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World famous jewelry brand list of the top ten

is worth loving, or to show the status, in short, jewelry products have now been more and more people’s favorite, the industry’s brand is constantly increasing. With the development of the whole industry, the jewelry industry is more and more big brands. Here, the small series to introduce the world’s top ten brands of jewelry list, so that people can have a better understanding of the jewelry industry.

world famous jewelry brand NO.1 ten, Cartire (Cartier)

brand image: history and wild beauty. read more


The success of barbecue food and beverage industry

can be a crisis of the economy, but there are people who want to go to life crisis, it is necessary to eat, only eat, people have the strength to work, have the energy to think of ways to solve the problem. Barbecue catering industry is still thriving, but any business opportunities require certain skills and methods, then let us look at it.

1, prominent features, successful foundation

feature is popular in the foundation, baked neck hand pay close attention to product characteristics. In Roast Chicken features: neck bone, bone tender crisp, fragrant roast neck do not spit out the bones. In the wings: outside Giori tender, spicy and delicious, juicy, hemp is a hemp spicy spicy Tougu heart, a heart, a clear fragrant incense. Grilled fish, roast string, bone soup pot, spicy pot, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, Malatang, special chicken soup, Wujiang fish Hot pot…… With its own characteristics, taste prominent, good products is the last word! read more


The surface of pasta to join what

is the best tool to test whether all the time and the necessity, take the restaurant, from the ancient development so far, enduring. There is an old saying: sex is, no matter who, as long as you live on earth, you are living creatures, you must survive. And the most basic and important to ensure that they can survive is a word "eat"".

food and beverage industry is a relatively active industry, relative to other industries, but also a relatively stable industry. The so-called active, mainly with the development of the times, all kinds of snacks are in constant innovation, only constant innovation, in order to meet the requirements of consumers. When it comes to the surface in the market stable, ingrained, diverse snacks, diversified tastes, to give consumers a surprise, therefore, the surface has a huge consumer market has brought huge profits to the franchisee. read more


Cooked food to join the election you look at how Nanchong Yang duck

when it comes to cooked food, what do you like best? A lot of people should say duck wings, duck claws and so on, it is right to make a duck cooked food, delicious taste delicious food to the satisfaction of consumers. Yang Nanchong duck is a very famous food brand, its products are mainly lo, taste rich, loved by many people, Yang Nanchong ducks to join what? Big brand is well-known, trusted.

Yang Nanchong duck has always been to the quality first, inherited the traditional food production process, combined with modern technology, to farm ducks as raw material, after washing, soak, pickled, halogen, fried and other dozens of procedures, the taste is quite rich, hemp, spicy, fragrant five crisp, crisp taste, crispy skin, tender meat, rich flavor of so many diners by surprise. read more


Improve children’s clothing store sales is also a skill

child’s request is the source of motivation for parents to buy. A new generation of children on the high quality of life requirements, including clothing, catering and other aspects. Brand children’s clothing store business becomes better, many entrepreneurs choose to participate in this industry.

investment to join the project runs a children’s clothing brand agent can get a good development. Such a good market has attracted the attention of investors. The number of brands of children’s clothing stores in the market is also very much, and is rapidly increasing, the market competition is also great. How to improve the store sales and win the competition? How to open the brand children’s clothing store?. read more


College students as white-collar workers, shoe entrepreneurial success story

      2000 there, I walked out of the hearts of the people of the "ivory tower" which means that I am not a student, go out to face the society, a top priority for the most important work of each graduating students, they say graduation equals unemployment, good, in my face when looking for a job the man met a lot of disrespectful things, then want to find a decent white-collar work. In my own business before I have done two stable jobs, one is the company staff, the other is the work of the information desk, wages of 5000, less than the ratio of more than. If not that afternoon to meet a lady, maybe my life will continue the immutable and frozen orbit. read more


Elaborate design entrepreneurial planning to bring a lot of inspiration for young entrepreneurs

no matter what to do, the preparatory work is very important. Prepared for three years, only firm faith in the business; visited for three months, only to sort out a thick business plan; every step on the entrepreneurial journey, are carefully planned in advance.

read more


WEB development network launched CMS third party demo platform

news March 12th focus in the field of CMS webmaster portal WEB development network ( today officially launched the CMS demonstration platform, the on-line platform for WEB programmers to provide a broad exhibition space, let the webmaster through the actual use of contrast, quickly find their own CMS station program. It is understood that this will be the first to showcase CMS products and the two development and application of the third party demonstration platform.

According to the read more


Jingdong’s system of argument understand the technology of Liu Qiangdong so that technology has beco

the Jingdong once again triggered widespread concern. At the start of the year from Oracle joined CTO Wang Yaqing has recently left for personal reasons, and that the director of Jingdong yesterday, open platform vice president Zhang Shouchuan may leave, but also to the science and technology Tencent Jingdong official confirmed that Zhang Shouchuan in charge of the business has been placed under the direct supervision of Jingdong CMO blue ye.

Jingdong this year, there have been a number of high-level resignation. Previously, senior vice president in charge of public relations affairs Wu Sheng, vice president of strategic development for the second floor of the earth, responsible for logistics and warehousing, vice president of Jiang Haidong have also left. This also allows outsiders to doubt, such a challenge can Suning, Tmall, why continue high-level turnover continuously. The CTO Wang Yaqing leave, behind the adjustment of the and what kind of strategy hidden Jingdong. read more


Are doing event marketing, enterprises should be how to properly use hot event marketing

with the rapid development of the Internet, Internet users are constantly growing and growing. At present, the Internet has become an important channel and entrance to receive information in our daily life, every day in the network we can see a lot of hot topic, with the hot event marketing is one thing many companies talked about, but can really bring hot events marketing well not many enterprises.

with hot news event marketing, for businesses, is a very good marketing channel, the advantages of hot event marketing has the following: read more


IDC Review Network in early January the domestic domain name registrar net increment of Top10

IDC Review Network ( 01, reported: according to data, IDC review of the latest release of the network in early January 2014 China domain name registration report. It shows that as of January 13, 2014, in the domain name market in our country, nearly 1 million 475 thousand Chinese million net in the domestic domain name domain name registration list. And in early January the domain name net increase in the amount of statistics, Chinese million net winning list, and then the ranking is renamed Chinese and Western digital. Below, we have a detailed understanding of the domain name registrar in early January domain name growth. read more


Product manager ecological survey most people think that PM is a meeting dog

hunting cloud network reported in February 26th (compiled: Ellen


in fact, the product manager has become a new force, many modern organization management. However, their role in real life cannot be recognized very well, even sometimes misunderstood.

so we often think, "how and by what means to people a good interpretation of the importance of the product manager? Is it really so that we can only truly into their lives, they can experience


we have gathered a total of 106 product managers from all walks of life from all kinds of small and medium enterprises and fortune 500 companies to participate in an online questionnaire. read more


A small town where the experience of the Forum

The station is becoming more and more difficult to do garbage

this year, having no fun, we are going to do a local forum. Someone bigger, I do a little. According to statistics, our county has a population of 1 million 60 thousand, the city has a very good forum. And has been commercialized operation, others bigger, but can not take into account the small town, so I chose to do the county. Competition strength is little! At first choose the domain name, search do not register the domain name, not a good domain name, good domain name was registered. As for the CC domain name, good let others away, finally I chose the local zip code as the domain name, 235100 is the area code, download a discuz, a good forum, the forum launched! Is not popular, it began to promote. read more


Taobao electricity supplier to the flow of pain


from the beginning not to close for, to know the Amoy subsidiary of Taobao in order to grab more business platform data, compare the prices of goods to achieve business, naturally transformed himself into an open champion from the past few years, Taobao’s openness has been in the industry of high-end, correspondingly, the Jingdong and the Tencent and mall are obviously in a closed state, to know the electricity supplier data for these electronic business platform, it is the lifeblood, when the penis exposed, natural voice will be lost, is not conducive to their own dominance in business platform. read more


Have to look at the QQ space marketing success of the four magic weapons

if your Internet base, website or shop suddenly open, your visitors do not contact you, your visitors do not know you where to go, and you have no way to solve all of this, I think you can imagine that you were feeling anxious and helpless.

No. 3 to No. 4 blog I experienced a moment of life and death, suddenly open, suddenly I and my visitors lost all contact, and I contact the service provider space the answer is still in an emergency repairs. At that time, if you feel the same as I have experienced, should have the same feeling, and the time is still all day. read more


Penguin eating and drinking guide CEO Wang Zhiwei content electricity supplier is a false propositio

Penguin eating and drinking Guide (id:qiechihe), one of the country’s highest quality food and drink vertical from the media, due to the early selection of excellent, excellent video, the industry has become a rapidly rising force. Also because the first will be brought into the field of food assessment content, to get widespread attention. Existing 500 thousand users, monthly sales of more than 2 million.

Wang Zhiwei, Penguin Guide to eating and drinking, co-founder and CEO, graduated from Fudan University. Done consulting investment related work, love to drink wine, love to look around the restaurant. read more