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Website and business do the same, must be speculation


a forum to share my recent speculation, that investment of hundreds of the ocean on the establishment of a web site please pass by, this method is not suitable for you now, the time is not the same, not in a few years ago, as long as you know SEO can make money era. Now to do a good job in a website, in addition to certain skills, but also need some money to invest. For example, I am now the forum server costs plus activity costs, I plan to be 50 thousand yuan.

preparatory work: 1, after the forum program is set up, register yourself with 500 small registers first. 2, no matter what method you use, please try to use the trumpet to enrich the amount of your forum posts. 3, you can change links, try to change some links. 4, submit the major search engines, so that they included.

worked out a detailed plan of activities, such as my forum, with 50 planned activities. DZ forum official has an integral mall, the use of the points mall lottery and bid to do activities. We all know that DZ is not a variety of integral points mall program used at the same time, we can use integral activities 3 or 2 to replace one, for example: 1,2 points is used as a "push currency", so 3,4 activity points for the gold prizes, according to their website to set the industry, local forum send mobile phone calls.

activities using currency as: push coins, gold coins. Push coin is visit promotion, each webmaster can set up in the background, here to remind you webmaster, this visit to promote a small defect, that is to understand the webmaster technology people can brush to brush his promotion link traffic tools, thereby increasing push currency integration. The solution is to set the maximum daily access promotion in the background, the proposed set value between 20 to 50, according to their own specific please integration rules to set the forum, register promotion don’t limit the daily number. In order to facilitate the acquisition method of membership more quickly understand the currency pushing, should send a post, detailing the method to get the coin pusher, told members of some of the commonly used methods, such as discussion group, QQ group mail, and other relevant forums with friends, post and so on.

gold coin posting 5 gold coins, replies 1 gold coins. If the technical forum, you can set up a problem area for help, posting 8 gold, 2 replies, this can lead to help new member member replies to answer questions, but this area must be strict management, prohibit malicious brush gold, should immediately found gold coins and a warning button. The forum should issue related announcements and push coins and earn gold coins. There should be a scheme for reporting advertisements and watering rewards gold coins in the gold coin earning method.

well, the preliminary preparation and activity plan have been clear, and then began to release activities, specific activities details here is not explained in detail, I think most webmaster can see. Here or remind you several points for attention.

1, users of the new web site activities are >


A thirty personal webmaster Road

thank you for helping me webmaster, let me 30 years old entry-level webmaster full of hope of progress. My writing has not been very good, and writing is very slow. On this precious new year’s Day holiday, I spent a full day talking about my hard line on the Henan oil field. This year, the Henan oilfield network pr from 0 to 3, the forum has some strong support for my friends, the site is not successful, many pages have not done well, during which the site has undergone six revision. But I’ve been working on it.

Hello, everyone. Today is the new year’s Day holiday in 2010, January 3rd. Wake up in the morning, how can not sleep, turn on the computer, and QQ friends inside the webmaster chatted day. Everyone is feeling the hardships of standing, making money is not easy. I think we webmaster is really a pursuit of a group. Every day in mind what is, how to do a good job site, how to make web site more popular, today’s website to what progress, etc.. We are relying on our own efforts to pursue their own dreams!


grew up to mine you struggle in the first line of the webmaster do stand, with a sincere webmaster, say: you have worked hard! I wish you all in this 2010, ahead of


I’m 80 years old, and I’m officially 30 this year. Confucius said, at the thought of this, I have psychological tremble. Because I don’t feel like I’m standing up. In the past ten years, I have not made great achievements, nor have successful websites. Today, on this sunny afternoon, I look up to the sky in 2010. The sky is so blue outside, the clouds are so light, and the road under my feet is so difficult. I think that ten years down the road, but filled with a thousand regrets. The following is a list of my experience in these ten years, and you share, share.

my university was spent in China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou. University, the book did not read well, played a lot of ball, is the main force of the hospital team striker. The university plays "legend" every day, carrying broadsword, chopping everywhere. I have bought many equipment and bought a lot of tutorials on legends, which cost me a lot of money. Basically, my knowledge of the Internet started with online games, wasting time and money.

when I was in college, I saw websites in other people’s homes, but my hometown, Henan oilfield, didn’t even have a website. I secretly made up my mind to make a home website. Otherwise, like me in the field to go to school, when introducing their hometown, are embarrassed.

2005 – 2009, I returned home to work in Henan oilfield. Henan oilfield is a subordinate unit of Sinopec oilfield, hundreds of thousands of workers and local residents, constitute a huge city, lying in the Nanyang basin. One year after graduation, I used a mobile system, in the absence of technology, set up a simple oil information port. It is easier said than done now. But just this one


How to apply for venture capital

for many college students entrepreneurs who, now all aspects of the country’s entrepreneurship policies are very good, especially for college student entrepreneurs loan policy, then, the majority of students should be how to apply for some business loans in time?

students how to apply for loans to

simplified procedures. Where college graduates (within two years after graduation, the same below) apply to engage in self-employed or bid for the private sector, can be registered by the industrial and commercial departments at all levels of the green channel priority registration. The scope of its business in addition to the state banned the industry and commodities, will release the approved operation. Restrictive, special business projects, allowing the application side to submit special approval procedures. To apply for the establishment of private enterprises in science and Technology Park, high-tech park, economic and Technological Development Zone Economic Zone, teshiteban, in addition to need to pre-approval of the project, implementation "pledge registration system". Applicants to submit applications for registration, capital verification report and other major registration materials, can be issued a business license, so that in accordance with the provisions of the relevant materials within 3 months. Where the application for the establishment of a limited liability company, with college graduates human capital, intellectual and industrial property rights, non patented technology and other intangible assets as investment, registered capital of 40% allowed offset.

reminder: according to individual province Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff, the relevant policies have been implemented, college graduates in the relevant formalities of self-employed, in addition to bring all the required materials, put forward the relevant application, but also to bring the university graduates employment recommendation, graduation certificate and other relevant information.

entrepreneurship of college graduates by college graduates for loans, the borrower, guarantor by the stable income of their family or relatives or family members to provide the corresponding effective asset combination recommendation


From academic employment to venture Zhang Yan to adhere to win the market

Zhang Yan

of the Hubei University students, after graduation, work and study, the entrepreneur of a series of arduous process, and ultimately in the business successfully developed to meet market demand for environmentally friendly products, now has hundreds of thousands of potential profit, very good.

unique services in the family

"China due to existing data released by the official website is a large area of data, so we aim to obtain continuous real-time data of various points, to achieve full coverage of the surface, make the environment detection no longer blind" Zhang Yan said. They are different from the detection of government data, environmental data for real-time but more focused on the area of multi point convergence, through exclusive networking platform, provide accurate services for businesses and users, collect the detector data and provide data visualization interface.

at present this product mainly rely on electronic business platform sales, "our customers most home users and decoration users, we provide detection tools and data networking services for users." Zhang Yan said, "according to our survey, I state the desire to buy the newborn family, home and car users and users pay much attention to the environmental quality of the potential customers have 1.4  million families; the potential market is enormous."

start to go back to school

2009 Zhang Yan graduated from Hubei University after the development of automotive electronics industry.   in the work of Zhang Yan feel that many professional knowledge is not enough, lack of knowledge reserves, but also need to learn a lot. In 2012, she quit her job and went to Hubei University for further study of electronics and communication engineering.


Yibin signed a total of 19 new venture capital projects returned over 2 billion 800 million

Sichuan in recent years to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, through a number of preferential policies to support the majority of people in Sichuan to do business outside the home, with the return of entrepreneurship, the four policies to help the development of Sichuan business.


Sichuan to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship should be really involved in what areas? Specific policies?

business to encourage a variety of investment

four policies to build high-quality investment and financing service platform


Shanghai in the next two years to help fund the difficulties of enterprises

in the development of society, although some enterprises have achieved an effective long-term development, but also some enterprises have a bottleneck in the development of. However, in the face of social pressure, but also to pay a large number of employees provident fund, which to some extent hindered their own development. In response to such a social phenomenon, the next two years, Shanghai provident fund for the help of difficult enterprises.

in order to guide and regulate the units for lower housing provident fund deposit ratio or over housing provident fund business, according to the "Shanghai city housing provident fund deposit ratio or reduce payment of housing provident fund management approach", formulate the rules for the operation.

a, the scope of application

(a) to meet one of the following conditions, the unit may apply for units and workers deposit ratio of not less than 5% of the housing provident fund deposit:

1, the enterprise that continuously runs loss for two years or more, and the average monthly wage of workers is not higher than the average monthly wage of workers in the previous year by 60%;

2, within three years from the date of the establishment of the national "small and medium-sized enterprise standard type" (the Ministry of industry joint enterprise [2011]300) clear small and micro enterprises.

(two) one of the following conditions are met, the unit can apply for payment of housing provident fund:

1, on the verge of bankruptcy, has been discontinued or have been approved in accordance with the law over social insurance companies can apply for payment of housing provident fund;

2, for three consecutive years has been approved to reduce the proportion of deposit or last year has approved payment of enterprises, business is still a loss and the average wage level of workers is not higher than last year’s monthly average monthly wage of workers is 60%, you can apply for payment of housing provident fund;

3, poor economic benefit or continuous operating losses of more than two years of business, should be deducted from the employee when the minimum wage in the city to pay part of the wages of workers housing provident fund, by the consent of the employee after the employee should pay for payment of part of the housing provident fund.

two, application materials

(1) basic information of the unit:

1, the applicant’s letter of introduction, the original and copy of the identity card.

2, affix the official seal of the business license, legal person certificate and other units to establish and register a copy of the certificate of capital;

3, complete and accurate official seal, the employee or union chapter and seal superiors in five of "reduce the housing fund recommended


Outdoor furniture ten brands list

in the increasingly high demand for quality of life, a lot of people for outdoor living place is more and more attention. And want to enjoy outdoor life, nature also need outdoor furniture as a support. After all, furniture is an indispensable tool for people’s life, work and social activities, and a common product which aims at satisfying the needs of life and pursuing visual performance and ideal. Then, outdoor furniture is mainly used for outdoor or semi outdoor furniture for public activities, which is the basis for determining the material space and function of outdoor space. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce outdoor furniture ten brands list, if there is demand in this area, can be used as a reference.

outdoor furniture ten brands list: NO.1


As a high-end furniture

Fei Vatican garden Home Furnishing leading brand, since 1985, has been focused on the design and production of high-end outdoor furniture, and the famous American furniture designer to create the American furniture brand calloch. Fei Vatican brand furniture adhere to the classic, the pursuit of quality, but also combines the era of quality life and absorb advanced technology and design philosophy, modern humanities, art and aesthetics; portrait interpretation of American luxury classic furniture, master style, international quality, highlighting the extraordinary charm of nature. Service customers around the world including the United States top furniture sales service providers Restorationhardware, Frontgate, lexingtony and has a hundred years history of the British company HartmanUK, is currently the main manufacturer of the United States, Canada, Britain and other aluminum outdoor furniture market.

outdoor furniture ten brands list: NO.2


It is Home Furnishing and

hymn 2006 officially landed China, committed to the consumer interpretation of a healthy lifestyle, leading a lifestyle. Products from the design concept, the structure to the selection of each detail experience are interpreted to consumers a new concept and way of life. The brand of British GLOSTER, United States TUUCI, Belgium ROYAL BOTANIA, German DEDON and other top international outdoor Home Furnishing classic, full of imagination and design quality of dining tables and chairs, chairs, beach chairs, hammocks and all kinds of sofa and furniture, outdoor furniture can be arranged in a hymn to the garden, garden, swimming pool, and cafe clubs and other leisure places.

outdoor furniture ten brands list NO.3:Agio

Agio, the history of the United States has more than 30 years, has been a leader in high-end fashion leisure furniture industry. Agio led the world’s latest trend of home improvement industry, so that the living space is no longer confined to the indoor living room, study and lying


11 pairs of small entrepreneurs to bring about

from 2009 onwards, in November 11th the original ordinary day, Taobao was created as the annual electricity supplier carnival, creating an unprecedented sales. 11 pairs of electricity providers to promote the role of the majority of small entrepreneurs to bring unlimited inspiration.

2013 August 19th, China Electronic Commerce Research Center released data show that in the first half of 2013 China’s online retail market transactions amounted to 754 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 47.3%. Expected by the end of 2013, the national online shopping transaction is expected to reach 17412 yuan. Needless to say, the electricity supplier has been embedded in the depth of people’s life trajectory, redefining a new way of consumption, and even has become an important channel for stimulating consumption. In the first half of 2013, China’s online retail market accounted for 6.8% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, the proportion will continue to expand the situation, had forecast that the end of this year is expected to exceed the level of 7%. And now forecast that this year’s total sales accounted for more than 10% of total retail sales of social consumer goods. The development of the electricity supplier, limitless.

The development of


Property developers should give up the mentality of the price cuts

now to office workers, young people the biggest pressure than prices, have a home in the city life need but to buy a house will be on the back of a large sum of accounts, for ordinary workers is not easy. Therefore, the CPPCC members said during the two sessions, the property developers should give up luck, the price cuts.

Since the

The macro policies of the state information center



related recommendations


2014 flooring industry trends

at this stage, the competition in the market has been white hot trend of development, in the face of increasingly fierce floor market, small and medium floor enterprises can be described as the pressure is particularly large.

you hold the activity plan of capital city to a small town to do, even if you plan again good, detailed steps, no more use. Long in the past, only more and more have no confidence, such enterprise is no chance of winning in the future market Home Furnishing waves in the development of enterprises, we must first identify the basic points of the problem, in order to fundamentally solve the current market downturn bureau.