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How to ER and Shanghai dragon net to catch fish

method two: make full use of the advanced search

has experience of the old fisherman will determine where to fish, so they will cast their nets often gather in the place to fish, but not every smart fisherman put the nets in the few places, they will find a new place to put the bait. The same reason, many Shanghai dragon ER have a clear mind, do the chain to find those high weight website, but a lot of people do every day the chain is limited to the few sites: Shanghai know love known to every family (space, Post Bar, experience), Tianya, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, A5, Chinaz, ask, Shanghai dragon why, the site of the chain effect is very good, we all know that, but it’s not necessary to spend all day in these sites, the Internet is very big, we can go to dig some new sites. (before this, it is recommended that you install can display the browser plug-in below PR Alexa with convenient operation):



then is the display list in the selection of high quality website: we can see some of the posts are before a few minutes or a few hours and then released search records, we can see these sites into PR and see if this ranking, 2 are OK, we can think of some method of post a topic or reply. These skills I believe we all know more than me, in which I don’t do

we need to find some update website, how to find? We can love Shanghai in the search box enter a keyword + the date;

date transmission

said that if the Internet into a world of waters sea, Shanghai dragon ER is him, so the station is outside the station is link bait, fishing nets, and the spider is fish. A fishing people know that fresh bait is easier to catch fish, we built the station, station to have fresh content to lead the spider, it is often said that the original, the contents of many predecessors have said, not discussed here, mainly to a say how to put good net catching fish, following from finding a site with looking for friends of the chain in 2 aspects:

method: find the key word

looking for friends of the chain of this topic is not new, but to see a lot of Shanghai dragon ER to spend some time Links exchange group, at the beginning I was ignorant, in the group.

in Shanghai the input field enter the keyword, displays the search results, then we can see at the bottom of an advanced search, click the "advanced search", out of a page and then choose to search our limited "time is" choose "drop-down menu in recent days, with the best way is that we can look at the opponent in the past few days, where the hair of the chain, we can also go to. (this way some injustice, but in a way, this is also the competition is relatively feasible!)

Looking for friends of the chain:


To explore the influence factors of ranking Shanghai know love


three, the content of the answerThe quality of

did not contain the keywords, but the problem is to write very detailed, high reliability.

is that we try to describe our keywords, to ask explicitly stated, of course, do not try to accumulate keywords, make statements are not fluent, normal to add 1 to 2, this ranking is still a little effect, you can look at it more popular word quiz in the front row the description is very well written, I just find the website promotion, found written in very good

today in the group chat, a friend asked me to love Shanghai know exactly what according to the ranking, why do some questions answered a small number, agree is zero, also ranked at home; some question, others can row in front, in fact, we consider the question and answer ranking basically by myself this model, add some key words in the problem, through some methods to improve the Shanghai love know love Shanghai quiz in the search rankings, following Xu Guoxiang combine their experience with sex Shanghai know what factors affect the ranking of

The quality of

ask the title refers to the matching degree of similarity, we ask others to search the title and words match exactly, this is definitely the best, this is many of our friends ask why the title love with long tail of reason, when we improve the stand in which the point of view of the search to ask what they would consider the word to search, rather than trying to come up with the title, can not think, can use the keyword search, see people standing in the front of the question is how to write the title, I do a parable about the Jingzhou Shanghai dragon, Jingzhou Shanghai dragon search the row in front of the

you can see, I actually do not exactly match, just with Jingzhou Shanghai dragon, is estimated to be no man than I do, ask more, then ask questions when the best colloquial and popular, don’t give people a look that is advertising, this is also a lot of problems are often friends delete the reason.

answering refers to answer detailed or not, can solve the problem, is not to be accepted by most people, in the eyes of Xu Guoxiang is a serious, detailed answer is very easy to get good rankings, we can look at some key words ask their concern, we of course the most important is to contain their own this web site, add love Shanghai know the URL skills, can refer to in front of me to write love Shanghai know promotion skills, we answer when more detailed, add chances.

to know the love of Shanghai and to explore together the next When added

, a matching quiz title

two, ask that it will contain the keyword




Site construction and optimization can be entered as the accumulate steadily

blind anxious to listen to others’ advice their head is the do what you want to do, without thinking, such thinking must be fail. The choice of the construction site or when want to go beyond the competitors, always want to know what their own to do so on the consequences of. Also need to do some what kind of preparation work will reduce the risk to a minimum, to maximize the opportunity. If you choose the wrong direction, or lack of preparation may be caused by a fatal blow. This is not alarmist, too many such examples. A simple example: Shanghai dragon Er doing optimization, will be the first to understand the analysis of industry, competitive analysis, web site, began after the optimization of the website, not just for the crash, and optimization model to optimize the site and have the same. Because they know what they are doing, because the judge thought error will be the consequences of what they are to optimize the professional personnel in Shanghai dragon. Therefore, even if a website optimization.

is one of the Internet can create high value platform, good career reputation double harvest, do not have to exit. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, a little attention will be out of competition, the competition in the Internet is also the truth. That is what led to the final failure? The author thinks that the reason for the lack of accumulation: whether it is for the new construction site is not good accumulation directly affect the pace of development. Or is in the process of the development of bottlenecks, suffered a strong competitor defeat, or anti Strike ability is low caused by squeezing out, are the reasons for insufficient accumulation caused by itself. Therefore, the binary join Shanghai website construction company pilot technology, website construction and optimization, Fafang can enter the thick thin column. The construction site itself is like a lack of accumulation, to do all aspects of the lack of advance will continue to improve, which caused the problem after harassment.

the webmaster industry, although the choice of "webmaster" the occupation of people very much, but to the end of a mixed pattern is not a ten deposit. Personally, when most of the webmaster is now in the construction site or the choice of a career direction are too impetuous, not clear their own ideas and goals. Or, do not make adequate preparation and accumulation, is duty bound to join in the construction site. I want to have a most of the webmaster have made a mistake: today saw others station profit, make a lot of money immediately absorbed to the blood surging, high imitation of a similar stand, however, although the idea of copying structure is the core copy website development. But tomorrow suddenly encountered the search engine algorithm to adjust the rules, lead to the drop to complain about the injustice of the secular. "To do good work, must first sharpen his" want to go beyond the competitors or want to do big development since the very wide brand worth mentioning, first of all, it is their "" polished sharp before action. Thick and thin, can Janus pointed out, the plasticine.

: a relationship between the thinking and the way of


New Year gift of red childrenAs a Taobao customer about my real Wangzhuan experience


,, OrderField=d.Price& BranchID=2& BrandID=465& RecordCount=40


, 6.colour, zone, color zone, low price, Spring Festival,

dear League member:

and I built a website, at first, I hesitate in the end choose what procedures do CMS or blog, because CMS is too complex, he is also a novice what are not so I chose to do a WordPress of the Taobao guest blog, which is poor Amoy network www.qiongtao had a domain name I think nearly a month, constantly consider, think the word sh419 poor Amoy network almost can not find, but Larry, will give users the impression more, soon to be included, also give me a promotion brought a lot of convenience, because a lot of places to send links, leave a poor Amoy network to allow them to quickly search, sh419 search drop-down I have the menu name of the site, when paying people to do a basic template, updated daily articles, the original is false, this is some sh419 a lot of shopping guide articles may be self SEO technology has been too shallow, not cold on the sh419 WP only included the home page, but I think it is enough! Then hesitate to buy cheap space, has led to open quite depressed, so thoroughly the head surface a website.

redBaby mother Mall – 100 yuan to send gift or over 300 minus 30 yuan in cash concessions gift lot ~ ~

4. radiation hazards looming – radiation protection – mother to baby and their first gift!


,, Site=01& BranchID=6& DepartmentID=176& BrandID=960

3. new happy buckle suit 42% off

is such a state I lasted nearly half a year, almost every day at the 100+ commission I would never go to Houston in the first half of this year a total of publicity, down more than I earn more than 10 thousand money, this is true, but I think this is the rookie level, every month to 5000+ a lot of people, you can use sh419 Search related keywords and taobao, usually ranking all the money, why so many people rush to compete for the 200 billion share of the cake.

2. Dove music BUCKLE! Another Valentine’s Day!


,, & OrderField=b.SaleNum& BranchID=2& BrandID=1750& Rec>; Page=1&

,, BranchID=0& DepartmentID=76& BrandID=432

5. AUPRES New Year special offer

,, BranchID=0& Departmentid=90& SortID=78

said sh419 Post Bar promotion, you know, not a lot of moderator Post Bar, we can look at Taobao is off the link, the military is a hotly contested spot, send a link to article every top ah top, is my homely food. Secondly, it is sh419 know, register vest yourself, ask yourself answer, is also my commonly used method. In fact, the most important Taobao page promotion, the reason I do not say more, we must understand, Taobao Q & A, Taobao forum and Taobao gangs are good promotional positions.

1. to buy 1 Mead Johnson 2 barrels or 5 bags of milk powder sent an 200g1 bag and a limited number of babies delivered so far! Only available on the day of January 22, 2008


New station how to learn from other people’s SEO

do it for several years, but the technology is not how good, made numerous large and small sites, now that SEO has been important, you don’t do well, not to search for someone to be away from you, facing so many competitors, and you only continue to competitors, learn to blows the competitors will continuously improve the level of their own. I have a station, Here’s a summary of how I used my competitors in the SEO process. Probably not every one is effective for everyone, but there’s at least something worth studying.

1.Meta optimization

‘s own writing of meta is sometimes a confusing thing because it’s always not perfect and, if it doesn’t work well, you have to make changes based on search engine performance and site statistics. But with competitors, you can save some time. What we have to do is choose the keyword related to our web page, and then refer to the competition to integrate the keywords into the meta.

2. page layout

Html the use of tags, keyword density and location, URL naming page layout have a large weight in SEO, especially for Baidu, so the study of the competition according to the characteristics of their web page layout modifications, you can save a lot of time, but the weights of each web page is not the same, so you not only to study the leading competitors, also can look backward than their competitors, take the essence and discard the dross.

3. internal link

An internal link structure model of

is not a small project, you will find the truth when you do ZhengZhan optimization. If you don’t have enough external links to prove which pages are important, then you can prove them by internal links. When every page you link to the home page, search engine, of course, think the home page is important, give very high weight. So you learn the internal link deployment of competitors and the performance of the related pages on the search engine, and then make a similar deployment based on your own site. When your website has many pages, you will find that internal links and external links are equally important.

4. links

when you don’t know who you are and who you are looking for, a competitor is like a light that lights you up. Although you may not have competitors such resources and brands, sometimes, but others have pointed out the direction for you, and the rest of them go on their own. When your website reaches a certain level, other people are naturally happy to link with you, and when your website looks good in others, others will automatically find you to link.

5. external link

analyze the external links of competitors, but if competitors are black hat, message boards, blogs, you don’t study. Because probably


Skyline community marches into Internet banking, can you play

Abstract recently, some netizens broke the news that the "Tianya community" is seeking to transfer, and exposed its "open transfer instructions". Subsequently, Tianya chairman Xing Ming denied that " was sold; " rumors, and said the plans listed on the new board, to be listed on the gem, and " public transfer " is a step in the listing of three new board.

" Tianya is sold " rumors will be silent for a long time, the Tianya community once again pull back to people’s vision. It is reported that Tianya plan intends to community games, community e-commerce, Internet banking and other business transformation. However, and regardless of the first two directions, only the hottest Internet banking, Tianya can play it?


1, Tianya Internet banking has long been clues

early in March this year, Xing Ming in " 2015 China Internet investment and M & a conference " had said, Tianya also will be on the line " the world of wealth, indicates that the " network; Tianya will enter the Internet in the financial sector.

with the capital market policy adjustment and reform, across the Internet companies listed before the profit requirements, valuation model and other obstacles are eliminated, and Premier Li Keqiang this year on " +" Internet; speech enhanced market confidence. No wonder the skyline community, which originally existed as a stock forum, also has ambitions for Internet banking.

2, skyline still has how many net worth,


three new board can make people overnight, but also allows people a night of extreme poverty. And for the end of the world, landing three new board faces the test, and three new board brings the same opportunities. The financial industry is " the money from the nearest " industry, now want to enter the Internet financial market, no money is absolutely not, so in 16 years after the creation of the world, how much is left for the transformation of

worth it?


exposure of the transfer prospectus content shows that Tianya community’s main source of income is still advertising, and the last two years has been a continuous loss. And after a year, the world’s net assets from 2013’s 29 million 65 thousand and 500 yuan fell sharply to 4 million 947 thousand yuan in 2014, net assets per share of 0.05 yuan, less than 1 yuan per par value.

for loss, Tianya said: ", the main Department of the company is in the business transformation and investment period, the company continued R & D investment and business layout formation. " at the same time, Xing Ming says, advertising revenue has reached a ceiling. As data shows, today’s skyline is " the " without money; why is there a lot of banking and insurance in the Internet?


Want to let the long-term profitability of the restaurant look at it

we know now, the catering industry is fire, but not all restaurants are able to profit over the long term, some restaurants opened soon collapsed, these restaurants are closed, there are still some reasons can be summarized.

We all went to various types of food consumption

A, my downstairs "Tianwaitian restaurant" has finally changed hands. I think this is a matter, because they do not understand the service; a Wanda Plaza edge fire Xinjiang small restaurant was closed, it had been expected, because they don’t know how to deal with customers.

two, inexplicably, imperceptibly Street "Chengdu snack", into the money after the first meal of the rules, it makes a lot of customers is not used, they explain that they are fast, so money first. As if they’re just like McDonald’s, are they qualified and capable of doing that?

now the restaurant is mainly divided into three kinds of patterns. A kind of culture for people to open the shop, the main reaction in two levels: first, the decoration of the store has a theme, a culture; the two is the store service culture. This is mainly reflected in some high-end stores. The second pattern is no cultural people to open the shop, mostly small and medium-sized shops, they are selling food to customers, in order and serve the service process, there is no management. Three Hong Kong imported tea restaurant, in the environment, culture, improve service, but in the food service, it is in the show, the formation of two contrast with the mainland food store. One is that there is no content services, one is no content and services.



Top ten brands list

despite the popularity of mobile phones, many families are no longer a phone, however, for the phone this product, I believe we will not be unfamiliar. In short, the call is one of the common means of communication, so the use of the telephone is very common, which telephone brand good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands list.

phone ten brands list NO.1, BBK


Communication Technology Co. Ltd., telephone ten brands, one of BBK’s three subsidiaries, the market share of domestic telephone industry leading brand, R & D, production and sales in one company, mainly engaged in mobile phones, digital cordless phones, cordless telephones, cordless telephone, smart phone and other kinds of communication products the enterprise

phone ten brands list NO.2, set Yi Jia Gigaset

Gigaset communications equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Gigaset Gigaset, telephone ten brands, SIEMENS phones worldwide officially renamed Gigaset, the world famous cordless phone brand, SIEMENS inherited 160 years of excellence, the famous German phone manufacturing enterprises /p>

phone ten brands list NO.3, Panasonic Panasonic


(Chinese) Co. Ltd., Matsushita, ten brands of digital cameras, electrical appliances – ten brands, the world’s top 500, one of Japan’s most famous manufacturer of electronic products, the world famous comprehensive electronic technology international enterprise group, in home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products and other fields in the leading worldwide

phone ten brands list NO.4, CHINO CHINO-E

Shenzhen CHINO Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd., telephone ten brands, Guangdong famous brand, Shenzhen Enterprise Information Technology Association vice president of units, Chinese Quality Inspection Association vice president of units engaged in cable, communication terminal, wireless communication terminal products R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprise

phone ten brands list NO.5, VTECH VTech

VTech, VTech Electronics Industrial (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., telephone ten brand, founded in 1976, Hong Kong listed companies, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, large infant and preschool children’s e-learning products supplier

phone ten brands list NO.6, TCL communications



The key to success for young people starting from scratch

for a lot of young people have a dream to start empty-handed entrepreneurship is one of their ways to success, but through their own efforts to start empty-handed business is still very difficult, so what are the successful entrepreneurial start empty-handed to trick?

1, refused to mediocrity stimulate desire

the mediocrity of life makes people lose their aggressive

the lost illusions, stimulate the desire to rise head and shoulders above others

2, select the project from scratch

because of the choice and great people. If Lu Xun did not give up the study of medicine and choose again, would not be Chinese writer Liu Yonghao private entrepreneurs if they don’t give up teaching, would not have today’s hope group. Someone asked a start empty-handed success how to be successful, the successful said: "the most interesting choice for you, you can play the most expertise, then in this line to become the top three."

select your strengths as a life-long career

as soon as possibleThe

start empty-handed dispel concerns.

the start from the basis, gradually developing and growing

3, build confidence and passion

1. I believe I can succeed

the optimistic, positive attitude, enterprising


What process do men join yelikon

brand men’s shoes to join choice, has been very popular with the choice. Yi’erkang men’s shoes? The strength of the brand. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. An open their own yelikon men’s stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

has joined the men’s yelikon what processes?

, a site selection and application, applicants must join in the local downtown merchants have their own or lease to the store, and fill out the yelikon branch to provide "values questionnaire", "site questionnaire" and "store franchise application form".

two, site visits to assess the total company regional manager or yelikon branch shop responsible person, the on-the-spot investigation of the applicant and the franchise shop, and write the evaluation opinions.

three, confirming yelikon branch manager according to the evaluation opinions agree with your approval to join the application, special circumstances will confirm to the yelikon group headquarters approval.

four, apply for decoration, recruitment, once the application is confirmed by yelikon branch staff to help you fill in the details of the store decoration application form ", and help you start hiring manager and clerk.

five, confirm the decoration and props cost – yelikon branch professionals, make relevant plans, elevations, lighting circuit diagram and effect diagram "according to the actual situation of store, and calculate the cost of renovation and related items detailed amount.

six, construction guidance, training by yelikon sent guidance to the branch store construction. Head office and sent professional trainers to carry out professional training for the store staff.

seven, acceptance, opening, after the renovation, the yelikon group headquarters or branch sent for approval. Branch staff and assist the store in accordance with the establishment of the company or a unified business plan for the preparation of opening.

eight, the opening day, Kang area manager or yelikon branch is responsible for the unified control, you can rest assured of opening.

through the above description, I believe everyone to choose to join the men’s yelikon project, there has been a lot of understanding. The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up!