO.3, Panasonic Panasonic


(Chinese) Co. Ltd., Matsushita, ten brands of digital cameras, electrical appliances – ten brands, the world’s top 500, one of Japan’s most famous manufacturer of electronic products, the world famous comprehensive electronic technology international enterprise group, in home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products and other fields in the leading worldwide

phone ten brands list NO.4, CHINO CHINO-E

Shenzhen CHINO Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd., telephone ten brands, Guangdong famous brand, Shenzhen Enterprise Information Technology Association vice president of units, Chinese Quality Inspection Association vice president of units engaged in cable, communication terminal, wireless communication terminal products R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprise

phone ten brands list NO.5, VTECH VTech

VTech, VTech Electronics Industrial (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., telephone ten brand, founded in 1976, Hong Kong listed companies, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, large infant and preschool children’s e-learning products supplier

phone ten brands list NO.6, TCL communications



The key to success for young people starting from scratch

for a lot of young people have a dream to start empty-handed entrepreneurship is one of their ways to success, but through their own efforts to start empty-handed business is still very difficult, so what are the successful entrepreneurial start empty-handed to trick?

1, refused to mediocrity stimulate desire

the mediocrity of life makes people lose their aggressive

the lost illusions, stimulate the desire to rise head and shoulders above others

2, select the project from scratch

because of the choice and great people. If Lu Xun did not give up the study of medicine and choose again, would not be Chinese writer Liu Yonghao private entrepreneurs if they don’t give up teaching, would not have today’s hope group. Someone asked a start empty-handed success how to be successful, the successful said: "the most interesting choice for you, you can play the most expertise, then in this line to become the top three."

select your strengths as a life-long career

as soon as possibleThe

start empty-handed dispel concerns.

the start from the basis, gradually developing and growing

3, build confidence and passion

1. I believe I can succeed

the optimistic, positive attitude, enterprising


What process do men join yelikon

brand men’s shoes to join choice, has been very popular with the choice. Yi’erkang men’s shoes? The strength of the brand. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. An open their own yelikon men’s stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

has joined the men’s yelikon what processes?

, a site selection and application, applicants must join in the local downtown merchants have their own or lease to the store, and fill out the yelikon branch to provide "values questionnaire", "site questionnaire" and "store franchise application form".

two, site visits to assess the total company regional manager or yelikon branch shop responsible person, the on-the-spot investigation of the applicant and the franchise shop, and write the evaluation opinions.

three, confirming yelikon branch manager according to the evaluation opinions agree with your approval to join the application, special circumstances will confirm to the yelikon group headquarters approval.

four, apply for decoration, recruitment, once the application is confirmed by yelikon branch staff to help you fill in the details of the store decoration application form ", and help you start hiring manager and clerk.

five, confirm the decoration and props cost – yelikon branch professionals, make relevant plans, elevations, lighting circuit diagram and effect diagram "according to the actual situation of store, and calculate the cost of renovation and related items detailed amount.

six, construction guidance, training by yelikon sent guidance to the branch store construction. Head office and sent professional trainers to carry out professional training for the store staff.

seven, acceptance, opening, after the renovation, the yelikon group headquarters or branch sent for approval. Branch staff and assist the store in accordance with the establishment of the company or a unified business plan for the preparation of opening.

eight, the opening day, Kang area manager or yelikon branch is responsible for the unified control, you can rest assured of opening.

through the above description, I believe everyone to choose to join the men’s yelikon project, there has been a lot of understanding. The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up!


Australia’s 63 year old grandmother to start a new career in the business of teaching swimming

people are not afraid of old, fear of losing passion. Many middle-aged people are still hesitant about their age is suitable for entrepreneurship, and some grandparents level entrepreneurs have started their own business freshmen.

reported that Brand (Glenda  Brindle) this year, although it was her identity, but this did not stop her entrepreneurial enthusiasm. She recently opened a swimming school called "Somerton" in Brighton, Nan’ao, which will be the first day in February 3rd. She has recruited 6 experienced swimming coaches, but she wants to recruit more.

"I’m looking for experience, dedication and patience of the coach." Brand said. It is reported that this is the first time Brand venture, she had been swimming teacher before Minda. "I think it’s a challenge for me to start school, and I’m excited about it,"


across borders and gender, people’s bones are eager to create a business of their own. More than and 60 year old grandmother is still struggling to start a business, she is younger than you have any reason not to try?

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Pine nuts ten brands list – the whole

in a variety of nuts, pine nuts are a lot of people are very fond of, but also very high nutritional value, which makes the market popular. So, pine nut which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of pine nuts, so that you can choose to be more suitable for large brands of pine nuts bar.


nuts brand ranking NO.1, hongsongbao pine: ten brands, high-tech enterprises, brand-name products in Jilin Province, Jilin Province, a provincial leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Jilin painuo biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd.


nuts brand rankings, ZTE NO.2: national agricultural products processing and export demonstration enterprise in Jilin Province, the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, China pine nut processing and distribution center, Jilin ZTE food Limited by Share Ltd.


nuts brand ranking NO.3, Fergus: Heilongjiang Province, the focus of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, enterprise scale and processing capacity in the national advanced ranks with the industry, Heilongjiang Hongtai pinecone Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.4, Xinwei: famous trademark in Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, a major agricultural product processing enterprises in agricultural and sideline products processing / sales / export as one of the private enterprises, Yunnan Xinwei Food Co., ltd..


nuts brand rankings: NO.5, of famous brand in Jilin Province, brand-name products in Jilin Province, Tonghua city key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Agricultural Expo brand, Meihekou Jinsong Food Co., ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.6, Ji Yuan: Jilin famous trademark, Jilin municipal key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, the purchase and sale of agricultural and sideline products collection / processing / planting for the whole company, Huadian Ji Yuan Products Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.7, Jade Snow: Hangzhou famous trademarks, brand-name products in Hangzhou City, Hangzhou City, agricultural leading enterprises, with a considerable scale of professional roasted manufacturing company, Fuyang cuixue food Zhejiang Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.8, Sahalim: in 1998, Heilongjiang famous trademark, China " new authentic wild food " leading brands, pine ten brands, Mudanjiang Sahalim Food Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.9, ACE: set production / research / processing / sales of nuts food enterprises, one of the industry’s largest enterprises, enjoy a relatively high visibility, Yanji Shoei Foods Co. ltd..

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Lava Cake – preferably joined the business with a small capital

lava cake? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, join Lava Cake project, or very much the choice of market development. Lava cake to join the project, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs.

many people love to eat sweets very much, and representative, cake and chocolate is sweet in the lava cake, clever fusion of the two, bringing a new delicacy experience, lava cake investment products grilled to eat a spoon down doing rich chocolate pleasure, thick chocolate cake infiltration in the mouth, slowly open, fragrance, taste and vision to achieve excellent results, the formation of a cake can also taste the fun experience of two.

diners are very popular delicacy for dessert, so if you choose to open a lava cake shop, will have a huge market opportunity, lava cake investment, the product is only a piece of chocolate cake and ice cream ball, dotted with green mint leaves, scooped up a piece of cake, chocolate out of chocolate Luzhou has spread. With fresh vanilla ice cream with the entrance, semi candy doctrine just fine.

for entrepreneurs, is most concerned about is how to project investment and profit, investors are hoping to find a most suitable project, lava cake investment projects of small investment, quick return, low risk, high profit, no season, four seasons of the year sales income is stable, the most suitable for the majority of small and medium investors. Lava Cake merchants, chocolate and butter cost 2-3 yuan, sold to customers 5-9 yuan, net profit of more than 200%, do not want to make it difficult.

in the dessert market, lava cake not only has a high popularity, join Lava Cake project, or very powerful choice. If you are also very excited, then act quickly!


Xining to Golmud next month to open the train

reporter in February 16th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in order to meet the demand for passenger travel festival, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans to 10 days on March 2nd, in Xining to Golmud to open K6805/6 times daily passenger train, running time than in the past the passenger trains shortened by 40 minutes.


Why is it easy to lose customers

now, this is a comprehensive health of the times, in order to more healthy life, we will find that there are a lot of health market franchise. So, today, we will discuss the reasons why the loss of health Chinese Medicine Museum customers? Look at the ways to solve this problem.

1, traditional Chinese medicine health museum decoration environment

2, Chinese health museum clean

3, traditional Chinese medicine health service hall


The twelve meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress held

8 17, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee held the twelve meeting of the eighty-third. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Deng Bentai, Su Ning, Aung Mao, and so on, and so on, and then, the Secretary General of the general assembly, attended the meeting, presided over by the Secretary General of the meeting, the meeting, chaired by the Secretary General of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the meeting of the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China, and the meeting of the.


meeting of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee General Office of the twelve Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-ninth meeting held suggested topics and dates, and listened to the report on the special committee and the Working Committee on the preparation of the meeting.

the conference listened to about "arrangements for the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of the seminar".



Prosperity of the ecological and cultural rule of law

"Prosperity is the foundation of urban development. Ecology is the basis of urban development. Humanism is the soul of urban development. Rule of law is the development of cities. Construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, to do a good job of ‘prosperity, ecology, humanity, the rule of law’ four articles." "The city should adhere to the problem oriented, strong or weak, make up the short board, tough questions, to seek a breakthrough in the city planning, construction, management and innovation etc.!"

4 16, the city’s urban planning and construction management work conference held. Mayor Wang Yubo stressed the need to deeply understand the new requirements of urban and rural development in the new era, accurately grasp the management of city planning and construction of the objectives and requirements, to promote the city planning and construction management to achieve new breakthroughs, strengthen the responsibility to implement the tasks.

meeting summed up in recent years the city’s successful experience in urban planning and construction management, analysis of the current situation, the overall arrangements for the future of the city’s urban and rural planning and construction blueprint. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang presided over the meeting. Three county deputy mayor Wang Ping, Zhang Qian, Jin Jiuchen and municipal authorities, four attended the meeting.

new requirements for urban and rural development in the new period

– Wang Yubo said in Xining in the development of growth in growth, as Xining has a long history of the ancient plateau, in the joint efforts of people of all ethnic groups, has been accompanied by the footsteps of the times in the development, growth, and growth in the country, especially since the implementation of western development strategy, Xining is entering the history of hitherto unknown outbreak the development period, seize the great opportunities of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to promote the construction of the eastern city group to build, make people satisfied with the life of the city, happy city, accelerating the pace of urban construction, city space expanding, carrier function improvement, continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, for the province to support and lead the increasing role.

Xining is our most warm home round Wang Yubo pointed out that Xining is the most beautiful city in our minds, the most warm home circle. Stand in a new stage of development, facing the complex development environment, we must recognize the situation, face the problem, reflects the new thinking, deepen our understanding of the characteristics of the city and the development direction of the cognition, to further expand the development vision, accurately grasp the importance of the new period of urban and rural planning and construction management work. Because this is the inherent requirement to enhance the competitiveness of the city, is an objective requirement for the realization of scientific development, is an urgent requirement to improve the people’s happiness index, is an inevitable requirement for the development of the province’s service support.

good ecological and cultural prosperity of the rule of law article

Wang Yubo stressed that the implementation of "the four overall strategic layout, building a harmonious and beautiful Xining, construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, from the perspective of total lead, to do the" prosperity, ecology, humanities, law "four article.

[prosperity is the basis of urban development] only prosperity and progress of the city, harmonious and beautiful, in order to retain people, attractive. Rely on urban prosperity, the key is to grasp the industrial support. There is a city of industry, the industry is Hing Hing city. At present, the city is still in the process can be great, should be able to accomplish an important strategic opportunity period, the key to grasp the industrialization, service;