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Are doing event marketing, enterprises should be how to properly use hot event marketing

with the rapid development of the Internet, Internet users are constantly growing and growing. At present, the Internet has become an important channel and entrance to receive information in our daily life, every day in the network we can see a lot of hot topic, with the hot event marketing is one thing many companies talked about, but can really bring hot events marketing well not many enterprises.


with hot news event marketing, for businesses, is a very good marketing channel, the advantages of hot event marketing has the following:

1 transmission speed, with the help of the Internet platform, there is a lot of communication efforts;

2 influence is very large, in a short period of time to have a certain impact on the audience;

3 high degree of concern, hot news events are generally more concerned about the Internet users;

4 easy to produce hot topics, in the face of a hot event, there will be a lot of people to participate in the discussion;

5 targeted strong, hot news events tend to target a specific crowd.

With the help of

hot news event marketing is an important method of enterprise marketing, so enterprises should correctly use hot events marketing? What issues need attention? Corporate exchange network Xiaobian with many years of marketing experience, give you a summary of the following:

identify the binding point

the reason why many companies do not have to be able to do because there is no event marketing, the article points out, the result has not achieved the ideal effect, self defeating. This combination can be the concept of enterprise development, corporate culture, corporate brand, corporate events, and so on, the combination of enterprises is the basis for event marketing;

have a sense of marketing

when the hot news events, and their own enterprises to be able to together, not just simple statement of one thing, to do a news event porters, and to be able to think through the events of nature. In the presentation, we should be able to hot and enterprise products, brands, such as clever combination, so as to better achieve the purpose of marketing;


grasp the direction of

hot events generally have positive news and negative news. Once the new hot events came out, many enterprises want to use it and they hang up, but if not grasp the direction, will let the spread of negative news information, it will have a negative impact on their company, therefore, the enterprise marketing by means of hot things to grasp the direction of


can resonate with the audience

good marketing copy must resonate with the audience in order to play a greater role, therefore, enterprises with hot things


IDC Review Network in early January the domestic domain name registrar net increment of Top10

IDC Review Network ( 01, reported: according to data, IDC review of the latest release of the network in early January 2014 China domain name registration report. It shows that as of January 13, 2014, in the domain name market in our country, nearly 1 million 475 thousand Chinese million net in the domestic domain name domain name registration list. And in early January the domain name net increase in the amount of statistics, Chinese million net winning list, and then the ranking is renamed Chinese and Western digital. Below, we have a detailed understanding of the domain name registrar in early January domain name growth.


(Figure 1) the domain name registrar domain name ranked

as shown in Figure 1, in early January, the total amount of the top ten domestic domain name registrar: China, renamed Chinese, Western Digital Network, 35 Internet, Xinwanghulian, Corfu network, Chinese data, net love and beauty, a new generation of Guangzhou orange internet.


(Figure 2) the net growth of each registrar domain name


(Figure 3) registered by the Registrar of the net growth of

is shown in Figure 2, the total amount of the top ten domain name registrar, in early January, the vast majority of the domain name registration business growth is good. Among them, China million net increment, a net increase of 16011; renamed China times, a net increase of 6127; Western Digital ranked third, a net increase of 2288; China data net 2222; US orange Internet net 1404 etc..

love tennis and Corfu network, is the period of the ten registered companies in the domain showed a negative growth of 896, respectively, net loss of 4223 domain names.


Product manager ecological survey most people think that PM is a meeting dog

hunting cloud network reported in February 26th (compiled: Ellen


in fact, the product manager has become a new force, many modern organization management. However, their role in real life cannot be recognized very well, even sometimes misunderstood.

so we often think, "how and by what means to people a good interpretation of the importance of the product manager? Is it really so that we can only truly into their lives, they can experience


we have gathered a total of 106 product managers from all walks of life from all kinds of small and medium enterprises and fortune 500 companies to participate in an online questionnaire.

planning and implementation

first of all, we asked them about their professional role, what the company is doing, and their response as expected, the same. Here are a few examples:

"I am a product manager for the company. I usually deal with the masses of consumers, I also have some of their own products. I also work with the marketing department from time to time to give them some reliable information……"

"I lead the product strategy, from product development to scheduling and deployment, often with sales manager, marketing manager, business manager and R & D manager……"

"I am responsible for managing and promoting the entire development cycle of the product, from the initial stage to the post and then to the review."

in response to routine business, product managers say they are generally engaged in strategic work. A handful of people mentioned that they had some special skills, such as writing code themselves. Here are some statistics on the percentage of the daily activities of the product managers involved:


2015 – depth analysis of the daily activities of product managers:

81% product managers think their main task is strategic work;

84% people feel they have to work for the top management every day;

90% almost all product managers must do every day is to participate in various meetings;

Product manager

34% still have other management tasks;

60% people need to communicate with each other on a regular basis, the results of the work;

61% product manager is to communicate with consumers every day;

43% in addition, there are some people who want to work with the company’s consultants and even suppliers.

it is not surprising that almost all the product managers have to do every day is a meeting, no doubt reflects the communication is the most important thing in their work.

consumer focus "


A small town where the experience of the Forum

The station is becoming more and more difficult to do garbage

this year, having no fun, we are going to do a local forum. Someone bigger, I do a little. According to statistics, our county has a population of 1 million 60 thousand, the city has a very good forum. And has been commercialized operation, others bigger, but can not take into account the small town, so I chose to do the county. Competition strength is little! At first choose the domain name, search do not register the domain name, not a good domain name, good domain name was registered. As for the CC domain name, good let others away, finally I chose the local zip code as the domain name, 235100 is the area code, download a discuz, a good forum, the forum launched! Is not popular, it began to promote.

the first promotion method, I chose the QQ EMAIL promotion, each hour to collect a local online QQ number, and then mass. Here we must not let it into the trash, I was 20 seconds to send a letter, the title is " Suixi will be on the website, the content is uploaded to QQ into my album a piece of advertising pictures, then in the picture to be a link, so every day, probably over 200 IP. I also do not know how many letters are issued, anyway, is in the hair, and occasionally check to see the message into the trash box. Summary of this conclusion, the more the better the SMTP e-mail, the more difficult to enter the dustbin. I set up 10 SMTP, the basic of these 10 SMTP can send a message for 7 hours, into the garbage box and then another IP, continue to initiate!

second promotion methods in the local supermarket is selling advertising handbag with the supermarket, the price is 1.8 yuan a, we are selling for 5 cents a. We buy 1000 bags from Alibaba, priced at 1.35 yuan, they gave the printed advertising, in this way, our promotion method consumes 800 yuan, but the effect is good, buy the bag at home has a computer, will also go to the website to open the computer, after all they know of this website look, brand promotion.

is the third kind of promotion methods in the Internet to buy the IE home page, there are 14 Internet cafes in our local, more than 1 thousand and 400 machine, we first purchased a few Internet cafes IE page, buy machine is good use of Internet cafes. A machine 2 yuan monthly, must pay a half of the money, or else someone don’t love you. During the consideration of methods to set the home page manual too much trouble, finally chose to do a EXE, allow them to test and use Internet to update the software, they update all machines easily set into our home, feel this way the general effect, do a few days, people go to Internet cafes. Mostly young people, they seem to be playing in the game, for these forums and so on, they seem to have little interest, to the forum is basically married people.

there are some of the ways we use the toilet print ads, do not say here >


Taobao electricity supplier to the flow of pain


from the beginning not to close for, to know the Amoy subsidiary of Taobao in order to grab more business platform data, compare the prices of goods to achieve business, naturally transformed himself into an open champion from the past few years, Taobao’s openness has been in the industry of high-end, correspondingly, the Jingdong and the Tencent and mall are obviously in a closed state, to know the electricity supplier data for these electronic business platform, it is the lifeblood, when the penis exposed, natural voice will be lost, is not conducive to their own dominance in business platform.

but at the Taobao actively open at the same time, on the other hand, Taobao is doing the self closed thing, because before this, because Baidu had a yes business model, Baidu announced a ban on Taobao crawl data, Baidu has rejected the Taobao advertising on Baidu, the formation of death nothing to do with the situation, but in order to make further mining its Amoy electricity supplier data, realize big data strategy, plus Baidu has ah from the electricity supplier competition, only the two cooperation of Taobao and Baidu, Taobao and Baidu from fenfenhehe is enough to see that Taobao on their own and the control of data flow determination.


but apparently for themselves and others of double standards, one hand to actively ask competitors to open data, let the Amoy network capture, on the other hand, he began playing for autism, the potential flow upstream began to close combat, this round of combat seems to become more popular.

WeChat has become an important block object

micro channel nature does not want to become Taobao’s entrance, but because of WeChat’s social model, let WeChat mobile electricity supplier genes, coupled with the electricity supplier Tencent suck, so these WeChat users naturally through the two-dimensional code will be transformed into the WeChat Taobao store on the transaction, this transaction will gradually control from Alipay, because WeChat bound caifutong also supports transactions, such as the Taobao platform to become Tencent’s commercial sources, although in a short time so that Taobao can get more traffic and revenue, but once users develop a consumer in WeChat, then the Tencent to change strategy, support Tencent business platform WeChat refused, on Taobao, so Taobao will have a huge loss.

with Taobao is clearly not willing to just live in the shadow of WeChat, Taobao will become the dominant flow from the beginning, that even in their upstream Taobao customers open brush, and beauty said traffic continues to decline, or even decline to 2011 just the construction flow level, will suffice Taobao blocked by these Taobao customers in Taobao search engine traffic where the proportion is related, in other words, Taobao businesses want to improve the weights of goods will enter from Taobao’s traffic entrance. This is obviously a huge threat to those Taobao sites.

Taobao closed road can go long



Have to look at the QQ space marketing success of the four magic weapons

if your Internet base, website or shop suddenly open, your visitors do not contact you, your visitors do not know you where to go, and you have no way to solve all of this, I think you can imagine that you were feeling anxious and helpless.

No. 3 to No. 4 blog I experienced a moment of life and death, suddenly open, suddenly I and my visitors lost all contact, and I contact the service provider space the answer is still in an emergency repairs. At that time, if you feel the same as I have experienced, should have the same feeling, and the time is still all day.

is not because the blog can not access, they do? I will go to the layout of their QQ space, also released a blog, QQ space effect test, later found QQ space is absolutely a marketing tool.

may be a lot of people say that QQ space is not good to do SEO optimization, QQ space is not independent space, looks not beautiful, in fact, I think these are not the most important. In the Internet marketing, sales of products or services, what the most important? As the Vatican view, only two steps, first of all to flow, then the flow transformation, finally be accomplished. SEO, independent space, landscaping, etc., but these two processes can not be a small point, He Bitai care about it?

next I analyze the reasons why we choose QQ space as our marketing battlefield from four aspects:

first: QQ space free, stable.

won’t like independent space as often with convulsions, it enough to believe that the strength of Tencent, unless you go to do some illegal things, the Tencent will seal you.

second: QQ is the best tool for collecting customer data.

Chinese Internet users who do not use QQ, so the collection of your potential customers QQ is one of the best contact. If you want to collect more potential customers QQ, can QQ open membership, even the opening of business QQ service, but I think to spend the money in the pre need not, if you want to collect more information to potential clients, and do not want to spend money, can be used in conjunction with the QQ group, the QQ mailing list, the three micro-blog Tencent free tools to help you collect.

with these tools, you have to worry about memory you attract to flow? If you have to make a good bait can attract your potential customers, then go out to go, you are guaranteed to fill this several tools.

third: QQ space is the main battlefield conversion traffic, a good tool.

update log through QQ space, update the series of soft text to transform your traffic, and ultimately make money. Of course, on how to transform this, in the flow conversion Division will have a detailed description, then we can focus on the next.

when you update a log, click on it


Penguin eating and drinking guide CEO Wang Zhiwei content electricity supplier is a false propositio

Penguin eating and drinking Guide (id:qiechihe), one of the country’s highest quality food and drink vertical from the media, due to the early selection of excellent, excellent video, the industry has become a rapidly rising force. Also because the first will be brought into the field of food assessment content, to get widespread attention. Existing 500 thousand users, monthly sales of more than 2 million.

Wang Zhiwei, Penguin Guide to eating and drinking, co-founder and CEO, graduated from Fudan University. Done consulting investment related work, love to drink wine, love to look around the restaurant.

NO.1 personal situation and public number development process

plug in College: your previous work experience, what do you have to do more obvious impact?

Wang Zhiwei: This is the first time to do the company, really began to do business. Penguin Guide to eating and drinking, now has about 500000 fans, the beginning of this year to do electricity supplier, this month’s sales have been over 2 million.

prior to the business experience of the impact of a lot of entrepreneurship, before doing a lot of consumer items, then the thinking method is now very helpful. Because it is to do consulting origin, will think a lot, will expect a lot of bad situation.

but I think it’s all good. Do something on the blind hand, between the company’s overall resources, the heart qi and colleagues a lot of things, is a great waste of.

plug in College: how do you locate the first


Wang Zhiwei: first, we are interested in doing business. We then judge, electricity supplier is a big trend, because no matter the wine category, or other vertical categories related to eating and drinking, there are many opportunities in the internet.

second, a few Wine from before me, do not understand completely to begin to understand a little bit, take a lot of detours, spend a lot of money and time, so there are many categories of products and know there is a barrier for users. Many categories of barriers to the user is still a little high, users do not know what they should consume. In terms of wine, most consumers do not know what they should buy. He may have a very vague concept, think Wine for health, is an advanced stuff, but when it comes to specific products, they are still ignorant.

third, from the perspective of the Internet electricity supplier, the flow is expensive. At that time, I would like to do the content, first gathered fans, and then look at how to transform.

socket College: that there is no obvious

phase error?

Wang Zhiwei: Yes, we used to have two partners, and in April last year, the two of them left because of different ideas. We used to be more personal, a bit like the "Luo Ji Thinking" of the game, focused on the network red, red network as the carrier of food.

but after the separation, we on the concept of Red Net delicacy from far more, do some.