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To explore the influence factors of ranking Shanghai know love

three, the content of the answerThe quality of

did not contain the keywords, but the problem is to write very detailed, high reliability.

is that we try to describe our keywords, to ask explicitly stated, of course, do not try to accumulate keywords, make statements are not fluent, normal to add 1 to 2, this ranking is still a little effect, you can look at it more popular word quiz in the front row the description is very well written, I just find the website promotion, found written in very good read more


Site construction and optimization can be entered as the accumulate steadily

blind anxious to listen to others’ advice their head is the do what you want to do, without thinking, such thinking must be fail. The choice of the construction site or when want to go beyond the competitors, always want to know what their own to do so on the consequences of. Also need to do some what kind of preparation work will reduce the risk to a minimum, to maximize the opportunity. If you choose the wrong direction, or lack of preparation may be caused by a fatal blow. This is not alarmist, too many such examples. A simple example: Shanghai dragon Er doing optimization, will be the first to understand the analysis of industry, competitive analysis, web site, began after the optimization of the website, not just for the crash, and optimization model to optimize the site and have the same. Because they know what they are doing, because the judge thought error will be the consequences of what they are to optimize the professional personnel in Shanghai dragon. Therefore, even if a website optimization. read more


New Year gift of red childrenAs a Taobao customer about my real Wangzhuan experience


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dear League member:

and I built a website, at first, I hesitate in the end choose what procedures do CMS or blog, because CMS is too complex, he is also a novice what are not so I chose to do a WordPress of the Taobao guest blog, which is poor Amoy network www.qiongtao had a domain name I think nearly a month, constantly consider, think the word sh419 poor Amoy network almost can not find, but Larry, will give users the impression more, soon to be included, also give me a promotion brought a lot of convenience, because a lot of places to send links, leave a poor Amoy network to allow them to quickly search, sh419 search drop-down I have the menu name of the site, when paying people to do a basic template, updated daily articles, the original is false, this is some sh419 a lot of shopping guide articles may be self SEO technology has been too shallow, not cold on the sh419 WP only included the home page, but I think it is enough! Then hesitate to buy cheap space, has led to open quite depressed, so thoroughly the head surface a website. read more


New station how to learn from other people’s SEO

do it for several years, but the technology is not how good, made numerous large and small sites, now that SEO has been important, you don’t do well, not to search for someone to be away from you, facing so many competitors, and you only continue to competitors, learn to blows the competitors will continuously improve the level of their own. I have a station, Here’s a summary of how I used my competitors in the SEO process. Probably not every one is effective for everyone, but there’s at least something worth studying. read more


Skyline community marches into Internet banking, can you play

Abstract recently, some netizens broke the news that the "Tianya community" is seeking to transfer, and exposed its "open transfer instructions". Subsequently, Tianya chairman Xing Ming denied that " was sold; " rumors, and said the plans listed on the new board, to be listed on the gem, and " public transfer " is a step in the listing of three new board.

" Tianya is sold " rumors will be silent for a long time, the Tianya community once again pull back to people’s vision. It is reported that Tianya plan intends to community games, community e-commerce, Internet banking and other business transformation. However, and regardless of the first two directions, only the hottest Internet banking, Tianya can play it? read more


Want to let the long-term profitability of the restaurant look at it

we know now, the catering industry is fire, but not all restaurants are able to profit over the long term, some restaurants opened soon collapsed, these restaurants are closed, there are still some reasons can be summarized.

We all went to various types of food consumption

A, my downstairs "Tianwaitian restaurant" has finally changed hands. I think this is a matter, because they do not understand the service; a Wanda Plaza edge fire Xinjiang small restaurant was closed, it had been expected, because they don’t know how to deal with customers. read more


Top ten brands list

despite the popularity of mobile phones, many families are no longer a phone, however, for the phone this product, I believe we will not be unfamiliar. In short, the call is one of the common means of communication, so the use of the telephone is very common, which telephone brand good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands list.

phone ten brands list NO.1, BBK


Communication Technology Co. Ltd., telephone ten brands, one of BBK’s three subsidiaries, the market share of domestic telephone industry leading brand, R & D, production and sales in one company, mainly engaged in mobile phones, digital cordless phones, cordless telephones, cordless telephone, smart phone and other kinds of communication products the enterprise read more


The key to success for young people starting from scratch

for a lot of young people have a dream to start empty-handed entrepreneurship is one of their ways to success, but through their own efforts to start empty-handed business is still very difficult, so what are the successful entrepreneurial start empty-handed to trick?

1, refused to mediocrity stimulate desire

read more


What process do men join yelikon

brand men’s shoes to join choice, has been very popular with the choice. Yi’erkang men’s shoes? The strength of the brand. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. An open their own yelikon men’s stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

has joined the men’s yelikon what processes?

, a site selection and application, applicants must join in the local downtown merchants have their own or lease to the store, and fill out the yelikon branch to provide "values questionnaire", "site questionnaire" and "store franchise application form". read more


Pine nuts ten brands list – the whole

in a variety of nuts, pine nuts are a lot of people are very fond of, but also very high nutritional value, which makes the market popular. So, pine nut which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of pine nuts, so that you can choose to be more suitable for large brands of pine nuts bar.


nuts brand ranking NO.1, hongsongbao pine: ten brands, high-tech enterprises, brand-name products in Jilin Province, Jilin Province, a provincial leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Jilin painuo biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd. read more


Lava Cake – preferably joined the business with a small capital

lava cake? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, join Lava Cake project, or very much the choice of market development. Lava cake to join the project, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs.

many people love to eat sweets very much, and representative, cake and chocolate is sweet in the lava cake, clever fusion of the two, bringing a new delicacy experience, lava cake investment products grilled to eat a spoon down doing rich chocolate pleasure, thick chocolate cake infiltration in the mouth, slowly open, fragrance, taste and vision to achieve excellent results, the formation of a cake can also taste the fun experience of two. read more


Xining to Golmud next month to open the train

reporter in February 16th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in order to meet the demand for passenger travel festival, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans to 10 days on March 2nd, in Xining to Golmud to open K6805/6 times daily passenger train, running time than in the past the passenger trains shortened by 40 minutes.
  read more


The twelve meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress held

8 17, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee held the twelve meeting of the eighty-third. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Deng Bentai, Su Ning, Aung Mao, and so on, and so on, and then, the Secretary General of the general assembly, attended the meeting, presided over by the Secretary General of the meeting, the meeting, chaired by the Secretary General of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the meeting of the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China, and the meeting of the. read more


Prosperity of the ecological and cultural rule of law

"Prosperity is the foundation of urban development. Ecology is the basis of urban development. Humanism is the soul of urban development. Rule of law is the development of cities. Construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, to do a good job of ‘prosperity, ecology, humanity, the rule of law’ four articles." "The city should adhere to the problem oriented, strong or weak, make up the short board, tough questions, to seek a breakthrough in the city planning, construction, management and innovation etc.!" read more


Brand bathroom products to join the business notes

bathroom products demand, market investment enthusiasm is quite hot. Investment in the industry, joining the need to focus on some important business details. Brand bathroom items to join the project has some advantages, but also need to join the business operators to be able to successfully promote the development of business, if you do not understand, hurry to experience it.

brand sanitary ware franchisee in mind, from the "select" brand to the opening, this process is especially important, product display, counter design, lighting design, decoration effect, guide training, customer service service, every link will affect the day after the sales performance, brand sanitary ware franchisee should conscientiously put every do things carefully. read more


What are the importance of store inventory

some people shop business is muddleheaded, the store is selling merchandise merchandise which is not enough to sell, perhaps what unsalable goods to expired, the owner is not clear, it is natural for the circulation of funds are not a little help. So, if you want to successfully run a shop, you need to do a good job inventory. You know, inventory can have a very important role in the operation of the store. So, what is the importance of store inventory?


shops operating for many years, the customer is not small, business is not bad, but money is not enough, especially at the end of the year, want to smoke some money out is not easy; commodity is more than just the shop, but the real selling merchandise is not much. What is the reason for this? read more


Retail customers want to do business in rural areas need to do a good job health

people who visited the supermarket to see the rural retail sales environment often can not stand, not only chaos, but also very dirty. So, under the influence of the objective environment, good sanitation has been a rural retail weakness". First, geographical environment. Rural land, wind, wind, dust are inside and outside; two is rural retail stores are mostly home stores, mostly residential premises after the transformation, where most goods piled together, health is also very difficult to put in place; three is the thought problem. read more