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Shanghai in the next two years to help fund the difficulties of enterprises

in the development of society, although some enterprises have achieved an effective long-term development, but also some enterprises have a bottleneck in the development of. However, in the face of social pressure, but also to pay a large number of employees provident fund, which to some extent hindered their own development. In response to such a social phenomenon, the next two years, Shanghai provident fund for the help of difficult enterprises.

in order to guide and regulate the units for lower housing provident fund deposit ratio or over housing provident fund business, according to the "Shanghai city housing provident fund deposit ratio or reduce payment of housing provident fund management approach", formulate the rules for the operation. read more

Outdoor furniture ten brands list

in the increasingly high demand for quality of life, a lot of people for outdoor living place is more and more attention. And want to enjoy outdoor life, nature also need outdoor furniture as a support. After all, furniture is an indispensable tool for people’s life, work and social activities, and a common product which aims at satisfying the needs of life and pursuing visual performance and ideal. Then, outdoor furniture is mainly used for outdoor or semi outdoor furniture for public activities, which is the basis for determining the material space and function of outdoor space. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce outdoor furniture ten brands list, if there is demand in this area, can be used as a reference. read more

2014 flooring industry trends

at this stage, the competition in the market has been white hot trend of development, in the face of increasingly fierce floor market, small and medium floor enterprises can be described as the pressure is particularly large.

you hold the activity plan of capital city to a small town to do, even if you plan again good, detailed steps, no more use. Long in the past, only more and more have no confidence, such enterprise is no chance of winning in the future market Home Furnishing waves in the development of enterprises, we must first identify the basic points of the problem, in order to fundamentally solve the current market downturn bureau.

> read more


伊万诺弗兰科夫斯克的–基于社交平台teple密斯朵”宣布了一个独特的“社会餐馆的开放,城市空间在Kyiv 500。该项目将收集500个社会投资者谁将投资的总和,在餐厅$ 1000。

Kyiv、乌克兰。由日式/ 500px图像

通过这一概念,餐厅的收入的80%将被转发到在乌克兰首都社会项目融资。此外,餐厅将作为一个免费的平台,提出各种社会项目和行动。非政府组织“如果osvita ‘,以及流行的连锁餐厅的druzi ‘,将提供城市空间500与管理知识。 read more

College students to join the enterprise should pay attention to the trap

students themselves alone business is not an easy thing, so this way to join chain has brought a lot of convenience for the students, but we know   these, the chain is also a lot of Swindlers Company today we have dragons and fishes jumbled together, look at the students to join the enterprise should pay attention to what the trap.

undeniable, join this way, as the current entrepreneurship has brought convenience. In reality, there are indeed a lot of college students through the chain to find a suitable for their own survival and development of the road of entrepreneurship. However, the chain is also very easy to be used by a number of Swindlers Company, therefore, it is necessary to remind college students, beware of falling into the trap when starting a business. read more

Retail customers in the Spring Festival stocking also need to do four work

do a good job in the Spring Festival, which will promote the store to earn more wealth during the spring festival. Therefore, any one of the shops if you want to grasp the good opportunity in the spring, you need to work in the above stocking. Zhou manager, this year’s Spring Festival my goods, especially cigarettes and less prepared to work with cigarettes are not enough." After the Spring Festival every year, I will hear the voice of the retail customers. Combined with work practice, the author believes that to do a good job during the spring festival goods stocking, retail customers to achieve four quasi: read more

Nanjing old city transformation concern

a lot of times, people walk in the streets of Nanjing, see the transformation of the old city, it is worthy of recognition. Nanjing city invested 260 million yuan to complete the Tiantan village, Yuhua village 42 old residential renovation, a new 279 houses; the construction of Shi Yang Lu Yang Jia Yuan Zi in primary and secondary schools, schools and adult education centers to accelerate the Yongle Road to carry out preparatory work.

2016, the Qinhuai urban construction projects push forward, the effect is obvious, the regional landscape take on an altogether new aspect: to actively promote the 16 BLACK odor River governance, the completion of the 52 standard drainage area construction, the implementation of sewage interception dredging, ecological restoration and other key links to improve regulation. read more

Fresh tea milk tea to join the advantages

milk tea on the market a lot of the spread of milk are blended by the essence, the money spent out of the health, but also can not be guaranteed. Since it is necessary to open the shop to open the consumer trust shop, this is one of the necessary conditions to enable you to get customer support. The fresh tea and milk tea to join the project is such a trusted brand project.

fresh drink good tea flagship Hong Kong style tea and dessert, tea essence regression to provide quality drinks for the market. It can be said that the opening of a new era of quality tea, it is the mainland will be true tea for the production of milk tea brand, the use of high-quality tea and milk, only real milk tea. Fresh tea products do not use any of the low quality tea flavor, the raw materials used are natural materials, quality assurance. read more

Several opinions on further improving the grading system will be implemented next month

since March 1st, our province will be formally implemented "on a number of opinions" to further improve the classification treatment system, this reporter learned from the recently held provincial health reform leading group of the second meeting in 2014.

meeting, this year, the province will continue to promote comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the county level, in order to strive for the original basis, the remaining 56 county-level public hospitals into the country’s new public hospital reform pilot area. April will oversee the inspection of the province’s comprehensive reform of public hospitals at all levels in the region, focusing on the abolition of the examination to support the medical care, funding and personnel distribution system reform. Training and training of medical staff in County Public hospitals. According to the county public hospital existing savings ratio of 80% for open recruitment of medical staff. In addition, it will further improve the classification of diagnosis and treatment system, since March 1st, the official implementation of the opinions on further improving the grading system of diagnosis and treatment. In terms of the reform of Medicare payment, the province will pay close attention to the development of a total control of the Medicare payment system reform program. Rational selection of two counties to carry out capitation, DRGs and other payment reform pilot. Increasing the participation rate of urban workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance. As soon as possible on the development of urban and rural residents to raise health insurance financing standards. read more

Xining 6 billion 200 million yuan medical reform funds to benefit people

Xining medical reform work adhere to the "basic, strong grass building mechanism, the principle of human resources, work hard, make difficult and expensive and other issues have been effectively relieve

drug zero profit cumulative profit of 112 million yuan patients

in recent years, medical insurance has become a hot topic of the public, along with the proposed measures to improve the health insurance, Medicare has been encouraged by the initial insured, became active insurance. With health care, people see a doctor in the heart more practical. Xining citizens Li Guoliang calculations, in 2014, his mother was admitted to a hospital because of fractures, because the mother has workers health insurance, hospital discharge settlement, he only dig 232 yuan. read more

Xining Chrysanthemum Exhibition only Yuwuwan flowering month mid autumn chrysanthemum

chrysanthemum is one of the ten famous flowers in China, known as the "flower gentleman", indifferent to the nature, and for people like Ao xue. To the autumn chrysanthemum, in September 17th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Xining wildlife zoo in the fourth "mid autumn gold, to celebrate the national day exhibition was officially opened, fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemums bloom in the Xining wild animal park a new dress. read more

The province issued the opinions to further accelerate the process of well-off people with disabilit

In October 7th, the provincial government issued the "on further accelerating the process of the well-off implementation opinions" came into force, in accordance with the opinions, the province will accelerate the process of well-off people with disabilities, and the province of the province’s 300 thousand disabled people, will move towards a higher level of well-off society.

"opinions" put forward, to 2020, the basic rights protection system for the disabled and improve the rural and pastoral areas; poor people out of poverty; willing and full employment of urban disabled people have the ability to work; the disabled to achieve full coverage of social insurance; for all disabled enjoy medical treatment and rehabilitation services for disabled children; "the popularization of compulsory education; comprehensive to complete the rural poor families of disabled stock reconstruction task.

"opinions" stressed that in the accelerating process of our province disabled well-off process, from the increase of disabled social relief efforts, establish and improve the welfare system, help the disabled disabled persons to participate in the 5 aspects of basic endowment insurance and basic medical insurance, increase poverty alleviation and development of disabled, give priority to the protection of disabled people in urban and rural areas to ensure basic housing and other basic disabled life. From the strengthening of the work of people with disabilities to focus on employment, support for the disabled in a variety of forms of employment, and strengthen employment services for the disabled and other aspects of the 3 aspects of the increase in employment support for people with disabilities.

"opinions" requirements, accelerate the process of our province disabled well-off process, but also to do well for the rehabilitation of the disabled medical services, education, work ability, service disabled disabled people to improve the use of social forces and the role of the market mechanism, strengthen the work of persons with disabilities the leadership of 5 aspects of the work.   read more

Ministerial meeting of the province’s organization

recently, the Ministerial Conference held in Xining province. Provincial Party committee, organization department minister Hu Changsheng attended and spoke.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that last year the organization departments at all levels to implement the party to manage the party strictly policy, conscientiously carry out the party ruling officials, build a strong fortress of political responsibility, around the central task, pay close attention to the main industry, precise measures and policies, the successful completion of various tasks. He stressed that this year, the organization should further focus on the main responsibility for the main industry, strengthen the play as, to achieve the four changes, the construction of a rich and civilized harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai to provide a strong organizational guarantee. To meet the party’s nineteen big victory held the main line, focus on ningxinjuli efforts; use "the two one" study and education of the carrier, focus on normal long-term efforts; highlight the political life of the party "criterion" landing this focus, focus on the tight efforts focus on the key; to enhance the scientific level of cadre work, focus on accurate scientific personnel selection work; improve the management and supervision of cadres often focus on this mechanism, strict management and strict governance efforts; strictly implement a comprehensive extension of the requirements to the grassroots efforts in strengthening grassroots efforts; strengthen the first resource to drive this the concept of priority, focus on efforts to Yucai talents. read more

Xining efforts to build a linkage mechanism with the provincial financial regulatory authorities

linkage system, construction of the provincial government and the financial supervision department recently, municipal government financial assistant, city finance office responsible person Feng Cunliang has visited the provincial insurance regulatory bureau, the provincial securities regulatory bureau, the provincial banking regulatory bureau and Xining Central Branch of people’s bank. The regulatory authorities will actively support the Xining finance office, work together to achieve the financial sector and the economic and social development of Xining. And the future cooperation matters were discussed and reached a consensus. read more

How to improve the popularity of fashion female shoe faster

who does not want their store business is very hot? If you want to in the business when this idea can take a look at this article, to female shoe store business is hot, must have the source, this can let you profit, gain full of wealth. So, for the first time entrepreneurs, how to manage the fashion female shoe to gather embrace popularity? Friends who are interested, go to see it with the small series.

first, fashionable things: fashionable goods, is a woman’s choice forever. Female shoe store fashion shoes, jewelry boutique, fashion handbag, toy bear knitting wool shop, daily necessities, packaged snacks in the supermarket is a woman’s love. read more

World famous jewelry brand list of the top ten

is worth loving, or to show the status, in short, jewelry products have now been more and more people’s favorite, the industry’s brand is constantly increasing. With the development of the whole industry, the jewelry industry is more and more big brands. Here, the small series to introduce the world’s top ten brands of jewelry list, so that people can have a better understanding of the jewelry industry.

world famous jewelry brand NO.1 ten, Cartire (Cartier)

brand image: history and wild beauty. read more