Close interview know almost CEO – Zhou Yuan

know that almost all young people are now concerned about the growth rate of its fans is amazing. Today, let us work together to understand the source of almost CEO weeks. I have been recruiting, but it is difficult to recruit a reliable person." Said this time, Q & a community know almost CEO weeks sitting in the name "source" with the conference room, meeting room next door "against" (from known famous "agree", "no" button) is an interview.

"Wudaokou hundred square meters of sun   Loft, south of the center of the universe, the North Olympic Park, Qinghe around, along the subway, supermarket pharmacies KTV summer park Goods are available in all varieties., around birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, girl. Come to the interview today, go to work next week. Stop writing endless code   /    /  revising; demand   /  hand written documents, rushed to join the bag." Almost all of the ads hang on micro-blog for a few months, many candidates, suitable few.

The first

this book how to choose from the business direction to choose from partners; how to find investment, how to launch products, management team, explains the 103 entrepreneurial topics, the collective wisdom of all content from known users.

2013 in December 18th, launched a "know the business online in the United States, we in the know about what?" published the congregation to raise the limit of 1000 people, plans to spend 99 yuan per person can become a "joint book publisher" was printed on the cover cover their signature collection books.

known before this activity did not do too much to preheat, only in the "intellectual youth" column posted a notice on the article, did not expect to cause a lot of known powder of interest, to participate in the field of publishing test. Activities on the line less than 10 minutes, the congregation raised the number of 1000 robbed light. Even know almost co-founder, COO Huang Jixin did not help friends grab success.

the congregation to raise 99 thousand of the money, all for the first edition of the publication of books. A collection of books printed with personal names


A business opportunity you don’t know digital skin shop

to their own skin beauty, which is very common in the current market, after all, the development of the beauty industry has been so rapid, but you have heard of the number of skin treatment? Now digital products are more and more, which shows that this is a good business opportunities.

from Singapore digital skin, is to give the digital products personalized service envelope. Digital products can be kept away from scratch trouble, so that your digital products full of personality, new, unique. Products can be packaged, including mobile phones, MP4, digital cameras pspxbox video games, games, notebooks and other common machines on the market and other suitable for various kinds of coated machine.

1, digital equipment and printing supplies: the need for professional thermal transfer printer, ribbon, to carry out the business of advanced film, computer, can consider buying a digital camera, scanner, etc..

2, the cost of processing: the whole process of charging in about 500 yuan (including the local business application form to apply for a business license, and then to the tax office of tax registration certificate), the time is about 15 to 30 days, the different parts of the country.

3, shop and renovation costs: according to the actual flexibility of each entrepreneur can be adjusted. 4, supplies and raw materials a number of spare: according to the specific operation of the store. 5, the flow of funds to maintain a normal operating state, you can also use this fund to carry out related marketing work.

Analysis of

has a digital product, everyone love toss, today to buy this film, buy the back tomorrow, which shows that the market demand is very big, so what are you waiting for? Open a digital skin shop to make money!


Fujian new regulations on provident fund

in daily life, the fund has a certain impact on our lives, not only can be used to buy a house loan, also can be drawn out for consumption, but in the past the work once the change for the use of funds is difficult. Fujian provincial government issued "on the day before issuing new consumption play a positive leading role notice" action plan to upgrade, the reporter learned that Fujian province is accelerating the supply side structural reform policies, provide more lasting power, stronger upgrade to promote economic quality and efficiency. Here is a small series together to understand, Fujian on the new provisions of the fund.

keyword: Express is expected to be cheaper

it is understood that Fujian will launch a smooth operation of urban commodity sales, improve the overall network of railway logistics. To speed up the construction of 6 railway logistics bases such as Du Tong, Huang Tong, Sanming north, Long Yandong, etc., and the construction of the distribution center of the city’s 13 and three levels of railway logistics, such as the one or two and the third.

at the same time, reduce logistics costs, upgrading and building a number of regional integrated logistics park and professional commodity logistics park, accelerate the construction of electricity supplier logistics park, industrial park and Airport Express Logistics Park and wisdom, express mail processing center, warehouse distribution center, intelligent letter box (intelligent delivery terminal) City Express infrastructure etc..

Fujian will push rural consumption upgrade action. Accelerate the construction of rural electricity supplier integrated service network, the new and the transformation of the 200 rural integrated information service network. Support community convenience stores, chain stores, farm shop, the development of online and offline cooperative shop integrated e-commerce marketing model, and equipped with courier services, courier service comprehensive construction site, promote the network set shop to take model innovation, construction of agricultural products (000061, stock it) into the city and countryside of the two-way linkage net goods sales system.

Keywords: housing consumption

Fujian will launch residential housing improvement actions to stabilize housing consumption expectations. Accelerate the reform of the household registration system, the full implementation of the residence permit system. To further simplify the transfer of agricultural population settled procedures to support the purchase of farmers into the city. Reasonably determine the real estate land supply plan, control the rhythm of land supply, optimize the structure of land supply. Commercial office space inventory pile up in excess of requirement of the city, according to the relevant regulations significantly reduced until suspend the supply of commercial office space, support real estate development enterprises will be commercial real estate projects (including SOHO) the whole or part of the transformation.

will be issued by the state of various types of affordable housing construction projects in Fujian all the cities and counties into the plan for the implementation of specific plots, so as to protect the insured, and the implementation of land approval green channel". Encourage the development of enterprises will be vacant commodity housing for rent, to support the development of the main business of rental housing


Hairdressing shops in the business process in which all points

beauty salon, in our lives, has been a very potential for development projects. Entrepreneurial choice to join the hairdressing industry? Open a brand of their own franchise stores. So, operating hair salon, we need to pay attention to what?

salon stores several operating points to tell you! The hairdressing industry is the development of a good industry, attracting countless entrepreneurs eyeball, along with the rapid development of the industry, industry competition has become increasingly intense, want to succeed in this industry, it is necessary to every operator must master the correct operation, management method.

hair salon points 1:

hair salon with the image of the industry design, customers will not be in front of the consumer will always look at the appearance of the store, in order to serve as a reference for consumption or not. Then is the vision of the internal extension, look at the house of the customer and the staff of the service before the final choice of good.

hair salon points 2:

hair salon reasonably smooth space planning and layout, reasonable space layout, not only to a certain extent, deepen the communication between the customer and the shop assistant, but also can effectively improve the store efficiency.


2014 flooring industry trends

at this stage, the competition in the market has been white hot trend of development, in the face of increasingly fierce floor market, small and medium floor enterprises can be described as the pressure is particularly large.

you hold the activity plan of capital city to a small town to do, even if you plan again good, detailed steps, no more use. Long in the past, only more and more have no confidence, such enterprise is no chance of winning in the future market Home Furnishing waves in the development of enterprises, we must first identify the basic points of the problem, in order to fundamentally solve the current market downturn bureau.



Chain stores need to pay attention to what matters

a lot of people will join the chain to achieve the form of entrepreneurship, which is mainly due to the simple operation of this way, reducing the risk, improve the probability of success. But when you join, we must pay attention to the following major issues, which is the premise of success, will solve the problems of your business.

matters: choose to join the industry

Item two:

franchising business, the business people who want to save, can not find the venture’s troubles, is indeed a shortcut to success. According to a survey, the Japanese retail industry has 80% independent shop first year up to fifth years to put up the shutters, only 8%; and stores the first year closing only 20%, 77% of the chain store can live up to fifth years, this survey proves that "join than their own business cost." But these data is not to say that after joining the one hundred percent must be successful.

competitive chain brand as the development of a better future, join the requirements of natural high. But we must understand that the more stringent conditions to join the brand often have a more complete join the system as well as a more powerful financial resources and strength, but the ability to ensure that franchisees profit. Because of this, the more the credibility of the chain enterprises, select the more stringent checks when joining.

franchise is not so simple, through continuous accumulation and practice, proves that if you want to successfully operate a chain store, then you have to master the above two note, this is your guarantee of success, open your real business trip.


Hamburg stores attract popularity three tips

is now very competitive in all walks of life, do not have to compete in Hamburg business. In the presence of a large number of franchise stores in the market environment, entrepreneurs how to attract popularity? Three tips to share with you to help Burger Shop business is more prosperous.

, a hamburger stores tips on how to attract popularity? With the high cost price is of concern to most people, regardless of anything, good price, will be welcomed by the people of Hamburg, industry is the same, but don’t spend a lot of money to enjoy the service, is very simple, very cheap, but the ultra comfortable super delicious enjoyment, this is the need to just to be able to do, the price the temptation is great, any a hamburger to join, if the high price tag to gather popularity, there will be a queue, the effect of earnings.


Blood glucose meter ten brands list

may be because the living conditions of modern people, or perhaps because of the lack of exercise, in short, high blood sugar is more and more people. In order to protect the health of the body, consumers also need to choose a more reliable quality of a blood glucose meter products. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of blood glucose meters, so that consumers can have a more profound understanding of the brand of this industry.

blood glucose meter ten brands list NO.1, Roche ACCUCHEK: in 1896, one of the world’s leading brand in the field of diabetes care, one of the earliest manufacturers of blood glucose meter, Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

blood glucose meter ten brands list NO.2, Johnson Johnson: founded in 1886, the United States, the world’s fortune 500, one of the world’s largest medical equipment company, Johnson (Shanghai) medical equipment Co., ltd..

blood glucose meter ten brand list, Abbott NO.3: founded in 1888 in the United States, the world’s top 500 enterprises, famous brands of medicine and nutrition products diversified large multinational companies, trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. abbott.

blood glucose meter ten brand list, NO.4 breeze – patients using Bai’anyi: in 1863, Germany, one of the earliest production of portable blood glucose meter enterprises, famous global OTC suppliers, Bayer healthcare.

blood glucose meter ten brands list NO.5, OMRON OMRON, Japan began in 1933, the state trademark protection, a large multinational group, pedometer industry well-known brands, OMRON healthcare (China) Co. ltd..

blood glucose meter ten brand list, Sannuo NO.6 Sannuo, a famous brand in Hunan Province, one of Asia’s largest production base of blood glucose monitoring blood glucose monitoring system, the leading brand, Sannuo bio sensing technology Limited by Share Ltd.

blood glucose meter ten brands list NO.7, Yi Cheng: Beijing city famous trademark, national high-tech enterprises, China’s medical field of rapid detection of professional manufacturers, Beijing Yicheng biological Electronic Technology Co., ltd..

blood glucose meter ten brands list NO.8, ARKRAY ARKRAY: founded in 1960 in Japan, medical machinery enterprise specialized in R & D and production of human health instrument, ARKRAY International Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

blood glucose meter ten brands list NO.9, will be good GRACE: the United States will be good medical Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, large multinational


The wedding business chain needs to pay attention to what the problem – you know the whole

now people when the marriage money is many, making the development of the wedding industry has become faster, the wedding is popular in modern industry, a lot of investment, but to the successful operation of a wedding chain, need to be ready, so success will be closer to you. So, for the wedding chain operators, how to successy operate? Need to pay attention to what the problem?

open a wedding chain store in the early stage: in the emcee, camera, band, team, makeup, CD burning these services you want to have a part of the resources, to take the anchored, commission approach. Of course, you have the best expertise in this area; manpower as long as one or two assistants, two or three people is enough. In particular, the team, it is best to drive with friends often contact, walking relationship. So when come in handy not cramming, can not find the car and hurry.

investment to open a wedding chain, as for the funds: can be small, or even can start from scratch. General limited liability company registered the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan, but there must be two or more than two registered shareholders; company name is the etiquette Service Co. Ltd. business scope: etiquette service, public service, marketing planning.

camera, video camera, you can choose a wedding photography shop, or direct hire; looking for a wedding car rental car company, and establish long-term cooperative relations, to ensure the car timely; the wedding ceremony master of ceremonies can get in touch with the TV host, or hire play one or two people often presided over the wedding…… Wedding service is the key to the quality of service, and creative, so that the new unforgettable.

if you think this is a industry in the current market, you can find a good management way to proceed, to understand and grasp the knowledge, can make your wedding shop better opening, faster to normal, to create the most beautiful future! In this paper, the operation of the wedding chain stores need to pay attention to what issues made a detailed analysis, we want to help.

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College students to open the store to promote the successful way to open shop

Hello, I am a college student, very early start online shopping, to open their own shop, can not always business, I am very anxious, I hope you can help me, thank you, I mainly experience sports series, do is the agent of things, I have been in his shop propaganda always, but the effect is not good, you can help me? Thank you very much, sir.